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Don Diablo Presents Hexagon Radio

Author: This Is Distorted

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Welcome to the world of Hexagonia
480 Episodes
Welcome to the world of Hexagonia Preview: Don Diablo - Beast Mode (Knock You Out) 1. MOKABY - Music In Me2. NARI X STEVE TOSI X FUNKY DUNKY - I WISH3. Feed Me - Roadtrip Sleeper4. ALEX & KIIDA - Acid Foam5. Elderbrook & George Fitzgerald - Glad I Found You6. Longstoryshort - Part Of Me7. Le Boom - Class8. AstroWilk - Give Me A Reason9. James Roche - Love Will Take You Higher10. Tigerblind - Raided11. Skytech Presents Vuelo - Glory12. Sam Collins, Jake Tarry - The Underground13. VRZ - Lost In Empty Echoes14. GAWP X The Melody Men - Sun Comes Up15. Arkins & Castle J - Give A Try16. Grafix - Body Language17. Fred V - Take You There18. Nora En Pure - The Other Side
Welcome to the world of Hexagonia 1. M!ke V - Stare In Your Eyes2. Diplo & Riva Starr Feat. Kareen Lomax - Heaven Or Not3. Filip Grönlund - Leave Me Alone4. Don Diablo & Felix Jaehn - Monster5. Aliiias - Catastrophe6. Dj Seinfeld - If U Like Me7. Silvershore - Want Me8. [borders] & Puzzle - Grounded9. Aitor Hertz - Engage10. Bodyworx - Ripped11. Neon Steve Ft. Dakota Sixx - Best Of Me12. Anti Up - Control The Media13. Jack Orley - Wake Up14. Gobbs - Panic [gold Digger Records]15. Escargot, Snails - Renegade Master16. Des & Del - Downtown17. Ephemere, L!ly - Goodbye18. Ekonovah - Need You Tonight19. Andromedik - Stay Ft. Idle Days20. Lunar Lo-fi - Sat(i)ellite
Welcome to the world of Hexagonia 1 .Don Diablo & Felix Jaehn - Monster2. BCMP, Alex Kein - Taking Over3. Loek - Beggin For A Dollar4. Jengi Vs GFDM - Da Feeling5. Ayokay - Feel It6. Zerb & The Chainsmokers - Addicted (ft. INK)7. Control Room - Pick Up The Mic8. Stadiumx, Sam Gray, Viktoria Metzker - Let You Let Me Go9. Autograf - Wait For The Weekend10. Odssey - Midnight Hour11. TIBASKO - Freedom12. Boku - Things We Had13. Dj 80p - Falling14. Beastboi. - Won’t Feel Love The Same15. Haywyre - With Or Without16. NuKey, Guglielmo Nasini - The Doppler Effect17. R-CHY & BoweD - Do It18. Melissa Pools - London19. Oppidan & Cutty Ranks - Armed & Dangerous20. OCULA - Standing Still
Welcome to the world of Hexagonia Preview: Don Diablo & Felix Jaehn - Monster1. Siks & KDH - Turn On The Lights2. Sonny Fodera & Marten Hørger - Levitate3. Axxa - I Got It4. Plastik Funk & MYLØ - Sunshine Day5. SKG - So High6. Dave Armstrong - Make Your Move (Mark Vox Remix)7. Gosha - Rock The Party8. Kohen, Avsten - My Mind9. Genix - On & On10. YOURS - 80'S (OUR LOVE)11. Sadies Bens & Hypedelic - Make It Through12. Ahadadream, Priya Ragu & Skrillex Feat. Contra - TAKA13. Biscits & TOBEHONEST - I Am The One14. Sebastian Park - Ragga House15. Sly Phil - Ultimate16. Marc Vedo - Harlem17. ACID MACHINE - The Toxic Avenger18. Landis - Cheeky Little Club Banger Ft. Kxne19. Bart B More - Pop That20. Love, Shaun - The Heat
