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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about how a diaper wearing man tricked a lady, what scares you as an adult, a dude who backed into the wrong store, some people who had to be rescued from a slingshot ride, a missed opportunity you’ve kicked yourself for, robes and male nightgowns, an Uber driver who kicked passengers out for farting, you most embarrassing moment with a family member, when you were dumped because of your voice, and more!
This time around Dave’s mom joins the show to talk about swearing in Ireland, dirty books she’s been reading, and more. Then the show discusses the most popular swear words around the country, our favorite swears, women that put a douche tax in place, what he world’s oldest sentence was written about, who made the best places to travel in 2023 list, the top things women want men to do, and etiquette in regards to having sex when staying at a parents house.
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about what a guy smuggled inside of his butt, a dude who changed his name to Celine Dion, how trying to help someone backfired on you, a car that got stuck after doing donuts, a model’s butt tattoo, the biggest douche moves after a date, a rub & tug date, lost porn, a criminal who hid his face inside of a watermelon mask, bug girl all you can eat, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a dancing meteorologist on a weather channel, how Leonardo DiCaprio almost blew his role on Titanic, teens dine and dash with restaurant employee on hood of their car, a gas station clerk that shot a customer after he broke a jar of salsa, a dude that broke into a home to make coffee & take a bath, an obsessed OnlyFans model fan got models name tattooed & added her to his will, would you skip the family holiday gathering for $1k, which family member would you ban from Thanksgiving dinner?, Ask D&CtF: a couple needs to know what a strange sign at their vacation resort means, should a woman have a threesome with lonely friend & husband?, a new steering wheel that transforms into a laptop stand, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a crazy kinky Airbnb home available to rent, celebrities people would invite over for Thanksgiving dinner, a naked woman riding a motorcycle on a Florida highway, an arsonist shot in the groin leaving it the look of it “changed forever,” a hotdog vendor turf war stabbing, a woman killed by an industrial potato chip machine, your “meet the parents disaster,” a drunk guy threatened to blow up a hotel over potato chips, a guy busted using his deceased twin brothers identity to collect benefits, the maximum amount of time a guest can stay over before it gets annoying, a WWII vet that discovered he had a bullet lodged in his neck for 77 years, a Mayor busted using town equipment to do work on his property, restaurant chains that almost died but have made a big come back, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a crazy dream Dave had about Chuck, Bezos sending his girlfriend to space, a bunch of stories that involve trippin’ bitches, a guy that pulled a gun in a fast food line after not getting enough ranch, Velveeta trying to get involved in bedroom play, people that use savory foods in the bedroom, a lawyers computer that started playing porn in a court session, a bank robber writes his note on the back of his birth certificate, a toilet that mysteriously exploded in a dental office, a metal detector enthusiast finds a medieval wedding ring, a gamer almost dies after drinking 12 energy drinks in 10 minutes, experts recommend you stop eating frozen pizza, firefighters asking people not to cook steak in toasters, rules for flying with Thanksgiving food, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a woman that stopped dating a guy after he ordered milk, target online has a goth section now, the crazy Taylor Swift ticket fiasco, an actor that waited 15 years before going to the dentist, a drunk guy that failed at the “Drinking Around the World” at Epcot Center, a guy with a crazy bumper sticker on his car, a website selling adult film stars bodily fluids, guy buying swords & BB Gun from a store causes mall lockdown, a confused deer that busted into a nursing home, office friendly skin tight latex outfits now for sale, sounds people universally love/find annoying, a woman survived a piece of plywood flying through her windshield, an “all you can eat” and “all you can fly” Black Friday offers, a dude that drives a nice car busted stealing $250 worth of lamb, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about listening to Christmas music could be bad for mental health, celebrities being sued for FTX trading crash, QVC made a Christmas movie, a Russian sport called Car-Jitsu, a fire chief fired for using an inappropriate emoji on social media, a groom carried down the aisle in a coffin, a three year old that can’t resist touching bronze butts, a woman that needed surgery after eating a phone charging cable, a woman that claims her ragdoll husband cheated on her, how did you realize your lady was a psychopath, a car thief identified after connecting his phone to the car through Bluetooth, the world record for longest beard chain broken, the woman with the world’s largest female feet, a bird at a zoo that’s been replicating the evacuate alarm, most popular Thanksgiving Google searches, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about which Thanksgiving foods need to go, a gofundme that Dave needs to buy Kenny Rogers old mansion, a woman busted smuggling half a million dollars of cocaine in her wheel chair, having the safe sex talk with your parents, temporary vasectomies being tested, a guy that died dancing on the back of a moving semi-truck, a shark that tried to come on land to get a dog, a cop fired when he was busted in a Pokémon card scam, a daughter that took her dad to a strip club for his 100th birthday, divers that found part of the Discovery space shuttle, a new video game that lets you play as Jesus, a car goes airborne and crashes on the roof of a house, Chuck and Lisa get their mind blown by a Christmas Carol, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a listener that needs help with his bowel movements, Jay Leno burned in a car explosion, the house from the Christmas Story movie is for sale, a guy that got a jump rope stuck inside his penis, a woman that swallowed a snake in her sleep, encountering someone with a bizarre collection, a guy that died when he fell trying to take a cliff side selfie, a woman found living with a corpse in motel room, a weight loss drug that makes you hate the taste of your favorite food, a real nose grown on a woman’s arm was transplanted to her face, a guy that ran a marathon while chain smoking cigarettes, a student that catfished students for pics then blackmailed them, a deer broke into a house to mate with a reindeer decoration, man with car crash like injuries after tripping over his cat, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about American foods that foreigners do not understand, Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday party, a guy arrested for meth possession after police chase, a retail worker gets hit with a head butt by a customer, two teachers fired after their OnlyFans account discovered by students, a DUI suspect arrested after buying an owl from a stranger at a gas station, animals you could likely out run, Canadians that drove a hummingbird that didn’t migrate south, a couple of