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An MLB player-hosted show featuring World Series champion Eric Hosmer, 12-year veteran Peter Moylan, and renowned Process & Development Coach Justin Su'a, 'Diggin' Deep' goes beyond the field with an intimate look into the experiences of elite athletes across all sports. The show extends beyond athletic achievements to include conversations with key figures in sports business, entertainment, and culture, providing a comprehensive view of the professional sports landscape.

This podcast is an entertaining and invaluable resource for anyone interested in the complexities of athletic excellence, mental and physical preparation, and insights into sports and business, with lessons that resonate with fans, aspiring athletes, and professionals alike.
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In this episode we sit down with Brice Butler, whose athletic prowess has taken him from the high-octane world of the NFL to the serene greens and fairways of golf courses around the globe. Butler, originally known as the former USC/San Deigo State alum who has played wide receiver for the Cowboys, Dolphins and Raiders, now channels his competitive spirit into becoming a golf influencer, sharing his journey of improvement and discovery in the sport. With a YouTube channel dedicated to his golfing adventures, Brice is playing prestigious courses worldwide, like Augusta National, all while navigating the challenges and joys of learning a new sport.This conversation digs deeper into Brice's transition from football to golf, exploring the mental and physical parallels between the two sports, and how skills in one can translate to success in the other. We also get a glimpse into the unique world of golf culture through Brice's eyes, including his experiences with the sport's etiquette, the welcoming (and sometimes not-so-welcoming) golf communities, and how he's leveraging media to reshape the narrative around golf for a new generation. Our chat with Brice goes beyond just a career change; it's about finding new passions and the drive to excel in them. He shares insights on the mental shift from team sports to the solitary challenges of golf, the cultural nuances of both worlds, and his approach to mastering a game that's as much about patience as precision. Brice's story is one of exploration and enjoyment in sports, reflecting on what it means to compete with oneself and how an athlete's discipline transcends the field. Join us as Brice shares personal stories from both his NFL career and his current golfing escapades, offering insights into the discipline, dedication, and passion required to excel in any athletic endeavor. Tune in to hear about Butler's journey from gridiron glory to golfing growth, all through his eyes.Brice ButlerBrice's YouTube / Brice's Instagram / Brice's Twitter Bio: a former NFL wide receiver, drafted by the Oakland Raiders in the 7th round of the 2013 NFL Draft. He played college football at USC and San Diego State. Now, Brice has a 30k subscriber and growing YouTube ChannelHostsEric Hosmer / @hosmer305Justin Su'a / @justinsuaPeter Moylan / @petermoylanInteract with the Diggin' Deep crew on:Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / TikTok Advertising & Partnership inquiries: diggindeep@moonballmedia.coma MoonBall Media...
Join hosts Eric Hosmer, Peter Moylan & Justin Su'a as they dig deeper into the heart and mind of Kansas City Royals shining star, Bobby Witt Jr. This episode offers a special blend of vulnerability, triumph, and the unwavering spirit of a young pro athlete navigating the pressures and pleasures of Major League Baseball. The 23 year-old Witt Jr has made pre-season headlines with his early 11-year $288 million contract extension with the Royals. With a massive contract and high expectations for a player his age, it's easy to see Bobby is built for pressure; he shares his gratitude and growth mindset, showcasing a refreshing personality that impresses the Diggin' Deep crew.Bobby opens up about how he manages the complexities of communication as it relates to family and baseball, highlighting his special relationship with his father; a former Major League Baseball player himself.  