Welcome to the world of Hexagonia 1. Khira Li - Whispers2. CYRIL - Stumblin’ In (Arno Cost & Norman Doray Remix)3. VIVID - STAY (Thando1988 Remix)4. Monki - Last Minute Dreamer5. The Blessed Madonna Ft. Clementine Douglas - Happier (eSQUIRE Radio Edit)6. Efim Kerbut & Alex Helder - Vision7. Dennis Cartier, Razor - Miami Sunshine8. Drive To Tears - Nothing9. Jamie Jones, Jazzy - We Groovin10. Caius - Have U11. Bacavi - In A Cloud12. Biicla - BE WITH U13. Lawrence Hart & Giulia Tess - Trust14. AstroWilk - I BLAME MYSELF15. Matt Jadon - Coincide16. Jack Orley - Bon Bon17. Jay Eskar, ILSE - Afterglow18. Don Diablo & Major Lazer X Baby Lawd - Jiggy Woogie19. CiDE, Michel Kurt, Almo & Mason Young - Feel It Coming20. ESSEL, Alex Mills - Rave Is The Weapon21. Avi Sic - Dancing With My Boyz22. Niko The Kid - Say Goodbye23. Lunar Lo-Fi - Nebula
On this week’s episode of Hexagon Radio Don plays new music and world premieres from Funkin Matt, DJ Starfish, Lwny, Filex, Qrion and many more. 1. Don Diablo & Major Lazer X Baby Lawd - Jiggy Woogie2. Funkin Matt - Entropy3. CHANEY - Always (Me & You)4. Honey & Badger - Stand Up5. Le Bon Jams - UUU6. Voost & Arlow - Make You Mine7. DJ Starfish - In The Weekend8. Alan Dixon X Speakman X Misty - Warm (Feeling)9. Ish D - How He Works10. Curbi Ft. Nadia Gattas - Want My Love11. Melé - And 112. Lwny - She Said13. Alex Clyde - Ready For It (The End) (Greg Dela Mix)14. NuBass & Scrufizzer - Boom15. LO’99 - Shout Out Loud16. Filex - Phat Beat17. RudeLies - Dirty Vibe18. UKRUX - The Beat19. Wilkinson - Balance20. Qrion - Miyanosawa
Don and Hex are back with new music and world exclusives from Lunar Lo-Fi, Alannys Weber, JLV, Mazara, Eplor, MOR3L and many more. Preview: Don Diablo & Major Lazer X Baby Lawd - Jiggy Woogie1. Eplor - Heart Break2. Bexxie - So Good3. LF SYSTEM - All I’ve Got4. KLP - Symphony5. MOR3L - Sounds Good6. A.M.R & Cornelius SA - Karma7. Nimino - Will You Be There8. Agatino Romero - Hold On (To Me)9. BORDERS] & Puzzle - Shine Light10. Mazara - Lost11. JLV - What It Is12. Angelo Maria Calderano - STOP ME13. Alannys Weber - All I Wanna Do14. Sevek - DJ Do Baile15. HUMAIN - Desire16. Torrfisk - Blipp Traxx17. Dim Bolt - Alone (if You’re Not There)18. Lunar Lo-Fi - Stellar
On this week’s episode of Hexagon Radio Don plays new music from WATEVA Ft. Nola, SNAILS, JLV, Pirate Snake, Lunar Lo-Fi, Ephemere and many more. 1. WATEVA Ft. Nola - Close To Me2. Aruhtra - All For You3. Altere - Proud Thing4. Disco Lines - Disco Boy5. SNAILS - ESCARGOT6. JLV - What It Is7. Sammy Virji - If U Need It8. Don Diablo & Mearsy - Physique Ft. RBZ9. Ephemere - Dream10. Michael Phase - Funky Vibes11. Ryan Case Feat. Jake Neumar - Don’t Wanna Know12. Berkcan Demir & Calzen - Elysian13. Pirate Snake - These Lips14. Alex Martin - Eyes On Me15. No Thanks - Oldskool16. MaxMillion, MAA - Lypergo17. Dave Winnel - Bang It18. Lunar Lo-Fi - Stellar19. Harry Hayes - Easy To Love
