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We try our best to help you get your ass out of bed by poking fun at pretty much everything that’s going on around us. If you are easily offended – take caution – no one is safe from Dave & Chuck the Freak’s wrath. That includes the President, the Pope, our significant others and ourselves, as well as everything in between. Our feeling is that nothing is sacred, and you should be able to laugh at everything life throws at you. Our show is a show about truth and we’re not going to candy coat anything. We’ll tell you how we feel no matter how many complaints we receive. We approach every day trying our best not to be like anything else you’ll find on your radio dial. If that’s by taking Dave’s unique views on the news…or cutting up celebrities. You’ll hear stuff you won’t hear anywhere else. Thanks for checking us out. If you have a comment, suggestion or nude pictures to pass along – send us an email.
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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about whether or not you would tell your buddy if you saw him on Porn Hub, what happened to a guy who sprayed foam inside his penis, when you were swindled on Tinder, the carpet fetish, why a woman stabbed her boyfriend over a movie, unwanted shoe deliveries, why a d-bag punched a hole in the wall of an ice cream parlor, what a husband did that made his wife shoot him, an ex-con porn star, the dating life of a bearded lady, what happened to a guy who passed out in a car full of drugs and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the strange place a bird decided to nest, a homemade helicopter, why someone stole some human heads, what a woman got stuck inside of herself, substitute teacher stories, if super man is circumcised, the most intimate thing you’ve done for a partner, why a cop pulled a gun on a youth group, cheating revenge, what happened when a drunk guy who was posing as a cop tried to pull over a real cop and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about what happened when a semi dragged a car along on the road, wrong numbers, the world’s loudest burp, a Splenda fight, a mishap with a hippo at the zoo, an arrest at a pickleball court, what fetish the show unlocked for you, what a cop was busted doing while on the job, what happened when a woman slapped a cop’s ass, why peppers were thrown down a dude’s chimney, things you wish guys would stop doing, how selfies got truck thieves busted and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about how an old woman got revenge on her ex, someone who pooped on the floor of a goodwill, the crazy way that a woman was killed by her roommate, letting your partner see your phone, a fake kidnapping, your worst hookup ever, the craziest thing you busted a partner watching, the weirdest way you injured yourself, the petty reason that a woman tried to poison a guy, maple syrup crimes and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the Satan club, why you woke up in the hospital, a perv on OnlyFans, the human punching bag, the postal worker who left an old lady on the ground, why a guy was hiding in hotel bed sheets, when you were a bitch, when one of Dave’s shoes became new, the secret you would like shared at your funeral, an old lady who won twice at the casino in less than a month, dating people who look like you and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about what happened when a crane operator had to poop, how the upper class is now lower class, how an old man in a wheelchair ended up in a lake, young guy dating mistakes, an old pilot, Boston space savers, the hottest thing you ever ate, a nightclub that will ask stinky people to leave, what happened when a plate of pot brownies ended up in a senior center by mistake, background checks on a dating site and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about memorable clients that strippers have had, why a guy was tasered in an airport, your worst idea that did not go your way, an Airbnb mistake, how a dude used magic to rob a Walmart, a tattoo mystery, whether or not a listener should sell their socks, far jar NFTs, why and old trainer sued his gym, why a nude man threatened to beat another guy with a barbell and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about how you could get paid to do nothing, the stupid thing that you did for a dare, the adult man Boy Scout, disturbing thing you found in a nightstand, a crazy lady loses it on a plane, Dave’s plane movie reviews, Dave’s nightmare, living in a murder house, why a guy threatened to shoot his neighbor, how donating your pubes could help to save the planet, a shoe store theft fail and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about how movie seats caused controversy, what crawled up through someone’s toilet, someone who tried a DIY circumcision, how an old man burned himself, freakouts at a