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We try our best to help you get your ass out of bed by poking fun at pretty much everything that’s going on around us. If you are easily offended – take caution – no one is safe from Dave & Chuck the Freak’s wrath. That includes the President, the Pope, our significant others and ourselves, as well as everything in between. Our feeling is that nothing is sacred, and you should be able to laugh at everything life throws at you. Our show is a show about truth and we’re not going to candy coat anything. We’ll tell you how we feel no matter how many complaints we receive. We approach every day trying our best not to be like anything else you’ll find on your radio dial. If that’s by taking Dave’s unique views on the news…or cutting up celebrities. You’ll hear stuff you won’t hear anywhere else. Thanks for checking us out. If you have a comment, suggestion or nude pictures to pass along – send us an email.
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Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a possible Chinese spy balloon found hovering over USA, Robert Kraft wants Brady to retire a Patriot, Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul used to eat the meth used on “Breaking Bad” set, a woman that assaulted her boyfriend with a whole chicken, a Canadian hooker suing a John for not paying her, a female carpenter distracting co-workers woodworking in a bikini, a couple with 60 years difference in age trying to start a family, what women truly find attractive in a guy, a Mexican Zoo director in trouble after killing and eating 4 of the zoo goats, a groom suffered a traumatic brain injury after doing a backflip at his wedding, OnlyFans models may be out of work due to realistic AI, a landlord expecting the family of murder victim to clean up blood in apartment, a metal detector that found a priceless gold pendant, and more!CONNECT WITH DAVE & CHUCK THE FREAK email the show:
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk picky eaters, a naked man arrested after jogging nude past a police station, Keanu Reeves had to get a restraining order against a creepy stalker, Ozzy Osbourne announces he has to retire from touring, an update to the severed penis story, a curious teen got a golf ball lodged in himself, neighbors fighting over an outdoor pizza oven, teens hospitalized taking part in a TikTok tranquilizer challenge, a woman that got her finger bit off during a fight over a chair, Ask D&CtF: Did a listener get the worst massage ever? A married lesbian listener needs to know if she should hook up with a co-worker, a woman that found a $15K bag of cash while walking to work, foods to avoid if you don’t want to fart, the creator of “Peeps” passed away, a guy suing a woman because she refuses to date him, and more!CONNECT WITH DAVE & CHUCK THE FREAK email the show:
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about speaking on the phone gives some people anxiety, a woman nearly blinded by exploding chocolate, Hulk Hogan can’t feel his lower body, a beautiful MMA fighter just launched her OnlyFans, An update on the Tennessee cop that slept with all those officers, a sheriff that livestreams a gameshow for most wanted criminals being sued, a severed penis found in a gas station parking lot, a DoorDash driver stopped a child abduction, the answer to what Big Foot really is, “Zoomers” make fun of things “Boomers” say, a tourist in Mexico beaten with a stick by locals after sneaking into a sacred pyramid, Tom Brady officially retires again for good, Mario Kart ride not big enough for bigger people, a TikToker fined after cooking & eating a great white shark, your odds of dying by various things, and more!CONNECT WITH DAVE & CHUCK THE FREAK email the show:
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about Ketchup Karen has entered the multiverse, a school cafeteria worker accused of stealing $1.5million of chicken wings, Hall of Fame NHL player Bobby Hull & Cindy Williams from Laverne & Shirley passed away, a janitor being sued after rubbing his junk on water bottles spreading STDs, sneezing while behind the wheel of vehicle, another dude tried to shoplift a giant dildo, an adult social club for alternative sex enthusiasts, a woman that accidentally impaled her face with her car key, schools accused of selling fake nursing diplomas, humans could still grow fur all over if needed, a convenience store employee busted using the mop to clean stuff it’s not supposed, cops looking for three big women that stole $700 worth of tequila, a guy that shares the name with a drug dealer always has issues traveling, and more!CONNECT WITH DAVE & CHUCK THE email the show:
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about things people have done to save money but wasn’t worth it, Eagles vs. Chiefs is set for Super bowl Sunday, a guy crushed to death by a urinal, a woman fed up with men showing up to her house for sex, a store taking heat for their “Smile Policy” for hiring, a dude that swallowed a condom wrapped banana, a mom suing her kids school district after being banned cause she has an OnlyFans page, a city hiring lifeguards that can’t swim, the slowest talking states in America, an elderly nudist defends the nude lifestyle, an elderly man that fell from a 3rd floor balcony trying to spit on a speeding car, a dude that faked his own death to see who would come to his funeral, cannabis can help women achieve more intense orgasms, and more!CONNECT WITH DAVE & CHUCK THE FREAK email the show:
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a guy trying to figure out the girl of his dreams phone number, things that are rude to ask friends for help with, a suspected bomb turned out to be an egg wrapped in a bandana, the real reason Jeremy Renner was in the snowplow accident, the top streaming shows of 2022, a topless woman that destroyed a statue inside of a church, a dude caught on camera stealing a display dildo from a sex shop, a woman that got a tattoo not knowing its hidden meaning, a swing ride in China flung riders into a truck that parked too close, a Strip cub is offering the cop that was banging all her coworkers money to strip, which sense would you like to be able to turn on and off, the best fast food restaurant slogans, the top dream jobs world wide, Ikea offering couples money to assemble their furniture, and more!CONNECT WITH DAVE & CHUCK THE FREAK email the show:
