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Author: Tom Merritt

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Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane and the team help you stay up to date with independent, authoritative and trustworthy tech news.
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Apple, Amazon ,Facebook ,Google and Microsoft have all been criticized for allowing humans to listen to users’ private conversations in order to test their AI products for quality. Is it truly necessary or is it just easier and cheaper to develop that way?
Thanksgiving plans, fertility rates, cow people, and on DTNS: HyperSurface inputs looks to rethink the ways humans interface with computers and devices. Plus Amazon wants to buy Fox's 22 regional sports networks from Disney and Valve discontinues its Steam Link hardware.
DTNS Begins at: 17:00Who's pre-ordering what Apple stuff, and on DTNS: Apple has announced a new iPad that's faster, lighter, and more capable than previous models. Plus they unveiled the long-awaited update to the Mac Mini and MacBook Air. 
Facebook is looking to acquire security companies it believes bolster the site's security. Who are the possible candidates and what kinds of security expertise is Facebook specifically looking for?
Tech layoffs have been a common occurrence over the past several months. But what is it like after you’ve been laid off and where do you go from there? Plus OpenTable is informing members that all reviews on the platform will now show members’ profile pictures and first names starting May 22nd. And a roundup of the latest Chatbot stories.Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Nicole Lee, Veronica Belmont, Len Peralta, Roger Chang, Joe.Link to the Show Notes.
The first round of reviews for Humane’s AI Pin have been published. We parse out what reviewers had to say. Plus Instagram announced a new safety feature that will automatically blur out nude images sent via direct message on the platform. And how is anti-deepfake porn legislation bringing together lawmakers from across the political spectrum.Starring Tom Merritt, Robb Dunewood, Justin Robert Young, Roger Chang, Joe.Link to the Show Notes.
Microsoft has plans for new Xbox hardware. Plus Blizzard announces its games will return to mainland China in summer 2024 after signing a new deal. And after EU legislation forced Google, MS, and Apple to make it easier for users to switch to rival browsers, independent browser companies have seen a spike in users.Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Scott Johnson, Roger Chang, Joe.Link to the Show Notes.
Android’s enhanced Find My Device network was rolled out yesterday. What can it do and what do you need to use it? Plus we share the big news from Google’s Next conference in Las Vegas today.Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Ron Richards, Roger Chang, Joe.Link to the Show Notes.
Ford delays its EV rollout and refocuses on hybrids as public interest in EV ownership wanes. What’s going on? Plus Apple’s new app guidelines allows for game emulators and in the EU music apps can take users to an external website.Starring Sarah Lane, Chris Ashley, Roger Chang, Joe.Link to the Show Notes.
Google Podcasts is no more. What are your options? Plus OpenAI CTO Mira Murati wouldn’t confirm if its Sora model was trained on any data from YouTube, Instagram or Facebook. And Disney CEO Bob Iger told CNBC that the company will begin its password-sharing crackdown in June.Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Tasia Custode, Len Peralta, Roger Chang, Joe.Link to the Show Notes.
We share long time supporter Craig Porter’s insight into the connectivity and internet situation in the Antarctic. Plus Social Media service X is doling out free blue checks to users that have more than 2500 premium followers. And how do you determine if you actually need a VPN? Patrick Norton is here to explain.Starring Sarah Lane, Robb Dunewood, Patrick Norton, Roger Chang, Joe.Link to the Show Notes.
Microsoft is testing an AI chatbot for Xbox support services, but has bigger plans for the technology. Plus Stable Audio 2.0 now lets users upload their own audio samples to create text-prompt AI-generated songs. And we discuss what impacts yesterday’s earthquake in Taiwan has on chip production and why Threads is suddenly so popular in the island nation.Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Scott Johnson, Roger Chang, Joe.Link to the Show Notes.
Scientists from Trinity college Dublin published a paper in the journal PLOS ONE that found that some people perceive more images per second than others. Plus Yahoo and Artifact jointly announced Tuesday that Yahoo will buy Artifact, an AI-generated news aggregation and recommendation app. And why does the New York Times consider games like World and Connections new classified section?Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Roger Chang, Joe.Link to the Show Notes.
Microsoft and OpenAI are jointly working on a data center featuring an AI supercomputer named “Stargate”. Plus what’s the current status on that legislative bill to force ByteDance to sell TikTok or block its use in the US? And a backdoor was found in a widely-used compression program called XZ Utils for Linux and Unix-style OSs by Microsoft developer named Andres Freund.Starring Tom Merritt, Justin Robert Young, Roger Chang, Joe.Link to the Show Notes.
In a recent study China pulls ahead of the US when it comes to developing AI talent. What is AI talent and what skills do you need to become one? Plus The Drive reports the Old Westbury Police Department in NY state is using GPS trackers embedded in foam darts with sticky glue on them fired from special launchers on police vehicles. Four school boards in Ontario, Canada are suing Meta, Snap and ByteDance for $4.5 billion, alleging their products negatively affect children.Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Andrea Jones-Rooy, Roger Chang, Joe.Link to the Show Notes.
Is a recent half-a-billion plus donation to Future of Life Institute, an AI think tank, set the stage for AI regulation? Plus why are Intel’s and Microsoft’s idea of what constitutes an AI PC confusing? And Google announced it’s rolling out an update to its Search Generative Experience (SGE).Starring Sarah Lane, Robb Dunewood, Justin Robert Young, Roger Chang, JoeLink to the Show Notes.
What does Microsoft’s Phil Spencer think is happening to the video gaming business? Plus Disney officially adds Hulu as a category inside of Disney+. And why are Apple users getting dozens of password reset notifications?Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Scott Johnson, Roger Chang, Joe.Link to the Show Notes.
We discuss the emergent capability of generative video LLM as a world simulator. What does it mean and what can it do? Plus we examine David Pierce’s The Verge article called “Here’s why AI search engines really can’t kill Google.” And online design company Canva will acquire professional design software company Affinity.Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Andrew Mayne, Roger Chang, Joe.Link to the Show Notes.
How are game microtransactions infuriating game players and why might we see more of them in the future? Plus Spotify is testing a fourth category of content alongside music, podcasts and books; online courses. And did Microsoft’s Phil Spencer hint about a future handheld Xbox?Starring Tom Merritt, Trisha Hershberger, Roger Chang, Joe.Link to the Show Notes.
Are robotaxis facing a losing war in gaining broad public acceptance? Nicole shares her experience riding in them and what she thinks needs to be done. Plus seven US researchers have identified a new side-channel attack called “GoFetch” that impacts Apple M1, M2, and M3 processors. And OpenAI pitches its technology to film studios and directors.Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Nicole Lee, Len Peralta, Roger Chang, Joe.Link to the Show Notes.
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Priya Dharshini


