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Have things ever been this chaotic in the Bravoverse? Lawsuits. Multiple Breakups. Mortal enemies joining forces. There's so much to talk about. Rachel Leviss files a revenge porn lawsuit against Tom and Ariana. Then Jax and Brittany announce their separation - we have exclusive tea. Porsha files for divorce against her husband of one year, Simon Guobadia. B did a deep dive on his history of brushes with the law - let's just say there's a lot there. House of Villains theory. Teresa and Kim D have reunited and brokered peace - we've got thoughts on what could be going on behind the scenes. Leah McSweeney sues Bravo and also throws out some pretty crazy allegations. And the Wendy Williams documentary is causing a lot of talk. It's heartbreaking. Our thoughts are with her and we hope this documentary sheds light on her plight.    Have you joined Cocktail Party? For $7.50 per month (aka the cost of a Starbucks), you get access to the HOTTEST tea on Bravoandcocktails, the podcast ad-free, a bonus podcast every wednesday, access to our Discord server where we can all chat real-time on breaking news, and the opportunity to join B and Amanda on our monthly Zoom call - where we all chat, laugh, and raise a glass of whatever we're drinking together. And - new Cocktailers can read all of the past tea too. Don't miss out on the fun - join Cocktail Party by going to
Larsa from RHOM interrupted our Super Bowl watch parties to let the world know she and Marcus had broken up. In her own thinly veiled way, of course. BUT, before any of the dust settled, they're seen together four days later on Valentine's Day. We have been getting lots of tea on this relationship since last year - so, since the subject came up, we share the exclusive Cocktail Party posts. We share our thoughts on couples who go through each other's phones. Porsha is back on ATL and it's got us looking forward to RHOA after a season that could only be described as "mid". We share our other RHOA casting tea, as well. While we're liking the VPR season and view into the aftermath of Scandoval, we can't help but wonder - is this the end of the road for VPR? Sandoval continues on his non-apology tour with a chat with LVP that devolves quickly. Just not a good look.   This week's episode of Cocktails and Gossip is brought to you by our partner, AG1. Try AG1 and get a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D3K2 AND 5 free AG1 Travel Packs with your first purchase exclusively at  
Hot tea incoming on a Real Housewives of New Jersey and her husband fighting with someone in their inner circle IN PUBLIC - and some Instagram unfollowing. B's got a prediction about Teresa. Vanderpump Rules and Beverly Hills both gave us great reminders that partners need to have the sometimes hard financial discussions. Rachel Leviss was seen in NYC - what was she up to? B has an epiphany about Kyle and Dorit's friendship - Cocktailers, do you guys agree? And this week, we saw a public spat between some of our favorite RHONY Legacy ladies and some of the current Reboot housewives.    This week's episode is brought to you by Nutrafol. Go to and use code GOSSIP to get $10 off your first month's subscription and free shipping
This week's Grammy's award show was arguably the best ever. We felt like we had to go off our usual Housewives beat to unpack a few of the big moments with you. And we have some exclusive Cocktail Party tea to share with you about one of the night's biggest winners. Kandi is leaving RHOA, and we're hoping it's just a pause. We'll share what we're hearing about the rest of the cast. Miami is still extra spicy in Mexico - we've got thoughts on the Kiki/Lisa fight...and the ladies really bring it with the fashion.    This episode is brought to you by our sponsor, Mood. Go to and use code GOSSIP23 to get 20% off your order and a free THCa pre-roll.   
Last week, we broke the story about Luann from RHONY and Joe from Southern Hospitality and their hookup literally as B was getting information from sources. We have updates for you on that story, including one from a Cocktailer who spoke to Joe after the incident. And, now that we've seen their episode of WWHL, the pieces of the puzzle fall in place. This week, we got the VPR premiere plus an almost two-hour long episode of the Viall Files podcast with both of the Toms. Spoiler alert: Tom Sandoval hasn't learned anything from the Scandoval experience. We have a Cocktailer real estate law expert who writes in to explain some of the details of what might be happening with the sale of Tom and Ariana's house and why it's more complicated because they weren't married.   This week's episode of Cocktails and Gossip is brought to you by AG1. Try AG1 and get a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D3K2 AND 5 free AG1 Travel Packs with your first purchase exclusively at  
