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“We have a critical role as parents to create memories for children, and put them in situations and environments where they’re creating memorable experiences.” Brett Rustand on DADicated Brett Rustand is a 45-year-old military veteran and father of five who lives in Tuscon, Arizona. He and his wife both come from large families and have put a lot of effort into melding their individual experiences into their own unified family culture. Brett’s military career completely changed direction upon the birth of his first son in Korea. He decided that, from that moment on, he would dedicate every day of his life to raising his children, and currently works in an industry helping veterans to get jobs. In this session, we discuss working as a team within your family and our role as parents in deliberately creating situations that will form lasting memories for our children. He draws insightful parallels between functioning as a military unit and as a family and emphasizes the importance of showing vulnerability and giving children space to reconcile their own emotions. The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad were: - When children see themselves as part of a team with their own responsibilities, it helps them formulate their own identity and feel comfortable within their individual roles as part of a coordinated family unit. - Constant communication routines are essential in maintaining strong and functional relationships both between spouses and as a family. - It’s so easy to forget to take a step back and enjoy how wonderful an experience it is to help a little person develop and become a full-fledged human being. Realizing this and taking the time to do so is essential for our own perspective and parenting experience. Thanks for listening, I hope you’ll enjoy this session! GUEST SOCIAL MEDIA LinkedIn: Website: Instagram: Philipp Hartmann (host): Web: LinkedIn: Dadicated: Instagram: Twitter: --- Send in a voice message:
“The best advice I would give myself is to recognize that my children are themselves. They are not a projection of me, nor were they me, or I am them at their current age.” - Evan Harris on DADicated Evan Harris is an entrepreneur who has been married for 25 years and has two sons, 13 and 16. As teenagers, they have already learned the ins and outs of investment and have bought and sold action figures, motorcycles, cars, and even a boat. In this session, we discuss how he separates emotion from money in his relationship with his children and motivates them to work for things they want, value their possessions, and leverage them to achieve more. He has a fascinating approach to gamifying their financial experience and provides valuable insight into the roles of both fathers and external mentors in their lives. The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad were: - It’s essential to provide a training ground where children can fail and recuperate from it at home – you don’t want them to fail for the first time in the real world. - Introducing your children to external figures, or “virtual uncles,” from whom they can learn is a powerful tool in their development. - Giving an allowance doesn’t provide much educational value, but earning money for real work and even having the option of taking out high-interest loans from your parents can be hugely beneficial to children, if managed carefully I would add. I hope you like the session, let me know your thoughts in the reviews and please enjoy! Thanks for listening GUEST SOCIAL MEDIA LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: Philipp Hartmann (host): Web: LinkedIn: Dadicated: Instagram: Twitter: Book my keynote on building successful families and empowering dads here: --- Send in a voice message:
“The best advice I would give myself as a dad is to accept my children for who they are and reinforce their passions and islands of competence.” Dr. Robert Brooks has been married for 57 years, has two sons and is a grandfather of four. A clinical psychologist on the faculty of Harvard Medical School and former Director of the Department at McLean Hospital, Dr Brooks has lectured nationally and internationally and authored or co-authored 19 books about resilience, kids, parenting, family, relationships & school. The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad were: Be a charismatic adult to your - and other - children Resilience is a mindset Try and create positive micro moments - they can change the entire trajectory of your child's life Please enjoy listening to 45 years of professional & decades of personal experience as a dad. A truly powerful session! Dr Robert Brooks social media: LinkedIn: Website: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube: Philipp Hartmann (host): Web: LinkedIn: Dadicated: Instagram: Twitter: Book my keynote on building successful families and empowering dads here: --- Send in a voice message:
“Be happy and healthy, be respectful, responsible, resilient, and be kind.” - Rob Glazer, Rob Glazer is a very successful business owner who built a $20 million global business recognised as a best place to work by Inc, Fortune, Forbes, Entrepreneur, the Boston Globe and Glassdoor. He is also a father to 3 and avid outdoors family man. We discuss among other things how incorporating a value based system of doing family life is really not that different from running a successful organisation. We talk about the incredible value of creating vision boards, setting goals and being accountable to those goals. We also talk about what it means to let your child find their independence and push past their fear of the unknown. The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad were: The value of family meetings is often underestimated. Giving yourself the permission not to do things that you’re not good at and to focus on the things that you are good at is immensely powerful. Do things that push yourself and your children out of their comfort zone can teach them that anything you desire can be realised as long as you do the work that is required. Book my keynote on building successful families and empowering dads here: GUEST SOCIAL MEDIA LinkedIn: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Podcast: Robert’s Books: Friday Forward How To Make Virtual Teams Work Elevate Performance Partnerships Thrive in the virtual workplace Philipp Hartmann (host): Web: LinkedIn: Dadicated: Instagram: Twitter: Book Philipp Hartmann's keynote on empowering Dads: --- Send in a voice message:
“I think we make the business of parenting disproportionally difficult - if we assume that everything is within our control.” Rory Sutherland on Rory Sutherland is one of the most influential men in the advertising world, a charismatic speaker and Dad of twins. He’s the former Vice Chairman of Ogilvy Group, has served as Chair of the Judges in Cannes and is a best-selling author. He is very intelligent, fun and will get your brain and heart to fire up. Do yourself a favour and listen to this lighthearted discussion around the sheer disruption that parenting brings to an otherwise tidy, domesticated life. The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad were: It’s important in a multi-child household to keep the rules the same for everyone That there are some things that parenting cannot change so there is really no upside in getting too upset about that. Our job as parents is to prevent catastrophe. Simply: keep them from worst-case scenarios To book Philipp’s keynote on building successful families simply to reach out via GUEST (guest): LinkedIn:https: // Website: Twitter: Podcast: Instagram: Philipp Hartmann (host) Philipp Hartmann: Philipp Hartmann on LinkedIn: Building Successful Families: Being Dad Instagram: Philipp Hartmann on twitter: Books: Alchemy - The Power Of Ideas That Don’t Make Sense by Rory Sutherland: Alchemy: The Dark Art and Curious Science of Creating Magic in Brands, Business, and Life by Rory Sutherland: Rory Sutherland - The Wiki Man: --- Send in a voice message:
“Children need equal amounts of unconditional love and unequivocal authority.” Dr. John Rosemond on John is 72, married for 52 years, 2 children and 7 grandchildren between the ages of 13 to 25. John is an American columnist, highly sought after public speaker, and author of 11 best-selling parenting books and often seen as controversial in today’s popular parenting views. He has worked in family psychology since 1971 and refers to himself as an “opposing voice to psychological correctness”. In this session John shares his views on child-centered vs. adult-centered parenting, natural authority and discipline, building your child’s self-esteem, teaching humanity, and being a husband and wife first and a father and mother second. We cover speech characteristics, codependency and his concept of the parenting “hump”. The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad were: Be a husband and wife first and a mother and father second. I must not add “OK” at the end of a request to my child. One of the greatest gifts I can give my children is the understanding that they are capable human beings – not solving every problem in life, but being capable of dealing with it To book Philipp as a keynote speaker on “Empowering Dads & Facilitating Family Success” visit GUEST (John Rosemond): LinkedIn: Website: Books: Philipp Hartmann (host): Web: LinkedIn: To book Philipp as a keynote speaker on “Empowering Dads & Facilitating Family Success” visit --- Send in a voice message:
“Saying the right thing during a coachable moment to your children that builds their self-confidence can be the biggest difference-maker and change the trajectory of their whole life forever.” Michael Caito on Michael Caito is an amazing dad and serial entrepreneur who co-founded ”Restaurants on the Run”, scaled it to 10 markets, 600 people and $40 million in revenue and sold it in 2015. He served as global chair of Entrepreneurs Organization, is the CEO at MAP Consulting and a member of YPO. Mike is married, three boys, one with autism. We discuss enabling social skills with kids with autism, how to empower children in principle, how to instill good habits and Mike explains how some of his coaching frameworks can be applied to family. The conversation is valuable and full of practical experience-shares