listeners got married at an Aldi, a guy that had his car stolen while parked at the airport, an 80 year old looking to rent backyards to hang out nude, a convicted flasher found dead with his genitals cut off, a car manufacturer installing genital airbags, drinking beer could help prevent Alzheimer’s, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about people who are travel cursed, Gisele Bundchen bought a house right across from Tom Brady, Rain Wilson legally changed his name to something crazy, a woman stopped by airport security for a buttplug with her boyfriend’s ashes in her butt, a man in court for putting a Juju spell on his ex-lovers panties, the worst 30 second job pitch ever, something everyone should experiences before their 40’s, an old lady in big new shoes crashed into a dentist office, an Australian nudist cruise causing uproar, a guy that attacked his coworker with a machete, an activist banned from having eggs in public after throwing eggs at King Charles, a T-Rex skull going up for auction, a Thai blogger facing jail time after eating a whole bat during a livestream, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about things we start to like less and less as we get older, a five year olds birthday party at Hooters, the best sports cities in America, the one stunt that Steve-O wouldn’t do for Jackass, a woman that attacked her neighbor with a 10lb. tube of beef, millionaires suing each other over helicopters & dinner parties, a German lotto winner looking for a wife, a huge shark that jumped onto a fishing boat, a motorist that saved a kid from falling off a balcony, the place your parents took you that they probably shouldn’t have, Ask D&CtF: Listeners having issues with online dating, a dude needs to know if his “tool” is inadequate, and more, a nurse accused of amputating a patients foot without permission, People will be giving more preowned gifts this holiday, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the words that people mispronounce the most, the Powerball claims it was NOT a “suck my balls” scam, Justin Bieber was terrified of Judge Judy, a bus driver that took students to the wrong state, a woman that tried to smuggle a gun past TSA in a raw chicken, a suspect that pretended to be asleep under a blanket when hiding from the cops, cops in Indonesia forced to watch porn to get clues for an arrest, how many times people should have sex a week, things women are sick of being judged for, someone created a virtual gaming headset that kills you if you die in the game, which decade of your life you would relive, a guy that ate 40 rotisserie chickens in 40 days, a mini horse sworn in as a police officer in Florida, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about strange things happening to Dave while he’s asleep, check out the Lunar eclipse LIVE, Chris Evans is the new “Sexiest Man Alive,” an elderly woman that led cops on a 120MPH chase, how crazy the driver’s license exam is in China, crazy things to deal with when learning to drive, a college campus with a chubby squirrel problem, a partially blind guy that shot a home intruder in the ass, a woman that had her designer purse & $77K wedding ring stolen at a food court, an elderly man arrested after urinating in his seat on a flight, US Military flew a penis shaped flight pattern near a Russian base, overall is social media good/bad for the world, Nigerian TikTok stars arrested & whipped for mocking political leader, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk shared use hot tub horror stories, Britney Spears claims she has a disease that makes her dance to feel better, a stabbing at an expensive steak house over complaints about the service, two women shoplifting crashed into each other during escape, a woman that managed to get run over by her own car 3 different times, trapped miners survived 9 days by eating instant coffee, a guy that needed to pawn a used coffin, a family that starts the day with placenta smoothies, a Canadian emergency involving a Zamboni, a bakery employee found frozen to death after getting trapped inside, a man recklessly driving a riding lawnmower dressed as Pikachu, teens have to retake the SAT after tests flew off a mail truck, the world’s fastest clapper, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about things customers do that bartenders hate, the top earning deceased celebrities, a nationwide catalytic converter theft ring busted by a necklace, a woman that called 911 on undercooked BBQ, what happened when you were thrown from a moving car, a fisherman that survived his boat capsizing by using his refrigerator to float, a carjacker wearing a “Jason Vorhees” mask stole a car with a sledgehammer, tons of kids sick after eating undercooked chicken nuggets at school, a cheating scandal in professional cornhole, a police department replacing every officers service weapon for misfiring issues, benefits of swearing/using curse words, new shoes that could increase your walking speed by 250%, a woman stole a wallet cause all the cash “was calling to her” and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about fairly common things that some Americans have never done, a Russian MMA fighter died after eating a poisoned watermelon, celebrities people would like to see as president, a drunk guy that tried convincing cops he was Jason Bourne, a guy arrested for waving a machete outside a home improvement store, a snake festival shut down after a deadly snake escaped, two international beauty queens reveal that have gotten married, the strangest place you’ve ended up nude, Latin American drug agents performed a raid while dressed up as Avengers, Ask D&CtF: Should a guy leave his long term girlfriend for a shot at his crush? Is a listener’s lady faking being sick?, a guy that grows the world’s most dangerous plant, what qualifies as a sandwich?, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about appropriate terms to use for a larger person in the workplace, Twitter to start charging to be verified on their platform, the top cities to be a dragon in, a woman that bit a man after he asked to have his sex toy back, a nude lawyer went to a strangers home claiming he was testing their security, a zoo on lockdown after 5 lions escape their enclosure, mermaids that rescued a scuba diver having a medical issue, people that practice “reverse catfishing,” a teacher that asked convenience store staff if he could masturbate in their bathroom, a woman arrested for greeting trick or treaters topless, the word of the year according to Collins Dictionary, a company promises human washing machines by 2025, drinking pomegranate juice can make you feel sexier, and more!
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a listener that wants to know how to get her boyfriend to tie her up, a prequel to the Friday the 13th franchise on the way, a DUI suspect claimed paranormal activity caused his flat tires, the legend of a guy Chuck knows from elementary school, a dude that looks like a ghost arrested for vandalizing a church, a family that honored their family pet in a strange way, the turn on your afraid of being judged for, a dude busted jerking off in public places over a dozen times, a criminal busted after leaving his phone at a cell phone store they robbed, guy gets a world record for shooting arrows through a keyhole, you can buy $1200 sneakers for horses now, a group that accidentally passed out alcoholic freezies for Halloween, and more!
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Sep 2nd

