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Joining Saron today is Michelle Glauser, CEO & Founder of Techtonica. Ever since joining the industry as a software engineer, Michelle recognized the glaring lack of diversity within the world of tech, which is why she's dedicated herself to addressing this issue. Techtonica is a nonprofit that provides tuition-free tech training with laptops, living stipends, and job placement or search support to women and non-binary adults with low incomes. Michelle shares insights she's gained through her coding journey and advice for those looking to start their path today. Show Links Turing (sponsor) Microsoft (sponsor) Stellar (sponsor) Tech Gap Python JavaScript Hackbright
To welcome back our show for Season 22, we talk with a familiar face to the CodeNewbie Podcast, Chris Ferdinandi. Chris is the author of the Vanilla JS Pocket Guide series and the creator of the Vanilla JS Academy training program. On today's episode, Chris talks about what he's learned since coming on the show in 2020, how he sees the future of frontend development evolving over the next few years, and what tools might help in your next job search. Show Links Turing (sponsor) Microsoft (sponsor) Stellar (sponsor) 11ty API Angular Astro Browser Native JavaScript CSS Client-side vs. Server-side DOM Go HTML JavaScript jQuery Lodash Netlify Next Nuxt Petite Vue Preact React Ruby Static Site Generator Svelte Umbrella Underscore Vanilla JS Vue WordPress
In this episode, we talk about how to get into Web3 development, with Nader Dabit, developer relations engineer at Celestia and founder of Developer DAO. Nader talks about how Web3 differs from Web2, when it makes sense to build something as a Web3 app, and what are the tools and concepts a developer needs to know in order to build an app for Web3. Show Links Turing (sponsor) Microsoft (sponsor) Stellar (sponsor) Web3 Developer DAO Celestia WordPress PHP HTML CSS AWS Stack Overflow MetaMask SDK Blockchain Ethereum Ethereum Virtual Machine MPM Infura Alchemy QuickNode Anchor Proof of Stake Vs. Proof of Work Solana Avalanche Polygon Ceramic Amazon S3 arweave Node.js Solidity Rust Stablecoin
In this episode, we talk about what it means to be a part of the software development life cycle with Cliff Craig, senior software engineering manager at Samsung. Cliff talks about getting into software engineering over 22 years ago, why it’s important for developers at every level to understand the software development life cycle, and what the major stages of the software development life cycle are. Show Links Turing (sponsor) Microsoft (sponsor) Stellar (sponsor) Intellivision Basic Python Java Scrum Master Jira Kubernetes Next.js Ruby on Rails Figma Waterfall model Agile software development Git GitHub JUnit Selenium Cypress Udemy LinkedIn Learning SQL
In this episode we talk about what being an apprentice engineer is like with Alison Quaglia, software engineer at Pinterest. Alison talks about switching careers into tech, landing an apprentice engineer role at Pinterest, what that apprenticeship looked like, and leveling up at Pinterest to software engineer. Show Links Turing (sponsor) Microsoft (sponsor) Stellar (sponsor) Pinterest Free Code Camp HTML CSS Ruby Rails JavaScript React Redux SQL You Don't Know JS Yet Into the Unknown: Advice for Breaking into the Tech Industry Franken Mutt
In this episode, we talk about what is the Metaverse and what does it look like to build for it with Daniel Liebeskind, co-founder and CEO of Topia. Daniel talks about what goes into building something for the web3 space like Topia, where the line between something being a part of the Metaverse and not being a part of the Metaverse is, and what the future of the Metaverse might looks like. Show Links Turing (sponsor) Microsoft (sponsor) Stellar (sponsor) Topia Metaverse QBasic Java JavaScript Hack Reactor C WebRTC Y Combinator Angie Jones The Sims Second Life WebGL Unity React Asana
In this episode, we talk about SQL and why you should learn it with Sia Seko, data engineer at Spotify. Sia talks about what SQL is, what makes SQL different from other technical languages, and what it is best at. Show Links Turing (sponsor) Microsoft (sponsor) Stellar (sponsor) SQL Python LinkedIn Learning Udemy Apache Airflow Power Query freeCodeCamp W3Schools Correlation One
In this episode, we talk about documentation, with Eddie Hinkle, lead front-end engineer at Glassdoor, and host of the WebJoy podcast. Eddie talks about what documentation means in the context of development, why good documentation is so important, and how gaining good documentation skills early on can give you an edge in your career. Show Links Turing (sponsor) Microsoft (sponsor) Stellar (sponsor) WebJoy Glassdoor PHP JavaScript Angular
In this episode, we talk about what your bootcamp isn’t teaching you with Caitlyn Greffly, software engineer at The Motley Fool, and author of The Bootcamper’s Companion. Caitlyn talks about not seeing herself as someone who would fit into the tech industry, falling in love with data and analytics, and then transitioning careers and eventually writing The Bootcamper’s Companion to cover some important tech topics that aren’t typically taught at coding bootcamps. Show Links Turing (sponsor) Microsoft (sponsor) Stellar (sponsor) The Bootcamper's Companion Scrum Master Thinkful JavaScript React Node Angular C# .NET AWS Vue Agile software development freeCodeCamp
In this episode, we talk about what it looks like to be an AR/VR engineer with Luca Mefisto, software engineer at Meta Reality Labs. Luca talks about being drawn to augmented reality and virtual reality early on, the main tools you need to know in order to be an effective AR or VR engineer, and some of the most interesting things he thinks people are currently doing with AR and VR. Show Links Turing (sponsor) Microsoft (sponsor) Stellar (sponsor) Oculus VR Hidden Creative VIVE Microsoft HoloLens Unreal Engine Unity Spark AR C++ C# JavaScript VRChat
