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Dean Delray's "Let There Be Talk." This original podcast is a unique blend of rock and comedy talk with some of the biggest names in music, comedy and entertainment.
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Today is the 40th anniversary of the US Festival and what better guest to have on the show than Mike Levine of Triumph who played on this very day 40 years ago along with Quiet Riot, Motley Crue, Ozzy, Judas Priest, Scorpions and Van Halen. I was there and I will tell you this I will never forget it. I consider the US Festival the greatest Rock Fest every besides Woodstock. Triumph has just released this concert on Vinyl and I can’t recommend it enough. The US Festival is criminally underrated and I feel it should get way more glory. I hope you enjoy this episode. Lots of new tour dates are up on my website  And tons of Bonus Episodes of Let There Be Talk can be heard on my Patreon  Have a great week DDR
Today I sit down with a full on Rock n Roller, Mr Josh Todd of Buckcherry.    Buckcherry have been tearing it up for over 20 years and coming June 2nd they will be dropping their 10th record called Vol. 10.    It was great to sit down and talk with Josh about his career. We dive into everything including the very beginnings of the band, Hit Songs, His love of Hip Hop and Punk Rock and Touring life.    Don't miss Buckcherry out on tour all summer on a Co-Headlining tour with Skid Row.    Make sure you leave a Review and Subscribe to Let There Be Talk on iTunes and YouTube.    Bonus episodes are available on my Patreon at     Tour Dates at 
Today I sit down with Christian Gormsen from "Eargo, the brand making hearing wellness virtually invisible for all" For a dive deep into the history of Hearing Aids. This may seem like a strange guest to have but I will tell you this right now we all will experience hearing loss in our lifetime. I know mine is really bad. If you listen to this podcast chances are you're a huge music fan and go to a lot of live concerts. Over the years I could tell my hearing was going. Yes I use earplugs but life is just loud. Headphones, Earbuds, Motorcycles even Movie theaters are crazy Loud. I really wanted to hear the history of Hearing Aids and Christian was the perfect guest to talk to. I hope you guys enjoy this episode. Check out there product if you want at  Have a great week. Tour dates are here  Patreon is here  DDR
Today I sit down with the great Jason Newsted and talk all things Metal. We dive deep into his career covering everything from his early days in Metallica to igniting the Newsted band again.   I absolutely love all of Jason's work so it was an honor to have him on the podcast.   We dive into the Justice record, Touring the Black Album, Playing in Russia, Bass Guitars and Amps and of course the NEWSTED band firing back up for a live show.   Catch Newsted live May 20th at Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale Florida.    Don't FORGET to subscribe to my podcast on YouTube.  Also leave a review on iTunes. Tour dates  Patreon  Keep rocking'  DDR
Today is another new music Monday with my guest Matt Burr of The Black Delta Movement. This band has dropped a masterpiece of a record called Recovery Effects that I can't recommend enough. It was so good to have Matt on the show to talk about this record and also how the band started. The Black Delta Movement also have another record out called Preservation which I also highly recommend. Do a deep dive into their music and help spread the word. Keep The Candles Lit and thanks for supporting the show for all of these years. Here is the Patreon link if you want to enjoy bonus episodes of Let There Be Talk. Leave a review and subscribe to my YouTube and Apple Podcast iTunes channels. Thank you DDR Kingston-upon-Hull’s The Black Delta Movement return with their stunning new album ‘Recovery Effects’ – 8 tracks of immersive, groove-heavy psychedelic rock released April 14th 2023 on Fuzz Club Records. Determination and a commitment to musical development are writ large across Matt Burr’s personal and artistic journey as the main creative force behind The Black Delta Movement. His most collaborative work yet, ‘Recovery Effects’ sees Matt recruiting highly lauded UK guitar-slinger and Little Barrie frontman Barrie Cadogan and bandmates Lewis Wharton (Bass) and Tony Coote (Drums) to provide musical backing on the album. With legendary producer, The Heliocentrics’ co-founder and drummer extraordinaire Malcolm Catto also helming production duties. “The album’s a love letter to the band and all the emotions that come with it,” explains Matt when talking about the period of adversity that led to its creation. Finding himself without his former bandmates following the release of their highly-praised 2018 debut ‘Preservation’ and that record’s subsequent live shows, the pandemic-induced lockdown periods throughout ’20 and ’21 initially gave time for reflection before proving to be a time of productivity. Giving Matt the breathing space to fine-tune the new songs alongside Cadogan before hitting the ground running when entering the studio in late 2021 – the band cutting the basic tracks live and Malcolm Catto providing invaluable input when it came to moulding the music you hear contained throughout The results of this creative melting pot of such talented and seasoned musicians see The Black Delta Movement delivering that ring thing: a layered, honest and deeply entertaining rock’n’roll record. There are a myriad of moods and textures, whether on the garage-blues grooves of opener and first single ‘Fourth Pass Over The Graveyard’, follow-up single ‘Zip-Tie’ which explodes from its moody intro into punk-rock motorik, or the psychedelic slow-burn of ‘Hiding In The Tall Grass’ which manages to channel the likes of The Doors and Spacemen 3 over its 9 hypnotic minutes.
Last week I hosted a benefit concert for the great Jimmy Hayward put on by Primus. If you don't know who Jimmy is he is an absolute genius in the Animation world. Jimmy has worked on Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Monsters Inc. Finding Nemo, Shrek 2 and so much more. He is also a full on Rock n Roller with his band Legend Of The Seagullman with Brent Hinds of Mastodon and Danny Carey of Tool. Jimmy has been hit with a very rare form of Skin Cancer and needs our help. Hit the GoFundMe link and then Listen to this episode.  Jimmy is a Beautiful Human so any help would be greatly appreciated. Have a great weekend. DDR
