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DGTL Voices is your go-to podcast for all things digital innovation, healthcare technology, and leadership. Hosted by Ed Marx, the show features in-depth conversations with top leaders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries who are shaping the future of healthcare. Each episode dives into the latest trends, career insights, and real-world advice, providing a platform to learn, grow, and connect with like-minded professionals.🎙️ #DGTLVoices
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On this episode of DGTL Voices, host Ed welcomes Remi de la Rocha, President and CEO of AltaMed Health Network. Join us as Remi shares his eclectic taste in music, his gratitude-driven approach to life, and his inspiring journey as the son of an immigrant family. Discover the fascinating origins of his last name and gain insights into AltaMed Health Services, the largest private Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in the United States. Remi delves into AltaMed's unwavering commitment to community service and emphasizes the crucial role of technology in modern healthcare. Learn about AltaMed's strategic implementation of digital solutions and Remi's servant leadership philosophy, which empowers his team and drives impactful initiatives. Passionate about achieving healthcare parity, Remi advocates for equal access to care for all populations. Tune in to hear from a visionary leader dedicated to transforming healthcare and uplifting communities.
On this episode of DGTL Voices, Ed Marx welcomes Dr. Greg Rosencrance, President and CEO of WVU Medicine/Thomas Hospitals. They discuss their previous work together at the Cleveland Clinic, Greg's love for digital transformation and technology, and his passion for patient and clinician experience. Greg shares his favorite songs on his playlist, his life message inspired by Maya Angelou, and his journey in healthcare. They also talk about how WVU Medicine leverages technology to improve patient care and the challenges of balancing the needs of different stakeholders. Greg emphasizes the importance of being an eternal optimist and the joy of seeing the impact of his leadership on others.   Takeaways Digital transformation and embracing technology are essential for improving patient care and clinician experience. Being an eternal optimist and having empathy for others are key characteristics of a leader. The patient's best interest should always be the guiding principle in decision-making. Balancing the needs of different stakeholders, including patients, providers, and internal stakeholders, requires careful consideration and prioritization. Leadership is about creating a vision, solving problems, and mentoring others. The joy of leadership comes from seeing the impact of your work on others and leaving a positive legacy.
On this episode of DGTL Voices, Ed welcomes Raki McGregor, the Senior Vice President of New Business, Digital Equity & Community Growth at Novant Health. Raki shares his diverse music playlist and discusses his background and upbringing in New Jersey. He emphasizes the importance of digital equity and how Novant Health is working to provide access to technology and innovation in underrepresented communities. Raki also highlights the focus on community growth and the efforts to address the unique challenges faced by marginalized communities.    Takeaways- Digital equity is about providing access to technology and innovation in underrepresented communities. Community growth involves addressing the unique challenges faced by marginalized communities and providing resources for education, employment, and healthcare. Resilience comes from facing challenges and being given a second chance. Remaining authentic and true to one's values is crucial, especially in challenging environments.
In this episode, Ed Marx welcomes Clay Ritchey, the CEO of Verato, a healthcare identity company. They discuss Clay's background, his experiences as a CEO in multiple companies, and the importance of identity management in healthcare. They also talk about Verato's partnership with CLEAR and how it enhances the patient experience and improves data security. Clay shares his leadership philosophy and the key traits he values in building a successful organization.   Takeaways Identity management is a crucial aspect of healthcare, and it is essential to know and trust the identity of patients and employees. Verato's unique technology differentiates it from competitors by providing accurate identity resolution. Verato's partnership with CLEAR enhances the patient experience by streamlining identity verification and authentication processes. A strong focus on employees and their well-being is crucial for building a successful organization. Leadership should involve daring to do mighty things and challenging teams to strive for excellence. Understanding the complexities of healthcare and the importance of technology in delivering better care is essential for leaders in the industry.
