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True stories for English speakers learning Spanish. From the makers of Duolingo, the most popular language-learning app, comes a new podcast that delivers fascinating real-life stories in easy-to-understand Spanish with English narration. These are not language lessons; they’re life lessons through language. Hosted by Martina Castro, co-founder of NPR’s Radio Ambulante.
154 Episodes
As a child, Dr. Linda Valencia was fascinated by her grandmother, a traditional healer in Guatemala. But after choosing a different path and becoming a medical doctor, Linda realized that she could integrate the best parts of her grandmother's practices into modern medicine, in order to transform healthcare across Guatemala. A transcript of this episode is available at
In El Salvador, waist loom weaving is a revered craft, historically undertaken by women — until Ronald Vega had to take over the job from his sick mother, becoming the first man in his family, and his country, to practice this ancestral technique. A transcript of this episode is available at
In May 2019, twenty Paraguayan soccer players traveled from their hometown to Asunción, the nation’s capital, to play the most important game of their lives. Led by their captain, José Elías Argaña, they were the first indigenous team to qualify to Paraguay’s national soccer league.  A transcript of this episode is available at
Dr. Magaly Blas trades the security of a city hospital job for a post in the Amazon, where she serves pregnant women who don't have access to modern healthcare. But when Magaly discovers that she, too, is pregnant, her work takes on a whole new level of meaning. A transcript of this episode is available at
A group of indigenous women from Bolivia go to great heights to show the world that mountaineering is for everyone — including cholitas who wear their traditional skirts and shawls with pride. A transcript of this episode is available at
A young Mexican man discovers that he can use rap as a tool to help save his native language. But can he convince a new generation to love this new form of rap, too? A transcript of this episode is available at
Rodrigo Pacheco worked in some of the world's best restaurants, but he never truly felt like the chef he aspired to be until he found himself far from the culinary scene on the Ecuadorian coast. That's where his quest to build a 100% sustainable restaurant began. A transcript of this episode is available at
In 2013, a Peruvian photographer visits his parents’ village and unexpectedly becomes dedicated to improving literacy in rural Peru.  A transcript of this episode is available at
Ricardo Bordones and Carlos Cortés are caught in a huge storm and fear they may suffer the same fate as the passengers of the Vapor Itata. How much will they risk to find the sunken shipwreck? A transcript of this episode is available at
Carlos and Ricardo set out on a journey to find the remains of the Vapor Itata, a century after it sank. They receive an important tip about its location, which sends them to the high seas, where a storm gets in their way… A transcript of this episode is available at
Following the sinking of the Vapor Itata, Jorge X and others make it to a beach near the coastal village of Los Choros. A transcript of this episode is available at
As a violent storm descends on the Vapor Itata, Jorge X realizes he and his fellow passengers are in great danger. A transcript of this episode is available at
In this episode we’ll travel back to Chile in 1922 to witness the Vapor Itata’s last voyage. There, we’ll follow Jorge X, a journalist who was heading north to cover a story that would expose the injustices in his country. But all the while, a bigger story was unfolding…right aboard the ship. A transcript of this episode is available at
Ricardo Bordones, a Chilean sociologist, discovers that a century ago, a ship sank off the coast of his country, taking over 500 lives with it. When Ricardo starts to investigate the shipwreck, he realizes that almost no one knows about it. So, together with his longtime friend and marine biologist, Carlos Cortés, Ricardo decides to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, to find the Vapor Itata and honor its memory. A transcript of this episode is available at
Season 17 Trailer

Season 17 Trailer


The Duolingo Spanish Podcast is back with a special season on Jan 12. Listen to the trailer now!
In Mexico City, tacos run the gamut, from late night snack to haute cuisine. As a chef and food tour guide, Yimnah Rosas has tried them all and uses this iconic street food to reveal a deeper side of Mexican culture. A transcript of this episode is available at
In 2005, Brenda Sánchez Freixanet moved to La Roma in Mexico City and fell in love with its charm and culture. But it was the neighborhood’s community and people that made her stay. A transcript of this episode is available at
A writer and historian give us a tour of Mexico City’s centro histórico, the area connecting the city of today with the ancient city of Tenochtitlán. A transcript of this episode is available at
Photographer Aldo Gracia shows us why the leafy, relaxed enclave of La Condesa has become the canine capital of Mexico City. A transcript of this episode is available at
Feminist author Plaqueta takes us on a journey into the world of Mexico’s mighty muralistas, the women who shaped the nation’s identity through art. A transcript of this episode is available at
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ID21979548. Lucie

Bravas chicas!

Mar 18th

Amin farzali


Mar 10th


This was so sweet. I did a search and watched them on YouTube. She sings beautifully AND she's beautiful, too!

Feb 1st


I love this series. I can't wait for the next episode every week.

Feb 1st

Ben Patel

Am enjoying the podcasts as well as the Duo classes in Spanish. Has been a great help. Gracias por todo.

Jan 14th

T Bott

Pretty good

Oct 6th


Season 9 was the best! Make more like this one! 🙂

Sep 26th

Beatrix Ducz

wonderful story!

Jul 29th


where is the transcript? the link can't be opened

Jul 12th

Parnian Sarlak

love u all in Duolingo 🥰❤ yo escribo lo que escucho y eso es muy interesante!❤❤❤

Jun 24th

Parnian Sarlak

I adore you guys! I really enjoyed it! Big up to u all!!!😍😀🌿

Jun 20th
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Parnian Sarlak

love your podcasts!!! thank u all😃🥰❤

Jun 18th



Jun 16th

Rhl Njf

متن پادکست کجاست؟

May 24th
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Abdolali Banihashemi

Genial! Muchissimas gracias!

Apr 19th

Sama Khanchi

Mi tío tiene autismo y no me cae bien cuando la gente crean que él es estúpido. Él solo necesita mucho atención.

Apr 2nd


Every American should be required to learn about the deep involvement of the US in the war crimes in Guatemala and countless other countries.

Mar 26th

Z Kerr

"Good thing she championed abortion! Wouldnt want those poor, brown babies!" Please just give me the language and don't make heroes out of baby killers like Linda and Planned Parenthood.

Mar 5th

Beatrix Ducz

would be necessary during heatwaves to get rest, but money is no1 priority

Mar 3rd

Elmira darbandi


Feb 24th
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