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about male chest hair still hot or not?, female nipple hair, how a bank robber used their dad as a getaway, Dave airs some of his families dirty laundry, a cocktail that is causing controversy in OH, a carnie that committed some crazy murders, people that have been in love with/relationships with a carnie, Ask D&CtF: a listener needs advice about their partner never wanting sex, should a terminally ill listener go to a foreign land to try ayahuasca, some issues with porn at the library, chicks that got into a fight with one getting their eye glued shut, some strange songs the Japanese have made to teach English, where in the world they have a fellatio café, and guy who has a smelly ass that repels bugs, urinals for ladies to use, and an Indian pilot that made a major mistake when he hit the hijack button, and more!CONNECT WITH DAVE & CHUCK THE email the show:
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about more people know their sign and not their blood type, the most desired foods for Super Bowl parties, Kevin Harts tour rider posted online, a woman arrested after threatening to cut off a strangers penis, police on the hunt for a nerd that stole a Pokémon card, what have you had to do in your underwear?, a new kidnapped mom scam going around, people putting together “If I Go Missing Binders,” tipping is getting out of control, a woman that set off a firework in a restaurant so she could steal a pizza, a dude that threatened to blow up a courthouse & eat the sheriff, the longest people can go without their phone, Hormel is releasing chili cheese beer, someone that stole a million dollar winning lotto ticket from their cousin, and more!CONNECT WITH DAVE & CHUCK THE FREAK email the show:
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the worst jobs of the Victorian Era, a huge crime spree happening at Dollar Stores, Power Slap league is getting some push back from doctors, OK Go suing Post cereals over name of a product, a woman busted hiding a crack pipe in her genitals told cops it was a sex toy, a darksided update to the story about the woman smashed by a Denny’s sign, a guy shot by his dog that stepped on his rifle, a woman in 28-person Travelodge gang bang defends her “Dream Job,” the weirdest place a guy has taken you on a date, a senior citizen that somehow drove his van on top of two cars, an airline donated a passengers luggage to charity, a neighborhood being terrorized by a wild turkey, an abandoned outlet mall being turned into a cannabis supercenter, the dirtiest things in your kitchen, and more!CONNECT WITH DAVE & CHUCK THE FREAK email the show:
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about where most people want to travel to for food, a school lunch lady busted selling edibles to students, Pamela Anderson claims Tim Allen flashed his junk at her, an old woman that was crushed to death by a giant Denny’s sign, Canada has drastic new guidelines for alcohol use in place, people who worry about their bathroom sounds, a dude on parole with an ankle monitor still burglarized 6 homes, a passenger checked a rocket launcher at the airport, audio of a unhappy woman calling customer service, a grown woman trapped in an 8 year olds body, actions on the road meant to be polite but are very dangerous, a fake ass booze to be on the watch for, a guy who just had his pet fish commit credit card fraud, the greatest video games of all time, most disappointing USA landmarks, and more!CONNECT WITH DAVE & CHUCK THE FREAK email the show:
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about things we pretend no one does but know we all do, NASCAR requiring drivers to wear fire proof underwear, an online debate about a fart or a nose blow during an NHL broadcast, Alec Baldwin being charged in the Rust shooting, David Crosby passed away, a guy in trouble for seductively tweaking his nipples, woman that punted a man in the groin for not taking her to a strip club, more police officers busted having sex on the clock, a couple that accidentally locked themselves in dog crates, why you should check before you flush, who in your life needs to give up driving, bringing snacks to work is as bad giving coworkers cigarettes, a guy survived on ketchup packets while lost at sea, a city council zoom meeting interrupted by a masturbator, how you can get paid to eat cheese, two men killed by knife wielding roosters at cock fights, and more! CONNECT WITH DAVE & CHUCK THE FREAK email the show:
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about annoying trends that faded away, adults that have held onto toys from when they were children, Dave got a “bad” diagnoses from the doctor, claims that Carol Baskins husband is alive in Costa Rica, Shakira busted her partner cheating with a jar of jam, a woman that tried to burn down her grandpas home, a chick that stabbed her boyfriend after he peed her bed, a guy that had an unsolicited dick picture blow up in his face, a family living with a parrot that witnessed a murder, a drunk guy that let his 5 year old drive him home, a 13 year old girl that led police on a high speed chase, Party City on the verge of going out of business, a guy given a bag of cash at the drive thru, Philippines airlines crew members busted smuggling onions, and more! CONNECT WITH DAVE & CHUCK THE FREAK email the show:
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about things that drive Boomers nuts about the world, a kidnapping attempt where a man tried to pull a barista through a drive thru window, celebrities that look like the smell bad, a husband upset about his divorce rammed a dump truck into his own home, a video of a guy passed out in a subway with a rat licking his mouth, Panera Karen started a debate on the internet, Sweden no longer requiring a dance permit for restaurants to allow dancing, something many men feel after masturbation, a guy that led cops on an hours long slow speed chase in a large tractor, an Amazon customer that was sent dog food instead of an iPhone, benefits of playing video game, tech savvy teens are falling for scams more than seniors now, Panera Karen on TikTok calls into the show to give her side of the story, a Mafia boss wanted for 30 years has been found in Sicily and more!CONNECT WITH DAVE & CHUCK THE FREAK email the show:
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the Iowa state fair “husband calling’ contestants, the least cool hand gestures according to Gen Z, Gerard Butler accidentally rubbed acid on his face, Iggy Azalea joining the OnlyFans platform, a huge increase in senior citizen visits to the hospital related to cannabis, a teacher that accidentally emailed sexually explicit images to students, cops saved a man by warming him with their body heat, a hotel chain charging guests for using the mini-fridge, Dave had a crazy moment on a flight, a woman transported to a funeral home that was NOT dead, the strange reason why men are wearing lingerie during livestreams in China, a restaurant that refuses to make TikTok menu hacks, a toddler caught playing with a loaded gun, a guy that attempted to rob a store with a stapler, why it’s good to be a grumpy person, and more!CONNECT WITH DAVE & CHUCK THE FREAK email the show:
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about an inmate who tried to flirt on a Zoom court hearing, an oil jerker, a mom who made deep fakes, Dave’s electric socks, hacked chastity devices, when your kids ratted you out, getting struck by lightning, when Lisa burped by mistake, evidence of the Loch Ness Monster, and more!CONNECT WITH DAVE & CHUCK THE FREAK email the show:
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about Chuck secretly took Dave’s used pillow, the worst tech we’ve seen in 25 years, a dude that took $5k worth of vacuums from Bed Bath and Beyond, the passing of Lisa Marie Presley, a woman robbed at a gas station after she rejected the suspects flirtations, a gamer butt dialed 911 while talking about killing people in a video game, what happened when cops unexpectedly showed up to your house, a lawyer busted taking money from clients to spend on nudist resorts, men stranded in space after spacecraft springs a leak, robot vacuum testers had their nudes taken and posted, a toy bunny that tells kids inappropriate stories, the ideal job you should have according to your sign, weirdest things people have left behind at hotels, man sets the record for biting aluminum cans in half, and more!CONNECT WITH DAVE & CHUCK THE FREAK email the show:
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a song that Dave has had stuck in his head for over a year, how often people did “retro” activities, the passing of famous guitarist Jeff Beck, beloved celebrities that people can’t stand, a model had to have her tongue stitched together after a first kiss gone wrong, Science backs the theory that guys with small dongs are attracted to sports cars, something you did that you instantly regretted, a giant boulder that fell and crushed a car, a 90 year old truck driver just cleared to continue driving, dog that just set a new world record for jump roping, lottery expert tips on how to win big jackpots, Grocery stores adding a “Chat” checkout line for people that want to converse, people who deal with “FOSY,” a man that lives with a silicon replica of his deceased wife, and more!CONNECT WITH DAVE & CHUCK THE email the show:
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about how your brand new things got destroyed, Golden Globes award rundown, Gwen Stefani thinks she is really Japanese, a sex scandal that has rocked an entire police department, woman wins $43 million on a slot machine but casino only offers her a steak dinner, something you discovered about someone that ended up being a deal breaker, why a guy that shot up a Taco Bell, a dude arrested for the 70th time stealing a suitcase full of meat, a snowboarder caught in an avalanche, a little kid that ate chemicals for a fire thinking they were Pop Rocks, a man arrested after leaving a bag of dog pop at a police station, a guy hit with a DUI on his way to AA meeting, a gender reveal that used a toilet, potential ban on gas stoves being considered, a teacher that won a strongman competition, and more!CONNECT WITH DAVE & CHUCK THE FREAK email the show:
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about trends that should be left behind in 2022, Bryan Cranston lost his virginity to an Austrian prostitute, the 20 best guilty pleasure movies, a guy that slashed the tires of a pizza workers cars after making his pizza wrong, a restaurant owner kidnapped an employee she caught stealing, a guy arrested after beating a man to death during a sexual encounter, a cop in trouble for continuously taking off his pants in front of other officers, the most common sex injuries, a family with a huge bear hibernating under their deck, TikTokers shocked to learn a well-known knock has a name, a mom that had to find her daughter in a video game to tell her to do chores, a man found living with his dead mother for weeks, a very popular beverage linked to male pattern baldness, and more!CONNECT WITH DAVE & CHUCK THE FREAK email the show:
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about some of the highlights from the CES2023, Jordan Peele bought a Corey Feldman ear prosthetic from a movie, Celine Dion fans protesting outside Rolling Stone offices, an elderly man brings symphony of destruction to a car wash, a luxury high rise condo built next to a high rise prison, a porch pirate wearing women’s underwear as a mask got arrested, guy that got a thermometer stuck in his penis, a dude that stabbed a guy for touching his hair without permission, a guy that tried to do a backflip to get out of a DUI, world’s largest strip club hired a 15ft robot guard, a man that fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming a wolf, 18-year-old pilot made an emergency landing on Route 66, s pigeon with a backpack filled with meth found in a prison, a robot lawyer arguing its first court case, and more!CONNECT WITH DAVE & CHUCK THE FREAK email the show:
Comments (51)