On this episode of DGTL Voices, Ed welcomes Dr. Shantanu Agrawal, the Chief Health Officer at Elevance Health. They discuss various topics related to digital transformation in the healthcare industry, including leveraging technology to improve the member experience, addressing disparities and social equity, and balancing the needs of providers and members. Dr. Agrawal shares his personal and professional journey, highlighting the importance of whole health and health equity. He also emphasizes the value of being kind and respectful in the healthcare industry. Overall, the conversation provides insights into the role of a Chief Health Officer and the mission of Elevance Health.   Takeaways Leveraging technology is crucial for scaling healthcare services and providing a personalized experience for members. Addressing disparities and social equity is a key focus for improving outcomes and ensuring health equity for all members. Balancing the needs of providers and members requires alignment around the patient and providing resources and support for providers. Continuing to evolve as a leader involves learning from peers, seeking inspiration from patients, and being open to new experiences and perspectives.
Join host Ed Marx on this exciting episode of DGTL Voices as he sits down with Greg Aaron, Group Vice President and General Manager for Investor Owned & Emerging Markets at Oracle Cerner. Get an exclusive look into Aaron's passion for music and explore both the personal and professional sides of his journey. This episode is brimming with invaluable advice for leaders aspiring to advance their careers, focusing on problem-solving and bringing effective solutions to the table. The conversation concludes with a compelling call to action, inspiring listeners to drive large-scale impact by advancing healthcare with enhanced information and unleashing unprecedented innovation. Don't miss this engaging discussion that will ignite your passion for change.   Aaron's Life Mantra "I’m going to have a good day today, because I choose to!" You can't control what happens to you , but you can control how you react.  
In this episode of DGTL Vocies, Ed welcomes Dr. Sowmya Viswanathan, the Chief Physician Executive for BayCare Health System. Sowmya shares a love for music, embracing both Indian classical and Taylor Swift, and discusses a life philosophy rooted in constant and never-ending improvement, as well as a mantra of positive intent. The conversation explores her journey from India to the United States, touching on various roles in healthcare leadership and the positive culture at BayCare, where patient care and community impact are central. With insights into BayCare's initiatives to support clinicians and reduce burnout, they talk a bit about Dr. Sowmya's role as Chief Physician Executive. Emphasizing the importance of technology and innovation in healthcare, Sowmya underscores the need for continuous learning and collaboration among leaders. Takeaways Sowmya Viswanathan's life message is constant and never-ending improvement, and her mantra is positive intent. BayCare has a positive culture focused on patient care and community impact. The role of the Chief Physician Executive involves operational responsibilities and collaboration with other leaders. BayCare is implementing technology initiatives to support clinicians and reduce burnout, such as AI-enabled documentation tools and a flexible hybrid workforce. Sowmya emphasizes the importance of continuous learning, attending conferences, and staying up-to-date with healthcare trends. Family and a support system are crucial for personal and professional success.
"Virtual nursing is a mainstream solution for nursing shortages and improving patient care." Join Ed as he chats with Lisbeth Votruba, Chief Clinical Officer at AvaSure, on this episode of DGTL Voices. Lisbeth shares insights from her nursing background and discusses the impact of virtual nursing at AvaSure, including its success in improving patient care and cutting costs. They also explore future healthcare trends like hospital-at-home models. Tune in for a down-to-earth discussion on the changing face of healthcare. Takeaways: Virtual nursing is a transformative solution that improves patient care, reduces costs, and addresses nursing shortages. The adoption of virtual nursing has become mainstream due to the increasing demand for healthcare services, nursing shortages, and the need for nurses to work at the top of their license. Virtual nursing can be implemented tactically to address specific pain points, such as falls and one-to-one sitters, and can evolve into a comprehensive virtual care platform integrated with artificial intelligence and electronic health records. Nurses transitioning to virtual care should start with small steps, such as delegating admissions, and gradually expand their virtual nursing practice. Measuring outcomes and conducting research are essential to demonstrate the effectiveness of virtual nursing and drive its adoption in healthcare organizations. Virtual nursing has the potential to revolutionize healthcare delivery, enabling hospital at home and improving access to specialized care.
