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Today I dive into all kinds of stuff including  The Elvis Film, Tarantula Spiders, New records by The Mother Hips, and White Reaper  and of course the 49ers. Thanks for your kind words on these solo Episodes I hope you enjoy this one. This episode is brought to you by Standard and Strange the best clothing shop in the USA. Tell them I sent ya.  Have a great week my friends and I hope to see you guys this month at some of my shows.  For bonus episodes and Zooms join my patreon 
Today I sit down with the great Mike Portnoy and talk all about The Winery Dogs brand new album called III which comes out  Feb 3rd. Mike and I also dive into our love of KISS, Classic Rock and live Bootlegs Thanks for tuning in. Come see me on the road doing Stand Up Comedy NEW YORK Jan, 25 - 28 Palm Springs Feb 3rd San Francisco Feb 22nd - 25 The Punchline Tickets at 
Today I dive into  Old school Twin Peaks Social Distorion turning 40 Jeff Beck  Thanks for tuning in This episode is brought to you by Hello Fresh Use the link for 21 free meals code is Delray21   
#678 : Mom

#678 : Mom


I love you Mom and I will never forget you.
Today I dive into my top 10 records of 2022, My love of the Led Zeppelin Celebration Day Concert And Touring Arenas with Bill Burr I hope you guys dig Episode is brought to you by Skill Share hit the link for an incredible deal 
Today I dive into  My love of Fleetwood Mac The new Neil Young documentary Harvest Time and My visit to the LA Auto Show. Have a great week and dont forget to get all you bonus episodes of  LET THERE BE TALK on my Patreon. 
Today we dive into the last of my Marcus King Tour Diary Series with the great Mike "Sleeveless" Runyon keyboard player for The Marcus King Band. Mike has been playing Keys all his life and has a great story on how he joined the Marcus King Band. Mike and I dive into our love of the B3, our favorite players and some of our favorite tour moments. Also I make a very special announcement on this episode during the intro so give it a listen. I wanna thank everyone on the MK tour I will never forget you guys.  Keep the Candles lit my friends DDR  
Today I continue my Marcus King Band Diary with Drew Smithers slide and 2nd guitar player for the Marcus King Band. Drew is a fantastic Guitar Player and a great human with a really cool story. Drew and I dive deep into how he got started playing guitar, his time in Bishop Gunn, Working at Carter Vintage and of course how he joined the Marcus King Band. Thanks for tuning in and have a fantastic Thanksgiving everyone. Candles Lit DDR   
Today I sit dow with Jason Roberts and talk all about what it's like to drive a Rock n Roll Tour Bus for a living. You ever wonder how people start driving Musicians around the United States in a tour bus then this episode is for you. Tour bus driving is a stressful job and a really good driver is hard to come by. Some bands keep the same driver for years when they find a good one and Jason is one of the best. Jason has driven some of the biggest stars in the biz including Lucinda Williams, Drake and Marcus King. Sit back and enjoy this episode and thank you for always tuning in. DDR  
Today we have a Rock n Roll Hall of Fame legend Mr John Oates on the show. John stops by today to talk about his new single Pushin' A Rock, his years in the Music Biz, Songwriting and Recording and His love of Porsche 911 cars. Daryl Hall & John Oates are the most successful duo in the history of music selling over 80 million Records to date. The list of hits is mind boggling, She's Gone, Sara Smile, Maneater, Private Eyes, Kiss Is On My List, Out Of Touch and so many more. It was an honor to sit down with John today. Hope you enjoy this episode. Don't forget to subscribe and review the podcast on iTunes and YouTube. Keep Rocking  DDR  This episode is brought to you by Skill Share. Use my link for a fantastic offer.     
Today my friend Neal Francis returns to the show to talk  about the 2 month tour we just did around American with Marcus King and Ashland Craft. Neal and I also dig into his new EP Sentimental Garbage which comes out Nov 18th 2022 and our love of all things Music. Catch Neal on tour right now in Europe. Thank you for tuning in every week my friends. DDR  
Today I sit down with Michael Sweet singer, songwriter and guitar player for Stryper. Stryper have been recording records and touring for almost 40 years and have sold over 10 million records. Last week Oct 21st 2022 they dropped a new album called "The Last Battle" that went immediately to #1 on iTunes. Michael and I dive into the long career of Stryper also we dig into his time in the band Boston and his love of guitars. Hope you enjoy this episode and dont forget to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and YouTube. DDR  
Today we have the great Ashland Craft on Let There Be Talk. Ashland is a fantastic old school country singer / songwriter who has an amazing record out right now called Travelin Kind. Hear how Ashland started out working Honky Tonks playing 5 sets a night eventually finding her way onto the hit T.V. show The Voice. Ashland has been touring for the last 6 weeks with us on the Marcus King Rock n Comedy tour and it has just been incredible to watch her crushing it every night. Have a great week and keep the candles lit DDR  
Today I sit down with Jack Ryan drummer for The Marcus King Band. I've had the pleasure of watching Jack play the drums this last month while I've been out on this incredible tour and I'll tell you this Jack Ryan is going to be a house hold name for years to come. Anyone that has been to any of the Marcus King shows over the years knows Jack is a killer on the drums. Jack sits down today and talks all about how he got into playing drums and how he started playing in the Marcus King Band. This episode is brought to you by Skillshare. Get one month free when you use my link   
Today we have Rock n Roll Hall of Famer, Michael McDonald of The Doobie Brothers / Steely Dan on the show. This man has written some of the greatest songs to every hit the FM Dial including Minute by Minute, What a Fool Believes, Takin It To The Streets and I Keep Forgettin. Michael sits down with me today for an In-Depth conversation on his Career in Music. This episode is brought to you by Skillshare Use the link for a free month of Skillshare 
Episode 666 is here and what better guest to have than the legend himself King Diamond of Mercyful Fate. King and I sat down today for a long In-Depth conversation on all things King Diamond including, Influences, Songwriting, Lyrics, Mercyful Fate and even some Car Talk. Mercyful Fate and King Diamond have been a massive influence to the metal world and it was an Honor to sit down with the King. I hope you all enjoy this episode. Brought to you by Better Help. If you want online therapy Better Help is the spot. Hit the link for a Delraiser deal.  
Today my good friend comedian Jim Florentine returns to the show to talk about his new comedy record Terrorizing Telemarketers 7 which is currently #1 on iTunes. Jim and I also dive into what its like opening for bands as a comedian, Baseball in San Francisco and of course Metal Music. Thanks for tuning in. If you want to support the podcast join my Patreon at Have a great week and don't forget to subscribe on iTunes and Youtube. DDR 
Today I dive into The start of the Marcus King Rock and Comedy Youngblood Tour. Big bands side bands Incredible films I forgot about and the iPhone 14 that no one cares about. brought to you by Skillshare Skillshare - Use the link to get a fantastic offer. Start learning now.  
Today my friend Greg Dulli of The Afghan Whigs returns to the show to talk all about their new masterpiece record "How Do You Burn" which comes out this Friday. This record is absolutely next level and I have not stopped spinning it all week. It was so good to catch up with Greg on all things Whigs. We dive into all kinds of topics including his early days in LA working at Tower Records, Peter Falk aka Columbo teaching him about Jazz, recording in the desert and Touring in Europe during a heat wave. I love this episode. Have a great week and looking forward to seeing you guys out on the road. DDR  
Kaya Stewart has been writing and recording songs since she was 13 years old. Sure Dave Stewart of Eurythmics is her Dad but that doesn't guarantee talent or success and she knows that. After a song she wrote and recorded blew up on Soundcloud, records labels started knocking on her door.  Soon she found herself on Warner Brothers Records and out on the Vans Warped Tour but it wasn't all dreamy. Kaya decided to start over and do things her way. During the Pandemic she was diagnosed with OCD which was the catalyst to write the collection of songs that make up her new album IF THINGS GO SOUTH which was co-written and co-produced by Dave Stewart. The record comes out Sept 30th and will be available on all streaming platforms. Kaya has an incredible voice and is a great songwriter and I really dig some of the songs on her new album. I think you guys are really gonna dig this episode. Brought to you by Betterhelp use the code to get 10 percent off online therapy.¬_found=1&gor=start 
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Joshua David Osterman!

