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Hosted by Devi Brown, “Deeply Well” is a soft space to land where higher consciousness meets your everyday life. A place to nourish your whole being, through conscious conversations, soul work, guided meditations, and connecting to the tools needed on your path towards healing and self-discovery. The podcast includes conversations with leaders and radical healers in wellness around the topics meant to expand and support listeners of all backgrounds on their well-being journeys; offering expertise in self-care practices and trauma. psychology, spirituality, astrology, and alternative healing practices such as psychedelics and intimacy coaching. Devi Brown is a Master Well-Being Educator, Multi-Disciplinary Healer, and Wellness Advisor to Fortune 500 companies and high-impact leaders. She is also the Founder of the wellness company, Devi Brown Well-Being. Devi’s focus is on those who have had complex lived experiences and lead high-impact lives. Her work is rooted in sharing tangible, multi-lineage healing practices to support a sovereign lifestyle and holistic well-being.
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Are you ready to be a better friend? In this episode, Devi poses this question.  It is a privilege to be in connection with another being and as we investigate some of these relationships remember a solution is not always necessary.  Are you listening to offer advice or to uncover more about your friend from what they are sharing? What are your intentions? Learn More: Subscribe: Devi Brown’s YouTube Channel Previous Episodes Mentioned: Healthy Friendships with Dr. Joy Harden Bradford Healed Parenting with Dr Shefali Connect: @DeviBrownSee for privacy information.
Are you performing what you’ve learned about healing, are you regurgitating those lessons or are you actually actively living in the transformation of said healing?  Pain creates patterns in our behaviors and personalities, are you existing within your pattern or are you free of its repetition?  During this solo-led episode with Devi Brown, she guides us through a meditation toward recognizing the necessary changes to break the patterns and transform. Connect: @DeviBrown     Learn more:  DeviBrownWellBeing.comSee for privacy information.
A very special solo episode with Devi Brown to close out the summer.See for privacy information.
Dr. Anita Phillips is a Trauma Therapist, Life Coach, minister, and author and is widely recognized as a thought leader at the intersection of mental health, faith, and culture. Dr. Phillips explains how our emotional pain and our spiritual power are not mutually exclusive, she seamlessly integrates the spiritual, psychological, and biological dimensions of the human experience. Read: The Garden Within Connect: @DeviBrown @DrAnitaPhillips Learn More: AnitaPhillips.comSee for privacy information.
How’s your heart? Joel Cross, known by his students and fans as A Soul Called Joel, joins us today to discuss the extraordinary power of mindful awareness through music, poetry, and meditation. Joel shares his journey as a musician and meditation teacher and how his travels have helped him heal and transform.  Connect: @DeviBrown @ASoulCalledJoel Learn More: Join: The Beautiful Souls Community Subscribe: Devi Brown's YouTube ChannelSee for privacy information.
Summer in Paris