Today I dive into Doing Comedy in Bars The new Metallica Record Timing is Everything and watching Beef on Netflix
Today I sit down with Mario Quintero of the fantastic band Spotlights. Mario and I talk about Spotlights new record Alchemy for The Dead which is coming out April 28th 2023. We also dive into how they got signed to Mike Patton's label Ipecac, the bands early influences and the their upcoming tour with Mr Bungle and The Melvins. Thanks for tuning in and don't forget to subscribe to the podcast. Join my patreon at  All merch and tour dates at  Candles Lit DDR
Today I dive into Bands Fighting over Money, Things to do in Las Vegas other than getting drunk and the new Porsche 911 Turbo cars. Thanks for joining me on these solo episodes I really love doing them. See me in Texas this weekend. All tour dates on
Today I go solo and dive into the Power Trip Festival with AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Guns N Roses, Metallica, Ozzy and Tool.  Also I talk about finally seeing the Clive Davis documentary and how I ended up recording some music in Joshua Tree at the world famous Rancho de la Luna Studio.  Hope you have a great week and if you are in Las Vegas this week come see me at the Comedy Cellar April 3rd - 9th 2023   This episode is brought to you by Hello Fresh  Use the link and code Delray50 for a super deal.                
It's that time of the year again when Kevin Christy and I sit down and dive into all the new releases for 2023 at Watches and Wonders. It's Rolex, Tudor, AP, Patek, Grand Seiko and a little bit of Omega. Kevin and I absolutely love watches and I know a lot of you do too. I hope you dig our deep dive on today's Let There Be Talk. This episode is brought to you by Hello Fresh Use the Link and code Delray60 for a fantastic deal.  Also visit my website for all the tour dates   My next live road stand up shows are April 3rd - 9th Las Vegas Comedy Cellar  Candles Lit DDR
Today I go solo and dive into  MotoGP Racing,  Rick Allen being attacked,  Mushroom Dealers back in the day  and John Mayer's new Solo Tour.   Thanks for tuning in and don't forget to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Also catch me in Las Vegas April 3rd - 9th at The Comedy Cellar in the Rio Hotel. Candles Lit DDR
Today I sit down and dive into  The passing of the great Gary Rossington of Lynyrd Skynyrd  The Oscar Awards and  My weekend headlining in Fort Collins Colorado. Thanks for tuning in each week. Join my Patreon for some Bonus Episodes and Zooms 
Today my friend Deen Castronovo current drummer for Journey is my guest. Deen has had a long career in Rock n Roll playing drums with some of the all time greats including Ozzy, Journey, Wild Dogs, Social Distortion, Bad English and so much more. Deen is currently out on tour with Journey on their 50th Anniversary Arena Tour so do not ,miss that. Deen also has a new record coming out with his band Revolution Saints which you can buy 4/21/23 and you can hear their new single Talking Like Strangers out right now. Thanks for tuning in and please subscribe to my YouTube channel and iTunes podcast network Cactus Radio Network. This episode is brought to you by Hello Fresh Hit the link for a killer deal use the code delray60   
Today we have the return of my friend Gregg Rolie former Singer Songwriter and Keyboard player for Journey and Santana. Gregg stops by today to talk all about what it was like to reunite with Journey last week in Austin Texas on their 50th anniversary tour. There was a lot of talk over the last 3 months about who from the original line up might show up on the 50th anniversary tour and there was strong rumors that Gregg may even join the tour. Sit down and enjoy my conversation with Gregg and hear how his involvement came to happen. Thanks for tuning in. Join my patreon for bonus episodes and live zooms.  All tour dates and merchandise available on my website     
Today my friends Hunter Thompson and Sam Wilkerson of the band White Reaper stop by and talk all about their new album Asking For A Ride which just came out last month. We dive into all kinds of topics including touring with Pearl Jam, their love of Comedy, and  the struggles with down time during the pandemic.   I can't recommend their new record enough. It goes from some real heavy thrash metal to some amazing Weezer type pop hooks. Go see White Reaper out on tour right now around the US. My up coming tour schedule is available at  This week you can catch me in San Francisco 4 nights Feb 22nd thru 25th at the Punchline. Thanks again for all your support. Join my Patreon   
Today I sit down with the incredible Vinny Appice drummer for some of the greatest Metal and Rock Bands ever. We dive into his long amazing career with Black Sabbath, Ronnie James Dio, Derringer and even John Lennon. He is currently playing with Last In Line featuring some of the Holy Diver era Players including Vivian Campbell and they have a brand new record coming out March 31st 2023 called Jericho. Tune in and enjoy. Don't forget to visit my website for tickets and merch. Lots of upcoming live shows. This week I am in Elko Nevada Feb 17th and 18 San Francisco Punchline Feb 22nd -25th Fort Collins Colorado March 10th and 11th Las Vegas Nevada Comedy Cellar April 3rd -9th  This episode is brought to you by Betterhelp  
Tune in and hear me dive into, Grammy Talk, Bruce Springsteen's Tour Kick Off,  My time at the Virgil Abloh exhibit at the Brooklyn museum  and Flea's incredible home that is for sale right now. Thanks for listening my friends. Road dates -  Next week Feb 17 and 18 Elko Nevada Feb 22nd thru 25th San Francisco Punchline. Tickets at  Join my Patreon   
Today I dive into all kinds of stuff including  The Elvis Film, Tarantula Spiders, New records by The Mother Hips, and White Reaper  and of course the 49ers. Thanks for your kind words on these solo Episodes I hope you enjoy this one. This episode is brought to you by Standard and Strange the best clothing shop in the USA. Tell them I sent ya.  Have a great week my friends and I hope to see you guys this month at some of my shows.  For bonus episodes and Zooms join my patreon 
Today I sit down with the great Mike Portnoy and talk all about The Winery Dogs brand new album called III which comes out  Feb 3rd. Mike and I also dive into our love of KISS, Classic Rock and live Bootlegs Thanks for tuning in. Come see me on the road doing Stand Up Comedy NEW YORK Jan, 25 - 28 Palm Springs Feb 3rd San Francisco Feb 22nd - 25 The Punchline Tickets at 
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Joshua David Osterman!

