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Bruno Dias, Pedro Falcão and Gus Lanzetta are writers that work with video games and they wanna talk about them. This is a podcast about playing and making video games in Brazil, bringing a different point of view and cultural baggage to the international conversation about games. Also there's so much food talk, man.
7 Episodes
Gus Lanzetta, Pedro Falcão and Bruno Dias recall simpler times of going to lan houses and playing Counter-Strike with all the cool kids. These were the places that helped establish modern internet culture in Brazil and where degenerate gamers gathered after the decline of arcades.
Wendi Muse, a historian researching Brazil, stops by the Export Studios to talk to us about Brazilian history, politics and pop culture.Listen to Wendi's podcast, Left POCket Project: podcast is a Half Deaf production.
A BIG Brazilian Glitch

A BIG Brazilian Glitch


Gus Lanzetta, Bruno Dias and Pedro Falcão talk about Corona Black and Unsighted, two upcoming games from Brazilian developers that were showcased at Glitch Mundo.Referenced links:Open letter to BIG Festival - Chan's article about BIG Festival - trailer - Black trailer -
Rodrigo Chips is has been making games in (and out of) Brazil since 2007 in development studios. His career is a great way to chart the changes and challenges of developing games in Brazil in the studio system and not in the hot new indie ways. From having to build engines from the ground up, doing asset work for Xbox games to creating a huge franchise like Starlit Adventures (the first Brazilian f2p game on PS4) Chips has done it all!
Don Zelito's patronage of the arts has brought the Miner Ultra series to the world and with it unleashed a creative mind upon the gaming world like no other. In this episode we analyze the output of a man that goes only by Manic Logic and has developed such gems as Super Tits Rush, Miner Ultra Adventures and Super Lula Escape From Prison. Come for the bad video game talk, stay for the references to Santos Dumont and Pepsiman and learn what is a Mineirinho.
Celeste's Brazilian roots

Celeste's Brazilian roots


In our first episode, Bruno Dias, Pedro Falcão and Gus Lanzetta talk to Amora B., Pedro Medeiros and Heidy Motta from MiniBoss. The conversation focuses a lot on their work onthe award winning Celeste, but also goes deep into their very unique journey as indie developers in Brazil.
Bruno Dias, Pedro Falcão and Gus Lanzetta know a lot about video games, they're also from Brazil. How about THAT combination? Tune in for conversations about indie games, cultural specificity, gas station food and The Zune.
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João Fagner

I'm from Minas Gerais and the Gastronomy here was ridiculed, but I invite you all to experiment others kind of food without pork 😂🐽, Bytheway the game is a shit but, the guy have my respect.

Mar 4th