Summer in Paris


On this episode, Devi shares a breathing exercise, her experience traveling to Paris this summer, and insights for setting intentions on your birthday.  If you are currently in Paris or have plans to visit one day, here are a few travel and entertainment recommendations:Musee de LouvrePicasso Exhibit The Louis Vuitton FoundationFilms to watch on the journey:Before Sunrise3000 Years of LongingLiving  And a reminder! There is still time to join Devi and Queen Afua at The Woman Who Heal Retreat - August 20-25, 2023See for privacy information.
What is a self-pleasure practice? Simone Farschi joins us today to discuss the evolution of sexuality and the importance of exploring self-pleasure.  Simone is a Sex Educator, Intimacy Coach, Sexological Bodyworker, and public speaker. She is featured in the EPIX TV series Sex Life and in NYC Journal as 2022 best coaches. Her mission is to elevate relationships, demystify pleasure, and empower people in their sexuality. Simone is the founder of The Pleasure Plus, an online community that brings women together to learn how to have fulfilling and emotionally intelligent relationships, be empowered and secure in their bodies, be authentically themselves, gain sexual agency, trust their choices, and communicate desires— becoming more magnetic, radiant, and fulfilled in all aspects of their lives. Connect: @DeviBrown @SimoneFarschi Learn More: The Pleasure Plus Subscribe: Devi Brown's YouTube ChannelSee for privacy information.
Queen Afua is a renowned Holistic Health Expert, Wellness Coach, and New York Times best-selling author with a wealth of experience spanning over 40 years. She has dedicated her career to helping individuals worldwide achieve their wellness goals through comprehensive holistic support. In this episode, Queen Afua shares invaluable insights on various topics, including her transformative approach to living each day, her personal journey toward becoming a healer within a mere 24 hours, and practical advice on avoiding mental, spiritual, and dietary pitfalls. Moreover, she reveals "the plan," a valuable resource that can guide individuals on their path to overall well-being. Furthermore, discover details about the upcoming Women Who Heal retreat led by Queen Afua and Devi Brown this August at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.  Connect: @DeviBrown @QueenAfua  Learn More: Join Us: The Woman Who Heal Retreat - August 20-25, 2023 Subscribe: Devi Brown's YouTube Channel        See for privacy information.
Krista Williams is a lifelong empath, Internal family systems practitioner, and co-founder of Morning Micro-dose and Almost30 – a global community and widely celebrated podcast that provides online learning and resources for navigating life's transitions.   In this episode, Krista and Devi have an honest conversation about sacred rage and relationships. The conversation goes deeper as Krista shares details of her intense experience in sensory deprivation at a darkness retreat and shares practices for healing & grieving during big life shifts.  Connect: @DeviBrown @itsKrista Learn More:  ItsKrista.Co Subscribe: Devi Brown's YouTube ChannelSee for privacy information.
Ajay Relan is an investor, entrepreneur, and community builder. With a keen focus on brand building and storytelling, Ajay's passion lies in identifying trends and engineering culturally aligned brands. A lifelong Angeleno, Ajay has established a business portfolio grounded in community. Relan is the head of Slauson & Co - a venture capital firm focused on investing in SMB Tech, tools that support the next generation, and culturally relevant consumer products.  His is also a Co-Creator of Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen which has become a staple, facilitating productivity and collaboration in diverse neighborhoods across Los Angeles. In 2012, Ajay founded #HashtagLunchbag, a grassroots movement that has fed 1,000,000+ hungry and unhoused people in 150+ cities around the globe. Relan joins us today to share his work, his philosophy, and his manifestations toward creating change through working with like minds to establish creative philanthropic collaborations. Connect: @DeviBrown @AjayFresh Learn More:  Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen Slauson & Co Subscribe: Devi Brown's YouTube ChannelSee for privacy information.
Adam Jackson is the Voice of Sacred Sons, Director of Operations & Founding Partner... he holds a vision for ushering brotherhood to the forefront of our community as a means for conscious healing. Adam is at the helm of mental health and healing for men of all ages. He along with the Sacred Sons organization is dedicated to building strong men; with an intentional effort to raise our families, and our communities and help us get back in alignment with the essence of fatherhood. Connect: @DeviBrown @adam__jackson Learn More:  Sacred Sons Subscribe: Devi Brown's YouTube Channel  See for privacy information.
Christine Mark-Griffin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified EMDR Therapist, and a mother of two with a desire to help families get through some of the toughest experiences they could face. It can be challenging to heal from a difficult life situation while managing your role as a parent or helping your child through a traumatic experience. However, there are tools and resources that are available to help you and your child heal past these experiences. Christine joins us today to answer some very difficult questions about behavior patterns in children with traumatic histories and offers further understanding about different therapeutic options that could be helpful. Connect: @DeviBrown @sparkallwellness Learn More:  SparkAllWellness.Com Subscribe: Devi Brown's YouTube ChannelSee for privacy information.
Resmaa Menakem returns to the Deeply Well podcast and we are honored to dive into a deeper conversation about expansion and relationships. He returns with a new book, “Monsters in Love” which challenges the idea that conflict between partners is unhealthy or something to avoid. Instead, it encourages both people to stand by what they need and who they are—but to do so with compassion rather than competitiveness or vengefulness. Menakem offers scenarios and his insight on how each person in a relationship can grow not in spite of a conflict but because of it… Connect: @DeviBrown  @ResmaaMenakem Learn More: Subscribe: Devi Brown's YouTube ChannelSee for privacy information.
Your purpose and how it aligns with service is a divine understanding, using your gifts and skills in service for the greater good.  Are you in service? Are you following the awareness of all that you are to connect with your path?  Astrology is a guide to gaining feedback on the totality of the full being.  Daryl Gaines has been an astrologist for over 20 years. His readings examine what you were born with, where you’ve been, where you are in the present, and how to manage the weather of your future. We also explore the charts of three great energies; Tupac Shakur, Michelle Obama, and Muhammad Ali. Connect: @DeviBrown @GuidingPlanet Learn More: Subscribe: Devi Brown's YouTube ChannelSee for privacy information.
The beauty of motherhood. Myleik Teele joins this episode to discuss the healing opportunities of being a mother; to be more creative, finding joy, and reconnecting with your inner child. Every mother has their journey, and as we raise and nurture divine beings it is important to be in a space to receive what they are here to offer us as well. There are over 27 million Black moms in America, and we are some of the most isolated and unsupported women in our society. Myleik is working to change that. She is the founder of CURLBOX, a mother of two, and behind the online community for moms, Myleik+Mommas is dedicated to helping mothers build their village one connection at a time. How would you parent, if you had access to more information? Connect: @DeviBrown @Myleik Learn More: Myleik+Mommas Subscribe: Devi Brown's YouTube ChannelSee for privacy information.
The Black Effect Presents... Deeply Well! Understanding one’s sensitivity; over our emotions, mind, and spirituality can take time to examine and define. How do you respond to toxicity? How do you adapt? What is the name of what you’re going through? Finding the answers to these questions could lead you to being your full self. On today’s episode, Lalah Delia joins the conversation.  Delia is a bestselling author, educator, spiritual writer, certified spiritual practitioner, and founder of Vibrate Higher Daily School. She is leading seekers to self-empowerment and a life of more grace and high vibrations, and today she shares her story and her light with us. Learn More: Lalah Delia The Book: Vibrate Higher Daily Connect: @DeviBrown @LalahDelia  See for privacy information.
As we conclude this Season, we welcome the next chapter and hope you will continue the journey with us. Everything evolves especially if it is healthy, it is bound to grow. The podcast was initially introduced as Dropping Gems and has developed into a more mature welcoming space and henceforth will be known as, "DEEPLY WELL with Devi Brown".  Connect: @DeviBrownSee for privacy information.
Cultivate Creativity

