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Dean Delray's "Let There Be Talk." This original podcast is a unique blend of rock and comedy talk with some of the biggest names in music, comedy and entertainment.
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Today I dive into Bob Dylan playing at Farm Aid with The Heartbreakers , Neil Young and John Mayer concerts in LA, Usher being selected for the Super Bowl Halftime and a bonus guest Brandon Henderson C.E.O. of BOXCAR Comedy Club in Springville Utah   Thanks for watching and please don’t forget to subscribe. All my tour dates at Patreon bonus episodes at
Today I dive into Meeting Baseball Hall Of Famer Randy Johnson, U2 dropping a new song Atomic City, Black Crowes pick up 2 new members and my love of Miles Davis music. Have a great week and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube and iTunes Channels. Catch all my tour dates including Utah this week on Patreon bonus episodes at Have a great week DDR
Today I dive into -  AC/DC announced a new Drummer for PowerTrip,  Beastie Boys get Squared and My favorite late 80's and 90's Rolling Stones Songs Thanks for tuning in my friends DDR Tour Dates and Merch Patreon for Bonus episodes 
8 years in the making my guest Director, Peter Dowd follows a man around that is absolutely obsessed with Jimmy Page. The first time Akio Sakurai hears Led Zeppelin as a teenager, and then laid eyes on the band in The Song Remains the Same, the group's 1976 concert documentary, Sakurai has had one mission in life: to demonstrate his adoration of Zeppelin founder Jimmy Page. He is completely candid about this: "I want to be Jimmy Page," he remembers thinking. The film is an amazing Document of what it's like to dive way down a rabbit hole. Passion is in full effect here. Peter has made a fantastic film and if you are a Led Zeppelin freak like myself you are really going to enjoy this. Thanks for tuning in on this 3 day weekend and don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and on iTunes. Tour dates including Madison Square Garden tickets are here Patreon for all your Let There Be Talk bonus episodes 
Today I dive into The Roxy nightclub turning 50,  My love of Eddie Money and  The 32 Million Dollar Rolls-Royce that just came out.  All tour dates on my website   Patreon 
Today I dive into Robert Plant's solo career, The Comedy Store's Brody Stevens 818 celebration show, and selling my Rock n Roll Memorabilia. Thanks for tuning in and don't forget to leave a review and subscribe  to the podcast on YouTube and iTunes. Patreon for your bonus episodes  Tour Dates 
Today I dive into Hip Hop turning 50 years old, A killer AI Bon Scott version of You Shook Me All Night Long, and the craziness of 80's Rock Fashion. Thanks for Tuning in and Please leave a review on iTunes. Dont forget to Subscribe to my YouTube channel  All Tour Dates at  Join my Patreon for over a 100 Bonus Episodes of LTBT 
Today is another solo episode. I dive into, Bombing at The Store Grolsch Beer and old school Cigarettes, The new Toyota Land Cruiser The greatness of Tatum Oneal and Akira Takasaki, Guitar Player of Loudness.
Today I sit down with Jiu Jitsu black belt Eddie Bravo and dive deep into Rock n Roll, Heavy Metal, UFC and Stand Up Comedy. Eddie is the current owner of the great 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu gym located at 1314 S.Grand Ave in Los Angeles. Do yourself a favor and tune into this episode and hear us talk about our love of Kiss and Metallica, Old School UFC and how he got into Stand Up Comedy. This episodes ending got cut off due to a equipment malfunction. Thanks for tuning in. This episode is brought to you by Migos Dog Food. Hit the link
Today I dive into the 36th anniversary of the Guns N' Roses masterpiece Appetite for Destruction, The Midnight Special TV show and Taking Mushrooms in Vegas. Hope you guys have a great week. Check out my Patreon for Bonus episodes Of LTBT Website for tour dates and Merch 
Today is another solo episode.  I dive into the fantastic documentary called Mr Jimmy Dead & Company's last show  and the story of the hit song Who Let The Dogs Out. Brought to you by Tatt2away. Use the link for a great deal on you  first tattoo removal.  All shows and Merch at  Join my Patreon at 
Today I sit down with Jack Savage and Cooper Ferreira of Tatt2Away. So many people have Tattoos that may of been a mistake. Or maybe you have run out of prime real estate and just want a tattoo removed so you can get another. Jack Savage has created a new way to have them removed and no it’s not with a laser. This episode is absolutely fascinating and I think you guys will really enjoy it. Candles Lit my Friends. Hit the link to find out more about Tatt2Away
Today I dive into my recent trip to Disneyland,  Firework Wars in Riverside  and Modelo Beer.  Have a great 4th of July and don't blow your fingers off.  Candles Lit my friends.  DDR Episode is brought to you by Eargo Hearing Aids Get $360 of by using the code dean360.  Hit the link
Today I sit down with M.Shadows and Johnny Christ of Avenged Sevenfold to talk all about their new record "Life Is But A Dream"  We also dive into what it was like to tour with Iron Maiden, Their Song Writing process and M.Shadows vocal process.   I was fired up to have these guys on because I really think their new album is something very unique so I hope you dig our conversation.   Keep rocking   DDR   This episode is brought to you by Eargo Hearing Aids.  GO to for an amazing deal of $360 off use the code dean360                
Today I dive into, Wes Anderson's new film Asteroid City, My first time getting a Calcium Heart Scan, and new records by Queens Of The Stone Age, King Gizzard and Nick Perry and The Underground Thieves. Show is brought to you Ergo Hearing Aids. Get $360 of with the code dean360 use the link Have a fantastic week and don't forget to Leave a review on iTunes and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Patreon for all you bonus episodes
Today I dive into The new Avenged Sevenfold record Life Is But A Dream, Going back to the Bay Area to Headline some Stand Up shows and my love of Social Distortion. This episode is brought to you by Eargo. The best hearing Aids on the market. Use the code DEAN360 for $360 off the Eargo 7's 
Today I go solo and dive into Taking a tour of The Brady Bunch House, People being scammed on the Phone from AI and the great Josh Freese joining the Foo Fighters. Have a great week. Episode is brought to you by Eargo Hearing Aids Use the code Dean360 
Today is the 40th anniversary of the US Festival and what better guest to have on the show than Mike Levine of Triumph who played on this very day 40 years ago along with Quiet Riot, Motley Crue, Ozzy, Judas Priest, Scorpions and Van Halen. I was there and I will tell you this I will never forget it. I consider the US Festival the greatest Rock Fest every besides Woodstock. Triumph has just released this concert on Vinyl and I can’t recommend it enough. The US Festival is criminally underrated and I feel it should get way more glory. I hope you enjoy this episode. Lots of new tour dates are up on my website  And tons of Bonus Episodes of Let There Be Talk can be heard on my Patreon  Have a great week DDR
Today I sit down with a full on Rock n Roller, Mr Josh Todd of Buckcherry.    Buckcherry have been tearing it up for over 20 years and coming June 2nd they will be dropping their 10th record called Vol. 10.    It was great to sit down and talk with Josh about his career. We dive into everything including the very beginnings of the band, Hit Songs, His love of Hip Hop and Punk Rock and Touring life.    Don't miss Buckcherry out on tour all summer on a Co-Headlining tour with Skid Row.    Make sure you leave a Review and Subscribe to Let There Be Talk on iTunes and YouTube.    Bonus episodes are available on my Patreon at     Tour Dates at 
Today I sit down with Christian Gormsen from "Eargo, the brand making hearing wellness virtually invisible for all" For a dive deep into the history of Hearing Aids. This may seem like a strange guest to have but I will tell you this right now we all will experience hearing loss in our lifetime. I know mine is really bad. If you listen to this podcast chances are you're a huge music fan and go to a lot of live concerts. Over the years I could tell my hearing was going. Yes I use earplugs but life is just loud. Headphones, Earbuds, Motorcycles even Movie theaters are crazy Loud. I really wanted to hear the history of Hearing Aids and Christian was the perfect guest to talk to. I hope you guys enjoy this episode. Check out there product if you want at  Have a great week. Tour dates are here  Patreon is here  DDR
Comments (28)