Taco Bell, a sculpture of poop made out of snow, a squirrel rampage, things that got stuck in people’s penises in previous years, how single guys seem less into sex these days, what happened to someone who broke into an old guy’s house, what hookers did with items they stole from a guy, what a lady did to bust her man at the strip club and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about what a d-bag did in a hotel, the most intimate thing you’ve done for a partner, the nipple biting perv, tattoo mishaps, dentures that found their way home after being lost for 11 years, a drive thru flasher, money lending regrets, a lung injury sustained after jerking, a Reddit post with a butt in it, why a mob boss put a hit out on his doctor, whay a cop grabbed a dude’s balls, the old guy who fell into a volcano and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about cops who took on a guy with Roid Rage, which places should be open 24/7, boss tried to confiscate phones, things you wish people would stop telling you is so great, wrong man picked up and taken to funeral home, Spider Woman tries to escape cops through window, man arrested with drugs after robbing GF at murder motel, sinkhole swallows part of a soccer field, McDonald’s plant-based menu was a failure, 5-Hour Energy’s BBQ sauce, 4th of July travel expectations, woman keeps getting mystery packages delivered to her, Bronny James drafted to Lakers, NBA Draft, Batboy caught ball headed for Shohei Ohtani, Hunter Green threw up on the mound, AI video of Justin Timberlake chugging a beer, Hawk Tuah Girl, Paul Walker Hauser doesn’t like Vin Diesel, Netflix canceled show after filming it, original water color cover art for Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone sells at auction, Shifty Shellshock official cause of death was accidental drug overdose, Taylor Swift critic, cartoon featuring Ozzy and Lemmy as superheroes, old guy shot at Walmart Delivery Drones, world’s oldest trucker, man repeatedly burglarizes home, maneuver truck spill, Chipotle delivery had heartfelt note, convenience store says Closed For Sex, loan shark took nude pics as collateral, man caught carving his name in wall in Pompeii, Ask Dave & Chuck, should physical therapist drop creepy client?, GF keeps testing his loyalty, checking in on a guys’ trip, GF’s ultimatum her or the dog, how much money talk is too much?, animal crackers stollen from guy’s garage, bear got into family’s van, space junk hit house leading to NASA lawsuit, fake airbags, turned on by house work, pilot saves baby moose, former Jet Blue flight attendant called in phony bomb threat, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about an email from a listener who once closed his dong in a trunk, smoker lady sings at coal festival, sex hotel in Ohio, man died while trying to warn others of a storm coming, guy fed up with postal workers driving on his lawn to deliver mail, another ATM theft, thieves follow dude home from ATM and mug him, woman stuck in flash flood, 19-year-old wins $1M on scratcher, kid saved classmate from drowning, Randall Cobb’s house caught fire due to Tesla charger, Kelly Stafford addresses admission of dating Matthew’s backup, Olympic runner got trapped inside porta potty, Paris Olympics, multiple people may be charged in the death of Matthew Perry, Chilean actors found dead after Tinder hookup with 2 women in Colombia, Hawk Tuah Girl being looked at by Hollywood agencies, professor found dead at the bottom of a gorge following sexual assault allegations, nurse used patient’s vagina as dummy and pretended it was talking, Vermont settles lawsuit with man who gave finger to state trooper, woman riding suitcase on sidewalk without license, couple put $5 in piggy bank every time they had sex, have you had an early dating sex mishap?, woman accused of poisoning husband’s drink for insurance money, judge punches cop outside of night club, entire Hells Angels chapter arrested, Boeing Starliner space craft is stuck in space, Gen Z thinks being 5-10 minutes late is right on time, corn and other products that are surging in front of 4th of July, Pizza Hut all you can eat lunch buffet making a comeback, people who would rather watch a movie with their dog than their partner, guy on fishing trip killed man for summoning Big Foot, man rescued after falling into a corn bin, fortune teller used her skills to rob someone, man found ancient fossil at beach, dozens of cyber trucks vandalized with exploitive against Elon Musk, EV owners having buyers remorse, if you could be given 5K of anything that started with letter “Y” what would it be?, guy found cobra in his underwear in Thailand, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a listener who broke his dong, bear surprises couple sitting on deck playing jazz music, woman jailed in Costa Rica because of a pottery souvenir, squatter hunters will take your house back for you, cop busted taking