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Your favorite female Shock Jock. Also, the degenerate love child of Dolly Parton & Dr. Ruth.
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Hawk Talks

Hawk Talks


Bunnie sits down with Hawk, one of social media's most controversial figures. They open up about the messy moments in life including family trauma and addiction and how they got to a place where they could be the best friend, mom, and business person possible. Hawk talks about not letting the haters dim your light and what's next for a wild 2023.  Hawk: OF | IG    Watch Full Episodes & More:
Fan favorite, hot mom, and TikTok sensation Demps returns to the show this week. Bunnie gets her to spill all the secrets about everything from Cat Daddy and what makes him different, how she gets your needs met as a hot woman, drunk sex, and keeping things spicy. Bunnie and Demps share relationship advice on how to fight fair with your significant other,  if exes can really get back together and what they really think about Playboy. Let's get freaky!  Bunnie: IG  Demps: IG  Watch Full Episodes & More:
Bunnie welcomes Erica Rifkin and Shane Wahrmund, TikTok's Favorite Coffeehouse Couple with over 3 million followers on social media. They each dive into their past life, dabbling in fast money, addiction, and toxic relationships until a chance meeting at Chili's led them to their ride-or-die relationship today. Erica and Shane discuss their mission to help others, how they got into the coffee and Out of the Way cafe biz, and give a glimpse into their world takeover in 2023 and beyond.  Bunnie: IG  Erica: TikTok  Website  Watch Full Episodes & More:
The hot, funny and always pretty in pink Jade Amber joins Bunnie this week to talk about how she went from getting fired at Hooters to becoming a social media star with millions of followers. She shares how TikTok fame has changed her life and gives some great advice to aspiring content creators. Jade and Bunnie also talk about leaving toxic relationships, keeping baby daddy drama in the past and Jade opens up about the blessings and challenges that come with being a young single mom.  Bunnie: IG  Jade Amber: Tikok  Watch Full Episodes & More:
Buckle up baby, because it's a wild one as Bunnie welcomes two of TikTok's biggest "it girls", Christen Whitman and Whitney Wren. These two beauties break down ALL the drama that every snark page can dream up, from friendships to breakups to hamsters, hygiene and what really happened on IG Live. Christen talks about Konnor, Rocky, and Bunnie shares some receipts of her own, while Whitney shares her love of a good ole cowboy. Christen and Whitney also talk about their own friendship dynamic, what's next for them both in 2023, how they handle such hate, and whether or not they've hooked up with each other. Bunnie: Website  Watch Full Episodes & More: Christen Whitman: TikTok | IG  Whitney Wren: TikTok | IG 
In Part 2, Perfectly Kelsey picks back up telling Bunnie how she got out of a few toxic relationships, came full circle with her baby daddy, and met Curtis. She talks about embracing motherhood with confidence and empowerment, and what she's learned from friendships that have come and gone in recent years. Kelsey opens up about wanting to have a baby, and she doesn't hold back on one ounce of spilling the piping hot tea.   Bunnie: Website  Watch Full Episodes & More: Perfectly Kelsey: TikTok | Instagram   
Bunnie sits down with Kelsey Pumel, aka Perfectly Kelsey, who is blowing up on just about every social media channel near you. In Part 1, she talks about how she grew from just a regular midwestern girl to a content creator with over 2.2 million followers, and did so while brekaing generational curses of trauma and surviving domestic abuse. Kelsey and Bunnie share stories about the dark times in toxic relationships and how they got out of it to live a life that's better and much healthier. Kelsey shares more about the awakening she had where she fully knew she deserved a better life, how she created the protection within herself that she always wanted, and inspiration for women wanting to be their own CEO out there making boss moves.  Bunnie: Website  Perfectly Kelsey: TikTok | Instagram  Watch Full Episodes & More:
Bunnie welcomes TikTok's most popular policeman, Officer Kevin Eudy. He passes her interrogation on everything from how to get out of a ticket (good luck) and the craziest thing someone has done after getting in trouble. Officer Kevin opens up about seeing domestic violence in his own upbringing, and how it inspired him to go into law enforcement and create his non-profit Love Behind the Badge to do his part in making a difference. He also shares the secrets from being married for 13 years and how he and his wife rebuilt the marriage to be even stronger than ever after going through some tough times. Bunnie also grills him in some rapid fire questions, and Officer Kevin confesses if he's ever taken his officer uniform out of the streets and into the bedroom for some role play. Hot!    Bunnie: Website    Officer Kevin Eudy    Watch Full Episodes & More:
