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The CodeNewbie podcast was born from CodeNewbie, an organization which fosters a supportive, international community of people learning to code. Each season, host Saron Yitbarek delivers stories and interviews from people of diverse backgrounds and expertise about their coding journeys, as well as beginner friendly discussions about the tech you should know about.
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Today, Saron talks with Alice Goldfuss, Principal Software Engineer and Systems Programmer specializing in building resilient distributed systems at scale. Alice delivered industry-impacting talks on container platforms, infrastructure operations, and organizational best practices, as well as written on the SRE field, kernel crashes, and personal security. We hear about her coding journey and learn all about her take on various programs and the tech world as a whole. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Porkbun (sponsor) How to Get Into SRE Rust CSS Notepad++ Inline CSS HTML4
In this episode we sit down with Kyle Shevlin from Virta Health, who talks to us about his journey from ministry into tech. Kyle is a senior software engineer (JavaScript, React, and more) who spends his free time golfing, woodworking and playing video games. Hear as he describes his experience with ADHD in the workplace. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Porkbun (sponsor) Justice Sensitivity ADHD jQuery From Pastor to Programmer
In this episode we sit down with Leemay Nassery who talks to us about all things A/B testing. Leemay is a Senior Engineer Manager at Spotify who is passionate about tying engineering to business and user impact while keeping her team's career growth at the forefront. If you have ever been interested in learning more about A/B testing or have been confused about what exactly A/B testing might be, this episode is for you. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Porkbun (sponsor) Practical A/B Testing
In this episode we talk to Frankie Nicoletti, VP of Engineering at SoLo Funds. We learn how throughout their career Frankie has always said yes to opportunities that came their way and it has made all the difference. Tune in to find out about what saying yes looks like and how to best look for and apply to jobs when you're a new bootcamp grad. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Porkbun (sponsor) Hackathon Go Diversify Tech Veri Kunche Hack Reactor
This week we talk to Tanya Reilly, Senior Principal Engineer at Squarespace, about having a growth mindset. Having a growth mindset includes recognizing our limitations and challenging ourselves to learn at any stage of our coding journey. We also talked about interviewing and advocating for ourselves. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Porkbun (sponsor) The Staff Engineer's Path Growth Mindset and Code System Design Linux Memoization Graph Traversal Project Euler Stanford Computer Science Platform Engineering
Welcome back to Season 23 of the CodeNewbie Podcast! We sit down and talk to Taylor Poindexter, co-founder of Black Code Collective, an organization that strives to create a safe space for software engineers to thrive. She is also an Engineering Manager at Spotify. In her downtime you can find her adventuring, tweeting about tech, and creating whiskey videos for Instagram. She talks to us about her coding experience, the importance of taking breaks and what psychological safety in the workplace looks like. She also talks to us about her organization Black Code Collective. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Porkbun (sponsor) Psychological Safety at Work Sabbatical Black Code Collective
Happy New Year! In this final episode of Season 22, Saron speaks with Mark Thompson, Senior Developer Relations Engineer at Google. Mark loves to teach and code. He is an award-winning university instructor and engineer with a passion for creating meaningful learning experiences. Listen as they discuss Mark's interest in code, coding bootcamps and how to manage your career. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Porkbun (sponsor) Svelte Vue React Angular
In this episode, Saron talks to Anna McDougall, Director of Product and Engineering for the tech subsidiary of Europe's largest media publisher, Axel Springer National Media & Tech. Anna grew up in Sydney, Australia, and moved to Germany to pursue a career as an opera singer. At 32 she rediscovered her love for code and technology and made the switch to software engineering. She quickly discovered her mix of software and social skills made her perfect for leadership and technical speaking. Today, Saron and Anna discuss her experience in tech and navigating the career transition from entertainment to code. She is also the author of "You Belong in Tech: How to Go from Zero Programming Knowledge to Hired", and is passionate about getting historically excluded individuals into tech. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Porkbun (sponsor) Rubberducking You Belong in Tech React JavaScript The Odin Project CSS HTML
