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I have a saying - “Next year begins THIS year. Next month begins THIS month. Next week begins THIS week.” If you want to stay on track, accomplish your goals, and enjoy life more - you MUST take control of your calendar. It’s easier than you think: 1) Life will come at you FAST! Schedule any significant and can’t-miss life event at least one year in advance. Put it on the calendar and block it out. You can always change your mind. 2) Hold your space. Decide in advance what you will be doing with your days. When will you work on projects? When will you see clients? When will you have fun?  3) Never end one week without locking in your schedule for the next - and stick to it.  Focus, my friend. Focus. The future is always brighter when your day-to-day focus fulfills your goals this week. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Turn Obstacles Into Opportunity Have you ever wondered how much easier things would be if you didn’t have to think so much? What if the future or your past didn’t matter? Imagine if you didn’t worry about the possessions, success, or drama of others? What would happen if you believed that YOU were in control?   Now you are starting to think like a Stoic Philosopher. Stoicism is about paring down and simplifying. They eliminate unproductive traits that define the majority of the population. One of the most common is turning obstacles upside down, creating opportunities, and seeing them as teachable moments. For a Stoic, every bad thing becomes a new source of good.   Marcus Aurelius said it this way,  “The impediment to action advances action. What stands in your way becomes the way.” Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Listening to Yourself First Growing up, I was an energetic, enthusiastic, and excitable child. I never let a day go by without challenging something - usually with my mouth. Thanks to those responsible for turning me into a good person, I learned a valuable lesson when they said- “Listen twice as much as you speak. You have two ears and one mouth for a reason.” You’ve heard that before, and in today’s fast-paced world, knowing when to put a zipper on your lips is critical. But I’ve also learned to take that advice to a new level to get what I want. I call it going “Dark.” When you go “Dark,” you have chosen to listen to others less. Yes, you are still listening, caring, and interacting with those around you. You’ve decided to listen to yourself twice as much instead. The world we live in today makes it seem as though it’s impossible to get what you want without others. There are endless hours of interacting, Googling, ZOOMing, Texting, and more. It’s as if we’ve lost permission to think and do for ourselves. We can’t move forward without the social approval of those around us when the exact opposite is true. Something extraordinary happens when you give yourself space to listen to yourself more. Your creative mind and talents flourish—your positive energy rebounds. You feel more present and find more meaning in your life. Going “Dark” makes your life brighter, and good stuff happens. When you take the time to slip away into your own space, you develop into the person you were meant to be.  Removing yourself from the buzz of the world gives you a new kind of energy. And you do it without anybody’s permission or without anybody knowing.  When you emerge, everybody will notice that you are different. They will listen when you speak, seek your advice, and be attracted to you in a new way.  Who knew that listening twice as much as you speak works even better when you listen to yourself twice as much as you listen to others? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Hungry Pilots, Hot Donuts, And Your Goals Have you noticed that airplanes fly crooked? It makes you wonder how the Pilot ever gets where they want to go. Hmm… they must have a great goal!  Here’s what happens when you set a goal or fly an airplane. In an airplane heading to a destination, winds will do their best to blow you off course. That’s why pilots turn their aircraft into the wind. They call it Wind Correction. The same thing happens when you set a Goal. While you may prefer a straight path, you will likely run into winds that will blow you off course. Your spouse disagrees with your plans. Your boss demands more hours. Your kids, friends, and responsibilities keep you further away from your dreams. I think it’s time to start thinking like a hungry pilot who sets their flight plan to a distant city with a Kristy Kreme donut store that is just about to turn in the ‘Hot Donuts’ sign. What’s the lesson? Keep an eye on your final destination. Always set goals that factor in winds that will blow you off your course. Make minor corrections until you get where you’re heading. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
How To Create More Time Wouldn’t it be great if you could create more time in your day without giving anything up?  The secret is how you prioritize the projects that are already on your plate. That requires a simple understanding: 1) Working on multiple products at the same time only delays the completion of all the projects. 2) When you complete a product not only is it off your plate, it begins producing your expecting results. It also frees up time to move on to your next project. The next time that you are trying to find more time ask - “What can I finish right now that will give me more time tomorrow - and every day after that?” You are going to love how you have so much more time in your day. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Face Your Passion: Building Your Bridge Changing something about your life is pretty straightforward.  Figure out what you want and change it. Are you done laughing? Most folks fall on the way to their dreams because they don't move, move at the wrong time, or move too fast. That's why, once you know what you want, it's time to build your bridge. Here’s how: 1) Fortify your current foundation. Save money, pay bills, do whatever it takes to create a firm and peaceful base to build. 2) Begin constructing the foundation for your new life. Go to school, network, research, and plan. Do everything in your power to assure your success with no regret. 3) When you're ready, leave your past behind, cut off the old, and begin living your new life. Be patient. Wait until you are at least 70% ready to succeed before you cross to the other side.   Success arrives when you move from a strong TODAY to a stronger TOMORROW. Don’t leap too soon, but don’t delay either. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Winston Churchill’s Steps For Change As we get into the New Year, I've noticed that people are getting back to their old ways. That's okay. It's a journey. But what is that journey? Winston Churchill said, "To improve is to change, so to be perfect is to have changed often."  And it helps if you understand the stages of change: 1) Pre-Contemplation. You may intend to take action but are unaware that your behavior is the problem.  2) Contemplation. You recognize the problem and start to debate the pros and cons of your actions. 3) Preparation. You intend to take action soon. You may even begin small steps. 4) Action. The process of making the specific changes required to create your new life begins. 5) Maintenance. Sustain your efforts for at least six months. You will likely achieve a life-long transformation. 6) Termination. You have zero temptation and are sure you will not return to your old unhealthy habits. Winston Churchill said something else - "For myself, I am an optimist — it does not seem to be much use being anything else." Daily Click For myself, I am an optimist — it does not seem to be much use being anything else, said Winston Churchill. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Wisdom Starter Thoughts

