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We try our best to help you get your ass out of bed by poking fun at pretty much everything that’s going on around us. If you are easily offended – take caution – no one is safe from Dave & Chuck the Freak’s wrath. That includes the President, the Pope, our significant others and ourselves, as well as everything in between. Our feeling is that nothing is sacred, and you should be able to laugh at everything life throws at you. Our show is a show about truth and we’re not going to candy coat anything. We’ll tell you how we feel no matter how many complaints we receive. We approach every day trying our best not to be like anything else you’ll find on your radio dial. If that’s by taking Dave’s unique views on the news…or cutting up celebrities. You’ll hear stuff you won’t hear anywhere else. Thanks for checking us out. If you have a comment, suggestion or nude pictures to pass along – send us an email.
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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about hooking up with someone from Facebook Marketplace, pilot dropped to 500 feet and buzzed the top of a neighborhood, old train operator attacked, elderly driver backed into McDonald’s spot, Amazon delivery driver peed on camera, dog walker has close call with bear, gift card kids bought for dad on Father’s Day was scam card, Wales debating bill that would make it illegal for politicians to lie, man hit lotto for $7.2M thanks to advice from dad, Nuttin Butt Azz basketball event canceled, Boston prepping for championship parade, NHL Final, Stephen A Smith offered $90M 5 year deal from ESPN, Kelly Stafford revealed that she banged Stafford’s backup in college, Wayne Gretzky golfs barefoot, Donald Sutherland died, Justin Timberlake DWI, climate vandals spray paint stone henge and Taylor Swift’s plane, Kevin Costner says The Bodyguard sequel was supposed to star Princess Diana, Ben Affleck says he has a resting hard face, M3GAN movie erotic spinoff, Queen song catalogue sold, man woke up in hospital with surprise sex change operation, woman dunks child under water at pool and bit cop, guy lost keys on roller coaster tried to get them back and got hit by coaster, firefighter saved a guy who was shot in head at pool party, man stole beer and announced that he stole it, Michigan Men save choking raccoon, woman sued husband for not driving her to airport, diet noodles giving people ‘unholy levels of gastric rage,’ AI sex robots, his female roommate is asking him to get married, ex had stroke and sent him pic of her and current BF topless asking for threesome, met girl on Tinder but she has a mustache, black belts kick dude’s ass while he was attacking a woman, porch pirate steals package right in front of delivery driver, family opens package to find a snake inside, how your body feels as you age, people workout to bang better, the most attractive jobs if money didn’t matter, parkour stuntman damaged ancient building, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about how did you win the genetic lottery?, car crashed into a home, plastic surgeon’s wife went into cardiac arrest on his table, online sale turns to robbery and shooting, guy posed as food delivery guy while looking for places to rob, woman spots her dad’s stolen semi on the road, shark attack survivor speaks to the news, San Francisco’s tourism slogan is “Hey, it’s not so hot here!,” people who drink coffee are less likely to die early, Chipotle Boys, Pistons coach Monty Williams fired, LeBron James no longer set on the idea of playing with son Bronny, Dick Vitale can return to call basketball games, Florida Gators have a 7’9” basketball player, Justin Timberlake released statement regarding DUI arrest, Kristen Bell talks about meeting Dax Shepard, celebrities caught lying about growing up poor, The Office bloopers, Missy Elliott kicking off first ever headlining tour, man went to bank when it was closed and tried to rob it, guy tried to pay for Taco Bell with fake $20 bills, guy went into full cardiac arrest during daddy-daughter dance, man eats raw bull testicles every day to boost his testosterone, lube shaming, designer vagina surgeries, Indian passenger dyed his hair and beard to get senior discount on plane tickets, wealthy CEO poisons neighbor’s trees to improve ocean view, another hidden camera monitors house to scout for theft, woman got trapped in her Tesla after battery died, tire and repair shop busted selling moonshine, guy who steals entire dishes from restaurants, first sports team to sell THC products at their games, 7 sets of twins born within days of each other, old woman phishing scammed, sex toy store employees voting to unionize, Americans are eating healthier, employers