On today's episode, Saron speaks with Brian Douglas, founder and CEO of Open Sauced, where he works on increasing the knowledge and insights of open-source communities. In the past he’s lead Developer Advocacy at GitHub by fostering a community of early adopters through conversations with the top open source maintainers on GitHub. Hear them discuss how Brain learned to code to start his own company, takeaways from working at startups, open source insights and learning through rejection. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Porkbun (sponsor) Open Sauced FreeCompute Electron React Native WebPack NoJS CSS SDK Node Angular 2.0 Angular JS JavaScript React API Linked List Go Open Source Ruby On Rails
Saron sits down with writer, programmer, and creator, Philip Kiley. Philip is the author of Writing for Software Developers and Life-Changing Email. They discuss how he first got into technical writing while studying abroad in Budapest, what technical writing is, what technical content platforms are out there, why new developers should publish content early in their careers, and more. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Porkbun (sponsor) Coding TikTok Technical writing GitHub AIT-Budapest Life-Changing Email Writing for Software Developers
This week we’re bringing a bonus featured episode from Compiler, a show made to simplify tech for tomorrow’s IT leaders, from our friends at Red Hat. Jen Krieger and Dr. Erika Hamden join us on the show to discuss failure, and how approaching it in healthier ways can help individuals learn and grow. Take a listen! Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Porkbun (sponsor)
Joining Saron today is Jason Lengstorf, host of Learn with Jason, where he pair programs with experts from around the community to learn something new in 90 minutes. Jason talks about how he found his way into tech after being in a band, his passion for code and all things Developer Relations. He helps companies form stronger connections with their communities through creative media and special events. Jason also discusses the importance of showing up in tech, and what it really means. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Porkbun (sponsor) Generative Art SVG animations React Serverless Functions API Flash PHP JavaScript CSS HTML dHTML iFrame Learn With Jason DevRel / Dev Experience Engine X Front End Architect
Joining Saron today is Matt Newkirk, Engineering Director at Etsy. Matt talks about his coding journey, his current role at Etsy, leadership tips and advice for people on their coding journey. Matt's found a career in paying forward the help he received along the way, starting as a volunteer MUD developer and finding a path to becoming a director of engineering at Etsy. His engineering efforts cover Quality Engineering, Infrastructure and Operations, with the most value coming from finding improved collaboration across teams. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Porkbun (sponsor) Peer One-on-Ones LPC APIs Fullstack Asynchronous Calls PHP JavaScript C A+ CI System (continuous integration) Observability Tools Unit Tests AWS Selenium VoIP Telnet Multi User Dungeon (MUD) Apple 2C
Joining Saron today is Michelle Glauser, CEO & Founder of Techtonica. Ever since joining the industry as a software engineer, Michelle recognized the glaring lack of diversity within the world of tech, which is why she's dedicated herself to addressing this issue. Techtonica is a nonprofit that provides tuition-free tech training with laptops, living stipends, and job placement or search support to women and non-binary adults with low incomes. Michelle shares insights she's gained through her coding journey and advice for those looking to start their path today. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Porkbun (sponsor) Women Who Code freeCodeCamp Feedback Framework I Look Like An Engineer Class Straddling Tech Gap Python JavaScript Hackbright
To welcome back our show for Season 22, we talk with a familiar face to the CodeNewbie Podcast, Chris Ferdinandi. Chris is the author of the Vanilla JS Pocket Guide series and the creator of the Vanilla JS Academy training program. On today's episode, Chris talks about what he's learned since coming on the show in 2020, how he sees the future of frontend development evolving over the next few years, and what tools might help in your next job search. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Porkbun (sponsor) 11ty API Angular Astro Browser Native JavaScript CSS Client-side vs. Server-side DOM Go HTML JavaScript jQuery Lodash Netlify Next Nuxt Petite Vue Preact React Ruby Static Site Generator Svelte Umbrella Underscore Vanilla JS Vue WordPress