Jan 16th

Kenneth Otten

Did she say "pertentially" @ 29:45?

Jul 20th

Pedram Digi

The impact of TikTok on the presentation of restaurant menus is a topic that could spark an interesting debate on its own

May 22nd

Bethany Gillette

in response to the fridge picture - I would get Dr Nowzaradan saying "you could have easily lost 30 lbs this month" hahahahaha

May 20th

Zeeshan Malik

i was impressed by your writing. I am happy to see such a topic please come to my blog and read

Jun 21st

Alan Camillo

About clone mother, father, or whatever voice you want to reproduce

May 21st

Daniel Deluca

great show!

Dec 2nd


excellent episode lot of new updates and a lot of tips on how to use a computer or phone

Oct 25th
Reply (1)

brayn matte

£c) Aare clmoa

Mar 29th

Hempire Hub

is anyone else wondering what Diamond Club is? I've been listening for YEARS and have no idea who they are or their purpose?

Mar 8th
Reply (1)



Jan 25th

David Magallon

Patrick Norton is so insufferable. Couldn't get through the whole thing.

Oct 17th

Ryan cub

I'd like to see the us government invite these tech companies from Japan or China to open a "us hub" that's employs us citizens to produce the same products that are made there. they could be exempt from tariffs or other import taxes. that would bring the same tech economy from say Shenzhen to the United states, once we learn how to produce electronics at the same level then we would be able to compete on the world stage. no matter how many jobs were lost to the 4th industrial revolution we would have 100 jobs to replace every job lost.

Sep 17th
Reply (1)

Ryan cub

haha I had to listen to half the episode to make sure that was a typo. its overCLOCK

Sep 14th

Jason Moody

I've been listening to Tom Merritt do this since he was doing this on Twit. I followed him here and quit everything Twit. You go Tom!

Jul 15th
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Blee Blat


Jan 28th
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