adding perks to working in the office, deaf mute mountain man turned out to be fugitive, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a new study saying the most stressful thing is moving, staying up past 1am is bad for mental health, procrastination and procrastination, man who beat roommate to death over Taco Bell heading to trial, 911 outage in Massachusetts, LEGO theft crime spree, woman’s lost luggage turns up in homeless encampment, man took nap and car slams into his apartment, Hertz renter gets hit with red light ticket before they rented car, bear got into car and fell asleep, 80-year-old trying to get golden wings, NHL finals, Willie Mays passed away, Boston Celtics parade with Duck Boats, update on Conor McGregor pulling out of fight, Airbnb prices skyrocket in Green Bay for 2025 NFL Draft, update on Justin Timberlake DWI, Howie Mandel’s wife fell in hotel, Spaceballs sequel, things that happened in 2019, Golden Girls remake with gay men, bedroom playlists, guy stole white trash foods from Walmart, threesome drug deal, 3-year-old spotted walking down the street with a loaded handgun, domestic violence over Honey Bun, coal mine riders get stuck in the mine, notepad found with list of names under “People I Want To Punch In The Face,” freckle on man’s penis was skin cancer and had to be amputated, parole jailed, man’s phone stolen then receives death threats, lawmaker caught repeatedly pouring water into co-worker’s bag, more animals escape from Cedar Point petting zoo, lost donkey found with a herd of elk, Subway’s new dippers, Taco Bell testing a dipping menu item, connection between cheese consumption and happiness, dad kills kid over dirty dishes, woman sues SeaWorld after getting kicked in the vagina, humanoid robot that drives a car, voice tech that makes angry customers sound nicer, world’s hottest scientist got disease in the Amazon, Australia OnlyFans model is homeless, Mayan artifacts bought at thrift store for $3,99, attorney who was pooping in Pringles cans update, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the hot studio, Dave’s road rage incident, Heat Bowl, fights at McDonald’s, restaurant bans breastfeeding, stop sign cameras, widow wins lottery, NBA finals, NHL finals, Rory McIlroy calling off divorce, Armie Hammer, Duff Beer from The Simpsons, Billie Eilish Spotify record, Vin Diesel and Putin, 34 different versions of Taylor Swift album, bands playing hits at concerts, fake bag of drugs, man hiding in work ceiling, sex doll mistaken for dead body, cornstarch in sex toy, extra sex doll parts, have you ever had to call the cops on a date?, methane poisoning falls into poop, Uber passenger grabs wheel, man with fake walker steals $11K worth of cigarettes from Walgreens, man breaks into cars for heroin money for his mom, Virgin Airlines engine bursts into flames, falling asleep after drinking on a plane could be deadly, hotter flight attendants give better service, guy runs from police in handcuffs, new car totaled during oil change, yard work outside studio, calories in envelopes, Taco Bell marathon, Justin Timberlake arrested for DWI, Mexico Jacuzzi electrocution lawsuit, Chick Fil-A has the best service, voice ordering in fast food, understanding what animals are saying, elephants call each other by name, Lamborghini with keys inside stolen from Salt Lake airport, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about how much a Dairy Queen makes, the busiest buffet, shooting at Michigan splash pad, 71-year-old woman shot roommate after he stopped cleaning up after himself, plane came within 400’ from ocean, FedEx drive collapses, couple went hiking in 108 degree weather, Dave has been up since midnight, NBA finals, NHL final, US Open, anti-trust suit involving Sunday Ticket, Bill Belichick dating 24-year-old cheerleader, Hulk Hogan beer, Gordon Ramsay nearly died in bike accident, Dr. Oz helped man who lost consciousness on plane, guy who played Smalls in Sandlot arrested, girl pooped in Theo James’ bathtub after a date, Pope hosted comedians at Vatican, weekend box office numbers, Billy Ray Cyrus was married for 7 months, woman tried to rob McDonald’s that she worked at, police found bag of cocaine hidden in cheeseburger during traffic stop, footage of truck driving in reverse full speed down highway, Walmart employee cut someone with knife during fight, guy suing Apple after wife found texts he sent to hookers, cop lost job while engaging in sexual acts while on duty at Kroger, The Sperminator says he will retire having kids at 50, woman busted collecting her deceased father’s pension for 30 years, rich guy driving around his Porche with a sex doll, people left hanging upside down for 30 min at theme park, kid playing video games in the middle of the