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The internet is full of conflicting information. How can you know what to trust? WORLD Magazine’s Collin Garbarino and Juliana Chan Erikson join the show to help us wrestle with this pressing listener question.
What happens when the state tries to take the place of God? Where do we find the temptation of state idolatry in our own hearts? Kelsey and Jonathan tackle this listener-suggested topic.
How can we reckon with the school shooting epidemic? And what does it mean to be a safe space for the kids and teens in our lives?
What are “disruptors” and why does modern media praise them? Does such a thing as “godly disruption” exist? Kelsey and Jonathan explore the cultural dialogue around disruption and disruptors.
Kelsey and Jonathan respond to listener feedback from “Video gaming and creation rhythms.” Are video games truly isolating? And how can parents find safe games for kids?
Tough girls? Gentle boys? In response to a listener question, Kelsey and Jonathan look to the redemptive narrative to explore today’s changing gender expectations.
Sources such as the CDC and the American Psychological Association have declared a mental health crisis among kids and teens. How can parents and educators approach mental health from a biblical perspective?
In a world where AI can write your homework, how do we teach our kids the value of work and learning? Kelsey and Jonathan explore the buzz around ChatGPT and what it means for human formation.
The Associated Press asks journalists to use the term “abortion rights” and chooses “woman” as word of the year. In a world that challenges truth, how do we steward the gift of language? Kelsey and Jonathan explore words, worldview, and authority.
The headlines blame video games for all sorts of problems among kids and teens. But are video games the culprit? Or does gaming serve a purpose in our God-ordained rhythms of work and rest?
"YouTube/Social Media Influencer" has recently charted as the top vocational aspiration for teens and pre-teens in the US and UK. Join Kelsey and Jonathan as they discuss this cultural phenomenon and what it means for discipleship.
How do we respond to “unprecedented times”? We've heard this term a lot over the past three years. But what does it mean—and are these times truly unprecedented?
If you’re a parent, teacher, or mentor of children in today’s world, you probably feel overwhelmed by the news. How do you help the kids and students in your lives engage with what’s going on in the world? How do you disciple them through the news with discernment instead of anxiety? I'm Kelsey Reed, News Coach for God’s WORLD News, seminary-trained educator, wife, mom of three, and most importantly, follower of Christ. I’m here to come alongside you as you have the important conversations of life, faith, and culture with your kids. We’ll answer your questions, offer ideas and resources, and hear from other parents and educators to identify the best tools and practices for establishing a non-anxious learning environment, developing news literacy, and cultivating biblical discernment.Today’s world can feel overwhelming. Let’s press pause together and learn concurrently.
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