Wisdom Starter Thoughts


Wisdom Starter Thoughts Everything you do is guided by what you think is logical in your mind. Just like everything I do is directed by my Scott LOGIC. Is it common sense? Is it experience-based? Is it how you choose to live? Yes. But mostly, it is the filter in your mind at work. Here are a few of my filters: Life is long enough. But not for everybody. Life goes quickly. But not if you're bored. Life passes slowly when you are fishing. Some people are too serious. Others are not serious enough. Both disagree with the other. You must stand in another person's shoes to understand how they see you. The reward for hard work is a chance to work more. The reward for laziness is a chance to be lazy more. Turning off your phone means it won't ring. Most things in life should be in moderation. Excess is good now and then.   It takes a fraction of the time to read a good book as it does to write one. That makes reading a book a good investment of your time. People who read more good books earn more money. People who don't read don't understand why others earn more. Saying "I don't care" means you do - at least about something. Everything you experience is filtered through what you hold as the truth. Choose what you hold carefully. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Life in Default Mode

Life in Default Mode


Life in Default Mode There is a myth floating around that life is more fun when you are spontaneous. That’s true, but not all the time. Happiness and success are most common among folks who live in a Default Mode.  In other words, they figure out what works for them and keep doing it. Living in Default Mode makes life predictable for you and everybody around you. It limits decision-making and establishes continuity. It’s a behavior that reduces stress and improves happiness. Living your life in Default Mode is the fastest way to reaching your goals - your way. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
How to Get Lazy Success

How to Get Lazy Success


How to Get Lazy Success I have an admission to make.  I'm a bit lazy. Yes, I also like to work harder than most people. Still, I'm lazy when doing things I don't want to be doing. It's been said that when you do what you love to do, you will never work another day in your life. Frankly, I've found it to be quite the opposite. What I do is difficult and takes a lot of time and effort.  But I enjoy it?  Still, I'm lazy. I want everything to be easy, and I want it now. I don't think I'm different than anybody else. I'm lazy. I'm driven. I'm lazy. I think I made my point. And if you know me well, you may be thinking; he's not that lazy.  Oh yes, I am… While it may take a long time to master the skill required to make things easy for myself, I'm only willing to go through the hard work if it allows me to be lazy - eventually. And do you know what the coolest thing is about being lazy? Your initial hard work allows you to be lazy and makes what you do look easy to others. Too bad for them. I guess they were sleeping and binging Netflix when you were preparing to make it look easy and be lazy. Here's today's life lesson. It's good to be lazy, as long as you are willing to do the work required to allow you to be lazy - someday. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Ritualistic Success