night saved his family’s life, stranger moved into woman’s house while she was out of town, woman showed up drunk to her DUI sentencing, company fires 12 remote workers for using mouse jiggling devices, man rode a shark, delivery driver hit someone while driving finishes delivery, dainty prison inmate escaped through hole in courthouse ceiling, cop stops a scam in progress, cops in Minnesota can’t say “do you know why I pulled you over?,” Florida using drones to fight mosquitoes, croc terrorized neighborhood and they killed and ate it, 81-year-old woman named oldest train driver, drunk man lit cigar in Waffle House and attacked waitress who put it out, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about real or fake Marketplace ads, would you call Mom or Dad in these scenarios, 15-year-old shoots up a home, update on hijacked bus, update on the guy busted driving during Zoom court appearance, $1M home listed for $10K on Zillow, woman who freaked out on flight and had to be duct taped to seat will be fined, airline paying restitution for nightmare turbulence situation, missing jet that went missing 50 years ago found at bottom of lake, company installs timers above bathroom doors, bear wanders through neighborhood looking for food, NBA and NHL Finals, guy bet $1.5M on Celtics, draft and trade tampering, sports betting, kid’s funny interview about baseball camp, Gisele and her BF breakup after Tom Brady Roast, Quinten Tarantino still holds a grudge against his mom, celebs who have been banned from places for bad behavior, recreating the Ross and Rachel drunk wedding, dad rock bands, bands that don’t actually have ‘The’ in their name, teen crashed dirt bike and part of another bike went up his butt, man robbed bank and stashed drugs and cash up butt, cop films OnlyFans video while on duty, more stories of women who gave birth when they didn’t know they were pregnant, customer throws coffee at worker, guy broke into co-worker’s house to perform exorcism on her, razor blade found in burrito, woman got mad and stripped at airport, caught guy next to him at work rinse his dong with urinal water, BF got lap dance, one of his college professors DM’d him for drinks, hotel with your own pool and sauna, 2 business school teachers acting inappropriately with students on trip, guy tried to stop fire truck, graffiti artist leaving Beavis heads all over, NASA broadcast sounds of medical simulation, 31% of all drowning deaths involve alcohol, chewing gum and your jaw muscles, woman attacked and killed by cow, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about underrated skills everyone should learn, road rage shooting over a guy changing lanes, another chiropractor busted with a hidden camera in bathroom, delivery person stole scooter while making delivery, ding dong ditches in Florida, camels escape from Cedar Point petting zoo, guys out fishing find 38 dogs swimming, 97-year-old woman graduates high school, NBA finals, Jerry West died, Tom Brady Patriots number retired, Reds fan jumps on field and gets tased, eating contest on Netflix with Joey Chestnut, Taylor Swift had to wipe snot off her nose on stage, Jude Law wore blood and feces perfume to play Henry VIII, Flavor Flav officially teams with Red Lobster, Spermageddon movie, most popular artists to have sex to, man tried to run over manager of Walgreens, guy jumps into truck Ducks Of Hazard style, man tries to shoot his dad, woman caught stealing frozen shrimp from Walmart, magician who showed how to pass cash gets banned from magic club, man spent a lot of money through employer’s Amazon account buying band equipment, luxury condoms, popular Chinese waterfall is coming from a pipe, Jason’s Dukes Of Subaru, couple electrocuted in hot tub, deer jumps in front of bus, guy busted pretending to scan at self-checkout, bird watcher was nearby when guy needed help, liver transplanted from a guy over 90, man shoots neighbor over fallen tree limb, man forgot to take ex off as beneficiary, car features, puppy rescued from floor vent, woman nearly sold Jackie Robinson bat at garage sale, most men are uncomfortable talking about when they are sick, Martha’s Vineyard running out of weed, Ramen that was so spicy it was banned in Denmark, Russian Popeye injects his arms to look strong, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about Walter The Screaming Frenchie and Emilio The Talkative Frenchie, missed connection for blonde ambulance driver, wiping issue follow-up, plane crash leaves flight instructor dead and student injured, guy hijacked bus, gun pulled on repo man, man driving erratically said he really needed to use the bathroom, man robbed antique store with umbrella to block his ID from cams, passengers stuck on plane with no AC, Chick Fil A summer