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Join noted author & pundit Molly Jong-Fast for irreverent humor that cuts right to the heart of our politics today as she discusses the top political headlines with some of today’s best minds. Known for being one of the few interviewers in politics to cut through the talking points, Molly reveals the personalities and issues tearing the country apart. She asks the questions no one else does, and gets the answers even her guests didn’t expect to give – and exactly what you want to know. Tune in every Monday, Wednesday & Friday for the funniest yet serious look at what’s ailing America.
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Actress & podcast host Busy Phillipps talks about her activism and how the world of celebrity has changed. MSNBC political analyst Cornell Belcher tells us about the media’s distorted lens when covering VP Kamala Harris. NPR’s Roben Farzad explains to us the anomalies of the US economy and how EVs have a surprising role in it.See for privacy information.
The Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson skewers Trump's courtroom behavior. Politico’s Rachael Bade talks about the chaos in the Republican caucus. CNN Climate reporter Bill Weir examines his new book 'Life as We Know It (Can Be): Stories of People, Climate, and Hope in a Changing World.See for privacy information.
 Rep. Dan Goldman gives us an on-the-ground report of the chaos in the Republican-led Congress. Senator Mark Kelly talks to us about the implications of passing aid for Ukraine. MSNBC Daily editor James Downie examines Trump’s debilitating mental state as he stands trial.See for privacy information.
Talking Points Memo’s Josh Marshall examines the redemption arcs MAGA figures can have to get back in Trump’s good graces. Professor Eddie Glaude examines his new book 'We Are the Leaders We Have Been Looking For.' Florida Women’s Freedom Coalition’s Anna Hochkammer details her efforts to pass Florida’s Amendment Four.See for privacy information.
The Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson parses out the rough week that lies ahead in court for Donald Trump. Serial’s co-hosts Sarah Koenig and Dana Chivvis detail their newest season on Guantanamo Bay. Chief Medical Officer for Planned Parenthood Arizona, Dr. Jill Gibson, gives us a harrowing on-the-ground report on women’s reproductive health of what she's seen at her clinic.See for privacy information.
The New Republic's Greg Sargent details the GOP's increasing conflicts with spreading Russian propaganda. The Washington Post's Caroline Kitchener examines the disinformation around women’s reproductive health. Maricopa County Arizona Recorder Stephen Richer details his defamation suit with Kari Lake.See for privacy information.
MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell parses Donald Trump’s craven attempt to play both sides of his abortion stance. Congresswoman Becca Balint examines the Comstock Act and the effect it could have on reproductive health for women across America. Congressional candidate Whitney Fox talks about her run against one of Congress's most unhinged MAGA Republicans.See for privacy information.
The Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson weighs President Biden’s progress in winning over swing voters. Run For Something’s Amanda Litman updates us on the local races to watch this election year. Jim Wallis details his new book 'The False White Gospel: Rejecting Christian Nationalism, Reclaiming True Faith, and Refounding Democracy.See for privacy information.
The Nation’s Jeet Heer weighs President Biden’s reaction to policy pushbacks coming from his left. Talking Feds’ Harry Litman examines the stakes of Judge Aileen Cannon’s latest insane ruling. Inside Elections' Jacob Rubashkin uncovers some of the less-covered House races that could really matter in the 2024 election.See for privacy information.
The Lincoln Project’s Stuart Stevens discusses the disastrous choices Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is making. True North Research’s Lisa Graves tails the nefarious plans of the Republican Attorneys General Association. Then we’ll talk to legal historian Mary Ziegler about the latest aggressions against women’s bodily autonomy.See for privacy information.
The Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson skewers the RNC’s continued downfall. The New York Times' Shane Goldmacher breaks down how Trump is paying his legal bills. Pollster Cornell Belcher examines how to analyze polls when giving to candidates.See for privacy information.