In this episode, we talk about how to be a successful soloprenuer with Jen Yip, founder of Lunch Money. Jen talks about the impetus for creating her popular personal finance app, Lunch Money, how to balance building something for yourself but that is also good for general consumption, and how the lines between personal life and work life can become even more blurred when being a solopreneur. Show Links Turing (sponsor) Microsoft (sponsor) Stellar (sponsor) Lunch Money Neopets CSS University of Waterloo YC Fellowship 500 Startups The biggest mistakes I've made with Lunch Money (so far)
In this episode, about what we can all learn from the experience of being a neurodivergent developer, with Alex Karp, author of the new book Running Start: How to get a job in tech, keep that job, and thrive. Alex talks about some of the biggest misconceptions about autism, how putting effort into accessibility and inclusion helps everyone, and what has personally helped him thrive in his career. Show Links Turing (sponsor) Microsoft (sponsor) Stellar (sponsor) Running Start: How to get a job in tech, keep that job, and thrive JavaScript TI-BASIC
In this episode, we talk about how to create successful mobile games, with Bria Sullivan CTO and founder of Honey B Games. Bria talks about her diverse tech background, deciding to dive into game development after years in web development, and how she still feels like a newbie when it comes to game development even with the massive success she has seen. Show Links Turing (sponsor) Microsoft (sponsor) Stellar (sponsor) Honey B Games Boba Story Cal Poly 500 Startups Unity Java C# Pixar in a Box: The art of storytelling
In this episode, we about what are some fundamentals of machine learning and AI, with Oscar Beijbom, co-founder of Nyckel. Show Links Turing (sponsor) Microsoft (sponsor) Stellar (sponsor) Nyckel BASIC Hövding CoralNet DeepMind Python PyTorch Determined AI MLOps Vertex AI Jupyter Notebook
In this episode, we talk about how to transition from the arts into a career in tech, with Jessica Wilkins, software developer at This Dot Labs, technical writer at Free Code Camp, and former professional classical musician. Show Links Turing (sponsor) Microsoft (sponsor) Stellar (sponsor) This Dot Labs Black Excellence Music Project HTML CSS JavaScript React Tailwind CSS edX Udemy freeCodeCamp How freeCodeCamp has evolved over time CS50: Introduction to Computer Science What it's like to be in a computer science class Node.js Express
In this episode, we talk about how to think like a CTO with Joel Beasley, author of Modern CTO, and host of the Modern CTO podcast. Joel talks about getting hit by a car when he was younger and using that rehabilitation period to learn how to code, selling his first technology at the age of 18 for one million dollars, and what he’s learned from interviewing so many CTO’s. Show Links Turing (sponsor) Microsoft (sponsor) Stellar (sponsor) Modern CTO DataCamp Pluralsight Codementor Become an above average person - Jim Rohn
In this episode, we talk about what you need to be prepared for your job interview with Randall Kanna, author, speaker, and Lead Product Engineer at Trim. Randall talks about being discouraged from majoring in computer science, finding her way back to a career path in tech, and all of the things she learned about getting hired for technical roles along the way. Show Links Turing (sponsor) Microsoft (sponsor) Stellar (sponsor) Randall Kanna Resources Standout In Your Job Search Hack the Tech Interview
In this episode, we talk about where you can find quality live coding instruction online with Leon Noel, Managing Director of Engineering at Resilient Coders and creator and educator of 100Devs. Leon talks about coding to pay the bills, helping underprivileged communities get into tech, and then creating the live online education and community space he wanted to see in the world, 100Devs. Show Links Turing (sponsor) Microsoft (sponsor) Stellar (sponsor) Resilient Coders QBasic C++ Techstars General Assembly 100Devs CS50: Introduction to Computer Science JavaScript Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects Active Recall Spaced repetition Pomodoro Technique
In this episode, we talk about how being demoted could be the right career move, with Kristina Lustig, software developer at Stack Overflow. Kristina talks about transitioning from being director of design to an associate software developer, the different factors that went into making that decision, and whether she would do her journey differently if she had the chance. Show Links Turing (sponsor) Microsoft (sponsor) Stellar (sponsor) Stack Overflow I followed my dreams and got demoted to software developer Flask Python .NET C# Ludum Dare Game Jam Project Euler Advent of Code
In this episode, we talk about the evolution of freeCodeCamp with the teacher who founded freeCodeCamp, Quincy Larson. Quincy talks about creating the online learning resource he wished he had when he transitioned mid-career into tech, how freeCodeCamp has grown over time in community and content, and what the future of freeCodeCamp holds. Show Links Turing (sponsor) Microsoft (sponsor) Stellar (sponsor) freeCodeCamp Visual Basic Head First Programming Project Euler JavaScript Rust Visual Studio Code SQL PostgreSQL WordPress Python Django Node.js COBOL HTML CSS Git Linux C Learn to Code RPG – A Visual Novel Video Game Where you Learn Computer Science Concepts Web3 Jupyter Notebook The Coding Bootcamp Handbook: Immersive Engineering Programs Explained
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Lisa Pool