On this week’s show Don plays new music and world exclusives from Lost Capital, Jennifer Cooke, INVOLVER, Jack Orley, Dabin X Trella and many more. 1. Don Diablo & Mearsy - Physique Ft. RBZ2. Lost Capital - Missing (feat. Eliina)3. Jennifer Cooke - Lost4. Rezident Feat. Ekko - Only For A Moment5. Cherry Tooth - Ooh La La6. Chester Young & Sesco - Flow7. Gordo - Kill For This Shi’ Ft. Young Dolph8. Teddy Swims - Lose Control (Kue Remix)9. SILK - Regret The Morning Ft. Mali-Koa10. Salute & Disclosure - Lift Off!11. INVOLVER - Elohim (ft Anna Simone)12. Mayxer - Stress..13. Father Funk & Stund - To The Beat14. Aaryan Gala X Meirlin - Drop In It15. Jack Orley - Nobody Else16. Westfall - Break Ur Neck17. Basura Boyz - Fantasy18. Fred Pellichero - The Volume19. Sebastian Ingrosso, Steve Angello - Skip20. Dabin X Trella - Worlds Away (Darby Remix)
On this week’s show Don plays new music from Dante Klein, Robin Aristo, Asparagus, G-POL & VAGAN, Louis The Child & Memba and many more. Preview: Don Diablo & Mearsy - Physique Ft. RBZ1. Galantis - One, Two & 32. CID Feat. Chris Moody - Better World3. Dante Klein - Gotta Feel4. Borgez - Millions5. Robin Aristo - For Life6. Jerro - Forever7. Marina Diniz - Amèlie Thème8. NIKK - Thick Like An X59. Otto Knows - Your Love10. Asparagus - I Never See You11. Alannys Weber - Killa12. CHRSTPHR X Cravis - Strong13. Forbid & James Indigo - Redlight14. BYOR & ARIA - Keep It Real15. AVOYYD - NAUGHTY16. MPH - One Sixty17. Mother. - Not Coming Down18. G-POL & VAGAN - Right Back Up19. Louis The Child & Memba - I’m Not Giving Up20. Justin Martin - Make Me Feel (Like Dancing)
On this week’s episode of Hexagon Radio Don plays new music and world exclusives from Disco Fries and Merger, ROOF, Ampersounds, Howlan X DIVICIOUX, Lunar Lo-Fi and many more. 1. Disco Fries, Merger - Hypnotized2. ROOF - Did This Before3. Ampersounds - I’m In Love With You4. JLV X Thandi - Show Me5. Axel Boy - Talk About Love6. Alex H Feat. Ivy Marie - Not Fair7. Coolone Shellchew & UBO - Time8. Don Diablo & Lucky Luke - WTF R U9. Bakermat - Low Again10. Howlan X DIVICIOUX - Weightless11. Ad Voca - Running On My Mind12. RudeLies - Reaction (feat. Sonam)13. Steve Angello & Pusha T - Freedom (Body Ocean Remix)14. Dan Be - You15. Sweet Harmony - Nectar16. NOYSE X ZANGI - Crazy (for You)17. Mosimann - Please18. Camo Krooked  Mefjus - No Tomorrow (feat. Sophie Lindinger) (P Money X Whiney Remix)19. Lunar Lo-Fi - Cosmos
On this week’s show Don plays new music from Landis, Worvan & Juyong, Alejandro Loom, Fred Pellichero, EXYT and many more. 1. Don Diablo & Lucky Luke - WTF R U2. Landis - Losing My Mind (Extended Mix)3. Dimitri Vegas X Chapter & Verse X Goodboys - Good For You4. ID - It’s Too Late5. Gigamesh - Everything6. Worvan & Juyong - Keep On Jumpin’7. Kotiēr - Sēlling Drēams8. Avalan Rokston - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad Ft. Moby9. Kill The Noise, Feed Me & Tasha Baxter - Mirage (Mat Zo Remix)10. Alejandro Loom - Be Like Me11. AC Slater - Bass Face Feat. Young Lyxx12. DJ Starfish - No Game13. Fred Pellichero - Kondor14. Danros - Money15. Marc Stout & Tony Arzadon- Move Your Body16. Thomas Anthony, Control Room - Move Like That Ft. Chase Paves17. EXYT - Missing U18. Badger & Drinks On Me - Don’t Leave19. DJ Sign - Out Of My Mind20. CRi & Klô Pelgag - Silhouette (Amtrac Remix)