The love triangle we didn't realize we all needed - Joey Bottles, Luann and Danielle. LOL. B's got the tea, and Amanda is out of town, so she's hearing it for the first time. Get the exclusive details here. Alexis posted a hilariously cringey slide show. Kyle and Mauricio continue to be the ringleaders in this crazy media circus. Why are Dorit and Kyle on such bad terms, anyway? And we have a little love note for why we love Miami - plus some tea on casting for next season.    This episode of Cocktails and Gossip is brought to you by Nutrafol. Use code GOSSIP to get $10 off when you go to and take the first step to visibly thicker, healthier hair.  
B tells us about going to see Craig and Austen at Pillows and Beer - and meeting Austen and Craig. We have some exclusive tea about Monica from Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Seems like there are a lot more skeletons in her closet than she led us to think. Is Real Housewives of New Orleans (RONO, as Amanda coins it) going to be coming to our screens? And who are we hearing might be cast in it? Andy, please say it ain't so that some of our favorite shows are going on pause for – THE ENTIRE YEAR of 2024 – we are crying. And not the laughing crying. We just saw the promo for the new VPR spinoff, The Valley - here's what we think. And, Cocktailers, if you're not watching Traitors on Peacock, you might want to give it a try. We'll tell you why we're loving it.    If you haven't joined Cocktail Party yet, what are you waiting for? Join us for exclusive tea, the weekly podcast ad-free PLUS a bonus podcast, a monthly Zoom with B and Amanda, and access to our exclusive Discord server where you can chat with other Cocktailers and react in real-time to your favorite shows - so you never have to watch alone. Become a member of Cocktail party at for $7.50 per month (less than a latte at your neighborhood coffee shop) or for $80 per year.
Tasha from @thepopastrologist is here to talk all things Bravolebs and astrology. We cover a whole lot in this week's pod, including:   What is she seeing in Lindsay Hubbard's chart, and what could be contributing to her breakup with Carl?   What the heck is going on with Monica from Salt Lake City?   What astrology might be telling us about the real reasons Tamra, Vicki and Shannon are going through a very public friendship breakup.   Where are Kyle and Mauricio headed?   This week's podcast is brought to you by our sponsors, Wooga/June's Journey, HelloFresh and Mood -Download June's Journey for free wherever you get your games -Go to and use code COCKTAILERS23FREE for FREE breakfast for life! -Go to and use our code, GOSSIP23 to get a FREE THCa pre-roll and 2-% off your first order  
Well, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City finale was shocking - but Cocktailers knew what to expect :) We discuss the finale and all the tea we've gotten from sources plus we dissect what Monica herself had to say on her Instagram Live. And Amanda and B record together IN PERSON for the first time ever. We may or may have been drinking a little Prosecco, too.    This week's podcast is brought to you by our sponsor, Nutrafol. Nutrafol is offering our listeners $10 off your first month’s subscription and FREE shipping when you go to and enter the promo code, GOSSIP.  
B and Amanda recap their family holidays and then get right into Mauricio in Aspen. Mauricio's lawsuits are over - Amanda recaps the case. And does Morgan Wade have a boyfriend? Eminem vs. Housewives: Who's the Shadiest of them all? And we talk through some of your most-commented posts from and from Cocktail Party. Happy New Year, Cocktailers! A big cheers to each and every one of you for being a part of our community!
Happy Holidays, Cocktailers! We start out this episode talking about holiday plans, including what the heck Yorkshire Pudding is...We share our selfie counts – plus B's got a theory on how selfie counts could be a great casting tool. There's a lot of chatter about SLC - we share all the theories plus the tea on what Heather is freaking out about in Bermuda. Our RHONY Legacy ladies are in St. Barth's and we don't care if we're the eagles or the pigeons, we are eating up these episodes. Amanda did a little research on Kelly Bensimon's "It's complicated" relationship. Our source keeps sending us hot Alexis and John tea – and of course we're sharing it with you. And we wrap the show with some Winter House/Summer House tea - and B's got some great spinoff ideas - Bravo, are you listening?  Cocktailers, we're running a last-minute Holiday sale - for those who want to get themselves a little present for the holidays - or to gift others. Use code HOLIDAY2023 to get $10 off of one year of membership to Cocktail Party! Go to to sign up.