In Part 2 the fun continues with Pumpkin and Alana, with Pumpkin's husband Josh chiming in about family life and what it's like to get a first hand glimpse at the amazing bond these two women have. Pumpkin and Alana share how they have stood strong in their own faith during the point of no return in certain relationships, and especially during some tough times with Mama June. Pumpkin discusses some of the process in getting full custody of Alana, and why Alana's boyfriend caused such a stir on social media. The two give a sneak peek at some of the many exciting things they have in store for us in 2023 and beyond.    Bunnie: Website    Pumpkin: IG    Alana: IG    Watch Full Episodes & More:
In Part 1 of this double episode, Bunnie welcomes two beautiful strong women, Lauryn aka "Pumpkin" and Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson. The two have gone through it all together, from trailer park upbringings to the pageant world, then being launched into reality fame with family secrets that almost tore their hearts apart. In this episode, they share what life was like even before the cameras were around, and open up about their real experiences with Mama June, Geno, and Sugar Bear, and how they are slowly learning to build a team they trust.    Bunnie: Website    Pumpkin: IG    Alana: IG    Watch Full Episodes & More:
To kick off a new season, Bunnie welcomes her brothers from another mother and long time friends Doobie and Hylyte. The talented musicians talk about their rise to fame in the hip hop, rap, and rock world, how they came to meet and get to know Jelly and Bunnie, the opportunities that made a major splash in their career, and how they navigate all the craziness that comes with making music and touring. Before playing a CRAZY drug and sex themed game of Never Have I Ever with Bunnie, Doobie and Hylyte talk about what's next in terms of dropping new music and taking it on the road.  Bunnie: Website  Hylyte: IG  Doobie: IG  Watch Full Episodes & More:  
It's a spirited episode this week as Bunnie welcomes back resident psychic, Paige the Psychic Medium. Paige talks about how she went through her dark night of the soul to come out the other side, how she connects to spirits on the other side, and she gives Bunnie a reading that brings her plenty of Grace. Paige gives some advice on how to turn your pain into power, manifest your dream life, and ward off energy vampires.  Bunnie: Website  Paige: IG  Website  Watch Full Episodes & More:
The only F Sofia Franklyn gives is the one in her name, and this week, she's here to burn it all down with Bunnie. Sofia talks about daddy issues and drama in every form possible, and how she went from a high school degenerate to one of the top podcasters in the world. She opens up about her mental health struggles, being the hottest comeback kid in the game with her show Sofia with an F, and she gives some expert dating advice to a few horny listeners.  Bunnie: Website  Sofia: Website  Sofia with An F Podcast Watch Full Episodes & More:
Bunnie becomes a shiner this week as she welcomes the sexiest duo in country rap, Dusty ‘Tex’ Dahlgren and Brett ‘Bird' Brooks, also known as Moonshine Bandits. She first talks about how Bird and Tex are responsible for her and Jelly getting together, and gets them to spill about what really goes on backstage at their shows. Tex and Bird give the rundown on how they toured and built up their fan base without an album, their advice for younger artists, and why you need to try their new Bucked Up Whiskey. The guys also get real about their pride for Americans and gratitude for those who have served. Bunnie: Website  Moonshine Bandits: Website   Bucked Up Whiskey  Watch Full Episodes & More:
Bubba and Angela, one of TikTok's cutest (and hottest) couples, join the show this week! They get freaky in a round of dirty Would You Rather with Bunnie, and Bubba comes clean about how a chicken nugget started their whole social media stardom. Angela shares how Bubba slid in her DM's, and what their first kiss was like. They also talk about jobs they held down before becoming TikTok famous, and what's next as they build their empire.  Bubba: TikTok Angela: TikTok Bunnie: Website  Watch Full Episodes & More:
Bunnie welcomes the Southern Dad of social media, Dane the Greatt. Dane opens up about how he got into comedy, the dark side of fame, and what life has been like since he blew up spreading his Southern charm and wit all over TikTok. Dane's wife also joins the show to share what it's like to witness Dane's world as a teacher, how they overcame infidelity, and they share a candid glimpse into their relationship. It's a real one folks, so get ready!  Bunnie: Website  Dane The Great: Instagram | TikTok | YouTube  Watch Full Episodes & More:
Auntie Amanda: Unfiltered

