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Author: Devlin Wylde

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Welcome to the world of sensual Erotic stories where your sexual desires and fantasies can be brought to life, with me your host, Devlin Wylde, as we embark on a journey of intense pleasure and immerse ourselves in your deepest desires.
With surprise bonus episodes of my unique Experiential Erotica, Orgasmic Meditation and ASMR you know you want to subscribe so you don’t miss a single, throbbing pleasure.
So loosen those clothes, put your earbuds in and relax back on that bed. I will join you every Friday at 10pm CST to whisper an erotic story right there…can you feel my breath yet?
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You can enjoy exclusive and intense erotic audio by grabbing your copy of the Wylde Erotic App on the Apple Store, or downloading the very unofficial and unapproved Android version from Tess is a woman whose life has become a routine of endless work and mounting frustration. Over the years, Tess has diligently climbed the professional ladder, but her personal life remains unfulfilled. Each day blends into the next, leaving her yearning for something more—something electrifying that can break the monotony.The young gardener, a vision of youthful vitality and passion, the complete opposite of Tess's stagnant existence, is her one escape. His presence outside her apartment becomes the highlight of her day, offering a tantalizing escape from her otherwise dull reality. Tess finds herself mesmerized by his every move, his muscular frame, and the easy grace with which he tends to the garden.The way the sun catches the beads of sweat on his skin ignites something long dormant within her. Soon, Tess’s thoughts are consumed by the gardener. She watches him intently from the privacy of her apartment, her imagination running wild with fantasies of what could be. In the sanctuary of her mind, she explores realms of intimacy she had almost forgotten existed.Tess’s desire for the gardener grows, becoming a secret obsession that fills her with both longing and guilt. Her fantasies grow more vivid each day, weaving intricate scenarios of stolen glances and forbidden touch. Her solitude becomes a haven for these desires, where the boundaries of reality blur and her dreams feel almost tangible. Tess wonders what it would be like to feel his hands on her skin, to whisper her deepest desires into his ear.Then, fate intervenes. A freak accident plunges the apartment complex into darkness, casting an air of unpredictability over the night. In the midst of this chaos, a knock at the door jolts Tess from her reverie. Heart pounding, she opens the door to find the object of her fantasies standing before her, illuminated only by the faint glow of the moonlight. In that moment,Tess is faced with a choice—a chance to turn her fantasies into reality. The night is full of possibilities, and Tess realizes that desire doesn't fade with age. It's a reminder that passion can be reignited, and that sometimes, the most unexpected encounters can lead to the most profound awakenings. "Discovering Desire in the Unexpected" is an intoxicating tale of rediscovery, breaking free from the mundane, and savoring the unexpected pleasures that life can offer.Join Tess on her journey as she learns that it's never too late to indulge in fantasies and that age is just a number when it comes to passion and intimacy. This story is a celebration of mature desire, proving that the spark of longing and the thrill of new experiences remain alive, no matter the stage of life.
Anne, a confident and alluring woman, is no stranger to the sting of being stood up at elegant restaurants. But tonight at Valentina’s, an upscale spot known for its intimate ambiance and impeccable service, her story takes an unexpected turn.The Pain of DisappointmentAnne arrives at Valentina’s dressed to impress, her red dress perfectly accentuating her curves, and her heart full of hope. Her date, however, is nowhere to be found. Minutes pass, then hours, as the candles on the table burn lower. The familiar pang of disappointment sets in, but Anne is determined not to let it ruin her evening. Little does she know, destiny has something far more thrilling in store.A Glance that Changes EverythingA charismatic young waiter with a twinkle in his eye and a smile that could melt the coldest of hearts. From the moment Anne steps into the restaurant, Michael notices her. He watches the clock as she waits, his curiosity growing with each passing minute.When he finally approaches her table to offer solace and a complimentary glass of wine, their eyes lock, and an undeniable spark ignites. Michael’s genuine concern and playful charm begin to chip away at Anne’s disappointment, replacing it with a simmering intrigue.An Unexpected PropositionAs the night progresses, their conversation flows effortlessly. Michael’s attentive service and subtle flirtations awaken something deep within Anne—a desire she thought had long been extinguished