On this week’s show Don plays new music and world exclusives from the likes of JLV & Oscar Duke, Ephemere, Ansun, Alex Martin & Danth, Otherwish, PinkBelly and many more. 1. Don Diablo & Lucky Luke - WTF R U2. Stonsterr - Fly Day Chinatown3. Kungs, David Guetta, Izzy Bizu - All Night Long4. Deari - Falling5. Scott Rill, Plurr - Droids6. Bellecour - Right Back (Vice Mix)7. JLV & Oscar Duke - MAGNETS8. Ephemere - Blue Bird9. Dom Dolla - Saving Up (Odd Mob Remix)10. Born Dirty & Tchami - Ride Out Ft. Manny Torres11. Harry Hayes - Sunflower12. PinkBelly - Easy13. 3SCAPE DRM - Flying High14. Ansun, AARMO - U Don’t Mind15. Chapter & Verse - Tighten Up16. Alex Martin & Danth - Want More17. Niko The Kid & Fab Massimo Feat. Sam Stray Wood - Wanna Live Large18. Lackmus - My Mind19. NERO - Blame You20. Otherwish - Let It Fade
On this week’s show Don plays new music from JLV & Oscar Duke, M!KE V, Retrovision, Mochakk, Menshee, Kitone and many more. 1. JLV & Oscar Duke - MAGNETS2. Smokey Bubblin’B & Alex Mills - Overpowered3. Mochakk - Jealous4. Don Diablo Ft. ECHoBOY - Only God Knows5. M!KE V - Leave Right Now6. Phonique, Bakka (BR) - Animal Instinct7. Agatino Romero - Time Machine8. Curbi  - Kill The Lights (feat. Sarah De Warren)9. Eyezic - A Moment Apart10. HIRAD - Invasion11. NeRot - Our Memories12. Kitone - Ay Papi13. Menshee - Come Tonight14. Hollaphonic & Voost - It’s A Vibe15. Zuffo - Stop To Go16. Retrovision - Take Me Higher17. Sean Paul & Odd Mob - Get Busy (Odd Mob Extended Club Mix)18. Space 92, HI-LO - ORION19. Lunar Lo-Fi - Eclipse
Don is back for the first show of 2024. Welcome to the future! 1. Don Diablo Ft. ECHoBOY - Only God Knows2. Gigamesh - Holding On3. Lumine - ID (If There’s One Thing)4. Asketa & Natan Chaim - Overdrive5. Boku - Fading Echoes6. Daniel Kick - Hit Me Up7. Victor Tellagio X Chemical Neon - No More8. Odssey - Told You So9. JINGBY - Fall10. BUTTER, Single Spark - Leaving11. Jack Orley - Vai12. Loadjaxx & Spicy Boi - My Bubble13. The Chemical Brothers - No Reason (Chris Lake Remix)14. G-POL & ILVS - Never Look Back15. Don Diablo & RetroVision - Set Me Free (TAIGA Extended Remix)16. Carol Seubert - Scream17. Juicy M X Lady Bee - Desire Ft. Ælinn)18. A.M.R - Holding On Is Human