Auntie Amanda: Unfiltered


Auntie Amanda, aka America's favorite aunt, joins Bunnie this week for an emotional and raw chat. Amanda talks about growing up with humble beginnings, learning to let go of trauma and drama, and how she won over the hearts of millions of people online with her amazing accent, personality, and delicious recipes. Auntie Amanda also shares how she met UncleJoey, and the lessons she learned as a child that she has made her a better adult.    Bunnie: Website  Auntie Amanda: TikTok | Instagram  Watch Full Episodes & More:
Demps: Tells All

Demps: Tells All


The most highly requested guest joins the show this week, the fabulous super sexy single mom and TikTok sensation Demps. She clears up all the rumors about baby daddy drama, toxic relationships, catching cheaters, and what's going on with her love life now. Demps also talks about growing up in Florida as a "bad kid" and what's next for this hottie.  Bunnie: Website  Demps: TikTok 
Bunnie makes the super hot TikTok stars Caden Mcguire & Jaydan Armour blush this week as the country boys talk about their rise to social media fame, what they look for in women, and if they would ever ghost someone. The guys also open up about their family life, faith, and overcoming the loss of a loved one. Bunnie plays a game with Caden and Jaydan that gets them to REALLY spill the tea on what they think of MILFs, if they're really moving to Nashville, and which one of them is crushing it on OnlyFans.  Bunnie: Website  Caden: TikTok  Jaydan: TikTok  Watch Full Episodes & More:
Bunnie is joined this week by the absolutely gorgeous and drool-worthy adult film star, Karma Rx. She talks about what it was like going from homeless to collecting homes, getting clean, and her love of a good trauma bond. She and Bunnie also talk twin flames, hot fetishes, and what's next for this sexy siren.  Bunnie: Website  Karma Rx: Website | IG | OnlyFans Watch Full Episodes & More:
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Brent Singer

been enjoying catching up on back catalogue to present. a 100% selfish thing I'd love to hear host & guest thoughts on: appeal or majority lack thereof of my "scrawny guy tribe". not addict or sick related, just genetics. been lucky to meet some amazing ladies who either don't mind or actually like scrawnies, but as a rule seems to be the one physical feature that makes most gals nope out. Apologies for novella comment, I'll grab my podium and vacate premises. Stay amusing.

Feb 1st

Destiny Verheye

People like Erica are my people!! I love you so much thank you Bunnie for giving her a voice!! Both of you women are so freaking awesome!!

Jan 20th



Jan 9th


We need more podcast with them❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

Jan 5th

Kyrie Jones-Iacobelli

love it

Jan 5th

Paige Fouse

where can I watch it, instead of just listening to it.

Jan 4th

Merrybeth Mack

I really enjoy listening to your podcast. you are the real deal.

Dec 22nd

Brent Singer

Got recommended to this podcast by a friend whose a big fan of your man, & who knows I like "shooting the shit" podcasts. Been enjoying a lot of these. 👍

Nov 5th

Annika Navarro

not me crying....

Nov 3rd

Chelsea Jones

you & jelly roll are my f'ing spirit animals. love y'all!!! 💛

Sep 30th

Kimberly Williams

he scored big time 8n Vegas and got Him a Bunny!!!

Sep 22nd


Girl. You are incredible. Listening to all of your podcasts and you truly are such a cool person! Love you and jelly 😍

Sep 19th

Toni Danielle

thank you for being you and sharing your life with everyone. this podcast has opened me up to so much xo

Sep 12th

Ronald Peterson

Amazing Post..

Jul 20th

Ronald Peterson

Thanks for this ...

Jul 14th

Erica Schott

I love this

Jun 23rd


omg hahaha I love this 😀

Jun 20th

Stephanie Rowland

where can I watch your episodes? i love listening to yall, but I would love to watch them as well. 🥰

Jun 15th

Crystal Flores

I absolutely love her!

Jun 5th

Rachel Deck Bienek

I've started the podcast from the beginning, but had to skip forward to listen to mama tot

Jun 1st
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