by failed romances. The restaurant’s warm lighting and soft music create the perfect backdrop for this budding attraction.When Valentina’s begins to close for the night, Anne faces a choice. Should she leave with the bitter taste of rejection, or seize the opportunity for a new kind of adventure? Michael, sensing her hesitation, makes an unexpected proposition. He offers to show her a hidden corner of the city that few know about, a place he promises will reignite her passion for life.A Night to RememberAnne’s decision leads her on a whirlwind escapade through shadowed streets and moonlit alleys, with Michael as her guide. Their chemistry is electric, and the boundaries between propriety and desire blur with every shared glance and touch.Under the stars, amidst whispered secrets and stolen kisses, Anne discovers a side of herself she had almost forgotten—a woman capable of deep desire and spontaneous passion. Michael’s youthful exuberance and genuine affection fan the flames of her long-suppressed fantasies.The Promise of Tomorrow"A Night at Valentina's" is a tantalizing tale of unexpected romance and rediscovered passion. It’s a story that reminds us that love often finds us when we least expect it, and that a single evening can change the course of our lives forever.Join Anne on this seductive journey of self-discovery and intense connection. Will she find the courage to open her heart once more, or will the ghosts of past disappointments hold her back? One thing is certain—this night at Valentina’s will be one she’ll never forget.Ready to be swept off your feet? Download "A Night at Valentina's" today and immerse yourself in a world where heartache and desire intertwine, leading to an unforgettable romantic adventure.
Have your say on the next Experiential Erotica audio, click here to make it as sexy as possible.Our first date since texting for weeks. We've just hosted a delightful dinner with friends. The dishes are cleared, and the house is silent. It's just you and me now. When my touch becomes more than just a caress. As I draw you close, whispering seductive words that send shivers down your spine. Welcome to my latest ASMR erotic story, crafted especially for lovers of spanking fantasies and BDSM. The air is thick with anticipation, every breath deep and purposeful. Your skin tingles with every whisper, each delicate word echoing in your ears and amplifying the electric charge coursing through your body. The gentle hum of my voiced heightens your senses, creating a deep, intimate connection with every nuanced sound. The soft rustle of fabric, the muted clink of a belt being unbuckled, and the crisp snap of leather against skin blend into a tantalizing symphony. Each sensation is meticulously orchestrated to build a crescendo of pleasure, from the feather-light trace of fingertips to the firm, deliberate spank that leaves your flesh warm and tingling. The boundaries between pain and pleasure blur, creating an intoxicating mix that pulls you deeper into the fantasy. The scent of your partner's cologne mingles with the faint aroma of candle wax, further immersing you in this sensual escape. Every touch, every sound, and every whisper is designed to captivate your mind and ignite your most primal desires. This isn't just any erotic story. It’s an immersive ASMR experience designed to heighten your senses and bring you directly into the narrative. The first-person perspective makes you feel every whisper, every touch, every gentle spank as if it were happening to you. The subtle sounds—my breath against your ear, the soft rustle of clothing, the resonant smack of skin on skin—are captured to perfection, drawing you deeper into the fantasy. Intimate and Erotic Our story isn't just about the physical act of spanking. It’s about the connection, the unspoken understanding between two lovers exploring their boundaries. The intimate setting of the kitchen, the familiar yet thrilling scenario, and the tender yet commanding presence of your partner make this a uniquely erotic experience. Authentic ASMR For ASMR enthusiasts, the quality of sound is paramount. We've ensured that every auditory detail is captured with clarity and precision. The soft, seductive whispers, the rhythmic spanking, and the ambient sounds of the kitchen create an immersive experience that will captivate your mind and body. Seductive and Engaging From the first touch to the final, breathless climax, our story is designed to keep you engaged. The pacing is perfect, allowing you to savor each moment while building anticipation for the next. The seductive narrative will leave you yearning for more, even after the story ends. Indulge in a fantasy that combines the best of erotic fiction and ASMR. Experience the thrill of a spanking fantasy brought to life with seductive whispers and intimate moments. Don't wait—immerse yourself in our latest ASMR erotic story and discover a new level of pleasure. Ready to explore? --- Feel the heat. Hear the whispers. Live the fantasy. Your ultimate ASMR erotic adventure awaits.
Lust Unbound - Part 4

