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A brief message to listeners from Facing Evil hosts Rasha Pecoraro and Yvette Gentile. After a short hiatus, Facing Evil returns with an updated format on January 5th, 2023.See for privacy information.
This week, Rasha and Yvette sit down with Tenderfoot TV producer Jaime Albright. On top of being a key creator for numerous shows, Jaime also works professionally as a forensic interviewer. We catch up with Jaime about her life, work, and a few upcoming Tenderfoot projects to look forward to.See for privacy information.
In May of 2001, 24 year-old Chandra Levy dissapeared while working an internship in Washington D.C. Her apparent affair with an older Congressman made the case a media sensation. But when her remains were found a year later, another suspect was arrested. So what happened to Chandra? Rasha and Yvette discuss the twists and turns of this very peculiar investigation.See for privacy information.
Kitty Genovese was killed in 1964 outside her apartment building. According to the headlines of the time, dozens of people heard her screams but did nothing. This week, Rasha And Yvette talk about Kitty's case and the validity of the so-called "bystander effect."See for privacy information.
The 1969 murder of Cathy Cesnik involves conspiracy, cover-up, and corruption in the Catholic Church and in law enforcement in Baltimore, Maryland. Rasha and Yvette look at this troubling case, and discuss the issue of abuse in the Catholic Church as a whole.See for privacy information.
This week, Rasha and Yvette look at the tragic case of Rebecca Schaeffer. Rebecca was a young actress who was killed by her stalker in 1989. We also discuss the threat of stalking, and how pervasive that issue is in the age of social media. See for privacy information.
In 1973, Roseann Quinn was murdered in her own apartment by a man she met at a bar. The story sparked a media frenzy, and was eventually adapted into a book and movie. Rasha & Yvette discuss Roseann's case and the issues in how her story was represented.See for privacy information.
We finish our deep dive into the case of Jon Benét Ramsey.See for privacy information.
Rasha and Yvette dig into one of the most famous true crime cases of all time: the murder of JonBenét Ramsey. But this week, we take a new spin, looking into the dangers of child beauty pageants.See for privacy information.
In 1998, James Byrd Jr. was murdered by a group of white supremacists in Jasper County, Texas. This week, Rasha and Yvette explain how this case was a wake up call to many, exposing the the stark reality of racism in modern America. See for privacy information.
17-year old Alexis Murphy stopped at a gas station on her way home one day in 2013. But she never made it home. So what happened to Alexis? Rasha and Yvette discuss her disappearance, and look how the media covers cases of missing black girls. See for privacy information.
Director Patty Jenkins is known for her work on the two most recent 'Wonder Woman' films, and the 2003 film 'Monster.' The latter is a biographical film about the life of Aileen Wuornos. Rasha And Yvette sit down with Patty Jenkins to discuss Aileen, as well as Patty's connection to the Hodel family story. See for privacy information.
This week, Rasha and Yvette discuss the complex case of Aileen Wuornos, perhaps the most famous female serial killer in history. Wuornos was subject to a life of abuse, and many believe that led her down a deadly path. But how do you weigh that abuse against seven murders? See for privacy information.
Dominique Dunne was a budding actor who was killed by her boyfriend in 1982. Rasha and Yvette talk about the dangers of domestic abuse, and how the punishment for these types of offenses rarely fits the crime.See for privacy information.
This week, Facing Evil is in Dallas, Texas for Podcast Movement. And we discuss the case of Angela Samota, who was killed in Dallas in 1984. See for privacy information.
In 2014, 18-year-old Conrad Roy committed suicide. But then, his family was shocked to learn that his girlfriend, Michelle Carter, had urged him to take his own life. This week, Rasha and Yvette ask the question: how responsible was Carter for Roy's death?See for privacy information.
When Laci Peterson went missing on Christmas Eve of 2002, the entire country believed her husband Scott was behind it. But could he have actually killed her? Rasha and Yvette discuss the strange case and the phenomenon of 'trial by media.'See for privacy information.
Rasha and Yvette honor Marsha P. Johnson, a transgender activist who was mysteriously murdered and found floating in the Hudson River in July of 1992.See for privacy information.
Tina Fontaine was a young indigenous girl from Manitoba, Canada. Rasha & Yvette look at how her tumultuous life eventually led to her eventual murder in 2014. See for privacy information.
This week, we discuss the the disappearance of Army solider Vanessa Guillen in 2020. Guillen, who was stationed at Fort Hood, was eventually found dead a few miles from the base. And her killer was a fellow soldier.See for privacy information.
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Larry Martinez

Pregnant person?

Aug 29th

Steve Dronzewski

Not off to a great start. The guy says she was born in 1982 and then says she was working as a hairstylist and went missing in 1982. Hairstylists must be starting really early in life in Hawaii.

Jul 16th
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