BWJ shares the nuanced challenges of maintaining positivity amidst professional ups and downs, and the crucial conversations that have shaped his mental approach to baseball and life. Hoz, Su’a & Moyland explore Witt Jr.'s remarkable ability to distill wisdom from both victories and setbacks, his dedication to mental fitness, and how friendships with icons like Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes have influenced his career and personal growth.Listeners will get an unseen view into the world of this rising MLB star, from the throes of performance pressures to the sweet victories that define a budding legacy. Witt Jr.'s candid reflections on leadership, the importance of family support, and his unique perspective on life on and off of the field make this episode a must-listen for anyone fascinated by the intersection of young professional baseball players, mental toughness, and the pursuit of greatness.GuestBobby Witt Jr / @bwitter7Bio: Shortstop for the Kansas City Royals. He was selected second overall by the Royals in the 2019 MLB draft and made his MLB debut in 2022.  Recently signed an 11 year contract extension as a 23 year old.HostsEric Hosmer / @hosmer305Justin Su'a / @justinsuaPeter Moylan / @petermoylanFollow Diggin' Deep on Instagraminquiries: diggindeep@moonballmedia.coma MoonBall Media Podcast
Dig Deep into the art of coaching and leadership in baseball in a discussion with two of the most respected MLB coaches in the game- LA Angels Manager, Ron Washington, and his trusted third base coach, Eric Young Sr; both former MLB players themselves, Wash and EY get right into an enthusiastic and fun conversation with former World Series Champion, and host, Eric Hosmer, Process & Development Coach, Justin Su'a, and 12-year MLB Veteran and media personality, Peter Moylan.Wash shares his perspective on accountability and its crucial role in player development, emphasizing the importance of genuine leadership in building a winning culture. He details the importance of accountability in coaching, illustrating how acknowledging one's limits and seeking answers can foster mutual respect and growth between coaches and players.Eric Young Sr. discusses the evolution of baseball wisdom, highlighting how adaptability and understanding individual player needs are key to fostering team spirit and growth.Both Wash and EY stress the significance of leadership that extends beyond baseball strategies to include personal growth, team cohesion, and the development of a winning mindset.  They reflect on their roles as mentors in the sport, underscoring the responsibility of seasoned players and coaches to pass down their knowledge and wisdom, thus ensuring the continued growth and success of baseball.Effective leadership involves more than just directing others; it's about inspiring, guiding, and supporting individuals to achieve their best, applicable in any group or organization.  The episode underscores the critical role of open and genuine communication between coaches and players in building trust, understanding, and a cohesive team dynamic.Listen in as hosts Eric Hosmer, Justin Su’a, and Peter Moylan eagerly ask Wash and EY all of these themes, frameworks, and processes that make Wash and EY two of the most respected legendary leaders in the game of baseball.Ron Washington BioFormer MLB infielder and manager, known for his tenure with the Texas Rangers.Led the Rangers to two consecutive World Series appearances in 2010 and 2011.Renowned for his expertise in infield defense and his player-focused coaching style.Currently serves as a coach, bringing decades of experience in player development and team leadership.As a player: Los Angeles Dodgers (1977), Minnesota Twins (1981–1986), Baltimore Orioles (1987), Cleveland Indians (1988), Houston Astros (1989–1990)As a coach: New York Mets (Infield and Third Base Coach, 1997–2002), Oakland Athletics (Third Base Coach, 1996, 2003–2006), Atlanta Braves (Third Base Coach, 2017–2023)As a Manager: Texas Rangers (Manager, 2007–2014), Los Angeles Angels (2024)Eric Young Sr BioFormer MLB outfielder and 2nd baseman with a career spanning from 1992 to 2006, known for his speed and base-stealing abilities.1996 National League stolen base leader and All-Star.After retiring as a player, transitioned into coaching, focusing on base running and outfield defense.Respected for his mentorship of young players and his insightful approach to coaching and player development.As player: Los Angeles Dodgers (1992), Colorado Rockies (1993–1997), Los Angeles Dodgers (1997–1999), Chicago Cubs (2000–2001), Milwaukee Brewers (2002–2003), San Francisco Giants (2003), Texas Rangers (2004), San Diego Padres (2005–2006), Texas Rangers (2006)As coach: Arizona Diamondbacks (2010–2012), Colorado Rockies (2014–2016), Atlanta Braves (2018–2023), Los...