Lust Unbound - Part 4


Unleash Your Hidden DesiresElisa thought she had lost her spark forever. Recently divorced from Brandon, a man who drained her of all confidence, Elisa stumbles upon a chance encounter that changes everything.Brix, her ex-husband's best friend—a man who sees Elisa in a way no one else has.In "Lust Unbound," an erotic audio story, you'll follow Elisa's tantalizing journey as she rediscovers her sexual confidence and taps into her hidden desires. Brix becomes the catalyst for Elisa's transformation, guiding her through a world of unlimited passion and uncharted territories of pleasure.Discover the Power of Sexual ConfidenceElisa's story is one of awakening. With Brix's unwavering support and undeniable allure, she begins to see herself through new eyes. Each whisper, each touch, and each lingering glance stirs something deep within her—a sexual confidence she never knew she possessed. As Brix shows her just how attractive and desirable she is, Elisa's inhibitions melt away, replaced by a burning desire to explore more.Awaken Your Hidden DesiresBeneath Elisa's reserved exterior lies a well of hidden desires just waiting to be awakened. With Brix, she finds the freedom to express her deepest fantasies without judgment. Their passionate encounters are filled with electric chemistry and raw emotion, igniting a flame that burns brighter with every encounter. Elisa becomes more vocal about her needs, learning to articulate her desires with a newfound boldness that surprises even herself.Experience Unlimited Passion"Lust Unbound" is not just about physical attraction; it's a story of emotional connection and the power of mutual respect. Brix and Elisa's relationship is built on trust, allowing them to explore their desires freely and without restraint. This dynamic fuels their unlimited passion, creating a narrative that is as emotionally satisfying as it is erotically charged.Are you ready to awaken your hidden desires and experience unlimited passion? Immerse yourself in "Lust Unbound" and join Elisa on her captivating journey of self-discovery and sexual confidence.Get Started Today. Indulge in this erotic audio story and unlock a world of pleasure and empowerment.
Lust Unbound - Part 3

Lust Unbound - Part 3


Grab your copy of the Wylde Erotic app, just visit me at Wylde In Bed and follow the links. Suddenly Elisa's sensual world has been opened up Desires she never imgined lay before herBut will she surrender to these new found Thoughts of wicked carnal pleasureOr will she return to the Vanilla life she has always known.In this tantalizing episode of our erotic podcast, immerse yourself in a seductive tale of exploration and desire as a woman embarks on a journey of self-discovery with her ex-husband's friend. Delve into the depths of sensuality and taboo as boundaries are pushed and passions ignited in ways never imagined.As the story unfolds, listeners are drawn into a world where inhibitions are shed, and raw, unbridled desire takes center stage. The woman, once confined by societal norms and expectations, finds herself captivated by the enigmatic allure of her ex-husband's friend, a figure from her past who ignites a flame within her that cannot be extinguished.With each encounter, the tension between them grows palpable, charged with a magnetic energy that defies reason and logic. Their interactions are a dance of forbidden pleasures, a symphony of whispered confessions and stolen moments that blur the lines between right and wrong, pleasure and pain.As they succumb to their primal urges, the woman discovers a newfound sense of liberation and empowerment, embracing her sexuality in ways she never thought possible. The intimacy they share is not just physical but emotional, a connection that transcends the boundaries of convention and dives deep into the realm of the forbidden.Amidst the heat of their encounters, listeners are taken on a journey of self-exploration and awakening, witnessing the transformation of a woman who embraces her desires without shame or guilt. The narrative is a celebration of the sensual, the erotic, and the taboo, weaving a tapestry of passion and intimacy that leaves a lasting imprint on the soul.Through whispered confessions and whispered desires, the woman and her ex-husband's friend navigate the complex terrain of lust and longing, navigating a path fraught with danger and excitement. Each moment is a revelation, each touch a symphony of pleasure, as they surrender to the intoxicating pull of their desires.In this episode, listeners are invited to witness a story of passion and surrender, of lust and liberation, as a woman discovers the depths of her own desires in the arms of her ex-husband's friend. It is a journey that challenges conventions, defies expectations, and ultimately celebrates the beauty of embracing one's true self in all its sensual, erotic, and taboo glory.
Lust Unbound Part 2