One of this week's plot points on Winter House centered on a blind from Cocktail Party - are we the drama? The Vanderpump Rules trailer really brought it - we break down some of the shocking previews. What does schadenfreude mean? B and Amanda go on a tangent about spray tans. Who's really behind the DMs on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City? We share the email that was previously posted only in Cocktail Party. And was there another hookup in the Southern Charm crew that's been kept a secret? Well, we got a blind about it and of course we share it with you.   This episode of Cocktails and Gossip is brought to you by DraftKings Casino.  
We've got more exclusive Real Housewives of Orange County tea. Plus, a theory on why Tamra and Shannon aren't speaking. Dave Quinn did an official People magazine piece on Alexis and John Janssen's (now confirmed) relationship. Should Shannon walk away from OC? Next up, there was a rumor that caught fire this week about Teddi Mellencamp getting fired from the podcast she does with Tamra Judge. We dug into it and where the rumor came from - this mini deep-dive takes some twists and turns that you'll want to hear about. Somehow, all roads really do lead to Bravo. What does it mean to be an executive producer on a podcast? Seriously, we would like someone to explain what it means, because Tamra and Teddi are executive producing Jen Fessler and Jackie Goldschneider's new pod, and Bethenny is executive producing Rachel Leviss' new pod. The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City are now in Bermuda, and we know from the flashback in episode 1 of this season that something big is about to go down.    Cocktailers, our monthly Zoom is on Wednesday, 12/13 - it's our Holiday Party! Check your email or look at the post on Cocktail Party to register!    This week's episode of Cocktails and Gossip is brought to you by our sponsors, HelloFresh, Nutrafol and DraftKings. - Don’t miss out on America’s #1 Meal Kit. Go to and use code cocktailers23free for FREE breakfast for life! -  Cocktailers, take the first step to visibly thicker, healthier hair. Get $10 off your first month's subscription of Nutrafol plus free shipping when you go to and enter the promo code GOSSIP - Download the DraftKings Casino app NOW and sign up with promo code COCKTAILERS and play $5 to get $100 in casino credits!
This week, we have Brooke Siffrinn, Comedian and award-winning Co-Host of Even the Rich podcast and and Rich and Daily podcast. She jumps right into the Beverly Hills tea with us. Are Morgan and Kyle more than friends? We all share our opinions. And we share an exclusive email we got on the subject. In Beverly Hills, dinner parties are where sh!t goes down, just like sprinter vans are where the drama happens in Salt Lake City and Miami. Sutton and Kyle continue to go at it - but not the way Kyle wants it to go. Is Mauricio calling Kyle Lapin or Lovebean? We legit can't tell and Cocktailers, we need you to set us straight. PK's got appeal, and we nail down what it is. We have some tea about the OC you're not going to want to miss.    This week's podcast is brought to you by Nutrafol and Draft Kings. -Go to and enter code GOSSIP for $10 off your first month's subscription and free shipping -Download the Draftkings Casino app now and sign up with promocode COCKTAILERS and play $5 to get $100 in casino credits!
We are so excited to have Lauren from @BigBlondeHair on Instagram here this week! She's got hot takes on our favorite Bravoleb fashion coming in hot off of Bravocon. Things are messy in the OC - and it seems that Alexis is really reaching for that orange...perhaps by dating the new Slade Smiley of Orange County. We have gotten a couple emails this week hinting that one of our all-time favorite Housewives may be coming back to Bravo. Does the Bethenny Clause (the rumored clause that goes into Bravoleb contracts saying that Bravo gets a percentage of revenue from the businesses that Bravolebs promote onscreen) have an affect on who stays and who goes when it comes to casting decisions? Carl and Lindsay from Summer House were originally scheduled to get married last weekend - before Carl called it off, of course. Who went to Mexico anyway? And B and Amanda have a rare "hard disagree" situation regarding whether Sharon, Carl's mom should have gone - see where each of them falls on the discussion.  We are so thankful for our Cocktailers, now and always! Don't miss out on the last few days of our Cocktail Party Anniversary Sale - join Cocktail Party and get either the first month for $5 with code ONEYEARYAY or the Annual membership for $15 off with code ANNIVERSARY-1  Sale ends on November 28! Join the party at
We are so happy to welcome our guest, Ally from @bravo_after_thoughts_ this week! She's back from Bravocon and is ready to debrief on all of the fun and to spill some eyewitness tea. We get Ally's thoughts on Kyle and Mauricio, PK and Dorit, and why she thinks Sutton was a great casting decision on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Miami continues to be FYAH and did Larsa commit a HIPAA violation? We have a little theory about Alexia and Todd's relationship. Ally's got thoughts on the Juan Dixon of it all and we speculate on the power dynamic in his relationship with Robyn. Could this be Southern Charm's best season yet? Besides the Taylor/Shep/Olivia/Austen love quadrangle, B's got some opinions about Taylor and we want to hear from you - do you agree? Happy Thanksgiving to the Cocktailers!    This episode of Cocktails and Gossip is brought to you by our sponsors, HelloFresh and Nutrafol.    Go to and use code COCKTAILERS23FREE to get FREE breakfast for life!   Go to and enter the promo code GOSSIP to get $10 off your first month's subscription and free shipping.
