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The CodeNewbie podcast was born from CodeNewbie, an organization which fosters a supportive, international community of people learning to code. Each season, host Saron Yitbarek delivers stories and interviews from people of diverse backgrounds and expertise about their coding journeys, as well as beginner friendly discussions about the tech you should know about.
349 Episodes
Saron chats with Stefi Rosca, Frontend Engineer at Typeform. Stefi talks about their path to breaking into tech in their later twenties after having a fulfilling career in marketing. They also talk about the communities they joined to help motivate and encourage them along the way and how they leveled up in the tech space. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Stefi's Website Stefi's GitHub Stefi's LinkedIn Stefi's X Account The Recurse Center Codebar freeCodeCamp C
Saron sits down with Rachel Nabors again. They talk about what Rachel has been up to since they were last on the show in 2017, the inside scoop of Big Tech, and Rachel’s experience working for organizations such as Meta, Amazon, and Microsoft. You’ll also hear why Rachel has decided their next chapter will be at a startup and what they are hoping for in their future. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) See Rachel at React Brussels (Oct 13) See Rachel at React JS Day, Verona (Oct 27) See Rachel at City JS Berlin (Nov 3) See Rachel at React Summit NYC (Nov 13 - 15) Animation at Work Wiggly Goose Club Rachel's 2017 CodeNewbie Episode Rachel's 2014 CodeNewbie Episode Rachel's Instagram Rachel's Twitter Rachel's GitHub Rachel's Website Web Animations API React
In this episode, Saron sits down with Brian Jenney, Senior Software Engineering Manager at Clorox. Saron talks to Brian about his struggles with addiction, how he changed his life and turned a new leaf with coding and sobriety, and how his go-getter personality has served him well and continues to play a role in his current success. They also talk about what being a leader looks like and the ways in which you can become a leader regardless of the challenges life throws at you. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) GitHub YouTube LinkedIn X Instagram AngularJS C# JS Code Coach
Saron talks to Ale Thomas, Developer Advocate and Web Developer at Kubeshop | Mixed Change. Ale talks about growing up in Mexico and learning to code on her own. She walks us through her career history and how she paved her way into tech without a CS degree. She highlights how mentors played a critical role in her coding journey and how important finding those mentors and a community is. Finally, Ale shares her thoughts on what inclusivity in tech means to her and the work she is doing to make an impact in the space. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Ale's GitHub Ale's LinkedIn Ale's Instagram Ale's Twitter React Angular Scrum HackerRank DSA C# Python C++
Join us as we sit down with Vanessa Vun, Frontend Engineer at SciShield. Vanessa talks about how she first built a computer when she was in middle school but ended up taking a different path for her studies and found herself back in tech after working as a Clinical Lab Scientist for 10 years. Vanessa shares how she gained her technical experience to put herself in the best position when applying for jobs, along with tips on how others could learn from her journey. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Vanessa's GitHub Vanessa's LinkedIn Vanessa's Twitter Vanessa's Instagram Code for America Hack for LA Open Source Technology C++
Meet Alex Lee, Frontend Engineer at Amazon. In this episode, we learn why Alex pivoted away from Mechanical Engineering and we follow his journey of transformation, opting to learn to code through a bootcamp over multiple law school offers. Alex also talks about his passion as a dedicated career coach and we learn more about Alex who not only excels in the realm of cutting-edge technology but also empowers others to navigate their career paths with confidence. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Alex's GitHub Alex's Youtube Alex's LinkedIn Alex's Twitter TechRally Website Alex's Instagram Git Series A Company Flatiron School
In the kickoff episode to Season 25, Saron talks to Marley Anthony, Software Engineer at Bench Accounting. Marley talks about his career pivot from studying biomedical sciences to getting into tech. He unravels his strategies and tactics to secure his first internship, the pivotal steps he took to transition into his current role, and the significance of laying a solid foundation of knowledge early in his career. Tune in to gain valuable perspectives on strategies for landing that all-important internship, fostering growth, and embracing the ongoing pursuit of knowledge. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) LinkedIn Debug Git Variable JavaScript CSS
Saron talks to Madison Kanna, Senior Software Engineer, Health and Wellness at Walmart. Saron talks to Madison about finding the inspiration to transition from being a model to becoming a skilled developer. Madison talks about the experiences, challenges, and moments that sparked her interest in development. Listeners will gain insights into the tools and resources she utilized to hone her coding skills when first embarking on this new path. Madison also highlights the importance of seeking mentorship and how mentorship can open doors to exciting opportunities. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Madison's Blog Web Development Systems Programming Data Science Python CodeBookClub Deep Work
Today, Saron sits down with Natalie Davis, who shares her experience pursuing software engineering after climbing the ladder in the retail industry for 15 years. In their conversation, Natalie talks about what she has learned navigating the tech industry, how she's navigated layoffs, and why she has grown to be more selective and intentional with prospective new opportunities. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Mark Thompson Cassidy Williams Developer Advocate 2FA Natalie Davis (GitHub) Natalie Davis (Twitter) README Angie Jones ISA (Income-Share Agreement)
Saron sits down with Stacey Graham, Software Engineer at a fintech company. Stacey grew up curious about computers since being introduced to them in the 7th grade. Although she didn't take the full plunge into code immediately, she constantly provided technical support in her previous roles. Hear Stacey talk more about her experience navigating her career transition while battling health troubles, how you can level up and network in the tech community, and where to look for communities while you are just starting out. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) YNA OpenSource Project Github Join & Contribute to YNA YNA Twitter YNA LinkedIn YNA Instagram Stacey's Instagram Stacey's Twitter WorkSource Atlanta Career Karma Team Treehouse Codecademy freeCodeCamp JavaScript CSS HTML Network Administrator
