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"Can’t get enough of these stories. Very alluring."This story does contain graphic descriptions of anal sex and intense sexual pleasure. What if you were stuck between times with the man of your fantasies? Whichever way you go, one of you will never be ablot go home. Catherine and William face the wall of sea fog, the gateway to their personal hell. For one of them is damnation. A prison from which they can never escape. Which way would you choose? For uninterrupted pleasure you can join me at the Wylde VIP Club,
"His voice is so rich that you drown"Part 2 of our Erotic Time-traveling pirate romantic fantasy. Catherine is attempting to return her home port with her teenage sensual fantasy of a pirate. But in the back of her mind, concerns over the next steps after he leaves the yacht plague her. What if he gets arrested? Will he try and fight with everyone he disagrees with? Where the hell can she find him so clothes?With doubt after doubt growing as they approach Port Talbot, is her erotic fantasy about to turn into a nightmare?For even deeper pleasure come and see me at
The Second part of the premiere for Rituals & Ruins a collection of paranormal romance to make your panties sparkle more than tinkerbell. Remember you can still pre-order your copy at for just 99 Cents. So why not join me as we take a second bite of that oh so juicy cherry and dve back into the world of shifters, witches, vampires and other supernatural beasties that just make all your most intimate parts pulse with desire.
A time travelling erotic adventure – part 1This episode does contain graphic descriptions of oral sex, mutual masturbation and sex on a beach.His world has cast him aside, alone and lost on a solitary island.But even then he does not yet know how lost and alone he really is.When a freak storm offers him the opportunity of salvation, a lone woman to offer him save passage, he has a brief moment of relief.But there’s a complication. But isn’t there always?
Enemies to Lovers Public Sex Erotic FantasyThis episode does involve spanking, bondage and intense public passion. Ann loves her husband dearly. But the years have made them more friends than lovers.Using her early morning runs as release for years of pent up sexual frustration.The solitude of her dawn jogs around the local park, her solace before facing her day. But a disruption that she never planned appears.A mysterious man who seems hell-bent on challenging her.Ann responds with anger and frustration.But how far will she go with this burning emotion that consumes her?Is this the release for years of frustration or just another wild fantasy?For uninterrupted pleasure visit me at
This episode is sponsored by TantraChair @trade; you can enjoy a Karma Sutra Chair at crowd the corners where young life played, silence fills every room where until just yesterday young voices laughed. For the first time in over twenty years Louise and Sean are alone in their home. But something is missing. Something has gone. It’s absence leaves them hopeless. Can one simple thing bring their passion back to life? Can it transform what was wonderful before into something truly magical?
Claire has him exactly where she never thought he would be, tied and gagged upon a bed. The fine line between justice and vengeance seems to be diminishing with every minute. So many people he has hurt. Bullied.Belittled. Her once chance to balance the scales of justice and dispense a painful lesson. And yet even in this moment of vulnerability, his ego screams his vain arrogance. When a knock at the door leave her no option but to see who has broken the spell, will they stop the madness before Claire becomes as twisted as this man? For uninterrupted sensual pleasure join me on
The runes are cast, the rituals prepared. Now it's time to break the rules... Fall under the spell of swoon-worthy supernatural heroes and magical heroines in fantastical worlds filled with dangerous adventures and epic romances. Witches, Wizards, Shifters, Vampires, Demons, Devils, and other mythical creatures prowl the pages of this limited edition collection of paranormal romance and urban fantasy tales.Grab your copy from
"His voice is so rich that you drown"This story does contain graphic descriptions of spanking, bondage and feminine dominance. Claire has been a massage therapist for over 20 years, she had dealt with all sorts of clients over the years. She is more than capable of handing herself in any situation.So why does the mere thought of dealing with Mark Studely, the fading football star fill her with so much dread?She knows he is arrogant and a bully.He has left other therapists crying with his acerbic comments .Nothing that Claire can’t handle, yet is there something else? Does her loathing of this man consume her thoughts? Or is there a darker need that burns inside Claire?Remember you can enjoy even more pleasure by joining e at the VIP cub, just come to
"EVERYTHING about this podcast is so unbelievably GOOD."If you had one last chance at true pleasure...would you let all your inhibitions go? Alice is caught in the barn. With one hell of a storm raging outside, she has fallen into the arms of a stranger.Something about the passion of the storm, the life threatening incidents that seem ot have removed any inhibitions Alice once had. She knows she wants this more than she has any man. Her darkest desires already rising within her, A rage of passion burns, One she has never experienced before But come the morning light. What truths will be shown? Is he her saviour or her downfall? Is he Angel or devil?For uninterrupted pleasure visit me at
"I am extremely horny after listening to it."Paranormal Strangers to lovers erotic fantasy part 1Desperate to escape a past that has tormented her for far too long, Alice risks everything driving toward the storm. Determined to start her new life, travelling toward the torrent of rain and thunder.There is a moment when it all changes. Her world turns up-side down A moment that leaves her bloodied and vulnerable.A moment she knows she now has to fight to survive. Dragging herself through the muddied dirt tracks, she finds the one sanctuary she can, an old hay barn she remembers from her childhood. Hiding in the shadows, away from the persecution of her life. From those shadows arises a man. A man whose strength invades every cell of her body. A man she cannot refuse.Is he her savior or her ruin?Can she survive the dark of the night and hope that dawn’s warm caress might provide the salvation she so desperately needs?Why not visit me at the VIP cub, where you can enjoy even more pleasure? Just come to
