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Declutter Your Chaos - Minimalism, Decluttering, Home Organization
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Declutter Your Chaos - Minimalism, Decluttering, Home Organization

Author: Amber Cammidge, Decluttering Coach, Professional Organizer

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Are you a working mom living in a house that is stressing you out, and no time to fix it? Welcome to Declutter Your Chaos. You have just taken the first step to taking control and restoring peace and sanity back in your day.

This show will give you all the strategies, resources, and support you need to take control of your time and your home. We will also dive into your mindset, where we shift your thinking so that you are giving yourself the respect, time, and love you need in order to make sure you are living your best life.

I am your support. And I am an email away if you need me: I love to connect with my listeners so please do not hesitate to reach out if you need me!

Even more importantly than all the good decluttering tips I’m going to give you, I want you to walk away from each of these episodes feeling like you are not alone. Because you aren’t.

I know what’s like to to be living in utter chaos, with a house busting at the seams, and little kids pulling you in every direction. You want so badly to take control of the clutter in your home, but there’s just not enough time.

Well I’m here to tell you - to promise you - that you can get out of survival mode and take control of your home. I’m going to share my best tips and strategies for decluttering, broken in to small actionable steps. I’m going to help you manage you time to help keep you on track and motivated, and I’m going to help you shift your mindset so that you be aware of what causes the clutter so that you can prevent it forever. Let's do this!

