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Deepen your language skills and knowledge of the French-speaking world through fascinating true stories in easy-to-follow French, with added English for context. From Duolingo, the world's #1 way to learn a language. Hosted by Ngofeen Mputubwele.
101 Episodes
Muriel Aublet-Cuvelier is a French pastry chef on a mission to share the art of pastry with the world. She takes us to visit some of Paris’ historic pastry shops and taste some of the city’s most iconic desserts. A transcript of this episode is available at
Photographer Gaspard Duval has a growing archive of the historic Paris Catacombs, a network of tunnels and burial grounds underneath the city of Paris. He navigates the underground labyrinth to highlight his favorite spots, from the official tour area to secret chambers that are forbidden to the public. A transcript of this episode is available at
Olivier Chandez was the official clocksmith of the Notre Dame Cathedral. He tended to its antique central clock until a fire set the Cathedral ablaze in 2019. Olivier will take us back to a time before the fire for a special tour of one of the world’s most beloved Parisian landmarks. A transcript of this episode is available at
Paris - Visite du Marais

Paris - Visite du Marais


A longtime resident of Paris, Pascal Fonquernie, walks us through his historic neighborhood, Le Marais, sharing its unique history and shining a light on the different communities who live there. A transcript of this episode is available at
Trailer Season 12

Trailer Season 12


The Duolingo French Podcast is back for a new season. Our special trip to Paris, France starts January 2023. Listen to the trailer now!
Alphonse Maitrepierre is a talented young designer who worked his way up to many established fashion houses in Paris. After learning from the best, he wanted to design clothes that reflected his vision and commitment to sustainability. But would the fashion world embrace him? A transcript of this episode is available at
A doctor from Guadeloupe dedicates his life to honoring the memory of his island’s enslaved ancestors, and fights to make sure their names will not be forgotten. A transcript of this episode is available at
Growing up in Cameroon, Euphrasie Mbambae spent a lot of time on her grandfather’s cacao farm. But it wasn’t until she moved to Belgium that she tasted chocolate for the first time and understood the power of the fruits from her childhood. We recently reached out to Euphrasie and updated her story with new content. A transcript of this episode is available at
A Montreal resident realizes people in his neighborhood of Saint-Henri West don’t have access to fresh and affordable food. So together as a community, they decide to take matters into their own hands and open a collective grocery store run by and for the people of Saint-Henri West. A transcript of this episode is available at
As a teenager in Mali, Djénébou Dante dodged a string of marriage proposals to pursue her running dreams and represent her country on the international stage. We recently reached out to Djénébou and updated her story with new content. A transcript of this episode is available at
A Parisian B&B host sets out on a journey to master the art of making the perfect traditional French crepe. He shares his findings with the world…one crepe at a time. A transcript of this episode is available at
After learning that cigarette butts are the most harmful pollutants of our oceans, Chloé decides to take action. She sets out on a daring journey to follow a cigarette butt's course from the Seine River to the sea, raising awareness and sparking change along the way. A transcript of this episode is available at
As a little person, Douchka Volaric didn’t grow up with any media representation of people like her. When she discovers TikTok, she decides to use it as a tool to educate others, spread a positive message, and be the change she wished to see. A transcript of this episode is available at
As a film programmer, Aurélie depended on going to the legendary Cannes Film Festival. But when she had her first child, she realized attending Festivals with a baby would be nearly impossible and she wondered, could anything be done to help working families? A transcript of this episode is available at
Ever since he was 10 years old, Serge Zaka was fascinated by the power and beauty of France’s most elusive thunderstorms. So he made it his life's mission to photograph the perfect storm to share with the world, but could he do it? A transcript of this episode is available at
Trailer Season 11

Trailer Season 11


The Duolingo French Podcast is back with new episodes starting September 6, 2022. Listen to the trailer now!
Le Tour de France is a legendary bicycle race in France. But to cycling enthusiast Claire Floret, there’s something terribly wrong with it: women aren’t allowed to compete. So in order to make things right, she created a brand new cycling challenge. A transcript of this episode is available at
The béret was once the most popular hat in France. But today, most French people see it as old-fashioned. Except for Valérie. As a native of southwest France – where bérets were invented – she wants to bring them back in style! A transcript of this episode is available at
In France, greeting friends, relatives and co-workers with “la bise” — a kiss hello — is more than tradition. It’s essential. Yet Mathieu Avanzi was so baffled by the custom, it left him wondering: did others feel the same? A transcript of this episode is available at
Every year on June 21st, musicians across France take to the streets to celebrate la Fête de la musique. Growing up, Fanny’s birthday also happened to be on June 21st…and for a long time, she resented having to share her day with the popular French holiday. Until the tradition took on a special meaning for her… A transcript of this episode is available at
Comments (127)

Nina L

why would you think that listening to a whole paragraph of French without any note would help to learn this language? It has no difference than watching a foreign tv show!

Jan 10th

rayan aghaei

bonjour comment ça va ? j'adore toi!

Jan 4th

John Buckner

as always, so helpful, so informative.

Oct 29th

John Buckner

As always, so very helpful, so very interesting. Mercii beaucoup.

Oct 14th

Ludmilla Gerring

I'm impatiently waiting for the new season to start on September 6th! So glad that I will be able to continue listening to your informative podcasts!

Sep 1st

کودک فهیم

Genial !

Aug 4th

Katayoun S.

excellent 👌👍

Jul 20th

Muhammad Hussein Alipour

I love this episode

May 3rd

Nooshin Razvan

Hi, I'm listening to your padcast from iran, I'm artist &hope to visit paris this year,now is Nowruz( new year )in iran,thanks

Mar 26th

Narjes Delavari Parizi

that was so amusing and I enjoyed listening to it. merci beaucoup🥰

Mar 10th

Wellington Bomber

not only should you leave politics out but this is also super confusing considering you dont explain that there are no translations. merely a bilingual story. shame!

Mar 3rd

hoda sedaghat

I like it merci beaucoup

Feb 28th

zahra tamizi

so good and motivated

Jan 28th

Evan Ferris

such a shame it's political. time and a place for everything. learning a new language is neither.

Jan 26th

Sara Mollaei

merci c'est formidable

Jan 25th

Nime S.

every single episode makes me emotional ! thanks for your magnificent work

Jan 10th

Abi M

I've loved this series! It clearly took a lot of work but I would love to have more like this in the future.

Dec 18th


I really loved the story and the narration 😊 I also learned a new phrase, “À votre santé” 🤘🏽😍

Dec 15th

Sara Hosseiniaraghi

I really enjoyed Kevi's tour

Dec 3rd

Aramesh Armn

how can i find description(text) of this episode?

Nov 25th
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