money from people on camera, teen bitten by shark, asteroid will pass close to Earth, old woman receives Masters in Education at 105, woman’s card attached to balloon took off hoping someone will return it, Jason’s stretch appointment, Swifties hacked podcast data to leak Travis Kelce interview, Snoop Dogg commentary on Olympics, Olympic gold medal winner injured and can’t compete in Paris, most watched NHL game in 20 years, Fantasy Football can damage your mental and emotional health, Justin Timberlake selling his Nashville ranch, Britney videos, update on death of Shifty Shellshock, voice actors are suing AI company for cloning their voices, Tom Hanks and Robin Wright teaming up for new movie, Jennifer Lopez tour canceled and Target marked down her new album, man tried to slice off another guy’s nose for kissing his kin in gas station parking lot, obvious rub and tug busted, man hit $4M casino jackpot then had heart attack, snooping cop used city cams to spy on wife, old woman accused of pooping on side of neighbor’s house, Sexy Or Serious Facebook Marketplace ads, man accused of flashing young woman, man flashes people while in road rage incident with them, fishing boat ran into shore, sinkhole opened up next to toddler playing on splash pad, woman stole $34K worth of lotto tickets, smoker grew hair on the back of his throat, man refused to get off plane after seat was double-booked, Onion Coffee trend on TikTok, Cup Noodle dish with second most poisonous frog, hiker finds human remains, kid pulled off train tracks moments before train rolls through, statement asking people to stop stealing cicadas from National Parks, surgeons paying settlement for leaving surgeries fast to get quantity over quality, company selling poop for fecal therapy without FDA approval, animal health insurance policies will be dropped because vet costs are high, naming your car, woman presumed dead was alive but don’t know who dead body was, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a listener who made a song for the show using AI, Craigslist ad for in-person ASMR, update on guy who was hit in head by roller coaster while searching for keys, roller coaster mishap stories, argument between neighbors ends with one of them dead, woman lost $12K in a slight of hand scam at an ATM, wounded man found on path, Stanley Cup won by Florida Panthers, pillow fight championship, Jacob Elordi’s deep fake jerk off video goes viral, Ben Affleck yells at paparazzi, Scarlet Johansson has been begging to be in new Jurassic Park movie, woman in her 80s slipped and fell to death in quarry where Star Wars was filmed, Snoop hugged a 91-year-old fan at concert, Walk Of Fame, actor dies from shark attack while surfing, Guy Fieri’s son had pickleball themed engagement party, Jason’s stretching appointment, man on tricycle with a machete, bottomless woman beat driver while pulled over on side of the road, homeowner finds 20 foot hole under his house, 71-year-old becomes oldest to compete for Miss Texas USA, woman writing messages with her toes sells them online, man flew to Florida to attack gamer he got into an argument with, Shifty Shellshock from Crazy Town dies, update on guy who spent 70 days in Turks & Caicos after ammo arrest, woman’s leg impaled by umbrella, guy stole a ton of Pokémon cards from Target self-checkout, Hooters in trouble, mayo on hotdogs, old man scammed out of $154K by someone claiming to be an Amazon rep, illegal Botox injections in parking lot, police using package decoys to catch porch pirates, swimsuit colors to avoid, electronic shelf pricing at Walmart, raw dogging a flight, summer food is the best food, world’s ugliest dog, man arrested for trying to have sex with train seat, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about Dave still packing for his move, phone alarms you hate, porch pirates fighting each other for packages, man returns home after having gone missing for10 days in mountains, passengers from plane that came within 500 feet from ground speak to the news, plane’s pressurization equipment malfunctions, cyber attack on car dealerships, woman bought lifetime warranties and kept her car running for free for 500K miles, NHL finals, Oilers fan who flashed at game signed deal with Playboy, fan threw phone at Jrue Holiday and he recorded himself and threw it back, Bill Belichick’s new GF is into old rich guys, Justin Timberlake speaks for first time after DUI arrest, weekend box office numbers, Vana White may be leaving Wheel Of Fortune because of Ryan Seacrest, unauthorized streaming service busted, Dave Grohl talks trash about Taylor Swift on stage at Foo Fighters show, Universal Music will offer AI voice models to their artists, woman got nude for the Google Street View car, man let it all fly in the back of a police car, politician chases stripper with a gun after disagreement, guy chases burglar out of his home with a frying pan, elephant pulled old woman on