Today, Saron talks with Phoebe Voong-Fadel, a self-taught Frontend Developer at the National Foundation for Educational Research. After having transitioned from a successful 14-year career in Higher Education in 2017, Phoebe made the courageous decision to pursue coding full-time while balancing the responsibilities of being a mother to her two children. Along with learning about her experience balancing learning to code and being a mom we talk to Phoebe about her passions that extend beyond her professional role. She actively contributes to the coding community by writing articles for freeCodeCamp and mentors early-career developers. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Udemy React The Collab Lab Paired programming OpenLayers Front-end Development Python CS50 JavaScript #100DaysOfCode freeCodeCamp HTML
Saron talks with Africa, a former Occupational Therapist specializing in virtual therapy and assistive technology. Saron and Africa talk about transitioning from Occupational Therapy to working as an Accessibility Engineer testing government software and teaching developers how to build more inclusive web applications. Africa also talks about her journey teaching herself how to code, what stretches are useful for Software Engineers, and how important coffee chats and networking are. Be sure to listen for the mini-guided stretch break during the episode as well! Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Pomodoro Timer Your Stretch Break #100devs CS50: Introduction to Computer Science The Odin Project freeCodeCamp Occupational Therapy
Saron talks to Senior Accessibility iOS Engineer at Spotify, Daniel Devesa Derksen-Staats. Daniel talks all about accessibility and specifically delves in on how he got interested in the field, examples of how to make code more accessible, and how others listening can add accessibility to their tool kit of coding skills. Author of the “Developing Accessible iOS Apps” book, he keeps himself busy by writing a daily tweet about accessibility and iOS with the hashtag #365DaysIOSAccessibility. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) VoiceOver #365DaysIOSAccessibility Mobile A11y WWDC23 Developing Accessible iOS Apps Screen Readers Accessibility
Saron sits down again with Frankie Nicoletti who we heard from in Season 23. This time Saron and Frankie talk about neurodivergence. They talk about what neurodivergence is, how listening to people's needs and making accommodations to allow people to do their best work is and will always be good for everyone, not just those who are neurodivergent, and the benefits of being neurodivergent. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Viral Justice: How We Grow the World We Want Unmasking Autism: Discovering the New Faces of Neurodiversity Laziness Does Not Exist Loom Dyslexia Bottom-up thinking Autism ADHD Neurodivergence
Tae’lur Alexis is a self taught software developer, application security enthusiast and content creator. Her mission is to help people with non traditional backgrounds break into tech. Tae'lur sits down with Saron to talk about her coding journey going from fast food to tech and the habits and tips she has learned to get to where she is today. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Tae'lur's Talk at BSides Baltimore 2023 Beer & Chocolate Delivery App The Pomodoro Technique freeCodeCamp The Web Developer Bootcamp 2023 Codeacademy
For our Season 23 Finale, Saron talks to Pariss Chandler, Software Engineer turned Founder & CEO of Black Tech Pipeline. You may have heard of her before, as she was the mobilizer behind the hashtag, movement, and community #BlackTechTwitter. Pariss talks about getting into tech, being in tech at ad agencies and a beauty company, and how life changed after just one tweet. Pariss also talks about Black Tech Pipeline, the company Pariss started after seeing a lack of Black programmers in tech and wanting to change that. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Black Tech Pipeline #BlackTechTwitter React CSS Vanilla JS HTML JavaScript Resilient Coders Frontend development
Saron sits down with Brittney Ball, Documentation Engineer at Meta. Brittney shares her experience going from being a homeless single mom living in a shelter to a Software Engineer. She talks about her journey to get to where she is today, the role a viral tweet played in kick-starting her coding journey, tips for those who are self-taught to stand out when job searching, and what a Documentation Engineer is. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Brittney Ball Blog Documentation Engineering Charlotte Developers HTML JavaScript Year Up
Today, Saron talks with Alice Goldfuss, Principal Software Engineer and Systems Programmer specializing in building resilient distributed systems at scale. Alice delivered industry-impacting talks on container platforms, infrastructure operations, and organizational best practices, as well as written on the SRE field, kernel crashes, and personal security. We hear about her coding journey and learn all about her take on various programs and the tech world as a whole. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) How to Get Into SRE Rust CSS Notepad++ Inline CSS HTML4
In this episode we sit down with Kyle Shevlin from Virta Health, who talks to us about his journey from ministry into tech. Kyle is a senior software engineer (JavaScript, React, and more) who spends his free time golfing, woodworking and playing video games. Hear as he describes his experience with ADHD in the workplace. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Justice Sensitivity ADHD jQuery From Pastor to Programmer
In this episode we sit down with Leemay Nassery who talks to us about all things A/B testing. Leemay is a Senior Engineer Manager at Spotify who is passionate about tying engineering to business and user impact while keeping her team's career growth at the forefront. If you have ever been interested in learning more about A/B testing or have been confused about what exactly A/B testing might be, this episode is for you. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Practical A/B Testing
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Katherine Sinkler