San Diego Padres star Manny Machado and retired MLB player Yonder Alonso, both Miami-bred standouts, sit down with Eric Hosmer, Justin Su’a and Peter Moylan for an in-depth personal conversation about the brotherhood of professional baseball, and how it’s shaped their careers.  These MLB stars share stories and the unspoken bonds of the game, as their discussion ventures into the realms of friendship, the sanctity of the game, and the personal journeys that define an athlete's career.Manny Machado recounts journey to the big leagues and encounters with baseball legends. Eric Hosmer and Yonder Alonso open up about the challenges and hilarity of parenting, revealing a side of professional athletes seldom seen by fans. From the camaraderie in the clubhouse to the unique paths they've navigated in the MLB, their stories are a testament to the deep connections formed through the love of the game.Machado discusses the small, but elite circle of Jordan brand athletes in baseball, shedding light on the figures who inspired his path to greatness; even revealing an unheard of new Nike baseball cleat design created by Machado himself. Yonder Alonso offers a glimpse into the life of a player beyond the ballpark, discussing fatherhood and the balance between professional commitments and personal life.  He reveals the funny moment he knew it was time for retirement, which golf fans will surely appreciate.The boys from the 305, Dade County, detail the cultural significance of baseball with a focus on the vibrant baseball scene in Miami. This episode highlights the essence of mentorship within the sport, celebrating the legacy of veteran players and the unwritten traditions passed down to the new generation, touching on the heritage and culture that shape players from diverse backgrounds. Discover the impact of mentorship, the evolution of their careers, and the legacy they aspire to leave for future generations.Justin Su'a, known for his expertise in mental performance coaching, enriches the dialogue with insights on the mental fortitude required in sports, shedding light on the critical importance of psychological resilience.Diggin’ Deep is more than just a baseball podcast; it's a heartfelt journey into the experiences that shape some of the game's most respected figures. Whether you're a lifelong baseball fan or someone drawn to compelling narratives of determination and legacy, this episode promises to captivate and inspire. Join Hoz, Su'a, and Moylan as they invite you into the intimate and profound world shared by Manny Machado and Yonder Alonso, offering a perspective of baseball that goes far beyond the game itself.Manny Machado BioBorn & raised in Miami, FL with Dominican heritageDrafted 3rd overall in 2010 by Baltimore Orioles6x All-Star, 2x Gold Glove, Platinum Glove, Silver SluggerBaltimore Orioles (2012-2018), Los Angeles Dodgers (2018), San Diego Padres (2019-present)Ownership Group of San Diego FC soccer teamMarried to Yainee, Yonder Alonso’s sisterYonder Alonso BioBorn in Havana, CubaPlayed college ball at University of MiamiDrafted 7th overall by the Cincinnati Reds in 20081st Baseman; All-Star (2017)Cincinnati Reds (2010-2011, San Diego Padres (2012-2015), Oakland Athletics (2016-2017), Seattle Mariners (2017), Cleveland Indians (2018), Chicago White Sox (2019), Colorado Rockers (2019)Currently an analyst at the MLB NetworkAlonso’s sister is married to Manny MachadoHostsEric Hosmer / @hosmer305Justin Su'a / @justinsuaPeter Moylan /a...
In an emotionally driven episode, Hoz and Su'a welcome George Lombard Sr. for what becomes a deeply personal conversation that transcends the realm of baseball. Lombard Sr. is currently the Detroit Tigers Bench Coach, former first base coach of the World Series Champion Los Angeles Dodgers in 2020, a former player himself, and a former high school All-American in football.Lombard opens up about raw moments from his childhood and the indelible impact of his mother’s legacy. Tragically losing his mother in a car accident when he was just ten, Lombard reflects on the purposeful life of Posy Lombard as a freedom fighter on the front lines of the civil rights movement, leaving behind a 300-page dossier compiled by the FBI. Lombard, growing up in a biracial family, with a mother from an affluent white background in the Northeast and a father from a segregated black community in Atlanta, shares the complexity and beauty of his heritage.Lombard's storytelling takes a heartfelt turn as he shares memories of his mother, whose life was a beacon of change and whose spirit continues to inspire him. This episode not only sheds light on the personal trials and triumphs of a baseball professional, but also honors the extraordinary woman who shaped him. Coach Lombard shares uplifting anecdotes about his family, including the exciting journey of his son, who was recently selected as a 1st round draft pick by the New York Yankees, and imparts his philosophy on parenting athletes, mixed with a dose of humor through a memorable story involving Chase Utley and Yasiel Puig.This episode is a must-listen not only for baseball enthusiasts but for anyone captivated by stories of resilience, family, and the profound influence of a parent's legacy on their children's lives. Join Hoz and Su’a  with George Lombard as he invites us into his world, revealing the depth of character behind the Tigers Bench Coach that will have you seeking out Coach Lombard when the Tigers are on TV.George Lombard Sr BioName: George Paul Lombard Sr.Born: September 14, 1975, in Atlanta, GeorgiaRole: Major League Baseball coach and former pro playerCurrent Position: Bench Coach for the Detroit Tigers (2023–present)MLB Debut: September 4, 1998, for the Atlanta BravesLast MLB Appearance: October 1, 2006 for the Washington NationalsTeams Played For:Atlanta Braves (1998–2000)Detroit Tigers (2002)Tampa Bay Devil Rays (2003)Washington Nationals (2006)Career Highlights:World Series champion (2020, Los Angeles Dodgers 1st Base Coach)First baseball player to hit a homer in China during MLB series in 2008 Draft: 2nd round selection by the Atlanta Braves in the 1994 MLB draftAll American running back in high schoolPersonal:Mother, Posy Lombard, was a noted white civil rights activist and associate of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.Grandfather taught at Harvard for 41 years and was former senior dean and professor of human relationsSon, George Jr, was drafted 1st overall by the New York Yankees in the 2023 MLB DraftHostsEric Hosmer / @hosmer305Justin Su'a / @justinsuaGuest: Jon Jay / @georgelombardsrFollow...