loved this episode!!!

Aug 22nd

Lisa Pool

awesome episdoe! perfect timing for me!!

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Ramesh Sampangi

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Jul 17th

Anoop Joy

Very informative interview. Thanks! :)

Jul 4th

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May 25th

MAZ 12211

Love it! I personally can't believe a 15-year-old could code (I thought only adults do). Very good Opemipo Disu! you're inspiring me to keep going! Good Luck!

Apr 12th

Daniel P

Decent interviews, the guests are usually great, the host seems slightly detached, though. Too many commercials. Literally the first three minutes she's going through sponsors.

Mar 15th

Daniel P

Too many commercial breaks.

Mar 15th

HiKi GaYa

just started this podcast 💥🔥

Mar 3rd

Anderson da Silva (@AndyDaSilva52)

Official Link for the epsisode with Transciption and additional information:

Mar 22nd


Just started a flex bootcamp for software engineering at Thinkful and have been getting lost in trying to memorize all of the key terms. This helped me feel alot less stressed out. Thank you!

Feb 14th


I learned a lot. Now I get what I am doing wrong. I need to know a little bit more about the UI patterns

Aug 19th
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awesome 👍

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what is going on? I can't access the episodes anymore.

Jul 17th
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Philip-Alexander Jach


Jun 9th

A.L. Blackwell

Great Podcast Episode! Very Clear Not Hard To Understand At All

May 11th

Kyle St. Jean

I found this podcast to be very difficult to listen to because of has broken English. I spent more time trying to make sure that I understood exactly what words he was trying to say, rather than trying to focus on the content and value that he was going to provide us.

Apr 29th
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