Jaime Brown

Elvis was a racist no????

Jan 12th

Andrew Hayman

no no no! don't separate segments, thats the worst!! 😕😡

Dec 1st

Jenn Strong

why did the episodes start being split up??? awful awful idea. screws up people's downloads! BOOO!!!

Nov 30th



Sep 2nd

Roni Baran

03:03:30 ice fishing shelter mishap 🤣

Feb 23rd

Andrea Tillman

omg...I am eating a filet of fish right now as I'm listening 😂😭

Jan 27th

Tim Lorence

is the artillery shell bigger than the 4 dongers!?

Dec 7th

grace galbraith

it was hot coco that was thrown on her

Nov 21st

Roni Baran

1:47:09 begin the best fart etiquette debate ever. such passion.

Sep 3rd

jay slivensky

7olin.y9078. n 98uh99ojjtttttttltnun nmtt

Apr 28th



Jan 7th

whippet love

stop the steal

Nov 14th

Bruce Campbell

not new 😟

Apr 13th

Brian Green

Does anyone know what song was playing at 1:41:27 on February 26th podcast. Thanks.

Mar 6th

Alex Osowski

Penis Balls

Mar 5th

Mecha Yoda

Anal slip 'n' slap!

Feb 18th

Happy Hounds


Jan 22nd

whippet love

I dont do that

Nov 20th
Reply (2)

Bryan Watts

Just a heads up, not sure what the issue is, but at least early on this episode there is random dead air moments. I've rewound it after a few of them and confirmed the audio loss happens at the same spot every time. Love the show.

Nov 15th
Reply (1)

Daniel Adam

I don't know what happened here but the ads were so much louder than the show. It was very distracting.

Nov 2nd
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