Roni Baran

03:03:30 ice fishing shelter mishap 🤣

Feb 23rd

Andrea Tillman

omg...I am eating a filet of fish right now as I'm listening 😂😭

Jan 27th

Tim Lorence

is the artillery shell bigger than the 4 dongers!?

Dec 7th

grace galbraith

it was hot coco that was thrown on her

Nov 21st

Roni Baran

1:47:09 begin the best fart etiquette debate ever. such passion.

Sep 3rd

jay slivensky

7olin.y9078. n 98uh99ojjtttttttltnun nmtt

Apr 28th



Jan 7th

whippet love

stop the steal

Nov 14th

Bruce Campbell

not new 😟

Apr 13th

Brian Green

Does anyone know what song was playing at 1:41:27 on February 26th podcast. Thanks.

Mar 6th

Alex Osowski

Penis Balls

Mar 5th

Mecha Yoda

Anal slip 'n' slap!

Feb 18th

Happy Hounds


Jan 22nd

whippet love

I dont do that

Nov 20th
Reply (2)

Bryan Watts

Just a heads up, not sure what the issue is, but at least early on this episode there is random dead air moments. I've rewound it after a few of them and confirmed the audio loss happens at the same spot every time. Love the show.

Nov 15th
Reply (1)

Daniel Adam

I don't know what happened here but the ads were so much louder than the show. It was very distracting.

Nov 2nd

Todd Haun

I don't know how they do it and don't care as long as they keep doing it! Nothing in the DMV (DC, MD, VA) can't come close...

Jul 9th

Colleen Rimmel Walker


Jun 15th

Todd Haun

The BEST nuff said, and a Boca Raton for Jason!!

Apr 9th
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