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Uncensored thoughts on how to keep liberty, justice, and human rights alive.
56 Episodes
Dr. Naomi Wolf speaks with Dr. Paul Alexander about teenage suicides, miscarriage rates and reproductive disorders, and the CDC. Don’t miss this moving discussion!Support the show
Dr. Naomi Wolf joins Ob-Gyn Dr. James Thorp to discuss the dangers of the COVID vaccine to pregnant women.Support the show
Hospitals Paid for Letting Patients Die? Dr. Naomi Wolf joins Dr. Henry Ealy to discuss the Grand Jury Petition Against the CDC. Dr. Ealy confirms the high percentage of fraudulent COVID deaths, monetary incentives for hospitals to inflate data related to COVID-19, and many more shocking discoveries.Support the show
Dr. Naomi Wolf and Dr. Robert Chandler discuss the secret FDA papers and how Pfizer hurt women’s reproductive and sexual health. Why is the mRNA injection specifically affecting organs related to reproduction?Support the show
A Lost Small Town

A Lost Small Town


Running Errands in the Wake of Emotional Violence, USAI live in a picture-perfect region — the Hudson Valley, memorialized by painters and poets; a patchwork of autumn reds and yellows, majestic hillsides, storied waterfalls, and little homesteads dotted picturesquely on the slopes of sleepy hamlets.Towns in our area look like Norman Rockwell paintings: there is Main Street, Millerton, with its white 19th century church steeple, its famous Irving Farm cafe with the excellent curated coffee beans, its charming antiques mall, its popular pizzeria....Support the show
Dr. Naomi Wolf Interviews Igor Chudov, a mathematician and Substack writer, on his research around the drop in birth rates and fertility among mRNA vaccinated women.Support the show
Dr. Naomi Wolf interviews Jeff Hays to discuss the significance of RFK Jr's new film, The Real Anthony Fauci.Support the show
Dr. Naomi Wolf Interviews Tony Lyons on how RFK Jr's bestselling book, The Real Anthony Fauci, is fighting censorship.Support the show
Dr. Naomi Wolf interviews Brandon Gaylord, Candidate for the 106th District of the New York State Assembly, to discuss his ideas about important steps for ending the state of emergency in the New York State, and to explore his platform in general.Support the show
Dr. Naomi Wolf interviews Dr. Peter Breggin to discuss the psychology of the COVID crimes.Support the show
Dr. Naomi Wolf's latest essay about resuming national holidays after a mass violation.Read full essay here: More on DailyClout! a Member Today!'t Miss Our Upcoming LIVE Webinars! Your Own Campaign Top Trending Bills the show
Dr. Naomi Wolf confronts Yale for crimes against students in a fiery speech. Dr. Wolf declares that Yale will “have blood on its hands" for damaging young, healthy women and men by mandating the MRNA vaccine and boosters for students.Support the show
"On Dec 3, 2022, very early in the morning, I took a car from my cozy hotel in Boston, to the open commons in front of Yale’s Old Campus. I alit from the car in nearly freezing weather."Read full essay at DailyClout: the show
Dr. Naomi Wolf interviews author and mindfulness expert, Ora Nadrich, about her new book ‘Time to Awaken’, which discusses the spiritual aspect of the current crisis.Time to Awaken More on DailyClout: More on DailyClout! a Member Today!'t Miss Our Upcoming LIVE Webinars! Your Own Campaign Top Trending Bills the show
Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages


Hanukkah, Christmas, and the Actual Miracle.Support the show
Don't miss DailyClout's latest interview with Dr. Naomi Wolf, Project Director Amy Kelly, and War Room/DailyClout volunteer and researcher, Dr. Chris Flowers. The War Room/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Post-Marketing Team wrote a Stroke System Organ Class Review based on Pfizer document 5.3.6 data. In the first 90 days following Pfizer’s COVID mRNA vaccine rollout, 275 patients reported 300 different stroke-related adverse events; and 20% of those events were fatal. 50% of the adverse events occurred in the first two days following vaccination. Pfizer concluded: “This cumulative case review does not raise new safety issues.” More on DailyClout! a Member Today!'t Miss Our Upcoming LIVE Webinars! Your Own Campaign Top Trending Bills the show
A Major Book Publication, Exposing Greatest Medical Scandal of our Time, Elicits AttacksSupport the show
My Accurate Tweet Warning of Menstrual Damage post-mRNA Vaccination Appears in Lawsuit's Discovery.Support the show
In Ora Nadrich’s bold and compelling book, Time To Awaken: Changing The World With Conscious Awareness, she takes us on an in-depth journey to fully understand what she calls a “Great Awakening” of our times. This spiritual awakening, caused by a global pandemic that catapulted the world into a fear frenzy, created tremendous polarization and dissent, dividing the world into two groups; those who are awake to know the truth behind the fear, and those that are frozen by fear and are in an “unconscious slumber”. Using Mindfulness and emotional intelligence to navigate the extreme changes we are facing, like censorship, government over-reach, global elitism, AI and Transhumanism; Time To Awaken will give you the necessary psychological armor to resist the dangers of our current state of affairs, which are unprecedented.Time To Awaken: Changing the World with Conscious Awareness More on DailyClout! a Member Today!'t Miss Our Upcoming LIVE Webinars! Campaigns Now! Top Trending Bills the show
Dr. Robert Chandler describes the in-depth dangers occurring in the female reproductive systems, dysregulation of the genome, hormonal imbalance, and other alarming effects of the menstrual cycle following MRNA vaccination. Plus, jaw-dropping global crash in live births and rises in miscarriage rates. Your Copy of the War Room / DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis Volunteers’ Reports eBook More on DailyClout! a Member Today!'t Miss Our Upcoming LIVE Webinars! Campaigns Now! Top Trending Bills the show
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