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A podcast about celebrity true crime that took the darkest of turns in our own personal lives.
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Tiff and I sit down and go over the amended and detailed order that I filed against John Nelson aka Enty Lawyer. Trigger warning for talk of domestic violence.
Blind Item: What 300 lb entertainment lawyer who “lives in his mom’s basement” panders to QAnon (like pizzagate) and Trump supporters when he secretly hates them, so he ran for California House in 2018 as a PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRAT? Oddly enough, a real celebrity was running too. 🤨 In this week's main feed episode Cass and Tiff sit down to talk about the Buzzfeed article "How Celebrity Gossip Site Crazy Days And Nights Went QAnon". Let's dig into the dark side of misinformation and celebrity gossip!
Today Cass and Tiff take a look at some signs that that a married man is using you! Enty Lawyer may not be a practicing attorney but he sure has had some practice leading a double life. Let's learn all of the red flags to watch out for!
Enty Liar Timeline

Enty Liar Timeline


In this extra long episode Cass and Tiff do a deep dive into the relationship timeline! 
In this weeks episode we are back to have an open conversation about grooming, abuse and how predators choose their victims. Trigger warning for talk of domestic violence and eating disorders.
TRIGGER WARNING : This episode contains talk of explicit violence towards women and eating disorders. It's finally time for an update. Join us to catch up on everything that's been happening the last two weeks.
Drenched In Drama is finally here. It is a celebrity true crime podcast as was always the plan, however we never expected to be the topic of the show. Follow along as we unpack the history and trauma of women and try to help other woman spot the red flags that Cassandra unfortunately overlooked like Tiffany and millions of other woman have as well. Trigger warning for talk of adultery and domestic violence. Follow along With the Drenched In Drama podcast for more updates. You can reach out to us on Twitter (X) @DrenchedInDrama and
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