Lust Unbound Part 2


Part Two of our taboo listeners erotic fantasy. Elisas passion has been laid bare.Unable to resist she has succumbed to Brix's charmYet in the back of her mind she knowsHis still the best friend of her ex husband.Is this all another one of Brandon's gamesor could this chemistry be real?
Lust Unbound - Part 1

Lust Unbound - Part 1


On this episode from Wylde in Bed, we bring you the first installment of a sizzling three-part erotic tale that will leave you breathless and craving more.  Elisa found the strength to make a new life. To walk away from that disaster of a marriage to Brandon.But on nights like tonight, as she sits alone at a bar, nursing a drink and an unending feeling of lonliness. she might question her judgement.   When Brix walks in to the bar, the best friend of her ex-husband, the man who once promised to love her forever.The same man who belittled her in front of his friends for his amusement.  Elisa still feels the intense attraction for Brix she always had, but why is he in this bar?  Is this just conincidence?Or is there a darker motive?  In this latest erotic story from Wylde In Bed, immerse yourself in a taboo tale of tense sexual attraction that crosses the border of right and wrong.
You can enjoy even more intense erotic audio by coming to see me at and exploring your darkest desires. This episode contain graphic descriptions of spanking and light bondage. Emma comes round after the most intense orgasm of her life. She can't see Derek, but she can still hear the voices in the darkness.Already her innocence is slipping, but what other desires will she surrender to in the darkness of the library.What other fantasies might she discover in the night?
In the private seclusion of her library,Emma feels safe to explore whatever pleasure she desires. But as she begins enjoying the full intoxicating depths of her pleasure, there is a man.Or is there?Is he real or imagined?Is he just a drem coming to life,or is there more to be discovered?How far will Emma go with a complete strange to discover her deepest fantasies.
Satisfy your darkest fantasies with a free Experiential Erotic Session,  just visit the erotic hypnosis podcast and transform your desires. Monica has waited for six years for this moment,To share this time this experience with Xavier.But now it’s here, Can she satisfy him?What dark desires does he hide in the privacy of his mind.Can she let herself go,And Experience the deep pleasureShe always dreamed of.
You can grab your copy of the truly magical and orgasmic  Featherlight Touch by clicking here. This is more than just another orgasm. More than just another release. This is your first step throug hthe gateway to your pleasure, to immerse yourself in a satisfaction you have yet to enjoy. This session has been crafted with a unique blend of Hypnosis, Tantra and Guided Visualisation to open up your sensual channels and transform your pleasure from ordinary to EXTRAordinary. Grab your copy now. 
Monica has spent the last 6 years lusting after her boss, all the time more frustrated by the omnipresent shadow of her ex-husband looming from behind. But now, as the final moments of her sham of a marriage begin to tick away. Finally free of the husband that tormented her life,can she pursue her hearts desire?Can she satisfy this lust she has feltall these years? Or has her confidence been so erodedshe must resign herself to a life alone. 
Make your pleasure even more intense for free at the Erotic Hypnosis for Women podcast and bring your fantasies to life. The dark shadows of her soon to be ex-husbandstill cast it's darkness overevery single day of her life. Yet somewhere through that darknessSomewhere beyond the pain, his smile shone brightly bright enough to make all the pastsimply disappear.Bright enough to ignite the long forgotten flames of passion and make her feel like a woman again
Make your pleasure even more intense for free at the Erotic Hypnosis for Women podcast and bring your fantasies to life. Bound by her pain fuelled lust, Dawn has no alternative but toSink  deeper into her  darkest desires.Mark’s passion seems to be ignitedBy these discovered fantasies,His normal calm, loving personaReplaced by somethingMore animal.Faced with the opportunityTo take these desires furtherWill she run?Or submit to his demonic lust.