Thank you for this interview, it was really inspirational as someone with a similar background trying to break into tech.

Sep 1st

Richard Dowson


Jul 21st

Richard Dowson

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Jul 21st

Productive Fish

What an informative and insightful podcast episode! It's truly commendable to see Leon Noel's work in providing quality live coding instruction online and his commitment to aiding underprivileged communities in entering the tech field. The mission of 100Devs is truly inspiring and it's great to see online educational platforms making such a positive impact. A key aspect that stood out for me, particularly from an educational standpoint, is the potential synergy of live coding instruction and the active recall study method. I recently came across an illuminating piece on Productive.Fish that discussed active recall, a study technique ( which revolves around actively stimulating memory during the learning process.

Jul 14th

Vincent Smith

First time here and so far it seems like I’ll be listening to a lot of your episodes.

Jan 6th

Lisa Pool

loved this episode!!!

Aug 22nd

Lisa Pool

awesome episdoe! perfect timing for me!!

Aug 21st



Aug 18th

Micheal Aderinto


May 9th

Ramesh Sampangi

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Dec 23rd
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Jul 17th

Anoop Joy

Very informative interview. Thanks! :)

Jul 4th

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May 25th

MAZ 12211

Love it! I personally can't believe a 15-year-old could code (I thought only adults do). Very good Opemipo Disu! you're inspiring me to keep going! Good Luck!

Apr 12th

Daniel P

Decent interviews, the guests are usually great, the host seems slightly detached, though. Too many commercials. Literally the first three minutes she's going through sponsors.

Mar 15th

Daniel P

Too many commercial breaks.

Mar 15th

HiKi GaYa

just started this podcast 💥🔥

Mar 3rd

Anderson da Silva (@AndyDaSilva52)

Official Link for the epsisode with Transciption and additional information:

Mar 22nd


Just started a flex bootcamp for software engineering at Thinkful and have been getting lost in trying to memorize all of the key terms. This helped me feel alot less stressed out. Thank you!

Feb 14th


I learned a lot. Now I get what I am doing wrong. I need to know a little bit more about the UI patterns

Aug 19th
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