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In this weeks episode, jump inside Courtney’s inner circle as she discusses skincare, wellness and friendship with her best friend Natalie. Natalie delves into the role of diet, stress management, and consistency in achieving glowing skin. From discussing the impact of seed oils and processed foods to the benefits of incorporating natural ingredients, Natalie provides valuable tips for enhancing skin health. Courtney and Natalie explore the interconnectedness between skincare and overall well-being, touching upon the importance of self-awareness and the pursuit of balance in relationships. With candid reflections on personal experiences and practical skincare advice, this episode offers listeners a holistic approach to cultivating radiant skin and a fulfilling life. Get Natalie’s exact skincare links and details hereFollow Courtney on InstagramFollow Courtney on TikTok
In this episode of Courtside with Courtney, Courtney gets real about societal timelines and how she’s fallen victim to following them. The episode dives into the importance of living authentically and pursuing your desires without conforming to societal expectations. Courtney shares how embracing spontaneity, listening to intuition, and acting decisively has benefitted her. She uses her own journey of personal growth and fulfillment to inspire listeners to prioritize their own happiness and set high standards.Follow Courtney on InstagramFollow Courtney on TikTok
Join Courtney for another captivating episode of Courtside with Courtney as she pulls back the curtain with her dear friend and COO, Audrey. Delving deep into their shared experiences, the conversation offers a unique perspective on Courtney’s life through Audrey’s eyes.In this intimate discussion, Courtney and Audrey explore sensitive topics such as Courtney's encounters with cancel culture and the challenges of navigating friendship fallouts. Emotions run high as Audrey offers her unique perspective on Courtney's past experience in an abusive relationship. Together, the two share valuable insights on supporting a loved one in a toxic relationship. Audrey also shares her journey of balancing her role as COO with the joys and challenges of motherhood, offering candid reflections on building a healthy relationship with her husband. Follow Courtney on InstagramFollow Courtney on TikTok
In this week’s episode of Courtside with Courtney, dive into the world of bio-hacking with Courtney and the co-founder of HigherDOSE, Lauren Berlingeri. HigherDOSE is a wellness company that specializes in wellness tools designed to ignite vitality from the inside out. The conversation covers diet culture in the modeling world, infrared safety with implants and wellness tools that help Raynaud's disease. Lauren shares how her health struggles led her to explore nutrition and wellness, ultimately inspiring the creation of HigherDOSE. From infrared therapy to PEMF technology, Lauren provides valuable insights into biohacking and discusses her dietary preferences based on genetic predispositions.The conversation explores life as a working mom and emphasizes the importance of finding a partner that shares your values. Get practical tips for daily detox and hydration while embracing a holistic approach to health and relationships. Tune in for an inspiring discussion on wellness and authenticity. Connect with Lauren here.Visit the HigherDOSE website hereFor 15% off Higher Dose products, use code COURTSIDE at checkout. Courtney’s HigherDOSE favs: Get the Higher Dose Infrared PEMF Go Mat hereLauren’s Recs:Serotonin Soak Salt for eczema hereSauna Blanket hereFollow Courtney on InstagramFollow Courtney on TikTok
Assumptions About Me