camp that puts kids to work, kids got stuck in pineapple themed stool, listener hooked up with unattractive hair dresser, NBA finals, Caitlin Clark not being selected for Olympics, Joey Chestnut will not compete in Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, Edmonton Oilers flasher speaks, Celine Dion’s stiff person syndrome, Kevin Spacey talks about his legal bills, Glen Powell shared fake story, Halle Berry got stuck in a dress, model on cover of Duran Duran album resurfaces, man throws tantrum on his 39th birthday, man accused of murdering and dismembering his roommate, man bites roommate’s ear after drunken fight, woman pulls sword on roommate because of his stinky poop, what made you fight a roommate?, update on the teacher caught filming porn in her classroom, singer from Four Tops is suing hospital for discrimination, nearly completed condo knocked down for blocking mountain view, Britney Spears video dancing to Justin Timberlake song, man tries to steal an ATV and crashes seconds later, Bull Shark circles man on jet ski, bear mating season, model threw milkshake on politician, why people don’t go out in nature, things people do and don’t realize they’re being rude, fast food chains with highest calorie menu items, Kia Boys, 2nd grade teacher who was drunk at work gets off, reverse ATMs take cash and spit out disposable cards, one-word texts we hate to get, would you change the color of your eyes?, guy on house arrest for gun charges busted showing off guns on SnapChat, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about it being hot in Jason’s studio, man’s pants split while dancing, James Patterson wrote the Toys R Us jingle, listener constantly needs to wipe, drunk driver fell asleep in Krispy Kreme drive-thru, woman saw her dog who she thought was euthanized up for adoption, restaurants expected to break records, Apple AI tech, man’s dog saved him after losing control of truck, NHL finals, race walker celebrated too early, NBA Finals, latest on Ben Affleck and J. Lo, Ryan Reynolds took his mom to The View, Deadpool & Wolverine movie, Billie Eilish lost all her friends because of fame, Russell Crowe feels jealous about new Gladiator, original actors up for Edwards Scissorhands, Steve-O getting a penis tattoo on his face for 50th birthday, Dolly musical on Broadway, woman eggs ex’s house and car for revenge and get hit by car while running away, guy goes to set ex’s house on fire and catches on fire too, man named Optimus Prime Blakely arrested for driving stolen car, man walked around neighborhood nude, nude man described as butterball thought he was filming a movie, what punishment was forced on you by friends?, teen used MMA skills to take down would-be thief, man was denied use of bathroom and pooped in restaurant storage area, couple set guy up for robbery, pilot had to land plane with smashed windshield, guy slipped off cliff while backpacking, man tests the cups at 7-Eleven, questionable hotel behavior, woman went missing and was eaten by python, middle school coach caught choking kid on camera, man was stranded on remote part of beach with no way out, young shirtless hockey fan, most popular BBQ food, woman celebrates 108th birthday, prison uses guard geese instead of dogs, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about their trip this past weekend to Boston, a kid who was left sleeping on the bus for hours, a cyclist who yelled at a toddler and slapped the dad, two shark attacks that happened just a couple of miles from each other, a clip of a defendant in court listening to the transcript being read from when he hit on an undercover cop, which celeb had his balls insured for $10m, the big celeb crushes through the years, which comedian wants to be the sexiest man alive, what a guy posted online about his boss that got him fired, how a woman injured her vagina while making soup, a dude who got busted on the toilet during a Zoom meeting, what happened when a bull escaped the rodeo ring, the smell that everybody loves but you hate and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about an update on the little crossing guard who was arrested, teen left parents behind on tropical island to get back to cruise ship, ATM repair tech stabs thieves, woman naked on roof of SUV on freeway, live mock shooting that students knew nothing about, Office Depot delivery person caught on cam pushing customer, woman stepped in quicksand on beach, storms in Texas, Chipotle camera TikTok challenge put to the test, metal detector helps guy find his lost wedding ring on the beach, NBA and NHL finals, Lakers offered deal to coach, Shohei Ohtani interpreter now working for Uber Eats, lady that Baby Reindeer was based on now suing Netflix, Michigan Central Train Station