In this special 200th episode of Digital Voices, Ed interviews his son Brandon Marx, a media consultant, producer, and coach. They discuss Brandon's background in film production, the evolution of digital media formats, the importance of digital in healthcare, and finding inspiration and creativity. They also explore the balance between work and personal life and the legacy and impact of their work. Directing Academy Pyro Productions    Takeaways Digital media formats have evolved significantly over the years, from VHS tapes to digital tape to AI-powered editing. Digital is critical in healthcare, as it allows for effective storytelling and comprehension of complex medical concepts. Staying aware of trends and learning from others in the industry, such as through social media and podcasts, can inspire new ideas and approaches. Finding time for solitude and silence is essential for recharging and fostering creativity. Legacy and impact can be achieved by leveraging technology to save lives and inspiring others to pursue meaningful work.   Thanks for listening to DGTL Voices. Please take a moment to leave us a review!
On this episode of DGTL Voices, Ed welcomes Cindy Kelley, DO, Vice President of Medical Education at Summa Health. They discusses graduate medical education (GME) and the role of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). She shares her personal and professional journey, her passion for teaching, and the importance of continuous improvement in medical education. Kelley emphasizes the need for vulnerability and open-mindedness in leadership and highlights the value of diverse leadership styles. She encourages aspiring leaders to embrace their unique strengths and contributions.   Takeaways Graduate medical education (GME) is the post-medical school training period where physicians specialize in a specific field through residency and fellowship programs. The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) accredits residency and fellowship programs and institutions that sponsor these programs. The ACGME is forward-looking and considers the impact of technology, artificial intelligence, and consumerism on medical education. Leadership requires vulnerability and open-mindedness, listening to feedback, and focusing on solutions. There is a place for all leadership styles at the table, and leaders should embrace their unique strengths and contributions.
Tune in for a bonus edition of DGTL Voices as we commemorate National Doctors' Day with none other than Dr. Chris DeRienzo, a distinguished physician executive at the American Hospital Association, triathlete, and author of Tiny Medicine.   Takeaways National Doctors' Day is an opportunity to honor and appreciate the work of physicians. Triathlon is a sport that offers a distance and structure suitable for anyone to compete. The American Hospital Association plays a significant role in advocating for its members and supporting the adoption of technology in healthcare. Triathlon teaches valuable life lessons such as perseverance, problem-solving, and the importance of teamwork. Leadership decisions are best made by involving and leveraging the expertise of a high-functioning team.
On this episode of DGTL Voices, Ed sits down with Sumit Nagpal, the chairman and CEO of Cherish. They discuss Sumit's background and journey as an entrepreneur in healthcare and how he is transforming care delivery along the way. Sumit shares insights and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and highlights the importance of surrounding oneself with the right people. They also delve into the mission of Cherish, which aims to revolutionize the aging-in-place industry by providing innovative solutions for older adults. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the evolving healthcare industry and the shift towards health assurance.   Takeaways Follow the money and deeply understand the problem you are trying to solve when starting a business. Surround yourself with a strong team of three to five people who share your values and vision. The healthcare industry is evolving due to consumer demand for better experiences and the shift towards health assurance. Cherish is revolutionizing the aging-in-place industry by inventing technology that provides help and support to older adults without requiring behavior change.
On this episode of DGTL Voices, Ed welcomes Dr. Eric Gardner, VP Operations at Flagship Health. Get to know Eric as he generously shares the invaluable insights gleaned from his diverse experiences, from his early days as a medic in the US Airforce to his current status as a healthcare innovator. Tune in and be inspired by Eric's fascinating evolution and his unwavering commitment to transformative progress.      