Welcome to the 2023 Hexagon Radio DemoDay Year Mix! Aclonis - PainFoud - EEEVIANI - What To DoPRMGH - In The AirArchelli Findz, Black Station - AwayAilero & Jay Mark - Never Knew YouEplor - Round By RadioBonkr - MagicArensky - Set Me FreeBlrrdpctrs - Better Now7amr - Weekends (ft. Pearl)DNSTY - Follow MeJDMAJ - NowhereYSMA - Lose ControlDaniel Etienne - SunLucca Saettone - Promises (Extended Mix)Bloodlike, Cammy - WastedKosmo - Romance (ft. Moav)COLDKIDS - No MoreNiiko Skies x Child Nation - Come Closerfuii - New LifeMass - It's a solo (Original mix)Aitochusei - Faded21RoR - Talk AboutVNT3K - DestressDesno - See The SunKYPT - MidnightHeyDoc - Take DownKarasu Merodi - Reception LightMayxer - are U there Joseph - Know You BetterMenso - Tell me, (can you save me)VNCNT - Call On MeBPRTS - QuisinMauricio Hernández & Kadoz - One NightAutodepth & Noir Foncé - Too LateGorbunoff - Fallen LoveKeerthin & Harricane - I Need YouAlleck - Nobody Stop MeLucles - NobodyAKIRA, Kovalenco Gennadi, Evernone - RAVEKarbon - BlowDoreus - IntoxicatedAxity - HerDesno - Into The WildDrew Landrs - Waiting ForCoben - AboutUasuzora - Archive
Welcome to the 2023 Don Diablo Year Mix! Don Diablo & Paolo Pellegrino - Dangerous (Club Mix) | Don Diablo 24 Bit MasterDon Diablo - Stop Loving You (Extended Mix)Don Diablo - Lucky OnesDon Diablo - Still Cutting Shapes (Extended Mix)Don Diablo & Retrovision - Set Me Free (Extended Mix)Night / Moves - Blacked Out Rover (Don Diablo Edit) (Extended Mix)Don Diablo - Feelings (Extended Mix)Egzod & Maestro Chives - Royalty (Don Diablo Remix) (Extended Mix)Calvin Harris ft. Sam Smith - Desire (Don Diablo Extended Remix)Don Diablo - Deja Vu (Extended Mix)Don Diablo - Let Me Love You (Club Mix)Don Diablo - Golden (Extended Mix)Switch Disco - REACT ft. Ella Henderson and Robert Miles (Don Diablo Remix)Don Diablo & AR/CO - Hot Air Balloon (Don Diablo Extended VIP Mix)Don Diablo - Got That (ft. Scrufizzer) (Extended Mix)Don Diablo & Azteck - Not Alone (VIP Mix)Don Diablo & Azteck - Not Alone (Extended Mix)Gabry Ponte x Don Diablo - Sunglasses at Night.wav (Extended Mix)Camp Kubrick - Need To Get OutDon Diablo x Tony Ann - Future RainGold88 - You Know Why (Don Diablo Edit) (Extended Mix)Don Diablo - Beyond the Fire
Welcome to the Hexagon Records Year Mix 2023! 1. JLV - Something Like This2. Marc Benjamin Feat. Aries - Body Move3. Holseek - Louvre4. Doche Ft. RoxSoul - Soulman5. TOOMANYLEFTHANDS - Crazy6. Chester Young & Keerthin - Lead Me On7. Siks - Anywhere With You8. EC TWINS - Say You Will9. Eplor - By My Side10. Albin Myers X ILY - Fall11. Maurice Lessing - Home12. Landis - Beggin’13. DJ Licious Ft. Jack Hawitt & Armen Paul - Body Talking14. Gaddi - Look At Me15. WILL K - Promised Me16. Avigate, BCMP - Decisions17. Rompasso & Chester Young - Focus18. Victor Tellagio - N1 Ft. Salvo19. Aiobahn & Tollef Ft. Ruben. - U&i20. Nicola Fasano, Salento Guys, Jaydan Wolf - Acapella (feat. Francis La Potencia & Twentyone)21. JLV X Justin J. Moore - Dollar22. Going Deeper, Rich Fayden, Samantha Leon - Clocks23. Aliiias - Close 2 U24. Alex Pizzuti - Let Me Go25. RetroVision - 90's26. G-POL, Barkov, Danian Vreugd - COCA COCA27. Thrdl!fe, STO CULTR - The Vibe28. Vato Gonzalez & Scrufizzer - Big & Bad Riddim29. Khira Li - The Reason Is You30. Promise Land