Joshua David Osterman!

Dec 21st


haha I was just bashing The Elder the other day but I never really gave it a chance. Maybe I need to revisit as an adult like Dean says

Mar 18th


I feel like Stoner Witch is the customary Melvins starting point, was for me. I'm sure most would say that or Houdini.

Feb 23rd



Jul 21st



Feb 14th

Joshua David Osterman

I love Dean's energy and interviews! Not to mention his life has been epic because he's always followed his dreams! Dean, you truly Rock!

Jan 17th



Jan 6th

Need ID Indeed

great one!

Dec 17th

Cara Mia

Awesome Interview. I loved how you geeked out together over watches, Dumble App's and other artists. I always thought John Mayer wasn't given enough credit for his guitar playing and intelligence. This whole interview proved that he is a genius, an investigator with wicked talent. Thanks for this inspiring conversation. I just need to check out all the albums mentioned and listen with new ears. My mind has been blown!

Nov 6th

Andrew Green

you are awesome dood!! love the podcasts

Mar 21st
Reply (1)

Andrew Green

this is bar none. the best interview with MY absolute rock god DAVE MENNIKETTI

Mar 13th
Reply (2)

Sarah Shea


Feb 27th
Reply (1)

John Crane

ding a ding dang a danga dang deeng digga digga dig a digg uhh

Jan 5th
Reply (1)

Baron Von Snorkelberg

top notch interview

Oct 11th
Reply (1)

Trevie McTrev


Oct 8th
Reply (1)

James Welsh


Oct 6th

Raw Snapshot

Gotta love Dean! Great podcast brother! 🙌🙌🙌

Sep 29th

Michael Parker

that shooter Jennings recommendation was pure gold. you should do a song recommendation for each podcast

Jul 23rd

Eric Enriquez

Great insight on RATM that is rarely heard of... it's usually Tom or Zachs side we hear of... Now to get Timmy C on!

May 22nd

Eric Enriquez

Loved this podcast! Gave me goose bumps hearing Brad describe everything.

May 2nd
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