Cultivate Creativity


Creation is everything, thus it is important to be intentional about what we are creating and co-creating. Whatever we do to communicate and nourish our creativity is important to keep awareness of the role we play.  Devi offers a few questions to help direct our focus as we move forward to create with intention and purpose. Connect: @DeviBrownSee for privacy information.
Creating Beauty

Creating Beauty


When was the last time you took an intentional bath or just gave yourself the extra attention needed toward your self-care? Creating intentional practices to implement every week really helps us to connect with our bodies in different and holistic ways. Life can be very distracting but you deserve to feel beautiful, so it’s important to make time to honor and nourish your radiant being. Connect: @DeviBrownSee for privacy information.
There are four soul questions in primordial sound mediatiation, Who am I? What do I really want? What am I grateful for? and How can I serve? By asking these four questions we invite clarity, healing, awareness, and so much more to connect us more deeply with our purpose and divine being.  This week Devi guides us through meditation for each question. Connect: @DeviBrownSee for privacy information.
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Petronella Samvilian

This is the first time I have listened to you and now my journal is full of notes. Thank you for my daily affirmation and the 2 most powerful questions I've ever heard.

Sep 22nd

Shandrelle Jones


Sep 15th

Gil Weems II

love the new cover

May 13th

Gil Weems II

I love this podcast!

Dec 5th
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