reopened, new Bad Boys movie, Suits possible reunion and reboot, Vanna White talks about Pat Sajak before his final show, colon exploded after old man coughed and sneezed at the same time, fight at a restaurant ends in pistol whipping, mice fell from ceiling in a restaurant, man found acting strange on floor of McDonald’s, when did drugs do you dirty?, shoppers step in to stop potential burglary, guy saw his ex on PornHub, wondering if a guy hit on him while walking the dog, rented out part of his house to a co-worker, van nearly crashes off bridge, Challenger Hell Cat driver causing issues with loud car in Seattle, missing AirPod helped track down a hit and run driver, budget airlines are in danger of going bankrupt, Cher’s Ferrari up for auction, fan claims to have done the first bong rip in the Las Vegas Sphere, people being asked to wipe down public bikes in Toronto after riding them nude, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about things you’re oddly proud of but never talk about, update on the guy who attended Zoom court in car, SUV crashes through fence and falls 40 feet killing the driver, woman shoves hand in another woman’s mouth during road rage incident, old woman groped while out on walk, guy who takes day laborers to Disneyland, mini cooler bags, NBA finals, Novak Djokovic’s injury will require surgery, Porter banned from NBA, Kelce brothers talk about dirty feet, Challengers and the Summer of the Threesome, Martin Lawrence health concerns, Ben Affleck and J. Lo’s mansion on the market, man fell off of cliff where Tom Cruise did Mission Impossible stunt, Trina McGee from Boy Meets World is pregnant at 54, awkward Family Feud answer about having sexy dream about aunt, tiny crossing guard was hooking the kids up with drugs and vapes, guys shoot at each other inside wing restaurant, man wearing only a lady’s top drive into jail lobby, naked man chopped off another man’s hand with a machete, man exposes himself to people on the beach, man poops at front gate of camping and outdoor shop, giraffe picked up girl from truck at drive-thru safari in Texas, website that sells used underwear and more, group of hitmen charged after trying to subcontract a hit to each other, restaurant where men have to be over 35 years old and women over 30, TJ Maxx and Marshall’s employees will be fitted with body cams, 5 foot boa constrictor made its way into apartment, bear wanders into guy’s kitchen, Algerian vlogger gets 2 months in jail for randomly hugging people on street, sexually transmitted fungi that can cause ringworm, young people coming to job interviews with their parents, guy in sports car tried 2-wheel stunt on a busy road, gunshots outside of a bus, couple find container with human ashes while snorkeling, human skull padlocked to dumbbell weight in water, lady who found the urn at the beach calls in, AI bot that lets you ask a future version of yourself for advice, 180-pack of PBR, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the lady who left cards in a hardware section of a big box store responds to Jason’s email, graduation speaker accused of being drunk, listener road trips to attractions we’ve talked about, lawyer accused of breaking into woman’s home with murder tools, man almost fell for sophisticated scam, crackdown on delivery drivers blocking lanes of traffic, juror bribe attempt, hot air balloon crashes into power lines, elder slingshot guy died, shopping carts with scanners built in, off duty firefighter saved people from burning apartment building, guy sings about cornbread, Shohei Ohtani’s former interpreter pleads guilty, NBA and NHL playoffs, Netflix waiting for Tyson to get healthy, Edmonton Oilers fan flashes boobs at game, Kanye’s former assistant suing him, Alec Baldwin and family will star in TLC reality show, Demi Moore hooking up with Joe Jonas, actress got over her fear of cats, Evangeline Lilly taking a break from acting, Star Wars toy prototype sells at auction, Minecraft animated show on Netflix, Flavor Flav bought every item on Red Lobster menu, more details on funeral worker who tried to smuggle sex doll out of dead man’s house, newly arrived body at funeral home was still breathing, man asked flight attendants for sex mid-flight, food fight at Chipotle, cop busted drunk driving by her own department, thief uses slight of hand to steal $1K from store, tribe in Amazon gets internet and becomes obsessed, woman fails to carjack elderly couple, woman gored by bison at Yellowstone, family posted about upcoming cruise and someone took their reservation, man pooped himself in first class, man sets record for typing entire alphabet with his nose, psychiatrist says moms shouldn’t have to return shopping carts, AI that analyzes your food choices, food that turns 100 