Assumptions About Me


Join Courtney for a solo episode of “Courtside with Courtney” as she reacts to the assumptions her followers have about her. She addresses plastic surgery suspicions, co-parenting assumptions and the exact role she plays in friendships. Diving deep into the why behind how she lives her life, Courtney shares unfiltered advice about beauty standards and how to build confidence from a low place. Follow Courtney on InstagramFollow Courtney on TikTok
Join Courtney on "Courtside with Courtney" for a game-changing episode on cultivating a healthy mindset. Get the scoop on Courtney's exact morning routine and the transformative power of reframing your perspective. With real-life examples and actionable tips, this episode is your go-to guide for a more positive and resilient mindset. Courtney opens up about her personal toolbox, a source of strength during challenges such as losing her father, and offers guidance on building a supportive community where highs and lows can be shared without judgment.Follow Courtney on InstagramFollow Courtney on TikTok
Join Courtney for the first solo episode of "Courtside with Courtney," in 2024. In this episode, Courtney dives into her goals for the new year, focusing on internal balance, positivity, and shielding against negativity. She gets granular about her morning routine, coffee preferences, and fitness journey. Courtney's approach to relationships takes the spotlight, advocating for cutting out negativity and prioritizing meaningful connections. She discusses eliminating gossip, overcommitment, and negative influences, embracing a more joyful lifestyle.Follow Courtney on InstagramFollow Courtney on TikTok
In this episode of "Courtside with Courtney," join host Courtney Shields as she sits down with TikToker and friend Avery Woods. The duo explores Avery's skyrocketing success, emphasizing authenticity in the face of fame and discussing the strategy that grew her TikTok following by 1 million in less than 6 months. Touching on personal narratives, from positive body image to the complexities of maintaining intimacy in long-term relationships, the episode is real, raw and inspiring. As the discussion unfolds, Courtney and Avery provide insights into the nuances of relationships, including the dynamics of co-parenting and the importance of maturity in friendships. The episode concludes with reflections on humility, hard work, and the value of quality time in a successful marriage.Tune in for an engaging conversation that goes beyond the surface of social media fame, revealing the authentic stories that shape the lives of content creators.Follow Avery on InstagramFollow Avery on TikTokFollow Courtney on InstagamFollow Courtney on TikTok
Join Courtney in this special year-end episode of "Courtside with Courtney" as she delves deeper into the advice given in her top-performing TikToks of 2023. Reflecting on the lessons learned throughout the year, Courtney explores dating advice and life insights with an emphasis on understanding men's actions, setting boundaries, and prioritizing self-care. Unlike her quick TikTok snippets, Courtney takes the time to unpack these topics, providing in-depth analysis and actionable takeaways. Don't miss this insightful episode as Courtney shares empowering wisdom and navigates the complexities of modern dating, offering a closer look at her experiences and the valuable lessons they hold.
In this special edition of Courtside with Courtney, get ready for an intimate Q&A session where Courtney tackles a diverse array of questions straight from her followers. Unveiling the unfiltered truths of her life, Courtney candidly addresses questions ranging from the biggest lessons learned in dating during her 30s to the complexities of co-parenting. Join her as she shares personal insights with authenticity and honesty, delving into the challenges of handling an abusive relationship, the nuances of splitting custody, and the rollercoaster of emotions during the postpartum period. This episode offers listeners a courtside seat to Courtney's real, unscripted life, featuring a genuine and empowering conversation that goes beyond the surface.
Secure your courtside seat for Episode 2 of Courtside with Courtney, where Courtney is joined by her friend Allie Dietz to explore the critical topic of setting expectations in relationships. In line with Courtney's commitment to showcasing her inner circle, this episode gives listeners a direct view into the advice Courtney receives from her closest friends.Allie, drawing from her three-year relationship, unveils her secrets on harnessing feminine energy, advocating for what you deserve in a relationship, and using sweetness as a powerful force. The duo delves into managing expectations as relationships evolve, covering everything from the talking stage to engagement. They provide actionable tips, book recommendations, and playful games for listeners seeking to enrich their romantic connections.Don't miss this episode as Courtney and Allie share their secrets on navigating the complexities of dating with grace and intentionality, offering a masterclass in relationship dynamics and fostering connection.
67 Years of Lizdom

67 Years of Lizdom


In the first-ever episode of "Courtside with Courtney," host Courtney Shields engages in a heartfelt conversation with her mom, Liz. The episode delves into their unique mother-daughter bond, emphasizing the creation of a safe space for open and sometimes hard conversations.As they explore past and current relationship dynamics, the podcast goes deep into Courtney's personal experiences, the intricacies of relationships, the importance of compromise, and the lessons learned from past mistakes.Towards the end of the episode, Courtney gets into your questions for Liz. The duo reflects on Liz's marriage to Courtney's father, celebrating his positive qualities and acknowledging the challenges faced, particularly his battle with cancer. The conversation navigates through grief, resilience, and the significance of perspective. The episode concludes with insights into coping strategies, the power of compartmentalization during challenging times, and the grace with which Liz moved forward after the loss.
You asked, so we're doing it! Introducing Courtside with Courtney, the brand-new podcast featuring Courtney Shields. While Courtney has spent the last 10-years as a beauty and fashion influencer, there's a lot more to her story than what meets the eye on Instagram. Join us as we peel back the curtain and explore the personal journey Courtney has navigated over the past 10 years— from embracing motherhood and facing loss to building a beauty business from the ground up.In Courtside with Courtney, we're delving into the real deal: dating in your 30s, wellness, confidence, and a whole lot more. This podcast is your backstage pass to the untold chapters of Courtney's life. Let's dive deep together! Follow Courtney on InstagramFollow Courtney on TikTokWhere is all began
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