X Brave Culture - Dance Alone31. MorganJ, Melyjones & Luciana - Frequency32. NO SIGNE - Hazy (ft. DonReyz)33. Vion Konger, KYPT, East Dawn - Cynical34. Albert Neve, Gian Nobilee, Kiras - I Need A Miracle35. Be Charm’D - Get Down Ft. MC Stretch36. Jasted - The Club37. Swanky Tunes - My Ecstasy38. Stadiumx, Muzzaik, Deaf Jules - Bedam39. Dana Vicci & Victor Tellagio - 007X40. Funkin Matt - MIA Feat. Maya Vik41. Lady Bee X Willemijn May - 2022 (DJEAU Extended Remix)42. Aspyer - All Night43. BVRNOUT - Your Heart44. Neon Steve & Black Caviar - Drug Test Ft. Tima Dee45. FWLR - Work This Out46. Morgan Page & BVRNOUT - Let You Down47. Madison Mars & NIGHT / MOVES - Kickback48. RetroVision - Move It49. DJ Kuba & Neitan X Rudeejay - Sandstorm50. Zen/It - Feel Alive51. Plastik Funk - Push It (Plastik Funk 2023 Extended Edit)52. Gold 88 - Loving You53. Denzel Chain - Gravity
Don is back for the final show of 2023 before the legendary Year Mixes commence.. 1. Landis - Beggin’2. Modern Machines - Something About You3. Ocean Alley - Confidence (Dave Winnel Extended Remix)4. Lost Frequencies Ft. Bastille - Head Down5. Paul Russell - Lil Boo Thang (Galantis Extended Remix)6. G-POL & Danian Vreugd - Playin With Ya7. Oliver Heldens, Ian Asher, Sérgio Mendes - Mas Que Nada8. A Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick It (Tuna Melt Remix)9. 33 Below  - Blinded10. BUNT, Nate Traveller - Peace In Silence11. Ephemere - Stay12. Blacksite &  PHLIP - Biodynamics13. Don Diablo & Paolo Pellegrino - Dangerous14. Salento Guys, Paki, Nicola Fasano - Pray 4 Love15. Jack Orley, Sunroi - Catioras16. Lion, Cosmo - Dum Dum17. OBS - Blow Your Mind18. Fred Again.. & Baby Keem - Leavemealone19. Thaylo - Escape
On this week’s show Don and Hex play new music and world exclusives from G-POL, Barkov, Danian Vreugd, REZarin, Fafaq, Broshi & BVRRN, KDH, OUTSHADES, Annastacia Boudwin and many more. 1. Don Diablo & Paolo Pellegrini - Dangerous2. G-POL, Barkov, Danian Vreugd - COCA COCA3. Quarterhead - Free4. REZarin - Again And Again5. Hybrid Minds & Charlotte Plank - Lights (Wh0 Remix)6. Fafaq - Totoro7. Conro - Wastin Time8. Triple M, FootriX - Outta My Mnd9. 33 Below - Protecta10. AVAION, BUNT. - Other Side11. Broshi & BVRRN - Blessings12. ZØDIAK - In My Heart13. Houseium & BLK OUT - PLAY14. GiddiBangBang - In My Soul (I Got This Feeling)15. KDH - Bassline16. Bad Intentions Vs. Kris Kiss -  You Know Where The Floor Is17. LO’99 & Ray Foxx - Skydance18. Drive To Tears - Night19. DJ Siar & BCMP - Connect20. Camo & Krooked - Aurora (feat. Metrik) (Justin Hawkes Remix)21. OUTSHADES, Annastacia Boudwin - Ghost
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Edwin Vargas del Carpio

Super cool

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best episode ever

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Son SÚPER los temas del episodio 144 Hexagon Radio de Don Diablo...

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