“This podcast is HOT, and something a little unique.”Kate has experienced hot sex for the first time in twenty years, but now self-doubt claws at her confidence. Her young, innocent helper was watching and obviously indulging in feminine self-pleasure with her voyeuristic lust. But Kate is sure that was over the young man. We was very hot.Naked and muscular. As he pounded Kate’s passion. Now, convinced his erotic desires will move onto the beautiful young Sophie with her red hair, freckled face and sparkling green eyes. She must return to the way it was. What chance did Kate stand? And where the heck did these pangs of jealousy come from? When she was younger she had notched up more than a few marks on her bedpost, seduced more than her fair share of beautiful young men and women. She just had to accept that she was middle aged and although the fires burned with a deep passion, things had changed. She had changed. But knowing the lustful open secrets that exist. Having tasted the satisfaction of his desire. How can she possibly go back and run the small-holding with these two in front of her?Some fires can never be extinguished, once they have been lit.
Enjoy a 14 day free trial with our sponsor at so you can improve your sensual experience. Kate is widowed and alone on the small-holding she inherited from her late husband. She has accepted her life will be alone going into her later years. But when Kate accepts the help of two agricultural students. Then after a freak accident, she must rethink all of her assumptions and future plans.
Iri’s body has been taken to the limit of her pleasure and beyond. Caught in the raptures of her relentless orgasm, she can only wish for their satisfaction, to bring this torment of pleasure to an end. What dark desires might the demons inflict upon Iris next?This story does contain graphic descriptions of an MMF Erotic Threesome fantasy involving demons.
This Episode does contain graphic descriptions of oral sex, a threesome and demonic biting. How do you know what’s real or what’s a dream when you wake to find your body aching with desire in the middle of your fantasy? Your sheets dripping with your desire? Tonight on Wylde in Bed, a particularly filthy listeners fantasy. Iris wakes from a particularly dirty dream to find herself at the whim of a pair of very aroused demons, too turned on to deny her own lust, what can a girl do but submit to her needs?
On just his third wish with kinkiest Genie this side of Timbuktu, Martin is about to experience his darkest fantasy. But then what? Can life ever return to normal? How does he handle the imposing bigotry of his father? Or is he forever destined to keep his gay needs hidden?
Martin is repressed. He has been his whole adult life, the curse of an overbearing narrow-minded father has ensured he can not experience the full pleasure of being gay. But what if a chance meeting could change all that? What if for one night, he could be the man nature had intended? For one night he could escape? Could that be the catalyst Martin needs to make his life his own?
This story does contain graphic descriptions of a pagan sex scene and intense squirting.You can enjoy the full story and all of Arabella's sexual journey here at Arabella and Elliot met Nate, they both discovered he had a special magic to him. But when Arabella finds she has a whole day free to spend alone with Nate, he reveals a far deeper form of enchantment than she had previously encountered.Some places have a magic to themselves, a magic rooted in old gods, in the elements and the seasons. But sometimes that magic requires a sacrifice. What will Arabella have to give up -- and what will she get in return? Can Nate dissolve her inhibitions so they can come together?Magical Awakenings is a sweet, sexy, short tale of passion, paganism, and mystical eroticism.
Friends to Threesome Flirty Erotic Romance Story. What's a girl to do? Flirting with the bar man, it quickly becomes obvious there's a chemistry not just with her, but also with her partner. When the barman comes to their room with a bottle of wine and three glasses, how can they turn him away? Find out more of Arabella's voyage of sexual discovery with our second instalment.
Exclusively on Wylde in Bed, Part 1 of the sexy and playful strangers to lovers erotic story, Immaculate Service by Ronda Kinneil Content warning: This story does contain graphic descriptions of public sex, passionate play and intense sex. Grab your copy at CompanyArabella and Elliot have got the perfect break planned - a weekend together in a luxury hotel, with elegant decor, exquisite food, and only the best champagne; although they plan to put their mouths to better use than just food and drink.But who is that young waiter serving them the oysters and petits fours? Why does he seem so interested in them both? Does he have plans of his own? And if two's sparkling company, might three be even more? Arabella always did think it was best to share one's meals with friends, especially when the portions are so big...Sparkling Company is a sweet, sexy, short tale of new romance, chance encounters, and passions fulfilled.Explicit. Female POV. M/M/F.Magical AwakeningsWhen Arabella and Elliot met Nate, they both discovered he had a special magic to him. But when Arabella finds she has a whole day free to spend alone with Nate, he reveals a far deeper form of enchantment than she had previously encountered.Some places have a magic to themselves, a magic rooted in old gods, in the elements and the seasons. But sometimes that magic requires a sacrifice. What will Arabella have to give up -- and what will she get in return? Can Nate dissolve her inhibitions so they can come together?Magical Awakenings is a sweet, sexy, short tale of passion, paganism, and mystical eroticism.Explicit. Female POV. M/M. M/F.Hanging on the TelephoneFresh from her adventures with Nate, Arabella has some explaining to do...Explicit. Female POV. M/F.
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Richard Hutchison

pretty damn hot!

Apr 13th


Listened to first few of these, very nice, just what I was looking for to get me off.... to sleep in a happy mood. Will definitely listen regularly and eagerly. Thank you.

Dec 18th
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