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The Daily Boost Podcast is the most popular and longest-running personal growth podcast in the world - for a good reason.

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Freedom and Growth Between the Lines Are you a fun-loving, carefree person who prefers to drift with the wind? Are you happier following the rules and staying within the lines? Whichever you are, happiness and success will arrive when you combine both: 1) Too much flexibility in life doesn’t allow for compounding your life experience. Like money in the bank, leave it alone once you know what works. 2) Too much structure will limit your ability to discover growth opportunities. Don’t get stuck. Donnie and Marie said it best in the ’70s, “I’m a little bit country, he’s a little bit rock and roll.” Combine the best of both.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Endure to Earn. Questions For Resilience A few years ago, I was chatting with a friend about business. He owned a struggling martial arts school and was crafting a master plan to grow in the coming year.   I had four questions: 1) How long do you think it will take to learn what it takes to succeed? 2) How long are you willing to work to reach your goal? 3) How long will your money last?   4) When will you begin earning - and how much? Be prepared before you begin. Consider those questions before you set off on your journey. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Rough Roads Smooth Successes Life is a long and winding road. It has many ups and downs and a few surprises along the way.  Here's what you can expect:  1) Follow your passion, and the money will arrive. It may take longer than you think. It may be less than you believe. It doesn't matter. You'll be happy. 2) Nothing will happen until you move from daydreaming to daily action. 3) The road will be rough. Then, it will smooth out. Then, it will be rough again. 4) Whatever path you thought you would travel will change. 5) You will find speed limits. Sometimes, you will move slowly. Sometimes fast. Pay attention to the signs that arrive in your life. 6) Frustration will be a constant companion. So will excitement. 7) You must be strong to stay focused on the big picture. 8) When you arrive, you will find yourself seeking another adventure.   Success is a journey that brings out the best in you. Arriving at your destination will make you desire another journey.  Stay busy, my friend. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Becoming Aware of Your Passions Are you aware of your passions?  If not, I have a question for you - What do you do when you are doing YOU?  Why spend your days searching your mind to figure out your purpose when you are most likely living it daily? When you take a minute to inventory how you spend your time, you will see what you enjoy doing. Do you read, write, exercise, or work?   How about walking, talking, playing, fighting, laughing, or watching television?   Do you quilt, garden, volunteer, socialize?   Passion in life is not about finding something to do. It's about noticing what you do naturally - and doing more of it.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Filter, Focus, and Prioritize Your Path My wife and I were having dinner this weekend. She finally asked, “Are you going to tell me what you’re doing for Operation Reinvention this Summer? I want to help.” I said, “I won’t need your help. I need your support.” She had a puzzled look. I don’t blame her. But, I am locked in on my Goal - and that needs two things: 1) The ability to filter out what doesn’t matter and prioritize what does. 2) Accept 100% responsibility for reaching your Goal. As they say, “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.” Anything less will remove you from control. You’ll find many well-meaning people offering support if you miss either one. The problem? The suggestions they make will be different from how you imagined your journey. As soon as that happens, you have pulled off your path. If you are setting off on a life-transforming Goal, it’s okay to accept the support of others. Remember, your most important supporter is YOU! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The Art of Moving Past Frustration When life gets in the way, do you get frustrated about being blocked?   I used to be that way. Something changed. I learned long ago that getting blocked would be an everyday occurrence. And, the bigger my goals, the more blocks would arrive. I could live with endless frustrations - or find a better way. It came down to this: 1) Blocks have nothing to do with who I am. They could be self-inflicted or caused by others, but they still have nothing to do with me.  2) If you want something, there is always a way to get it. Always… always… always. You may not like the path. Your ego may get in the way. It may scare you. There is always a way. The next time frustration gets in your way, blow it off and keep moving. There is always a way to get what you want. Find it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