safari out of car and killed her, fat beach day trend, adult star looking for love, people thought they saw a floating corpse but it was a guy cooling off and napping, wife of guy electrocuted by jacuzzi speaks to the news, kid found after going missing in the woods, most unhealthy snacks, fast food value wars, guy robs a dude after a car falls on him, Rolex robbery leads to police chase in Los Angeles, San Francisco home for sale but can’t move in until 2053, Finland is happiest place on earth, corn snakes in bathtub, donation box had snake inside, guy tries to break the ice with women by getting his pee on them, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about hooking up with someone from Facebook Marketplace, pilot dropped to 500 feet and buzzed the top of a neighborhood, old train operator attacked, elderly driver backed into McDonald’s spot, Amazon delivery driver peed on camera, dog walker has close call with bear, gift card kids bought for dad on Father’s Day was scam card, Wales debating bill that would make it illegal for politicians to lie, man hit lotto for $7.2M thanks to advice from dad, Nuttin Butt Azz basketball event canceled, Boston prepping for championship parade, NHL Final, Stephen A Smith offered $90M 5 year deal from ESPN, Kelly Stafford revealed that she banged Stafford’s backup in college, Wayne Gretzky golfs barefoot, Donald Sutherland died, Justin Timberlake DWI, climate vandals spray paint stone henge and Taylor Swift’s plane, Kevin Costner says The Bodyguard sequel was supposed to star Princess Diana, Ben Affleck says he has a resting hard face, M3GAN movie erotic spinoff, Queen song catalogue sold, man woke up in hospital with surprise sex change operation, woman dunks child under water at pool and bit cop, guy lost keys on roller coaster tried to get them back and got hit by coaster, firefighter saved a guy who was shot in head at pool party, man stole beer and announced that he stole it, Michigan Men save choking raccoon, woman sued husband for not driving her to airport, diet noodles giving people ‘unholy levels of gastric rage,’ AI sex robots, his female roommate is asking him to get married, ex had stroke and sent him pic of her and current BF topless asking for threesome, met girl on Tinder but she has a mustache, black belts kick dude’s ass while he was attacking a woman, porch pirate steals package right in front of delivery driver, family opens package to find a snake inside, how your body feels as you age, people workout to bang better, the most attractive jobs if money didn’t matter, parkour stuntman damaged ancient building, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about how did you win the genetic lottery?, car crashed into a home, plastic surgeon’s wife went into cardiac arrest on his table, online sale turns to robbery and shooting, guy posed as food delivery guy while looking for places to rob, woman spots her dad’s stolen semi on the road, shark attack survivor speaks to the news, San Francisco’s tourism slogan is “Hey, it’s not so hot here!,” people who drink coffee are less likely to die early, Chipotle Boys, Pistons coach Monty Williams fired, LeBron James no longer set on the idea of playing with son Bronny, Dick Vitale can return to call basketball games, Florida Gators have a 7’9” basketball player, Justin Timberlake released statement regarding DUI arrest, Kristen Bell talks about meeting Dax Shepard, celebrities caught lying about growing up poor, The Office bloopers, Missy Elliott kicking off first ever headlining tour, man went to bank when it was closed and tried to rob it, guy tried to pay for Taco Bell with fake $20 bills, guy went into full cardiac arrest during daddy-daughter dance, man eats raw bull testicles every day to boost his testosterone, lube shaming, designer vagina surgeries, Indian passenger dyed his hair and beard to get senior discount on plane tickets, wealthy CEO poisons neighbor’s trees to improve ocean view, another hidden camera monitors house to scout for theft, woman got trapped in her Tesla after battery died, tire and repair shop busted selling moonshine, guy who steals entire dishes from restaurants, first sports team to sell THC products at their games, 7 sets of twins born within days of each other, old woman phishing scammed, sex toy store employees voting to unionize, Americans are eating healthier, employers adding perks to working in the office, deaf mute mountain man turned out to be fugitive, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a new study saying the most stressful thing is moving, staying up past 1am is bad for mental health, procrastination and procrastination, man who beat roommate to death over Taco Bell heading to trial, 911 outage in Massachusetts, LEGO theft crime spree, woman’s lost luggage turns up in homeless encampment, man took nap and car slams into his apartment, Hertz renter gets hit with red light ticket before they rented