this year, crossing guard retires at 90, Spirit Airlines passenger tracks down her lost luggage at a worker’s house, another woman gives birth after not knowing she was pregnant, kid’s sinus pain was a raisin stuck in her nose, man gets on top of bus, 8-year-old spent $4K while playing video games, community turns out to honor veteran who passed away, man broke his femur while coughing, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about strange finds on Facebook Marketplace, funny encounters at pole dancing class, cross guard hit child with sign and attacked news cameraman, fight at a golf course, Michigan Central Station to reopen, 33lbs of meth found while cleaning up an Airbnb, man attacked by shark, bullet shot at man was stopped by his silver chains, woman raised retirement money for war vet in his 90s, Conor McGregor partying ahead of fight, Justin Jefferson now highest paid non-QB in NFL, college football Hall of Fame ballot, woman tried to catch a foul ball and got hit in the face, Zachary Quinto banned from Toronto restaurant, James Corden blew up at airline staff, Jonathan Tucker helped home invasion victims, Henry Winkler and Tom Hanks hatred for each other, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in People, Pat Sajak’s final week of Wheel Of Fortune, American Gladiators being rebooted again, Justin Timberlake tickets suffering, old hiker took pics of newborn moose calves and mom attacks, 80-year-old glider pilot crashes into a tree, driving instructor was drunk while instructing, guy got high and lost in the woods and had to call cops to find him, plastic surgeon in Turkey sharing unbelievable before and after photos, world’s largest poop museum, North Korea now bombing South Korea with poop filled balloons, Dave almost fell into Jason, man busted spray painting building gave police the name Mr. Monopoly, old lady nearly scammed out of thousands of dollars after trying to sell $30 table on Facebook Marketplace, priest in trouble for talking about Jesus’ erection, origin of the C-word, idea that nursing homes should encourage nursing home sex, pancake syrup that warns you to stay away from “tractor and son” (bad translation), man exposed himself at 3 different locations, drunk guy pushes and punches Delta employee, Dr. Pepper is now the #2 soft drink after Coke, shot with dead cicada in it is the hot summer drink of the year, thieves break in to steal cars and run over one of their group, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about Dave & Chuck’s trip to Florida, Amazon delivery guy made delivery while house burned down, CDC kept passengers on plane saying they were exposed to a virus, passenger gets ass kicked by Spirit Airlines employees, apartment tower with broken elevator, guy lit smoke next to propane cylinders causing explosion, man retires after driving a school bus for 70 years, NBA and NHL playoffs, NBA and NHL playoffs, Tyson/Paul fight had to be postponed, Kevin James will play Jon Daly in TV show, Jennifer Lopez cancelled entire summer tour, Harry Potter nudist event, Angelina Jolie kid having Pitt name removed from surname, rapper’s lyrics lead to arrest in mail theft case, box office numbers are way down, hackers breach Ticketmaster data, Taylor Momsen bit by a bat while performing on stage, Madonna fan suing because shows are too sexy, flight attendant busted with gold in her butt, man shot himself in the ass at sports center, thief tried to steal a truck of booze outside of a bar, missing bird returned to owner, woman gave birth in Golden Corral bathroom, why is your man unmanly?, man stole 17 tubes of Pringles and sings jingle, bear chased woman and her dog down driveway, real estate agents dealing with stalkers, postal workers who have been attacked by dogs, medication to effect male fertility, store owner lets loose on shoplifter, woman is cheese rolling champ again, Loch Ness Monster hunt, someone planted weed in state capital garden, flight diverted because of unruly passengers, man saved from truck after being submerged in a ditch, magnet fishers find safe with $100K but money was ruined, otter stealing surf boards, penis costumes get banned from town in Spain, man seen on camera returning wallet, man in Maserati steals bananas from fruit stand, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about school lunches as kids, someone bought 8-cents worth of a carrot, chocolate chip ice cream becoming obsolete, most Americans love ice cream, man attends Zoom court appearance for suspended license while driving, plane makes emergency water landing, flight aborts takeoff at last moment, Applebee’s bans family after kid wets himself in the restaurant, Ghost poop is trending, Mayor in New Jersey city apologizes to Jason Kelce and wife, charges