Dec 21st


haha I was just bashing The Elder the other day but I never really gave it a chance. Maybe I need to revisit as an adult like Dean says

Mar 18th


I feel like Stoner Witch is the customary Melvins starting point, was for me. I'm sure most would say that or Houdini.

Feb 23rd



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Joshua David Osterman

I love Dean's energy and interviews! Not to mention his life has been epic because he's always followed his dreams! Dean, you truly Rock!

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Jan 6th

Need ID Indeed

great one!

Dec 17th

Cara Mia

Awesome Interview. I loved how you geeked out together over watches, Dumble App's and other artists. I always thought John Mayer wasn't given enough credit for his guitar playing and intelligence. This whole interview proved that he is a genius, an investigator with wicked talent. Thanks for this inspiring conversation. I just need to check out all the albums mentioned and listen with new ears. My mind has been blown!

Nov 6th

Andrew Green

you are awesome dood!! love the podcasts

Mar 21st
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Andrew Green

this is bar none. the best interview with MY absolute rock god DAVE MENNIKETTI

Mar 13th
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John Crane

ding a ding dang a danga dang deeng digga digga dig a digg uhh

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Baron Von Snorkelberg

top notch interview

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James Welsh


Oct 6th

Raw Snapshot

Gotta love Dean! Great podcast brother! 🙌🙌🙌

Sep 29th

Michael Parker

that shooter Jennings recommendation was pure gold. you should do a song recommendation for each podcast

Jul 23rd

Eric Enriquez

Great insight on RATM that is rarely heard of... it's usually Tom or Zachs side we hear of... Now to get Timmy C on!

May 22nd

Eric Enriquez

Loved this podcast! Gave me goose bumps hearing Brad describe everything.

May 2nd
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