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We bring you the second half of "Radio Contest: a Harold Story" (@ 1:30) and hogwash it down with another edition of "Frank Calls with Ken M" (@ 16:51), as Ken looks for work again in Alabama, this time as a private detective. To close it out, we have a third "Something to Write Home About" (@ 19:15), where Stanley finds himself scraping to get by! We give thanks to Tasha Parker-Kosak as she plays the Dottie to my Stanley.
This week's episode takes us back into the city with "Subway Scamp" (@ 1:02) and quickly back out into the country again with the first half of "Radio Contest: a Harold Story" (@ 5:20). We would like to thank Tasha Parker-Kosak for showing GOOD range as she features as "my wife".
This episode is dedicated to all of the animal-lovers out there! We continue with the second installment of "Horsin' Off: a Harold Story" (@ 0:51) and stay down on the farm with "Farm Fresh" (@ 17:24). We are pleased to have Alli Goldberg join us again as "The Most Beautiful Girl in the Barn" as Ken performs as her swine-loving swain.
Ken and Mike keep the Halloween celebration going with another tail-curling, curly tale in "The One-Headed Hound" (@1:05), followed by the first half of "Horsin' Off: a Harold Story" (@9:10). Again, we would like to thank Alli Goldberg for featuring as "Jenny" in this week's episode. 
Ken and Mike are here to deliver a very special Halloween edition of Porks! Reach into the treat bag for "Frank Calls with Ken M #2" (@ 1:22), followed by a scary snort-story, "Valt Disney's Head" (@ 3:22). 
Ken M and Mike K are absolutely giddy to present some guest writers on this week's episode! First, we'll listen in on an enterprising Ken as he dials up an Alabama Waffle House in "Frank Calls With Ken M" (@ 1:02). Next, we'll hear from Ken and Mike's longtime friend, Susanne Neumann, as she extolls the virtues of a chicken egg and delivers a satirical performance of Klaus & Klaus’s “Der Eiermann” in "Das Ei" (@ 4:15). To conclude, another longtime friend, Marty Graff, will fly us home in "The Airplane Song" (@ 12:04). Many thanks are in order, starting with Susanne Neumann performing as herself and featuring Ian Hoffman and his disaffected English overdubbing. Marty Graff wrote the music for “The Airplane Song” and collaborated on the script with Kyle Rafferty. Both are featured performers (Phil and Jack), along with contributions from Phillip Weinstein, Karen Wiess, and our collective musical mentor, Paul Barsom.
Thank God it's Swineday! Here's some chops straight off the grill: "Dog Pound" (@ 0:59), "Dr. Muschileibend's Laboratory at Home Kit" (@ 5:56) and "Something to Write Home About #2" (@ 10:36). Our first sketch, written by Ken, features Allison Goldberg as "Alli". We would like to thank her as well as contributions from Emily Salmon, Rohini Singh, Alan Murphy, Bailey Hopkins and Edward Brewington. 
Time to press your snouts into our second episode's offering! For starters, we have "Addiction" (@ 1:00), then "Fraw Callah Advoit" (@8:38) and, bringing up the tail, we have "Something to Write Home About" (@11:37). We would like thank Tasha Parker-Kosak for her performance as "Dottie" as well as the Bayou Brothers out of San Diego for graciously letting us use their Zydeco stylings. 
It's finally up! Enjoy dining with us as we serve up fresh porks made to order, featuring "The Widow and Daughter" (@ 1:02), "Peaceful Zs" (@ 6:38), and "Working Class Nero" (@ 11:44). 
Amuse "Booch"

Amuse "Booch"


An amuse-bouche (/əˌmuːzˈbuːʃ/; French: [a.myz.buʃ])[1] or amuse-gueule(UK: /əˌmuːzˈɡɜːl/, US: /-ˈɡʌl/; French: [a.myz.ɡœl]) is a single, bite-sized hors d'œuvre.[2] Amuse-bouches are different from appetizers in that they are not ordered from a menu by patrons but are served free and according to the chef's selection alone. These are served both to prepare the guest for the meal and to offer a glimpse of the chef's style. 'Amuse-bouche' (2022) Wikipedia. Available at: (Accessed: 12 July 2022).
Here is a trailer for our very first season! It features three short excerpts from various sketches. If you are curious to hear more before the release, be sure to listen to an entire sketch entitled, "Amuse Booch", featured in the playlist.
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