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If you're in a sticky situation where you are attached to someone but you just can't seem to let them go, this episode covers the major warning signs and red flags that I personally feel could make or break a relationship. These are some of my dealbreakers that I find are helpful when deciding when to leave a relationship. In the second half of this episode, I talk about my views on sex and intimacy for the first time ever on the pod, and my perspective on casual hookups. If you enjoyed this episode, dm me @lyss! xx
Just listen. This is a goodie.
SURPRISE to the video episode :) It's the 1 year anniversary of DATE YOURSELF INSTEAD baby!!! Wow. I can't believe just one year ago I started the podcast and it became what it is today. In this episode, I discuss my mental health journey, as well as this idea of your THOUGHTS creating your reality. Thinking positively about your life and yourself, and your SO essential in order to live the life of your dreams. I hope you love this episode, and let me know if you want more videos. Xoxo.
Self love leads to true love. There is some wholesome loving content on today's episode. This is your reminder that you deserve true, deep, unconditional love. You deserve peace and safety. You deserve to feel secure in a relationship. Xoxo, Lyss <3
It's easy to lose focus when you're so fixated on someone else. But baby, you have to remember that YOU ARE THE MAIN CHARACTER. When it comes to relationships, we often dilute our power and give our energy away instead of directing it towards OURSELVES. Agree or disagree?
Signs that he's just not that into you. He's being hot and cold. Flaky with plans. Distant. A bad texter. Says he doesn't know where he stands or what he wants. In this episode, I dish the hard truth and the signs of when someone is just not...that interested.
When someone pulls away, it can be difficult to navigate. Often times we feel like we did something wrong to mess the relationship up. It can cause a lot of anxiety if we're not sure where the other person stands or why they're distancing themselves...when everything seemed to be going well. In this episode, I talk about what to do when they pull away from you - and how to handle it like a pro. You'll feel better in no time baby.
Why my ex and I broke up - the full detailed story. I wasn't sure if I would ever speak on this relationship and the breakup that changed me forever. In this episode, I am finally sharing my experience and more details about the breakup that inspired the Date Yourself Instead podcast. If this resonated with you in any way, I would love to hear your story as well. Always feel free to dm me on instagram @lyss.
Cause you deserve the best :-) I love you.
Ahhhh. SOLO TRAVEL. One of the most highly requested topics I get asked to cover is my experience doing shit alone. And yeah, it can be intimidating, scary and crazy to go off on adventures completely solo. In this episode, I talk about a few experiences I've had solo traveling, the lessons I've learned, my honest thoughts on it, and a wild story time about my study abroad journey in Australia. I'll definitely be recording a part two. Xoxo.
How to master detachment

How to master detachment


It's a detached girl summer. Psssst if you loved this episode, DM me on instagram @lyss and stay updated by following the podcast on Spotify.
It's official - I am HERE to answer all of your questions on this very juicy episode of Date Yourself Instead. In this episode, I discuss the art of being unbothered and how to live your truth, how to go no contact and my thoughts on blocking someone if you're broken up, my honest thoughts on cheating, and more.
Self explanatory. If you see some major issues early on, my best advice is to get out while you still can. The red flags you see in the beginning are the reasons you'll most likely leave the relationship later - or they'll be the reason you're unhappy in a relationship. Yes, people can grow and change, however, I've noticed that my gut was always telling me to run prior to diving deeper into a situation with someone...yet I just ignored it. Let's talk about it.
Dating yourself instead. What does dating yourself really mean? I'm in London right now, and I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone. Here's a full breakdown of how I've recently started to date myself, take myself out and dive into a brand new timeline to change my life and open my heart up to the idea of meeting new people. When you go through a breakup, it can be difficult to put yourself out there and learn how to be alone, so this episode covers everything you need to know.
Trusting the process of your life can be a scary thing to do when it feels like everything is falling apart. It's also harder when you're trying to manifest things and you just feel blocked, stagnant and not your best self. Here is my best advice when it comes to trusting your journey, and how to manifest and attract the best things into your life faster. If you loved this episode, would mean the world if you rated on Spotify and sent me a dm on instagram @lyss @dateyourselfinstead. Love you.
If you're overly consumed by the idea of a person instead of focusing on yourself, this episode is for you. We get so caught up and easily fixated on a new relationship, or a partner that isn't giving us the love we deserve, and it becomes an ultimate form of distraction away from who we are, our goals, and what truly makes us happy. This episode is really just a reminder to work on yourself and your goals, and find the passion that drives you, instead of focusing on someone that isn't showing up for you. Remember, if you loved this episode feel free to dm me on instagram @lyss or @dateyourselfinstead, and be sure to rate it on Spotify.
You asked for it, and here we are. The worst dates I've ever been on in New York City. Dating can be a whirlwind, and an absolute mess - especially with easy access to dating apps. In my late 20's, I would go on dates for fun that often were either really fun or a total disaster. In this episode, I talk about some of the worst experiences I've had. If you enjoyed this episode, feel free to follow and dm me @lyss and stay updated with more content on the podcast account @dateyourselfinstead. Love you.
It's easy to get attached to someone we've just met...because they're nice. Because they're attractive and treat us right. But how soon is too soon to get attached? Often times I'd become so fixated on one person early on, only to realize it was all smoke and mirrors. This person was not at all who I thought they were. So here's an episode talking about that experience, and how to avoid getting attached too fast. If you loved this episode, dm me on instagram @lyss or @dateyourselfinstead and share it with a friend. Xoxo.
The first half of this episode talks about self worth, valuing yourself and to avoid jumping into a new relationship before you've processed a breakup. The second half of this episode talks about love bombing and a story time of a guy I dated super briefly that was fucking obsessed with me for a hot minute and then put me in a really uncomfortable situation, and THEN vanished off the face of the earth. If you liked or could relate to this episode, follow me and dm me on instagram @lyss and stay updated on the podcast account @dateyourselfinstead. Xoxo.
I definitely have had my moments in relationships where I felt like I smothered my partner with desperate energy. I was needy and insecure because I didn't love or value myself enough to know who I truly was. I didn't know my worth, so I would project my insecurities often onto my boyfriends in hopes that would make them want to be with me more, but instead it often backfired and became messy. I also mention this amazing book, The Mastery of Love, in the beginning of this episode which has helped me through my healing process and has helped the relationship I have with myself. If you are loving the podcast, always feel free to DM me on instagram @lyss or @dateyourselfinstead.
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so so