Dec 21st


haha I was just bashing The Elder the other day but I never really gave it a chance. Maybe I need to revisit as an adult like Dean says

Mar 18th


I feel like Stoner Witch is the customary Melvins starting point, was for me. I'm sure most would say that or Houdini.

Feb 23rd



Jul 21st



Feb 14th

Joshua David Osterman

I love Dean's energy and interviews! Not to mention his life has been epic because he's always followed his dreams! Dean, you truly Rock!

Jan 17th



Jan 6th

Need ID Indeed

great one!

Dec 17th

Cara Mia

Awesome Interview. I loved how you geeked out together over watches, Dumble App's and other artists. I always thought John Mayer wasn't given enough credit for his guitar playing and intelligence. This whole interview proved that he is a genius, an investigator with wicked talent. Thanks for this inspiring conversation. I just need to check out all the albums mentioned and listen with new ears. My mind has been blown!

Nov 6th

Andrew Green

you are awesome dood!! love the podcasts

Mar 21st
Reply (1)

Andrew Green

this is bar none. the best interview with MY absolute rock god DAVE MENNIKETTI

Mar 13th
Reply (2)

Sarah Shea


Feb 27th
Reply (1)

John Crane

ding a ding dang a danga dang deeng digga digga dig a digg uhh

Jan 5th
Reply (1)

Baron Von Snorkelberg

top notch interview

Oct 11th
Reply (1)

Trevie McTrev


Oct 8th
Reply (1)

James Welsh


Oct 6th

Raw Snapshot

Gotta love Dean! Great podcast brother! 🙌🙌🙌

Sep 29th

Michael Parker

that shooter Jennings recommendation was pure gold. you should do a song recommendation for each podcast

Jul 23rd

Eric Enriquez

Great insight on RATM that is rarely heard of... it's usually Tom or Zachs side we hear of... Now to get Timmy C on!

May 22nd

Eric Enriquez

Loved this podcast! Gave me goose bumps hearing Brad describe everything.

May 2nd
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