on how to build a successful family and marriage. The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad were: Always call out positive behaviour - in real-time - with your kids. Ask your wife every day how you can make her life better. Do not sacrifice your relationship for the kids. The greatest dad-hack: hold out on the mobile phones as long as you can. Drill the habits that you want to instill early. To book Philipp as keynote speaker on how to build successful families, reach out on Thanks for the support! Enjoy, thanks for listening! GUEST (guest): Michael’s current company “MAP Consulting”: Michael on LinkedIn: (the company that acquired “Restaurants on the Run”) Books & links: Story to Stage (course for speakers): “The 100 Percent Rule That Will Change Your Life | Benjamin Hardy | TEDxKlagenfurt” Philipp Hartmann (host): Web: LinkedIn: Instagram: Twitter: --- Send in a voice message:
“The best advice I can give myself as a dad is to stay present in the home,” Ron Blair on Ron Blair is currently going through a divorce and has 100% custody. His marriage and family culture are a tale of 2 distinct families which has impacted his parenting style. His dad is his hero and he wanted to emulate that for his 3 teenagers (18, 15 & 12). Ron is President and Chief Operating Officer of Century Group, an executive recruiting and professional staffing company. In the session, he shares openly about the impact divorce had on him & his family-life; what changed and what benefits he gained. Ron talks about co-parenting, support from family and his relationship with his father. Explaining divorce to kids, communicating love and truth, and recognising loss are just some of the incredible topics we cover in this amazing session. The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad were: Our pasts are carried forward Being present is not merely a physical feature but also a mental one The truth must be confronted at some point The best way to book Philipp’s keynote “The Dad Dilemma” is to reach out - thanks for your support. “Those going through the throes of a divorce, there are some great things on the other side for the dads and their children and that relationship and bonding that can happen through this whole process,” Ron Blair, on GUEST (guest): LinkedIn: Website: Links: Virtual assistants service company mentioned: Philipp Hartmann (host): Web: LinkedIn: --- Send in a voice message:
“You may have a shorter life with your child but you still have a life with your child and some of this will be happy.” Daniel DeFabio on Daniel DeFabio is married and a father of two boys, Alex and Lucas. Sadly Lucas quite recently passed away at the age of 11.5 due to Menkes Syndrome, a rare disease he had been diagnosed with at the age of 1. Daniel shares how he adjusted his expectations of what raising a child might look like at the point of the diagnosis, his views and experiences as a rare dad, how he dealt with the loss, how the Lucas’s condition impacted the family and what helped him and his views on fathering a child that he knew he would lose. The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad where: Parenting advice is almost always future orientated. Live in the moment, be ready to change your own expectations. When dealing with rare disease parents give an extra effort to include them. Hope you’ll like it, thanks for listening. To book Philipp as a keynote speaker on empowering dads and building successful families reach out via GUEST (Daniel DeFabio): LinkedIn: Philipp Hartmann (host): Philipp Hartmann: Philipp’s LinkedIn: Weblinks from this episode: NYT article Philipp refers to (“How do you parent without a future, knowing that you will lose your child, bit by bit?): Disorder: The Rare Disease Film Festival: Website: The Disorder Channel: facebook: instagram: LinkedIn: --- Send in a voice message:
“The best advice I can give myself as a dad is enjoy every minute, you never get those back and don’t take them for granted.” Shadi Almassizadeh on  Shadi is the VP of architecture and engineering at Disney, he was born in Iran and grew up in America from age 4. His parents had an arranged marriage that failed so from the age 7 he was raised by his single dad. He is married to Kristi, and they have two children, Kensi (5) and Logan (8).  In the session Shadi shares his crazy life story and experiences that have moulded him into the dad that he is today. He talks about growing up in a single-parent Persian home in the US, and the impact this had on his youth decisions to ensure a lasting marriage. We talk about culture, exposing your kids to all religions and good principles, and how our partners enable us to be a better parent. Shadi has an amazing story with so many pleasant outcomes and lessons learned - as a dad as well as an executive of 20+ years.  The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad were:  Expose my children to as many different cultures and learnings as possible.  Make a point of using technology positively.  Create family traditions and break bread together often.  “Children are smart. They are as smart as you will let them be so to enable them and let them make their own assessments and listen to them.” Shadi Almassizadeh on  To book Philipp as a keynote speaker on “Empowering Dads & Facilitating Family Success” reach out via  GUEST (Shadi Almassizadeh):  LinkedIn:  Philipp Hartmann (host):  Philipp's Website:  Philipp on LinkedIn: --- Send in a voice message:
“The best advice I can give myself as a dad is to be present with an open heart.” Chris Jones on Chris has been married to Yolanda for 22 years and they have two boys (16 & 13). Chris shares about his son’s Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) and how his condition has impacted him and the family. Chris’s insights on managing life energy (whilst being relentless) well are powerful. We talk about role clarity, family communication, being vulnerable with kids and life transitions. Chris is a high-energy serial-entrepreneur. He led his last company into building 4 brands to #1 market share in Canada while scaling the business 7 times in revenue and transitioning to working 3 hours per month. The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad were: My wife needs to be my number one relationship – this in turn will make me a better dad If I do my best and come from a place of love it’s ok not to be perfect. I need to take care of myself to truly show up for my family To book Philipp as a keynote speaker on “Empowering Dads & Facilitating Family Success” visit Hope you’ll like it, thanks for listening. “Success is defined differently for me. One thing I have always held very close to my heart is the importance of family and I have always placed family at a higher value than money,” Chris Jones on Chris Jones (guest) LinkedIn: Twitter: keepupwithcj Website: Email: Author Mentioned in Podcast: Barbara Coloroso Philipp Hartmann (host): Web: LinkedIn: #EOS #entrepreneurdad #dad #athletedad #familypodcast #DCD --- Send in a voice message:
“The secret of family is to love what you have got. What you have got is better for you than what you would have made up for yourself.” Steve Biddulph on Steve Biddulph is one of the world's best known parent educators and best-selling parenting author. A psychologist for 30 years, he is now retired but continues to write and teach. Steve is known for his ideas of a more affectionate and connected form of parenting. Steve Biddulph is 67 years old, married for over 40 years, 2 children and grandchildren. Steve explains ‘the father wound’ and how men can heal their relationship with their own fathers. There are true nuggets on raising boys and girls, toddler negotiation, the impact of men’s groups on dads and various key elements to successful fatherhood. The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad were: All learning is relational. Stop telling my kids not to cry. Ask myself daily: who is my child TODAY and where can we meet? For my sons – I need to teach them how to drive and steer their male bodies. For my daughters – I am their self-esteem department and example of male respect. To book my remote keynote on how we can empower dads in an effort to help facilitate family success please reach out via or simply use my linkedIn (below). Thanks for listening, if you like this one, please share the session. “The secret of family is to love what you have got. What you have got is better for you than what you would have made up for yourself.” Steve Biddulph on GUEST (Steve Biddulph): Website: Books by Steve Biddulph mentioned: Raising Boys Raising Girls The New Manhood Steve Biddulph Bio and Books on Amazon Other books Mentioned in Podcast Boys Should Be Boys by Meg Meeker The Boy Crisis by Warren Farrell Links: Dr. Richard Fletcher – A Helping Hand for Fathers Philipp Hartmann (host): Philipp’s Website: LinkedIn: #stevebiddulph #dads #raisingsons #raisingdaugthers  --- Send in a voice message:
“How do I become part of this child’s life, without alienating the father, but still in the sense we need to become a family?” Eric Naaman on Eric Naaman, who grew up in war-torn Lebanon, is a leading entrepreneur, and loving stepdad to 12 year old Francois. He studied in the US, and is a successful entrepreneur now living in Canada. In the session Eric shares about his upbringing in Lebanon, resilient family units, the unique role of a step-dad, and how to build a relationship with a child that’s not your own. Eric shares how he has approached discipline and influence, when to take a step back, and his relationship with Frank’s father. He has amazing insights into how to turn a difficult situation into something very positive. The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad were: As a step-dad don’t try to replace or disparage the father; never take away glory from him Be supportive of all your child’s endeavours I should always be working at the relationship with my wife and kids. Ask them about their dreams, share yours. “Embrace our separate journeys. These journeys are at the root of our individuality but sharing in them is the cornerstone of life as a family.” Eric Naaman on Visit to book Philipp as a keynote speaker on “Empowering Dads & Facilitating Family Success”. GUEST (guest): Eric Naaman LinkedIn: Website: Links: Article mentioned: Philipp Hartmann (host): Web: LinkedIn: --- Send in a voice message:
“The best advice I can give myself as a dad is to spend one-on-one quality time with each son,” Hao Lam on Hao Lam’s story as a dad is powerful and super inspirational. Hao Lam is a refugee and dad of two sons (23 AND 20) from Vietnam, now living in Seattle. He has been married to his wife Lisa, for 27 years. As a youngster Hao spent 12 years trying to escape Vietnam, was a street kid and refused formal education from the country that held his dad as a prisoner of war. He eventually made his way to Canada, managed to graduate from High School and College and went on to create Best in Class Education Center, which is now one of the largest education franchises in the US. In the session we discuss Hao’s journey, his upbringing and escapes from Vietnam to becoming an entrepreneur. Hao shares openly about fatherhood during hardship, his mistakes, his regrets and his learnings as a father. The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad were: If I’m not going to die, it’s probably not such a big deal. Am I treating my parents as well as I am treating my children? The more you push your children, the less they will want to come. Always tell your children that you love them & do make time for them. To book Philipp as a keynote speaker on “Empowering Dads & Facilitating Family Success” visit or reach out via LinkedIn. “Our children see us and copy us. Being a dad, we are our children’s model. They look up to us. I want my children to persevere, be resilient, and not be afraid of failure.” Hao Lam on GUEST (guest): LinkedIn: Website: Twitter: BestInClassEdu Email: Books: "From Bad to Worse to Best in Class: A Refugee's Success Story." by Hao Lam Philipp Hartmann (host): Web: LinkedIn: --- Send in a voice message:
“The best advice I can give myself as a dad is finding as many different reference points to emulate becoming a better dad.” Don Britton on Don Britton (2 daughters, 1 & 5) is an amazing entrepreneur with a wealth of life experience who recently sold his company in a quest to spend more time with his family. Don grew up without his dad. He shares about his mother’s sacrifices and why (pre-kids) family seemed to be a competitive disadvantage. We discuss entrepreneur-dad challenges, family-positive workplaces, family values and mentorship for dads. The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad were: Have frank conversations with your kids about difficult topics. Never leave a question unanswered. Teach your children the value of work and that things in life don’t come for free. Don is an adventurous guy with a wealth of life experience, I do hope you’ll enjoy the session! If you do, hit subscribe and share the podcast with another dad or to. Thanks for listening! Don Britton (guest): Don’s LinkedIn: Twitter: Books: Simple Numbers: Leap of Reason: Managing to Outcomes In an Era of Scarcity King Me: What Every Son Wants and Needs from His Father Links: Philipp Hartmann (host): Philipp’s Website: Philipp’s LinkedIn: Podcast webpage: --- Send in a voice message:
“Stay humble and accept the humility that comes as a parent. There is so much we want to do for our children and there is so much we try to do, and in the end, they have their lives that they will lead and there is only so much we can do.”  Mark Cronin, on Mark lives in Long Island and has been married for 38 years. He has 3 boys, Patrick (29), James (26), and John (24), who has down syndrome. Mark and John are the co-founders of John’s Crazy Socks, which was John’s idea. They sell crazy socks and employ dozens of employees with special needs. Their mission? To spread happiness! The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad were: I truly found Mark inspiring because he is humble and real. Be positive, no matter what. I’ll think twice before I “soften” things for my kids who might struggle with something. If your children tell you they want something, be sure they understand what it takes to achieve it “You want to set goals that people have to reach to attain. If they’re too easy, it is uninteresting, and if it is too far out there, you're going to quit, but if they make you stretch, and get outside your comfort zone and reach for something, that is the sweet spot, for all of us and for our kids.” Mark Cronin on GUEST (guest): Mark Cronin on LinkedIn: JohnsCrazySocks: JohnsCrazySocks on Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Links: Hope Story: Brittany's Baskets of Hope: Special Fathers Network: Philipp Hartmann (host): Web: LinkedIn: #dads #downsyndrome #family #crazysocks #fatherhood #specialneedsdads #specialneedsfamily --- Send in a voice message:
“The solutions will be simple, but the process is anything but.” Jeff Neufeld on Jeff Neufeld lives in Calgary, Canada, with his wife and 3 children who are 8, 5 and 1.5 years of age. Jeff once was a successful concert pianist performing in Europe and North America and now is the owner of a leading manufacturing company and an industrial racking company. In this session, Jeff shares openly about the impact alcohol had on his life and family-life, what changes he made and the benefits gained. Furthermore Jeff opens up about the hardest and best things he has done for himself and his family as a dad and how he allocates the 168 hours we all are gifted with every week. We discuss what it was like for him becoming a dad and how he learned to balance a blended life of work and family. He also talks about having to challenge parenting gender roles and shares amazing insights into the importance of seeking mentorship, not only in business, but in life and parenting. The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad were: When you are not feeling connected, look at how you are spending your time. Humility makes you a better father. I don’t have to have all the answers as a dad. “I don’t have to have all the answers and be everything to my children. What has changed is I view my role with my kids to teach them respect for themselves and others and imbue in them a sense of joy and awe and marvel astonishment about the world. That’s it. If I can do that, I think they will have pretty good lives!” Jeff Neufeld on GUEST (Jeff Neufeld): LinkedIn: Books: Why We Sleep, by Matthew Walker Philipp Hartmann (host): Web: LinkedIn: --- Send in a voice message:
“I am 100% responsible for how I choose to walk through the door at the end of a day and parent my kids.” Craig Rodney, on Craig Rodney sold his agency and committed himself to being a full-time dad. He’s the primary parent to his boys (4 & 6), a situation which challenges the parenting narrative of our society. We talk co-parenting after divorce, why it’s easier to be a dad (than a mom), dad-efficiency-hacks, picking battles and the concept of perceived “selfishness” vs “self-first”. Craig is very funny and the session was super fun, enjoy & thanks for listening! The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad were: Being responsible for your children is not the same as being responsible to your children. Consequences only feel like a punishment to your kids if you do not explain them upfront. I’ll make sure I am in alignment with my wife around parenting issues. GUEST (Craig Rodney): LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Philipp Hartmann (host): Web: LinkedIn: --- Send in a voice message:
“Do not take anything for granted and you will change the way that you live every day of your life.” Bruno Monteferri on Bruno Monteferri (37) is from Peru, married to Christel. Together they have a 2 year old daughter. Bruno is an impressive changemaker, conservationist, lobbyist, filmmaker and environmental lawyer. Talking to Bruno was like talking to a brother. We talk about big waves, family culture in Peru, our experiences during the birth of our children, Bruno’s conservation work and stories of his own upbringing. Bruno is an Ashoka Fellow and has a Master in Philosophy in Conservation Leadership. He has published several books and has directed over 50 short videos including the award-winning documentary “A la Mar”. The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad where: Decide which of my acquired values I’d like to carry on with in my own family Make sure my kids experience nature as much as possible It is important to have a purpose and to follow your heart Some of you know this already: I initiated a fundraiser called during lockdown here in South Africa. We aim to raise enough funds for 3.000.000 meals for kids in Cape Town’s townships before the year is out. If you haven’t yet, please do get involved and donate at Thank you. Alright, without any further adu, here is Bruno, please enjoy and thanks for listening! Bruno Monteferri: Listen to Bruno on the Oceanriders Podcast: Conservamos por Naturaleza : Haz la por tu Ola : to support the funding of technical studies that complete the wave protection procedure. A La Mar, documentary : Totnes: UK transition town leading the way in terms sustainability and circular economy : E.O Wilson “The Diversity of Life” : Bruno on Ashoka:  Books mentioned: Ethica par Amador (Ethics for Amador) by Savater Philipp Hartmann (host): Web: LinkedIn: --- Send in a voice message:
Don Lamont lost his first wife to breast cancer when his youngest daughter was four years of age. Don is an amazing serial entrepreneur and a wise family leader. He is 59 today and married to his second wife Ronda. In the session Don tells us how he managed to deal with the pressure of losing his wife and bringing up his daughters together with truly inspirational learnings he made along the way. I learned a lot from his shares. The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad where: Vet your kids’ friends. Do not focus on your mistakes. Don’t ever feel sorry for yourself. Be careful with your words: Things you say will haunt you. Find something you and your child both love and do that together to gain an opening into her life. Have frank conversations with your girls and teach them how men think. “When you think they are too young to hear something, they are probably not.” Don Lamont on GUEST (guest): LinkedIn: Books: “Raising Daughters” by Steve Biddulph Philipp Hartmann (host): Web: LinkedIn: “Lead when you don’t know how.” Don Lamont on --- Send in a voice message:
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