dropped against Scottie Scheffler, NBA and NHL playoffs, Jennifer Lopez Vegas residency may be pulled after tour and album flops, Graceland foreclosure was a Nigerian scam, guy gets nude on Transformers statue, Lenny Kravitz says he has not had sex in 9 years, Deadpool & Wolverine popcorn bucket made to look like sex toy, teacher accused of filming porn in classroom, cop resigns after getting locked in the back of the car when he went back there to bang, couple busted banging on the beach, man robbed Waffle House then hid inside the red roof of a Red Roof Inn, man attacks his 61-year-old roommate with baseball bat and a sword, man accused of threatening to stab someone with machete, should women be allowed to go topless at the water park?, mom shares that dad was not kids father—should he tell his siblings?, dad marrying his mistress and wants son as best man, friends with couple saw nude guy’s computer, date introduces him as a friend, feet pics online, man bit by black widow while gardening, woman sues after being injured on Disney water slide, man freaked out on plane and got naked, camera and battery pack found in bushes outside of home, 1/5 cars is totaled after an accident, woman with itchy hand bought lotto ticket and won $30K, man’s wallet returned 30 years later, grocery store owner says he will pay if anyone gets sick from his store, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about how a guy managed to stab himself while mixing a shake, what a teacher accidentally airdropped to her students, what a guy got stuck in his penis, what an idiot did at a tiger exhibit, what illegal thing was being cooked up at the Waffle House, the big guy detective, when an online sale went wrong, the crazy place an OnlyFans model shot and shared nudes from, what a Tesla crashed into while on autopilot, a kid who was born with two penises and no b-hole and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about how buying some lotto tickets really backfired on a couple of idiots, the biggest secret you’re keeping from your partner, a guy named Dong who is looking at dongs, how a hot tub model almost died, assault by an angry chubby man, Chinese food buffets, jobs with the highest divorce rates, foods that you love the taste of but hate eating, underground casinos, a fetish for Mario, first date prank, a kid who ratted his mom out for drinking and driving, what happened when a dude on meth ran from the cops and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the listeners who sent us video from Dublin side of the NYC portal, what did your lady make you get rid of when you moved in together?, woman left calling card looking for man in hardware section of big box store, woman got in front of drunk bus driver, bear walks into cabin and attacks teen, man stole woman’s vehicle and called her to report it, busiest Memorial Day at the airport in history, severe turbulence injures passengers and crew, one of the people being held in Turks & Caicos for having ammo was released, best countries for travel, burglary ring jamming WiFi to knock out security cams, NBA playoffs, RIP Bill Walton, Mike Tyson recovering from ulcer flareup, former Jags kicker Brandon McManus being sued for sexual assault on team flight, actor died during attempted robbery, Rodent Boyfriends, Naked and Afraid contestant’s cursed dong, weekend box office numbers, Home Alone house for sale, Nicki Minaj detained in Amsterdam, old man terrorized neighborhood for years with his slingshot, wedding reception ends in groom shooting guest in the hand, man bites bar manager’s finger after being told he couldn’t bring his dog inside, poop videos Chuck sent to Dave, 72-year-old woman on OnlyFans, why do you consider yourself kinky?, customer threw milkshake at McDonald’s employee, skydiving plane crashes, man sites for J-walking started cyber campaign for revenge on officer, drunk woman kept calling 911 for dumb reasons, USPS wants you to replace your mailbox, earwig invasion, do you feel more positive or negative as you age?, dash cam captures sleeping driver’s rollover accident, another billionaire taking submersible to Titanic, bear breaks into house and steals bag of Oreos, family at undercooked bear meat and all got sick, mastodon tusk found, Thailand’s John Wick lookalike, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about how drugs were smuggled into a jail, an injury sustained during karaoke, a naked jerking neighbor, getting trapped in IKEA, the loose bowel bandit, things that people find hot but you don’t, rejected license plates in Florida, moaning in your sleep, flirty customer service reps, women going braless, a guy who hasn’t cut his hair in 80 years and more!
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Bea Kiddo