Baseball's Mr. 305, Miami native Jon Jay, joins Eric Hosmer & Justin Su'a to talk Jay's baseball career, his welcoming attitude toward South Florida MLB players, his family's impact on his work ethic, his transition from player to coach, and diving head first into business endeavors including investing in a tequila company.Hoz details how Jay lead by example to be one of the most respected players and opponents, especially ones grown in Miami. Expect a funny animated short created from one of Hoz's stories from this episode. Can you guess which one?Su'a digs deeper to find correlations between Jay's baseball career and his business endeavors. John Jay's BioName: Jonathan Henry JayBorn: March 15, 1985, in Miami, FloridaRole: Professional baseball coach and former outfielderCurrent Position: First base coach for the Miami Marlins (2023–present)MLB Debut: April 26, 2010, for the St. Louis CardinalsLast MLB Appearance: May 12, 2021, for the Los Angeles AngelsTeams Played For:St. Louis Cardinals (2010–2015)San Diego Padres (2016)Chicago Cubs (2017)Kansas City Royals (2018)Arizona Diamondbacks (2018, 2020)Chicago White Sox (2019)Los Angeles Angels (2021)Career Highlights:World Series champion (2011)Third highest modern-day career fielding percentage for a center fielder at .996College: University of Miami (Miami Hurricanes)Draft: 2nd round selection (74th overall) by the Cardinals in the 2006 MLB draftPersonal:Born to Cuban immigrant parents, involved in community and charity workInvestor & Entrepreneur; Lo Siento TequilaHostsEric Hosmer / @hosmer305Justin Su'a / @justinsuaGuest: Jon Jay / @jonjayuFollow Diggin' Deep on Instagraminquiries: diggindeep@moonballmedia.coma MoonBall Media Podcast
In Episode 2, Hosmer and Su'a welcome Rachel Balkovec, one of the female faces of MLB that's paving the way for women in the game; Balkovec, the first female manager in minor league baseball as a Head Coach for the Yankees minor league affiliate Tampa Tarpons, and current Director of Player Development for the Miami Marlins, shares her grit-filled professional journey, from sending in her first resume (disguising her real name), her awkward first day on the job, and how she developed the technical tools to be effective in the analytical side of being a hitting coach in modern day baseball; all having a truly unique and inspiring story that comes with it.  Hoz shares how Rachel's impact on the game directly impacts his own family, as Su'a digs deep into the Balkovec mindset that finds Rachel rising through the ranks of America's Favorite Pastime.  The trio poke fun at each other with usual baseball banter and share laughs around topics like the newly added "pitch clock" rule and potential rule additions like the auto zone.  The episode ends with powerful messages from both Balkovec and Hosmer.  To Balkovec, respect is earned, not given. And if you're not sea in this episode she'll show you why the Diggin' Deep crew is rooting for Rachel on her journey to being a GM.HostsEric Hosmer / @hosmer305Justin Su'a / @justinsuaGuest: Rachel Balkovec / @rachel.balkovecinquiries: diggindeep@moonballmedia.coma MoonBall Media Podcast
In DDP's premiere episode, World Series champion Eric Hosmer announces his retirement after 13 seasons in Major League Baseball.  Hosmer also holds 4 Gold Gloves, a Silver Slugger, and a World Baseball Classic championship with team USA.  Additionally, Hosmer reveals his next chapter, as he teams up with his former minor league Kansas City Royals teammate, Anthony Seratelli, to launch an MLB player-owned media company focused on authentic sports storytelling; from podcasts to original unscripted documentaries, MoonBall Media is ready to hit the ground running. The duo are joined by Justin Su'a, a renowned Process & Development Coach familiar with big league clubhouses and NFL sidelines, as a former mental skills sharpener for organizations like the Tampa Bay Rays, Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Browns, and WWE.  Su'a will be a mainstay on the show alongside Hosmer.This first episode of Diggin' Deep delves into the the decision behind Hosmer's farewell to baseball, how he linked up with Su'a, and some stories from Hosmer and Seratelli's playing days.The first episode discusses some big names in MLB, like Salvador Perez, and NFL, like Saquon Barkley of the New York, the mental aspect of journeying through the MLB system, and Justin Su'a's approach to working with elite athletes across the sports spectrum.HostsEric Hosmer / @hosmer305Justin Su'a / @justinsuaAnthony Seratelli / @anthony_seratelliinquiries: diggindeep@moonballmedia.coma MoonBall Media Podcast
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