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If you’re like most leaders, you have days when you love your job way more than others. What sets those great days at work apart? And is it possible to have even more? Today, Patrick Lencioni outlines the freedom of discovering your Working Genius. Watch video and download the leader guide:
If you want to be more effective as a leader, you need to get more strategic with your habits. In this episode, Craig helps you identify who you want to be as a leader and what habit you need to start this year to get there. Watch video and download the leader guide: 
For the first time, five generations are sharing today’s modern workplace. That’s a big opportunity. In this episode, Tim Elmore shares how to leverage the strengths of Gen Z, Builders, and every generation in between to accomplish more together. Watch video and download the leader guide:
Leading without healthy boundaries can lead to feeling frustrated, burned out, and ineffective. In today’s episode, my good friend Lysa TerKeurst returns with practical strategies for learning when and how to create boundaries at work and at home. Watch video and download the leader guide:
What team members are looking for today is different than what they were looking for three years ago. In this episode, Craig outlines three new employee “wants” in the workplace and how you can create a workplace culture people don’t want to leave. Watch video and download the leader guide:
You gain or lose influence with every interaction. So even when you say all the right words, your non-verbal cues can undermine your leadership. Today, Vanessa Van Edwards shares the keys to communicating with influence and charisma in every interaction. Watch video and download the leader guide:
Right now, some of you are deeply dissatisfied at work and might be considering quitting your job. In this episode, Craig will help you discern your next best career move by sharing the four questions you need to ask before you quit your job. Watch video and download the leader guide:
Few people have won a Heisman trophy, written four NYT Best Sellers, waged war on human trafficking, and founded a non-profit that fights for people in more than 70 countries. Tim Tebow has. He shares how he leads through it all in today’s podcast. Watch video and download the leader guide:
Great leaders can seem enigmatic or unpredictable, but it's often because they're operating in key talents and skills that don't naturally coexist. In Part 2 of "Lead Like It Matters," Craig shares six more qualities of leaders who have "it." Watch video and download the leader guide:
You might look at a leader and wonder, “What’s their secret?” They’ve accomplished so much and show no signs of slowing down. In today’s episode, we talk about what sets apart the leaders who have “it” from those who don't. Watch video and download the leader guide: 
Today's guest is a driven, effective, hugely successful 24-year-old leader. Her secret? Staying humble through the success. Today, Sadie Robertson Huff shares the strengths of different generations, her advice to Gen Z, and how she embraces failure. Watch video and download the leader guide: 
Two things are true of every leader: you want to get better, and you want your organization to get better. So often, we think "better" requires more money, time, or effort. In this episode, we'll learn that isn't always the case when you "bend the curve." Watch video and download the leader guide: 
So many leaders are afraid to show weakness to their teams. Today, Shawn Johnson walks us through his own raw battle with anxiety, how to lead while attacking anxiety, and how showing your struggles can strengthen, not weaken, your leadership. Watch video and download the leader guide: 
Many leaders avoid conflict and end up holding their teams back. In today’s episode, Dave Ramsey returns to talk about the kinds of fights he loves to lose with his team members, healthy conflict, and helping his staff avoid burnout. Watch video and download the leader guide: 
Leading out of a crisis is more difficult than leading during one. Today, in part two of “Leading Out of Crisis,” Craig shares six key steps you need to take to lead your team and yourself out of the chaos of the last two years. Watch video and download the leader guide: 
If your leadership plan today is the same as your pre-pandemic plan, it's probably a bad plan. You can’t just lead after a crisis, you need to lead out of a crisis. And that requires a different approach. Today, part one of "Leading Out of Crisis." Watch video and download the leader guide: 
Authenticity alone doesn’t guarantee success, but inauthenticity does guarantee failure. Jamie Kern Lima, who founded It Cosmetics and sold it for $1.2 billion 8 years later, shares the keys to building great organizations. Watch video and download the leader guide:
The potential of your leadership is a reflection of the quality of your habits. That’s good news if you have good habits, but bad news if you don’t. In today's episode, Craig shares two steps to breaking the bad habits that limit your leadership impact. Watch video and download the leader guide: 
Leaders often live in a cycle of failed New Year's resolutions, losing the same 20 pounds or quitting the same bad habit. What can leaders do to break this cycle? Craig shares three practical secrets for starting habits that stick in today’s new episode. Watch video and download the leader guide:
Do you feel like your New Year's resolutions don't last? Today, in part one of a new series, Craig shares three major reasons most New Year’s resolutions don’t stick and how you can focus on building a healthy identity through high-impact habits. Watch video and download the leader guide:
Comments (62)

M Morr

shoot a bullet and see where it hits. you use that term in today's gun issues??? I stopped the podcast at that point

Jun 1st



Mar 13th

W. Roy

I started reading the compound effect after listening to this podcast and it's a great read. Thanks for the suggestion. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve or better themselves and their daily habits.

Jan 12th

Katie Goetschel

so great!! thank you!

Dec 21st

John Nilsson

What a champion woman!

Dec 10th

Dylan Wayne Katter

Loved this! Thank you so much!

Oct 3rd

James Hogan

Fantastic content!

Apr 28th

Troy Marsh

This is an amazing episode! Two of my most favorite people and leaders around. If you are leading anyone (including just yourself) , this is a must listen to.

Feb 2nd

Marci Gerke

My two favorite leadership trainers in one podcast. Loved this episode!

Jan 26th

Jessica Jones

SO Good. I left my 20yr very successful career of working with & building programs for the homeless in May of 2019. And have been STRUGGLING in finding my purpose. It has also brought me closer to God as I have been forced to slow down & hear HIS voice and see what HE has planned for me. I have been amazed at how he has provided for me and my son despite earning less than 30% of what I was - and yet we have not gone without anything🥰

Dec 23rd
Reply (1)

Lenore and Mark

love this concept... have been trying this for some time before hearing this podcast but this has made this concept so much clearer now... thanks for the inspiration!

Nov 7th

M Morr

amazing. thank you.

Nov 6th

Andrew Murray

Great podcast.

Sep 7th

Jacqlyn Hewell

Needed to hear this message today. So encouraging

May 24th

Jacqlyn Hewell

best podcast on influence verses position

May 24th

H. Michael Dahl

Pastor Craig, chef Mike here from Dry Gulch. I go to the Owasso campus now. I did the workout, it did kick my butt, however, I can't jump off my knees. 🥴 I will add it to my rotation. Your podcast is one of my top three. thank you

Apr 15th

Jake Fred

This is such an outstanding message. one thing that I would lead people to see is that the struggle is one of the opportunities. Everything we are presented with has the ability to be molded and to mold us. That is what an opportunity is.

Mar 31st
Reply (1)

Ryan Ayres

Interesting perspective. Late summer

Mar 28th

Peter Kriška

just awesome!

Jan 29th

Our House est. 2016

Enjoying so far! My sister suggested I give it a listen!! Glad she did!

Jan 6th
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