Domestic Policy Advisor to President Biden Neera Tanden examines the Republicans' war on reproductive rights. NBC national affairs correspondent John Heilemann lays out President Biden’s reelection odds. Historian Thomas Zimmer details his deep dive into The Heritage Foundation's plan for their Project 2025.See for privacy information.
Former Senator Al Franken parses through the remains of the Republicans' vibes-based impeachment of President Biden. Lawyer Roberta Kaplan along with Imran Ahmed, who is the founder of Countering Digital Hate, detail their victory over Elon Musk in court. Slate senior editor Dahlia Lithwick examines the horrors of today’s Supreme Court on Mifepristone.See for privacy information.
Media Matters' Angelo Carusone examines Fox’s noticeably absent coverage of Mike Pence refusing to endorse Donald Trump. Democracy Docket’s Marc Elias details the RNC’s new shenanigans with our voting rolls. The New York Times' Katie Rogers details her new book 'American Woman: The Transformation of the Modern First Lady, from Hillary Clinton to Jill Biden.See for privacy information.
Minnesota Governor Tim Walz talks about enacting progressive policies that actually change citizens' lives. Congressman Eric Swalwell details what he saw at another one of the Republicans' inept Biden Impeachment hearings. MSNBC contributor Charlie Sykes details the Republicans' ridiculous new budget attacks on Social Security.See for privacy information.
The Bulwark's Tim Miller examines why no MAGA billionaires are bailing out Donald Trump’s legal troubles. Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester details her Senate run as well as being a co-chair of the Biden campaign. Former political reporter Amy Chozick details her new Max TV show 'The Girls On The Bus,' which is inspired by her time on the 2016 campaign trail.See for privacy information.
The Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson roasts the looting of the RNC under Lara Trump’s rule. Pivot host Kara Swisher details her new book 'Burnbook: A Tech Love Story,' while Sarah McCammon examines their new book 'The Exvangelicals: Loving, Living, and Leaving the White Evangelical Church.See for privacy information.
Congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel-Powell tells us how she plans on beating Senator Rick Scott to help Dems keep the Senate. Democratic strategist James Carville breaks down how Mike Johnson’s speakership could collapse with the exit of Rep. Ken Buck. Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts parses what's shaping the 2024 election.See for privacy information.
The Mary Trump Show’s Mary Trump roasts Lara Trump’s takeover of the RNC and the impending doom it spells for the organization. The New York Times' Nick Corasaniti details Republicans' latest moves to purge voting rolls. Project Liberty’s Frank McCourt examines his new book 'Our Biggest Fight: Reclaiming Liberty, Humanity, and Dignity in the Digital Age.'See for privacy information.
The Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson breaks down the many failures of Sen. Britt’s SOTU rebuttal speech. Congresswoman Lori Trahan explores how she's fighting the Republicans' insane war on IVF. Author Maxwell Stearns details his book 'Parliamentary America: The Least Radical Means of Radically Repairing Our Broken Democracy.See for privacy information.
Comments (7)

John Massari

I completely disagree. Of course, the abortion issue is a major galvanizing issue. One doesn't need to speculate about it. Losing a Constitutional right is serious. It has never happened, and just cause there isn't a precedence for it, it doesn't negate the obvious ramifications. The polls will show that Americans prefer a mainstream approach to constitutional rights & legislation and not extremism. Im surprised that the GOP hasn't been louder in their outcry of their GOP hijacked by extremists

Mar 30th

Julie Grey

just posted you to FB! Go Collin!

Feb 21st

Trevor Jeffries

Great admirer of the show and love your interview style. Just one query - isn't the correct word "pundit" with no second 'n'? Looking forward to you taking us through 2024. Trev in NZ.

Jan 8th

Marje -

this interview reinforced my disgust with evangelicals.

Dec 22nd

John Massari

Molly, you and Rick make a great team.

Jul 10th

Karluigi Marie

Yay! I love Michael Fanone. I listened to his book and I loved it.

Nov 25th

Karluigi Marie

I adore you Molly. Not a fan of the new 3 interviews per episode format. it's too short. Also miss Andy in interviews. Wish you had a weekly check in with Rick Wilson. he appears at the end of your Friday cast and you appear at the end his Monday cast.

Nov 21st
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