You can enyoy even deeper pleasure for free at the Erotic Hypnosis for Women Podcast, the most intense erotic audio on the internet. When that birthday comes, It is time to say goodbye And welcome a new year. The confessions of your past, the darkest desires you layid bare, Now come to revisit you But will you dive into the depths of desire? Or will you turn to run from The pain you long for? This Erotic Story does contain a graphic description of Wax Play and Erotic Punishment so please only listen if you have an open mind.
You an enjoy even more aural pleasure by coming to see me at, so you can enjoy the most sensual erotic audio available. Those dreams torment her sleep. Lost passion that will not be ignored, Hardly satisfied by the touch of her hand, Jocelyn knows she needs more. But will she risk her friendship for this passion? Will she take the chance on happiness,Despite her marriage? Could this be all she has dreamed off? Or is it just a fantasy too far? This latest erotic story has been inspired by a listeners fantasy and contains graphic descriptions of sensual pleasure and intimate exploration.  Could the heat of passion still burn when one is unavailable? 
Come and see me at Wylde In Bed so you can enjoy the most intense erotic audio experience. Jocelyn's married life was not going to plan. Lonliness stalked her days As her husband worked away. An empty chasm that drew her into darkness,Forcing her to take a jobJust for the company.Making friends eased the pain, But then the chasm opened up again with the promise of holidays But could an offer From a friendly co-worker Be her salvation? Or would he just take her further into the darkness? This story was written by Devlin, inspired by the real fantasies of a listener.  A sensual and romantic story of love making and passions kindled, it does contain graphic descriptions of self-pleasure and sex in a public setting, and possibly some other sexy ibits I've forgotten just now.  Enjoy!!!!!
Visit me at Wylde in to take your sensuality to a whole new level with the new "Sensual Awakening" available for pre-order now. He watched her from a distance Just a face in the crowdHer moves as she dancedThe carnal delight of watching herGlide across the floorSeductive and alluringEnticing him further inBut now alone at lastHidden by just the shadowsCould his devils feather Become his erotic reality
Enjoy the most intense erotic availble and download the Wylde App here. You can download your copy of Fire Wolf here. Secrets. Magic. Forbidden Passion. This Wolf is breaking all the rules! With her thirtieth birthday fast approaching, Martina Harbor is coming home to celebrate the day she shares with her two sisters.Little does she know her big brother and his mate have invited the whole dang town to join in the festivities. Things might have changed with the local Wolf Pack, but after spending her entire life hiding what she is from the very Shifters she’s eating cake with has Martina more than a little confused. Is she just supposed to forget about the past? Why were her siblings okay with this? And who the heck was the hunky guy who kept sniffing her whenever she walked past? Could someone explain what the actual heck was going on? Mitchell Truman is a Wolf Shifter comfortable in his own skin.Happy go lucky, that’s his vibe. He had friends, money, and was always a shoe in with the ladies. But one look at Martina Harbor and his bachelor days are a thing of the past! He knows she belongs to him. With his inner beast scratching against his skin, there is no doubt in his mind the female is his fated mate. But there’s more than meets the eye with this fiery Wolf.Will Martina brush Mitchell off, or will they light fires together
You can enjoy the most intense audio erotica on the Wylde App...Download it at Wylde In BedThe choices she made cursed her stillThe passion she left behindStill plagued herWith a burning desire.The heat of desireMade worse by the chasm of ice she lived in nowBut what is there was a glimmer of hopeSomething that still pulsed with life?What is she could rekindle that desireAnd sink once more into the depths of her passion
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