On this episode of DGTL Voices, Ed welcomes Dr. Fatih Mehmet Gul, MD, Chief Executive Officer of Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital. Acknowledged by Forbes as one of the Top 50 Healthcare Leaders, he is a well-respected thought leader, continually championing progress and innovation within the healthcare sector. Dr. Soliman Fakeeh discusses his background, the hospital's achievements, and the importance of technology and patient experience in healthcare. He emphasizes the need for stakeholder engagement and listening to the needs of patients, clinicians, and the organization. Want more content like this? Tune in to Dr. Fatih's podcast The Chief Healthcare Officer  to decode the secrets of success in healthcare management, dissect the latest trends, and build a community of forward-thinking healthcare leaders. Takeaways Technology is an enabler for caregivers to provide better care and improve efficiency. Patient experience can be enhanced through technology, such as online information, instant messaging, digital portals, and self-check-in systems. Balancing the needs of patients, clinicians, and the organization requires stakeholder engagement and active listening. Passion and engagement are essential in the healthcare industry to provide the best care and create meaningful connections with patients and employees.
In this episode of DGTL Voices, Ed welcomes Stephen Lieber, a strategic business advisor and digital media strategist to the show. They discuss Steve's background, his music preferences, and his life passion and mantra. Steve shares insights from his career, including his time as CEO of HIMSS. He also talks about starting his own advisory consulting company, and the challenges and opportunities in the startup community. Steve emphasizes the importance of embracing change and provoking innovation in healthcare.    Listen to Stephen's podcast: Smart from the Start
On today's episode of DGTL Voices, Ed welcomes Dr. Tran Tu Huynh, a surgeon and founder of OpticSurg. They discuss Dr. Tu's journey in healthcare, her advocacy for women's health and underrepresented communities, and the development of OpticSurg's telecollaboration platform, Vision Beyond. Dr. Tu emphasizes the importance of collaboration, paying it forward, and the need for diverse representation in the medical field. They also touch on the challenges of balancing clinical practice and entrepreneurship. The conversation concludes with a discussion on trust and collaboration between healthcare providers and vendors.
On this episode of DGTL Voices, Ed sits down with J. Edward Maddela (Jed) a Chief Health Informatics Officer. They discuss topics such as compassion, the burden of metrics, and Jed's personal and professional journey. He shares his framework for delivering compassionate care and emphasizes the importance of aligning self-interest with service. The conversation highlights the need to prioritize meaningful metrics and the power of digital platforms in enhancing human connections. Ed and Jed also discuss the role of empathy and the importance of learning and practicing compassion. Takeaways Compassion is best learned when self-interest is aligned with service for others. The burden of metrics can lead to a scarcity of empathy and compassion in healthcare. Frameworks like NURSE (Naming, Explore, Understand, Respect, Support) can help deliver compassionate care. Compassion can be taught and increased through practice and aligning self-interest with a mission to serve others. Meaningful metrics should be prioritized, and the essence of metrics in healthcare should be revisited.
On this episode of DGTL Voices, Ed interviews Dr. Alan Weiss, the Chief Medical Information Officer at BayCare Health System. They discuss various topics, including Dr. Weiss' background in medicine and informatics, his role at BayCare, and his accomplishments in optimizing the electronic health record (EHR) system. Dr. Weiss shares advice on collaborating with physicians and staying current in the field, the challenges of leadership, and the need to not take things too seriously. He also emphasizes the importance of work-life balance and spending time in nature.
On this episode of DGTL Voices, Ed welcomes Brooke Yeager McSwain, MSc, MA. Brooke is an experienced leader in Digital Health policy at the state and federal levels, and a passionate advocate for the safe, effective, and evidence-based integration of technology into healthcare services. Tune in as they dig into policy, her role as a policy analyst at the American Health Association, and more! 
On today's episode of DGTL Voices, Ed travels to the United Kingdom with Sarah Hanbridge, RN, Digital Health CNIO and Dione Rogers, Deputy Chief Nurse/ CNIO at Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust. Sarah and Dione are drivers for DGTL in Nursing, tune in for more on leadership, networking, and women in healthcare informatics.    Learn more about the Florence Nightingale Scholars Foundation