Ritualistic Success


Ritualistic Success Steven Covey called it sharpening the saw. If you take a break to sharpen the blade, you will always cut more wood. The same applies to life. My formula is Ritual, Rest, Rejuvenate, Reactivate. Repeat: 1) Success comes when you perform ritual actions every day. Figure out what works and do it. 2) Running full-out all the time is not sustainable. You must stop and rest. 3) Resting allows your body and mind to rejuvenate and become healthy again. 4) When you are ready, it's time to reactivate into action mode. 5) Repeat until you get what you want. It's easier to cut more wood when you take a break to sharpen your saw. A walk in the park on a busy day counts too. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
You Deserve to Say YES to Yourself Do you ever wish you had a less complicated life?  Even if your job and life are overcomplicated out of necessity, like launching a rocket or performing brain surgery, you can still simplify everything. How do you do it? The fact is, the actions you are taking in your life and your job are probably not causing the overwhelm. It's the people and the results that are causing you to feel that way. The easier way to under-complicate is to begin saying "No" to the arbitrary and unattainable demands of others and focus exclusively on the results you want.  Here are a couple of ideas: 1) Practice the law of "Good Enough." Perfectionism is over-rated. It will waste years of productive time that you could use to enjoy life. Set your own standards and rise to them. 2) Get good at saying "No." Make that two-letter word your default answer for everything. And remember, sometimes, saying nothing at all gets the same result. 3) Keep in mind that the only thing you must do in life is taking a BREATH. Everything else is optional and self-inflicted.  Leonardo da Vinci said," Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."  Why not show everybody how sophisticated you are? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
4 Steps to Change Your Life Creating a difference in your life is a non-stop process that requires simple actions to help you get what you want. And it is, after all, about getting what you want and keeping what you love. You’ll always go through these steps: 1) Decide. Everything begins with your decision to head off in a new direction. While sometimes you may feel like you’ve made a decision, if you’re not moving, you haven’t. 2) Define. Aimless wandering is fun when that’s what you’ve decided to do. Otherwise, it’s frustrating, exhausting, and takes place more than you think. When you define your path, you get to walk your path. 3) Deploy. As dull as the advice may be, putting your plan into action is the only way for you to get what you want. If you don’t deploy, you don’t get it. 4) Defend. After working so hard to get what you want, you can guarantee that something or somebody will try to take away your results. That’s not good or bad. That’s life. When you find what you love, be sure to defend it so you never lose it. Simple. I like simple Simple works! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Questions To Ask Before You Begin Everybody has dreams. Daydreams, dreams while you sleep, and dreams of what you wish for the future. I’ve always believed that dreams are goals you have nurtured to become real in your life.  But how do you know if the voice speaking to your heart will lead you in the right direction? Brant Pinvidic’s book, The 3-Minute Rule, has four questions that will help: 1) What is it? Do you understand exactly what you want?  2) How does it work? How will you go about reaching your goal? What will likely be the outcome? 3) Can you do it? Is your plan reasonable? Do you have the time, skills, money?  4) Are you sure? If you are willing to put in the effort, are you confident you can achieve your goal? Use these when something is holding you back. I promise. The clarity you are seeking is around the corner. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Morning Routines That Work For You You hear a lot about using morning rituals to get more done. But what if you could use your mornings to get more done for YOU? In the fast-face world, we live in today; there seem to be two groups when it comes to how to use mornings—personal and productive. Once folks remove themselves from the craziness of jumping out of bed, taking care of the kids, and hitting the drive-through, they choose one of the two.  But what if there was a third group that was more satisfying? Before I go on, I need to admit that I didn't use to be a morning person and didn't like getting up early at all. I even quit my first couple of jobs as a morning radio host so I could sleep.  Later in my career, I would hit my desk at 5 AM and pound through my to-do list as fast as possible. I must have been saying, "I…MUST… GET… IT… DONE!" That didn't work well because I didn't see the purpose of getting out of bed early if it was only to work. For a few years, I spent my mornings reading and meditating before heading off to the gym. I got in better shape, but my bank balance was less, and my future goals were seemingly unreachable. Then, one day out of pure frustration and sporting a brand-new I don't give a heck attitude, I asked myself a question that changed everything - "What's the first thing I should do tomorrow morning that, if I do, will allow me to live a life of my design?" Notice that I didn't ask about work or what was on my to-do list. It didn't have anything to do with getting more done or getting in better shape. I focused on the lifestyle I wanted to live - and it was life-changing. In the years since I made that decision, I've started my days doing the most important thing I deem required to live the life of my choosing, and I've been happier for it. I've also come across dozens of morning do-gooders who are getting everything done, except what they dream of doing, and when they realize it's not their fault, everything changes. They got caught up in the buzz of life, and everyone does. But, the minute you choose to focus on YOU before anything else is when you start making real progress. When you focus on what is important to you, you get what is important to you. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Don’t Break Your Success Chain I’ll never forget the day a friend called and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse - and I didn’t. Rob was an event promotor who had snagged the chance to book an up-and-coming comedian named Jerry Seinfeld into a local venue. He needed somebody to warm up the audience and introduce Jerry. I was all in when he agreed to cover my drink tab and let me hang out with Jerry before the show. It was 1986, and Jerry’s television series about nothing was still in development. I know that because it’s what we talked about before the show. As he munched on veggies and sipped sparkling water, I’ll never forget how focused he was on getting what he wanted. Tired and worn out from living on the road, I asked how he managed to keep going. He said — “I know exactly what I want. I’m a comedian, so I have to be funny. The only way to be funny is to write funny jokes. The only way to write funny jokes is to write every day. So, I write every day and put a big red “X” on the calendar. Eventually, there is a chain of X’s on the calendar. My goal is not to break the chain.”  Then, in a very Seinfeld way, he screamed, “Don’t break the chain! That’s how you get what.” Over the years, I’ve read that others have had the same conversation with Jerry. I’m guessing it was a rule of success that he practiced and shared often. I’m happy he shared it with me. As we begin 2023, pick an action and do it every day until you get so good people notice. And, whatever you do, “Don’t break the chain!” Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Are Smart Goals The Secret? I'm a big fan of setting big-ass goals. Dreaming BIG is my natural state - which is why S.M.A.R.T. goals are not all that smart. S.M.A.R.T. stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Bound. While it may seem like a good plan, I can't wrap my head around not setting goals because they don't seem achievable or realistic. Excuse me? Since when did big- goals seem achievable and realistic?   If that were true, you would already be doing them. Anytime you are moving from dreaming into doing, you will be living in the land of crazy and scary. If you hold yourself to what is achievable and realistic, you might as well keep doing what you're doing. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Your Rules of Success