159 Episodes
Hey Guys, In this episode I talk about learned helplessness and how it can prevent us from becoming our best selves, but also how to break free from it. Here's the link to join my group.  This is your ticket to guarantee you will get it done..It will be every Friday, 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific.  Here is the link to join: I hope this helps you! XO, Amber
Hey Guys, In this episode I invite you to my accountabiity membership, which will start this week.  It will be every Friday, 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific.  Here is the link to join:   In this episode, I also talk about the human condition, and how feeling jealousy and comparison is something we all feel.  But we CAN consciously step out of the competition.  While comparison and competition is normal, much of it is self-imposed, and we can take steps to have less of it in our lives.   I hope this helps you!   XO,   Amber
Hey Guys! Making this tiny shift will change your entire day.  And when you do it repeatedly, it will change your life.  Give this to yourself: writing meditation or prayer being in nature It seems silly because it's so small, but the transformation it will make in you will be life changing. I hope this helps you! XO, Amber
Hi Guys, In this episode I talk about the main reasons why people hang on to so many things:  fear of change, and fear of losing the memories.  Usually people say it's the fear of losing the memories, but it's really fear of change.   I hope this helps you in your decluttering journey. XO, Amber  
Hello!  I missed you!  I'm sorry I took such a long break, but I didn't really have a choice.  I promise to never show up as anything less than my authentic self, and I think that if I would have shown up the past few weeks I would have had to fake it.  But I'm back!  In this episode I explain what I've been up to the past few weeks, and I talk about what I think is the number one cause of the feelings of unworthiness many of us struggle with.  Hope this helps! XO, Amber  
Hi Guys, This episode is not a step-by-step on how to declutter your house, but it is related!  It's about how to get clarity of mind so that you re able to trust your intuiton.  You will learn how to trust your gut on the small things, like whether to keep that t-shirt, AND you will know how to listen to your own truth about big things, such as whether to stay in your marriage. Hope this helps you! XO, Amber                
Hi Guys! No matter what kind of paper cluter you have, this system will help you!  Here are the categories: Action Items Reference Time will tell To be filed While I can NOT take credit for this amazing system, I heard about it from the Minimal Mom (Dawn), I can attest that it works.  I've been using it for a long time and LOVE it. Please let me know how it goes for you or if you have any adaptations to it (like I do with my husband's stuff). XO, Amber  
Hi guys, Yes, sometimes we just need to remember to use some of the tried and true strategies that got us through school.  Here's one:  the first, then strategy.  When we are feeling like we just can't, we just need to remember that doing SOMEthing, even ONE thing, will take us so much farther, and make us feel so much better,  than doing nothing.  So do the ONE thing, then reward yourself.  You will feel better because of it! Here's the Mel Robbins book I was referring to in the episode:  The Five Second Rule: Transform Your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage Here's a link to my socials: Here's my email so you can say hi: Hope this helps you! XO, Amber    
Hey Guys! In this episode I talk about how I came to find the containers that I recommend for my clients and that I use myself.  Rather than buyig a bunch of ugly, cheap plastic containers that are bad for the environment, try these.  Here are the takeaways from the episode: It's not about finding the right containers; it's about having less stuff. Containers are simply a vessel for a label. Make the categories your own; label the container in a way that makes sense to YOU. The best containers are the cardboard boxes I recommend in my amazon link here: Hope this helps!  Email me with questions: XO, Amber          
Hi guys! Sometimes we just need to make it simple.  This hack will help you do that.  Decluttering can be so many decisions.  But if you have one benchmark, from which to measure whether you should keep something, it will make everything a little easier.  I hope this helps you!  If you try this "sweep" this weekend, send me a before and after.  I love them. XO, Amber
Hi Friends! After listening to this episode you are going to look at your impulsivity in a whole new light. What you thought was a negative quality is going to be your ticket to a clutter-free house.  Because you are just going to dive in.  And guess what?  It's going to be fine.  You are going to make progress, and it's not going to take you as long as you think!  So set that decluttering date with yourself for this weekend, and make it happen!   And if you want to send be before and after two hours pics, send to  I'd LOVE to see them! XO, Amber
Hey Friends, This is a personal episode about how getting rid of the clutter can help you make progress toward more significant change.   I'm sharing it in hopes that it will help you on your journey, and if you may be going through something similar, to help you feel supported.  Hope this helps you.  XO, Amber My next program begins THIS SUNDAY, June 25th.  Find out more information at 
Hey Friends! This episode really will change your home if you use the tool described here.  But you must use these three steps: Braindump Prioritize Mini Checklists I KNOW this is going to help you, but if you want more help and accountabiity, let me be your accountability partner!  We will actually have fun while decluttering:  Use code PRELAUNCH at checkout to get 50% off until June 12. XO, Amber
Hey Guys, The quickest pathway to an uncluttered home, is actually not a three step plan.  The quickest way to an uncluttered home is through uncluttering your mind.  And through connecting to the truest form of you.  This is easier said than done because it involves stripping off years of limiting beliefs from your psyche.  But it can be done instantaneously, when you use techniques such as meditation and breathwork.  If you would like to save your spot in my next program here's the link: XO, Amber
Hi Guys! This is a session I recorded with my most recent group of women I helped declutter their most cluttered room.  During this session we talk about how to get kids to help around the house.  The answer is to have them do exactly what I'm having you do: Step 1:  Step into your energy Step 2:  Create a checklist Step 3:  Hold them accountable Try it!  This will work! If you want to save your spot in my program go to XO, Amber
Hi guys, Whether you call it self care, meditation, or prayer, in this episode I'm talking about ways to be in the present moment and connect to the spiritual plane.  When we are in an environment that we WANT to be in we have easier access to the present moment, and we can be come connected and happier.  That is what this episode is about. Hope this helps you! XO, Amber
Hey Guys, This episode will help you get out of your head when you are decluttering.  Remember the ABCs: Awareness Breathe (stay) Conscious Also remember that suffering is simply resistance to pain.  When you let go of the resistance to the imagined pain (in your mind) that will be caused by letting something go, you will actually be able to let it go. Hope this helps! XO, Amber If you want to save your spot in my June Declutter Your Chaos Program you can sign up here:    
Hi Guys! This week we're working on sentimental items. This episode speaks to the beloved baby stuff.  Don't worry, you don't have to get rid of all of it!   I extended the live decluttering program until tomorrow.  Go to to save your spot.  We begin on April 23, 2023. XO, Amber
Hi Guys! This week we're working on sentimental items.  If you have a lots of memorabilia that you don't want to get rid of because you still want to preserve the memory, this one is for you. I extended the program until Friday.  Go to to claim your spot.  We begin on April 23.  XO, Amber
Hi Guys! This week we're working on sentimental items. If you live with someone who has a hard time saying goodbye to the things that no longer serve them, this episode is for you! This is the last day to join the program. Go to to claim your spot.  We begin on April 23.  XO, Amber
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