I’m sure bubbles had some stuff done to him. That poor weirdo monkey that Michael Jackson ruined along with a lot of boys. I could have gone my whole life without knowing what Michael Jackson did. Before I knew better, I felt bad for him, then omfg he’s a terrible person. A monster. I’ll always think of him as a monster that made some great music. Damn it. Have to learn to separate the music and the monster.

Apr 12th

Ashley hill


Feb 5th

Mecha Yoda

hmmm what do you know, actions have consequences. The company (not Dave and Chuck themselves) lays James off, and suddenly the podcast isn't posting when it should...who would have ever thought?

Dec 6th

Mallory Lam

"Born a rock, but he can't" 😂

Feb 13th
Reply (2)

Jaime Brown

Elvis was a racist no????

Jan 12th

Andrew Hayman

no no no! don't separate segments, thats the worst!! 😕😡

Dec 1st

Jenn Strong

why did the episodes start being split up??? awful awful idea. screws up people's downloads! BOOO!!!

Nov 30th



Sep 2nd

Roni Baran

03:03:30 ice fishing shelter mishap 🤣

Feb 23rd

Andrea Tillman

omg...I am eating a filet of fish right now as I'm listening 😂😭

Jan 27th

Tim Lorence

is the artillery shell bigger than the 4 dongers!?

Dec 7th

grace galbraith

it was hot coco that was thrown on her

Nov 21st

Roni Baran

1:47:09 begin the best fart etiquette debate ever. such passion.

Sep 3rd

jay slivensky

7olin.y9078. n 98uh99ojjtttttttltnun nmtt

Apr 28th



Jan 7th

whippet love

stop the steal

Nov 14th

Bruce Campbell

not new 😟

Apr 13th

Brian Green

Does anyone know what song was playing at 1:41:27 on February 26th podcast. Thanks.

Mar 6th

Alex Osowski

Penis Balls

Mar 5th

Mecha Yoda

Anal slip 'n' slap!

Feb 18th