Your Rules of Success


Your Rules of Success If you study people who have had success in any area of their life, you will find they have much in common.  Not only do they follow a set of rules, but they also follow those rules no matter how much life gets in the way. What are those rules? The person who has the strongest "Why" wins. The person who shows up wins. The person who shows up on time wins. The person who is most persistent wins. The person show never assumes wins. The person who is the best at what they do wins. The person who plans and documents their journey and interactions wins. The person who never gives up total control to others wins. The person who acceptances responsibility for themselves wins. The person who serves the most wins. The person who is grateful for everything wins. The actions you take automatically become the life you experience. It's essential to be mindful of where you are heading.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Are You Choosing a Word For The Year? Around this time every year, people begin to declare to me the WORD they have chosen to guide their life for the following year.  I like words - especially when combined with wisdom and a few wisecracks - but that might be just me.  Still, I'm always amazed at how excited people get and how much they believe their WORD will guide them into the next year. I'm jealous. I need a WORD, too - and that's where the trouble begins. I can't imagine choosing a single word to represent 365 days of getting after it. However, having a WORD is an emotional trigger and fires neurons in your brain to keep you moving, so why can't my WORD be several WORDS? Just like magic - they arrived… Simple. Sophisticated. Focused. Automated. Delegated. Deleted. Ritualistic.  It's a little Stoic, a little Tao, and a lot of Scott LOGIC - it works for me. If you could use an emotional supercharger, choose a WORD… or WORDS for the year… and see how the next year ROCKS! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Rules For a Happy Life

Rules For a Happy Life


Rules For a Happy Life 300 BC, political life was driving people crazy. To calm the masses, several schools of philosophy popped up. Stoicism still resonates powerfully today. 1. Don't enslave yourself to annoying people. 2. Choose reasonable expectations. 3. Pre-meditate those expectations. 4. You are a mind that is operating a bag of chemicals you call a body. 5. Stop pretending you know that things are bad. 6. You were put here to reason, so use it already. 7. Life is NOT too short. 8. Feel your emotions like a Stoic would. They are your power. 9. Anger is a choice. 10. When it comes down to it, we are dogs tied to the back of a cart. Sound wisdom never goes out of style. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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