car, bear got into car and fell asleep, 80-year-old trying to get golden wings, NHL finals, Willie Mays passed away, Boston Celtics parade with Duck Boats, update on Conor McGregor pulling out of fight, Airbnb prices skyrocket in Green Bay for 2025 NFL Draft, update on Justin Timberlake DWI, Howie Mandel’s wife fell in hotel, Spaceballs sequel, things that happened in 2019, Golden Girls remake with gay men, bedroom playlists, guy stole white trash foods from Walmart, threesome drug deal, 3-year-old spotted walking down the street with a loaded handgun, domestic violence over Honey Bun, coal mine riders get stuck in the mine, notepad found with list of names under “People I Want To Punch In The Face,” freckle on man’s penis was skin cancer and had to be amputated, parole jailed, man’s phone stolen then receives death threats, lawmaker caught repeatedly pouring water into co-worker’s bag, more animals escape from Cedar Point petting zoo, lost donkey found with a herd of elk, Subway’s new dippers, Taco Bell testing a dipping menu item, connection between cheese consumption and happiness, dad kills kid over dirty dishes, woman sues SeaWorld after getting kicked in the vagina, humanoid robot that drives a car, voice tech that makes angry customers sound nicer, world’s hottest scientist got disease in the Amazon, Australia OnlyFans model is homeless, Mayan artifacts bought at thrift store for $3,99, attorney who was pooping in Pringles cans update, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the hot studio, Dave’s road rage incident, Heat Bowl, fights at McDonald’s, restaurant bans breastfeeding, stop sign cameras, widow wins lottery, NBA finals, NHL finals, Rory McIlroy calling off divorce, Armie Hammer, Duff Beer from The Simpsons, Billie Eilish Spotify record, Vin Diesel and Putin, 34 different versions of Taylor Swift album, bands playing hits at concerts, fake bag of drugs, man hiding in work ceiling, sex doll mistaken for dead body, cornstarch in sex toy, extra sex doll parts, have you ever had to call the cops on a date?, methane poisoning falls into poop, Uber passenger grabs wheel, man with fake walker steals $11K worth of cigarettes from Walgreens, man breaks into cars for heroin money for his mom, Virgin Airlines engine bursts into flames, falling asleep after drinking on a plane could be deadly, hotter flight attendants give better service, guy runs from police in handcuffs, new car totaled during oil change, yard work outside studio, calories in envelopes, Taco Bell marathon, Justin Timberlake arrested for DWI, Mexico Jacuzzi electrocution lawsuit, Chick Fil-A has the best service, voice ordering in fast food, understanding what animals are saying, elephants call each other by name, Lamborghini with keys inside stolen from Salt Lake airport, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about how much a Dairy Queen makes, the busiest buffet, shooting at Michigan splash pad, 71-year-old woman shot roommate after he stopped cleaning up after himself, plane came within 400’ from ocean, FedEx drive collapses, couple went hiking in 108 degree weather, Dave has been up since midnight, NBA finals, NHL final, US Open, anti-trust suit involving Sunday Ticket, Bill Belichick dating 24-year-old cheerleader, Hulk Hogan beer, Gordon Ramsay nearly died in bike accident, Dr. Oz helped man who lost consciousness on plane, guy who played Smalls in Sandlot arrested, girl pooped in Theo James’ bathtub after a date, Pope hosted comedians at Vatican, weekend box office numbers, Billy Ray Cyrus was married for 7 months, woman tried to rob McDonald’s that she worked at, police found bag of cocaine hidden in cheeseburger during traffic stop, footage of truck driving in reverse full speed down highway, Walmart employee cut someone with knife during fight, guy suing Apple after wife found texts he sent to hookers, cop lost job while engaging in sexual acts while on duty at Kroger, The Sperminator says he will retire having kids at 50, woman busted collecting her deceased father’s pension for 30 years, rich guy driving around his Porche with a sex doll, people left hanging upside down for 30 min at theme park, kid playing video games in the middle of the night saved his family’s life, stranger moved into woman’s house while she was out of town, woman showed up drunk to her DUI sentencing, company fires 12 remote workers for using mouse jiggling devices, man rode a shark, delivery driver hit someone while driving finishes delivery, dainty prison inmate escaped through hole in courthouse ceiling, cop stops a scam in progress, cops in Minnesota can’t say “do you know why I pulled you over?,” Florida using drones to fight mosquitoes, croc terrorized neighborhood and they killed and ate it, 81-year-old woman named oldest train driver, drunk man lit cigar in Waffle House and attacked waitress who put it out, and more!
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Bea Kiddo

