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Truth or Dare (We Say)

Truth or Dare (We Say)


Rihanna is redefining the NFL as the National Fenty League. Plus: missing middle school sleepovers? Us too! Grab your matching pajamas, and get to know Josie Totah, Alycia Pascual-Peña, and Yasmine Hamady a little more through a series of icebreaker questions and a classic game of truth or dare. Show NotesTaller Salud (non-profit helping Puerto Rico after Hurricane Fiona)Fundación Solidaria Del Divino Niño Jesús and Direct Relief (non-profits helping Dominican Republic after storms)Women's Committee NCRI and United4Iran (non-profits helping Iran during Mahsa Amini protests)
Let's talk about sex, baby! This week, we're answering all the hot 'n' heavy questions about hookup culture. What does it even mean to "hook up"? Why are society's patriarchal values penetrating us in the bedroom? What makes consent sooooo sexy? Plus, we debut a new segment: Unhinged with Yasmine.
Til Death Do Us Post

Til Death Do Us Post


The Queen my lord is dead, but the online takes live on! Also it was 9/11, also also Alycia came face to face with the Succession cast, it's been a week! Josie, Alycia and Yasmine talk about the fallout of the Queen's death, celebrity death culture, and the nuance of mourning problematic favs. Plus, we celebrate Latin Heritage Month!
How to Give & Receive (Love)

How to Give & Receive (Love)


We are worrying darling! The Hunger Games is here and it's taken shape in the form of The Venice Film Festival, and queen Florence Pugh is our victor! Also sort of Chris Pine too?? In the spirit of chaos, Josie, Alycia and Yasmine get vulnerable and dig into how they give and and the challenges of opening up. Plus! Josie debuts a brand new segment: Fashion Church.
This episode is giving VMA Vanguard because we are LEADING! Josie, Alycia and Yasmine dive into the VMA's, Addison Rae's mom dating Yung Gravy, and Yas' confrontation with Ben Shapiro at Podcast Movement. Then, the girls explore the lowkey highkey erosion of church and state and the way religion has manifested throughout their lives. Plus, a new segment: Advice to Our Elders. Our biggest piece of advice? Keep dancing from womb to tomb, girl!
What the fuck is pretty privilege and do you have it? Are you hot or just rich? That's what we're asking this week because in world where social media is king and influencing is an aspirational career, the way you physically look has undoubtedly become thee form of currency. But who gets to cash in, and who gets left behind? I guess you'll have to listen to find out! Plus! Another installment of 'The Ickuation Room’, today’s topic for debate: Hookup Playlists…there can only be one: Ick or Yum.Follow us! @darewesaySubscribe! Dare We Say
To post or not to post? That is the least for us. This week Josie Totah, Alycia Pascual Peña, and Yasmine Hamady talk about performative activism and how social media has mobilized the activists in all of us for the best and for the worst. Plus introducing, a new segment" 'The Ickuation Room', the epicenter of the most divided political and social discourse of our time. Today's topic for debate: the Zara landing page...there can only be one: Ick or Yum. Follow us on insta! @darewesaySubscribe!
We're Crowning!

We're Crowning!


Welcome! Come on in to the very first episode of Dare We Say. This week, besties Josie Totah, Alycia Pascual Peña, and Yasmine Hamady are celebrating! Our Leo queens Josie and Yas turn 21 and 24 and the girls reflect on the birthday scaries, the anxieties of getting older and the proper way to birth a brand new baby podcast. Plus, Josie, Alycia and Yasmine give you their Top 10 Ways to Celebrate your Birthday like a Bad Biotch. Stay engaged, stay hot! Follow us!!
Join Josie Totah, Alycia Pascual Peña, and Yasmine Hamady – three young actresses, disruptors, and best friends as they navigate the issues that affect our lives; from hookup culture and social media to structural racism and LGBTQ+ rights. They won’t shy away from diving deep into controversial topics, even turning to their elders - actors, activists, comedians, experts, politicians, 26 year olds - to try to understand the world their generation was handed. Catch a new episode of Dare We Say every Thursday, wherever you get your podcasts. Follow us!!
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Great topic! Also, consider the 'pretty privilege' that is youth.

Sep 1st

Dominick Walker

witch one is the funny or interesting one?

Aug 20th
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