It’s All About ONE Important Thing I have a question for you. What is your ONE most important activity?   What is the ONE core activity that, if you do, everything else is fine? What is the ONE core activity that, if you don’t do it, causes everything to fall apart? Many people focus on anything but the most critical activity in their lives. They are usually surprised when things fall apart. Is it showing up for work on time or doing a great job? Could it be your unflinching attention to your family? Does your business have ONE activity that causes people to buy from you? When you focus on your ONE most important activity - everything else will take care of itself. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Navigating Life with Your Who I Am Document Do you have a roadmap for how you operate in your world?   A few years ago, I decided I needed a guide to ensure my daily actions matched my values. I ended up calling it my ‘Who I am' Statement. Who I am - this is not a mission statement. Who I am - this is not a list of affirmations. Who I am - is not a value statement. Who I am is a personal cheat sheet to establish how I act and respond to the day's challenge.  You should have one, too. Why do you do what you do? How do you see yourself? How do others see you? How do you act in certain situations? It's a great time of year to dig deeper into who you are. That way, when life gets in the way, you'll always have an expert to turn to for an answer - YOU! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Achieve More with the 70% Strategy Have you figured out what you want to do with your life but can’t build momentum?  One of two things is happening: 1) You have decided to wait and see what happens with something else before committing to your new plan. 2) You need more information before moving forward, making it the same as the first. The secret to gaining momentum is the ’70% Rule’ in every decision. Once you have an idea, begin researching and resourcing whether you have the ability and the desire to head in that direction. Once you hit 70% certainty, one way or the other, either move forward or drop it and move on. Why 70%? Because 70% is enough information to make the right decision, you’ll never get to 100% anyway.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Defend Your Happiness With Strategies That Work Have you been running full speed ahead - knowing you’re not heading in the right direction? It’s easy to get caught up in the business of life and find yourself off track.  Could your experience be better? It comes down to awareness and decisions: 1) Everything begins when you recognize that something needs to change and admit it to yourself. Is the time now? 2) Driving forward will only add to unhappiness. Instead, keep up with life and push the pause button on everything else—no pulling or pushing. You are only pausing. 3) During this time, work your way back to YOU. There’s no hurry. You may have been off-track for a long time. 4) Remember your dreams. Now that you have space, it’s time to explore how everything fits into your life today - and your future. Begin to take action in any direction that makes you happy. Once you find enjoyment, accept it and defend it with all your energy. Spend the rest of your days bringing more into your life. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Massive Action for Massive Success (Part Two) Yesterday, we spent a few minutes on practical ways to succeed. Here are a few “very natural” actions that will provide a HUGE advantage over almost everybody. Oh, you may not like these no-brainer daily practices - but they will make you a peak performer: 1) Eat right. 67% of the population eats fast food daily. 60% are obese. Simply eating a better diet will deliver an energetic and mindset boost. 2) Exercise. 77% of the population only exercises within daily duties. 100% of top performers exercise. Which do you want to be? 3) Sleep lots. We need 8-10 hours of sleep per night. The average is now less than 6 hours. You’ll have more energy than 60% of the population by going to bed a little earlier. 4) Be careful with alcohol. 77% of the adult population drinks - 50% regularly. One glass of wine will stop real progress. More than that, and you’ll be less productive the next day. People who do that for a lifetime cannot reach their dreams. Being more “Gooder than Badder” on these items will give you an advantage over 70.25% of the population. Who said you can never catch a break?  Daily Click Eat right, exercise, get lots of sleep, and reduce alcohol. You instantly gain an advantage over 70.25% of the population. That’s how dreams become real - FAST!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Massive Action for Massive Success (Part One) Today, I wanted to give some motivational tough love.  Before I get going - No matter what you desire, remember that life and business are about solving problems. The bigger your dreams, the bigger your problems. If you want what nobody else has, you must solve problems nobody else will. So, how do you begin with a bang? 1) Decide what you want. Be specific. Anything less is what ordinary people do. 2) Decide to pay the price of your success. You’ve heard it before, and it’s true. Short-term pain leads to long-term gain. The future value of your life depends on the current value of your effort. 