can u pls talk about long-distance relationships? i trusted him but one day, I woke up & and I saw he blocked me no other way to get in touch & just ask why?

Sep 24th

Aakash Amanat

I couldn't agree more with the title of this thread, "Date Yourself Instead." It's something I've personally embraced over the past year, and it has made such a positive impact on my life. For the longest time, I was constantly seeking validation and happiness from external sources, whether it was through dating, friendships, or material possessions. I thought that being in a relationship would complete me, and I'd finally be truly happy. However, I couldn't have been more wrong.

Sep 21st

Bekah Bailey

Yo this episode is so powerful. I really relate to the way she describes childhood environmental factors impacting my self talk. Your message is so true and I really appreciate you sharing.

Sep 20th

Adriana Hutton

OMG yes! come to beautiful Lake Tahoe!!!

Sep 18th

so so

as eng is my froigen language, it's hard for me to find appropriate & amusing podcasts but the way u speak makes me understand everything It's not that easy, not that hard besides learning relationship tips tnx♡

Sep 15th

Adriana Hutton

love your podcast, you have such a beautiful heart! you are helping me through a relationship that isn't right for me and teaching me to love myself. At 48, I've spent most of my life putting others 1st. So, loving and taking care of me is like an epiphany. Suggestion for pod cast topic: how do you deliver the break-up, If you are the bearer of bad news, what words do you say to respectfully break up, trying not to cause pain. When is the right time, right environment? Do you state your reasons, or just say it isn't working out and spare the sermon? Thank you!!!

Sep 1st

Adriana Hutton

I am a new listener, and I love, LOVE your podcast. I'm wayyyy🤣🫣older than you, and you are teaching me so much about being with the guy that is right for you. you are literally guiding me in making decisions that are best for me, so thank you! I wanted to comment on the story you told about when you were 15 and employed at the ice cream shop. Regardless as to if your mom is conforontational or not, she's your mama!🥰 and would have probably had that reaction if she weren't confrontational. She would have done that regardless bc you are her baby, her heart & soul. I am super chill and hate confrontation. But if someone treats my daughter (even with her being 21) horrible or is bullying my kid or is in the wrong, it's razor blades and lemon juice for that person🤣 I don't know what kind of crazy emotion that takes over when you're a parent, but you just see red. my boy is 25 and in the military. I'd stand in front of a train for him. when you have kids, I predict you will do the same fo

Aug 17th

Aakash Amanat

The title "Date Yourself Instead" instantly caught my attention, and I couldn't resist clicking into this discussion. The concept of self-dating is something that has grown in popularity, and I find it absolutely fascinating. In a world that often emphasizes romantic relationships, taking the time to focus on self-care and self-love is crucial. Self-dating, as I understand it, involves treating yourself with the same kindness, attention, and consideration that you would offer to a partner. It's about nurturing your own well-being and creating meaningful experiences for yourself.

Aug 17th

Andras Toth

I really liked this episode. Started from the beginning I want to listen all of them. Glad to found You ♥️

Aug 2nd

Gri M

I feel like that my whole life

Jan 20th

Syeda Ali

girl ur smart thanks for sharing, too many people both men and women need this advice to not measure their value based on the treatment of a narcissistic partner

Jan 9th

jihad diouchi

Favorite podcast sofaar

Nov 18th


Thank you so much for this useful episode❤️

Nov 16th

jihad diouchi

Best podcast in the moment

Nov 14th


unknown error , so I could not listen to it.

Oct 21st
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