Sooooo much Bravocon to discuss, we can’t even get through it all. What’s the plan for the next Bravocon? Who was seen cozying up? Who was seen laughing together? What beef got started or ended there? Who do we think should have a threesome? And a tangent about microdosing and macrodosing…   This episode of Cocktails and Gossip is brought to you by StitchFix. Get 25% off your first Fix when you enter code COCKTAILERS at  
This week our cup is overflowing with Bravo content to discuss. And it's Bravocon weekend! Who ran smack into each other at the airport although they took great effort to take different flights? Real Housewives of Miami premiered and it was on fire just like their theme song. Alexia is on her apology tour, and we discuss what might be causing her sudden change in behavior. And it looks like Todd might have some more apologizing to do - but this time, to his own wife. We have some exclusive tea about the behind the scenes causes of an on-camera RHOM fight. We both read the Vanity Fair article, and didn't find anything new there...looks like the Reality Reckoning just turned into the Ramona Reckoning. Beverly Hills is bringing us the marital tension between Mauricio and Kyle and PK and Dorit...and we have a discussion about the difference between "taking the lead" vs "taking over". Thoughts on the Salt Lake City, including which side we're each on between Monica and her mother. And finally, Lindsay speaks out on her breakup with Carl - we have a few opinions, of course.
Holy moly, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills came out of the gate WILD with the first episode and Kyle and Teddi on Watch What Happens Live and we are here for it. Are PK and Dorit really on the rocks? We've got tea from an inside source. And Kyle and Mauricio's excruciating conversation goes right in to Kyle confirming on WWHL that she and Mauricio are separated, living in the same house but separate bedrooms and that she is unhappy about the recent photos of Mauricio and his Dancing with the Stars partner and costar holding hands. B has a theory about Mauricio and his costar. Winter House kicked off this week too, and we are loving it. Interesting timing from Kory being in a "situationship" to him being in a committed relationship. And Lisa wins a legal battle in her divorce with Lenny - and Lenny is called out for "abuse of judicial resources" over some houseplants and throw pillows. Thank you, Cocktailers for helping us get to a million downloads! We're celebrating with a giveaway. Check out the @bravoandcocktails_ and @cocktailsandgossip Instagram accounts for details.    This week's podcast is brought to you by our sponsors, Nutrafol and StitchFix:   Nutrafol: Get $10 off your first month's subscription plus free shipping at when you use the code GOSSIP StitchFix: Get 25% when you keep everything in your Fix - go to or use code COCKTAILERS at checkout 
Celebrity real estate is taking up a lot of real estate in our heads and inboxes this week - we've got receipts. Somehow, right off the bat, we start with a tangent about glow sticks for your mouth. Kim and Kroy had the seventh police call and visit to their home. For the sake of the kids, when will this stop? Congratulations to Tinsley Mortimer for getting engaged! Guess who her housewife neighbor is? We have all the casting tea on the next season of RHOC. And the Real Housewives of Potomac rumor that you DIDN'T hear us report on - we'll tell you why. The RHONY reboot had its finale and we have some mixed feelings about it. B has a theory: did the RHONY wives make a pact? This week's episode of RHOSLC was chaotic to say the least. We've got thoughts about the relationship between new Wife Monica and her mother LD, plus we read her mother's latest Instagram statement.
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Chantelle Stx

Sorry guys but hate the idea of a full reboot. Miami style would be better. Marlo absolutely needs to go back to friend of. Marlo will never be able to do fun shade, because of her childhood she will always go hard when she feels threatened. I may be in minority but beyond tired of infertility journeys and miscarriage stories.

Sep 2nd

Susan Raeder

RHONJ has been about families from the very first episode.

Mar 2nd

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Amanda and B are awesome! best part of My week ladies!! love this podcastt

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