In this episode, we talk about how to get into Web3 development, with Nader Dabit, developer relations engineer at Celestia and founder of Developer DAO. Nader talks about how Web3 differs from Web2, when it makes sense to build something as a Web3 app, and what are the tools and concepts a developer needs to know in order to build an app for Web3. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Porkbun (sponsor) Web3 Developer DAO Celestia WordPress PHP HTML CSS AWS Stack Overflow MetaMask SDK Blockchain Ethereum Ethereum Virtual Machine MPM Infura Alchemy QuickNode Anchor Proof of Stake Vs. Proof of Work Solana Avalanche Polygon Ceramic Amazon S3 arweave Node.js Solidity Rust Stablecoin
In this episode, we talk about what it means to be a part of the software development life cycle with Cliff Craig, senior software engineering manager at Samsung. Cliff talks about getting into software engineering over 22 years ago, why it’s important for developers at every level to understand the software development life cycle, and what the major stages of the software development life cycle are. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Porkbun (sponsor) Intellivision Basic Python Java Scrum Master Jira Kubernetes Next.js Ruby on Rails Figma Waterfall model Agile software development Git GitHub JUnit Selenium Cypress Udemy LinkedIn Learning SQL
In this episode we talk about what being an apprentice engineer is like with Alison Quaglia, software engineer at Pinterest. Alison talks about switching careers into tech, landing an apprentice engineer role at Pinterest, what that apprenticeship looked like, and leveling up at Pinterest to software engineer. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Porkbun (sponsor) Pinterest Free Code Camp HTML CSS Ruby Rails JavaScript React Redux SQL You Don't Know JS Yet Into the Unknown: Advice for Breaking into the Tech Industry Franken Mutt
In this episode, we talk about what is the Metaverse and what does it look like to build for it with Daniel Liebeskind, co-founder and CEO of Topia. Daniel talks about what goes into building something for the web3 space like Topia, where the line between something being a part of the Metaverse and not being a part of the Metaverse is, and what the future of the Metaverse might looks like. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Porkbun (sponsor) Topia Metaverse QBasic Java JavaScript Hack Reactor C WebRTC Y Combinator Angie Jones The Sims Second Life WebGL Unity React Asana
In this episode, we talk about SQL and why you should learn it with Sia Seko, data engineer at Spotify. Sia talks about what SQL is, what makes SQL different from other technical languages, and what it is best at. Show Links Compiler (sponsor) Porkbun (sponsor) SQL Python LinkedIn Learning Udemy Apache Airflow Power Query freeCodeCamp W3Schools Correlation One
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Vincent Smith

First time here and so far it seems like I’ll be listening to a lot of your episodes.

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loved this episode!!!

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Lisa Pool

awesome episdoe! perfect timing for me!!

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Very informative interview. Thanks! :)

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MAZ 12211

Love it! I personally can't believe a 15-year-old could code (I thought only adults do). Very good Opemipo Disu! you're inspiring me to keep going! Good Luck!

Apr 12th

Daniel P

Decent interviews, the guests are usually great, the host seems slightly detached, though. Too many commercials. Literally the first three minutes she's going through sponsors.

Mar 15th

Daniel P

Too many commercial breaks.

Mar 15th

HiKi GaYa

just started this podcast 💥🔥

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Official Link for the epsisode with Transciption and additional information:

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Just started a flex bootcamp for software engineering at Thinkful and have been getting lost in trying to memorize all of the key terms. This helped me feel alot less stressed out. Thank you!

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I learned a lot. Now I get what I am doing wrong. I need to know a little bit more about the UI patterns

Aug 19th
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awesome 👍

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what is going on? I can't access the episodes anymore.

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Great Podcast Episode! Very Clear Not Hard To Understand At All

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