I’m sure bubbles had some stuff done to him. That poor weirdo monkey that Michael Jackson ruined along with a lot of boys. I could have gone my whole life without knowing what Michael Jackson did. Before I knew better, I felt bad for him, then omfg he’s a terrible person. A monster. I’ll always think of him as a monster that made some great music. Damn it. Have to learn to separate the music and the monster.

Apr 12th

Ashley hill


Feb 5th

Mecha Yoda

hmmm what do you know, actions have consequences. The company (not Dave and Chuck themselves) lays James off, and suddenly the podcast isn't posting when it should...who would have ever thought?

Dec 6th

Mallory Lam

"Born a rock, but he can't" 😂

Feb 13th
Reply (2)

Jaime Brown

Elvis was a racist no????

Jan 12th

Andrew Hayman

no no no! don't separate segments, thats the worst!! 😕😡

Dec 1st

Jenn Strong

why did the episodes start being split up??? awful awful idea. screws up people's downloads! BOOO!!!

Nov 30th



Sep 2nd

Roni Baran

03:03:30 ice fishing shelter mishap 🤣

Feb 23rd

Andrea Tillman

omg...I am eating a filet of fish right now as I'm listening 😂😭

Jan 27th

Tim Lorence

is the artillery shell bigger than the 4 dongers!?

Dec 7th

grace galbraith

it was hot coco that was thrown on her

Nov 21st

Roni Baran

1:47:09 begin the best fart etiquette debate ever. such passion.

Sep 3rd

jay slivensky

7olin.y9078. n 98uh99ojjtttttttltnun nmtt

Apr 28th



Jan 7th

whippet love

stop the steal

Nov 14th

Bruce Campbell

not new 😟

Apr 13th

Brian Green

Does anyone know what song was playing at 1:41:27 on February 26th podcast. Thanks.

Mar 6th

Alex Osowski

Penis Balls

Mar 5th

Mecha Yoda

Anal slip 'n' slap!

Feb 18th