3) Own your goals. You don’t need to ask permission from anybody. You don’t even need to say a word. Put your head down and get to work. 4) Since you’ve decided what you want. Don’t accept your excuses.  When it’s time to get to work - 5) Start your day early. Do what is important to you before the day begins. 6) Set your focus and starting point. Pick the first task, finish it, and move on to the next. Keep going until you get what you want.  7) Hold space for what is essential for you. 8) Develop the habit of deep work. Two hours of uninterrupted work per day will change your life. 9) Don’t get caught up in believing you need Networking, Joint Ventures, Collaborations, and Partnerships. Yes, you need some - but not many. Trust yourself and start creating. Let everybody else catch up. 10) Don’t get caught up in learning. If you stumble, find your answer and get back to work. If another question pops up, repeat.  11) Apply never-ending massive imperfect action. Don’t worry about the mess. You can clean it up later. Tomorrow, we’ll chat about how to gain a HUGE advantage while accelerating your success. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Unlock Your Goals with Personal Accountability Over the years, I've witnessed dozens of people set themselves up for failure by following seemingly wise advice - "When you set a goal, make it public and tell everybody you know so they can support you." In my experience, that could have worked better - especially on long-term goals. The reason is that nobody outside my close relationships knows me well enough to understand why I'm doing what I'm doing. That makes it challenging to provide support in meaningful ways, difficult for me to accept, and unneeded pressure on everybody. It takes little thinking to realize the best accountability relationship needs to be based on respect and a sincere connection to have the most impact. That means there is no need to crowd-source accountability when you only need two people to keep you on track. The first partner is the one you listen to the most - YOU! Accepting responsibility for your accountability is the most potent skill you own.  But since you are the boss of YOU and don't always listen to yourself, you need somebody else you trust and respect who is willing to call you out on your stuff. Once they agree, let them do their job. Getting what you want begins and ends with you, but having an accountability partner is a great way to keep you on track in the messy middle. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Capture Ideas, Unleash Potential Over the years, I have produced over 10,000 podcasts, and every one begins with the written word. Even though that makes my mouth and fingers my most exercised body parts, it has also given me many opportunities to learn to keep my words flowing. If you're like most people, you have found yourself sitting in front of a blank screen, praying for inspiration. It could be writer's block, procrastination, or you stayed up late watching Netflix. In any case, there's a simple solution to always having a starting point. Any project I need to wrap my head around begins by capturing the ideas that flow into my mind throughout the day. Even turning the radio off on a 20-minute drive can provide a treasure-trove of useable nuggets.  Next, I tucked those ideas away in a safe place without organizing, editing, or re-writing. I grab the thoughts, jot a note or record a memo, put them away, and let them simmer. When I'm ready to get to work, I take 15 minutes the day before to review my list of creative geniuses, toss out what is not relevant, create a simple outline, and walk away knowing I am ready to begin. The next day, I can't wait to sit in front of a blank screen and let the magic flow from my fingertips with complete ease. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mindset of a Master Negotiator I've always believed that life is a series of presentations we continually make throughout our day. The progress we make, the success we enjoy, and the happiness we experience directly result from our presentation skills, including negotiation. Yes, whether you like it or not, you negotiate for everything. Once you know about a natural feeling that all parties experience during negotiation, you'll never feel like an underdog again. Always remember- Whenever two or more folks negotiate, they automatically feel the other has the advantage. It's natural to have the fear that things may not go your way. Stay the course, and you'll get what you want. When you understand this simple mindset, you will automatically put yourself in a more confident position. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Vision Quest for a Life on Your Terms Do you have an image of what you would like your life to be - except when life gets in the way? There's no doubt that daily life events have a funny way of distracting us from reaching goals. It's just too easy to put them on the back burner. That's why you need to become the keeper of your vision. Thousands of opportunities will arrive on your path daily and detour you from what you want. That's why it's up to you to guard your vision by asking a simple question -  Will this opportunity move me closer to my desired lifestyle or further away? Simple. Know YOUR vision. Defend YOUR vision. Live YOUR Vision. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Fuel Your Fire For Sustained Motivation As a child, I wondered why I couldn't always have my way. Mom and Dad were so mean! I couldn't wait to grow up, move out, and experience being an adult. Everything would be different - or so I thought. After stepping into the adult world, it didn't take long to realize that not much had changed. It turns out it wasn't my parents. It was like turning down my requests. Life was getting in the way. What was even worse was that I was getting in my way. I've joked over the years that if I'm the boss of me, why don't I do what I say? Eventually, I realized having a big ass goal, being on a mission, and, most importantly, motivation on demand was the solution. Motivation is a powerful, if not fleeting, tool we all need. But we need to understand how our minds generate motivation: 1) Your physiology dictates your feelings. The easiest way to break free of a slump is to stand up, take a step, and REPEAT. Movement wakes your body, guides your emotions, and makes anything possible. 2) Focus fuels your fire. If you're unmotivated, you drift in the wind with no direction. Shifting your thoughts in a positive direction and toward what excites you will break you out and get you moving. 3) The words you say create the emotions you feel. Negative self-talk will drag you and everybody else down. Everything changes when you make the words you say to yourself, internally and externally, positive and uplifting. Words matter more than you think. You're human. Your brain isn't wired to stay motivated constantly. It would help if you gave it a helping hand. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Happiness Doesn't Require Permission My friend Sid called to tell me he had found his next big thing. He decided to take flying lessons and couldn't wait to get started. After hearing my Mom's stories over the years, I have always wanted to learn to fly. Her father was a contractor in Wilmington, North Carolina. When an airport client couldn't pay, he offered lessons. She was 15 years old. Her stories of landing on the beaches of North Carolina were thrilling. Flying Solo before an arriving hurricane was captivating. We'll forget that she 3-days short of being legally old enough. Her adventurous spirit took control. With a hurricane coming, she wasn't going to ask for permission. She took command, and it put her in the record books. By the time I began flying 50 years later, things were more controlled, and speaking on the radio to Air Traffic Control was required - and challenging. Being nervous, I often asked for permission when I wanted to do something. I would say, "This is Cessna 67508 requesting permission to…" One day, while waiting for their response, my instructor taught me a lesson I could have learned from my Mom, "You're the Pilot in Command. Your seat is moving, and theirs isn't. Don't ask for permission. Tell them what you want and let them work it out." What?  I don't have to ask for anyone's permission to do what I want.  I never asked again, in flying or anything else in life. I decide what I want to do and do it. If somebody else needs to know what I'm up to, I tell them, work out the solution, and keep moving. If not, I keep moving. Some days, it feels like we need permission from everybody else. Don't fall into that trap. Your destiny is your choice and yours alone. And what happened to Sid? He asked his wife for permission, and she said "no." He never took a single lesson. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
How to Make The Law of Attraction Work The Law of Attraction should be called the Law of What You Think About Most. Like attracts like, what you think about, you get.  If you think, "I won't get it because I never do," - you are correct. Dreaming of something new while focusing on current problems is a sure way to keep spinning your wheels. The secret is to focus your attention and actions on what you want to attract. That will require a dedicated effort. Vision Boards, lists of goals, and daily journaling are all great ways to stay on track.  The "Law of What You Think About" is magical and straightforward… Decide what you want. Believe it is possible. Focus on the future, not the past. Please don't stop until you get it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
10 Perspective Changing Questions Long ago, I realized that life is nothing more than a giant scavenger hunt. Yes, life is full of questions, and it’s long enough for you to figure out all the essential answers. And the winners are the people who figure out the solution you seek. Here are a few that I use regularly to get me thinking: 1) What do you want to do? 2) What do you want to have? 3) Where do you want to go? 4) What contribution do you want to make? 5) What do you want to become? 6) What do you want to learn? 7) Who do you want to spend my time? 8) How much money do you want to earn, save, and invest? 9) How much time do you want off? 10) What will you do to create optimum health? I’ll repeat it. Life is full of questions, and it’s long enough for you to figure out all the essential answers. It’s time to get busy. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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