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Legendary Democratic strategist James Carville stops by to preview the lame-duck session of congress. Ross Morales-Rocketto co-founder of Run For Something tells us about how the down-ballot midterm races shook out and the interesting things he saw in local offices. Dr. Marc Loustau, an expert on Eastern European religion and politics tells us about what we can learn from Hungary’s authoritarianism. See for privacy information.
January 6th insurrection survivor and the author of Hold the Line: The Insurrection and One Cop's Battle for America's Soul, Michael Fanone tells us his thoughts on the aftermath of January 6th. Survival of the Richest and our favorite tech explainer Douglas Rushkoff gives us an incredibly insightful analysis on Elon Musk’s Twitter chaos and FTX’s demise. See for privacy information.
Congressman Ro Khanna stops by to talk what the Democrats can do in the lame-duck session of congress. The Bulwark’s Tim Miller talks to us about the Colorado Springs shooting and his recent encounter with Steve Bannon. The Guardian’s Hugo Lowell runs us through Trump’s innumerable legal woes. See for privacy information.
Congressman Mondaire Jones stops by to tell us about how to fix the mess of the NY Democratic Party. Then, we talk to ABC News political director Rick Klein about the unexpected outcome of the midterms. Squawk Box’s Dan Nathan shares some thoughts on inflation and how it’s affecting our politics today, and also has a few observations on the bleak state of Twitter.See for privacy information.
The Mary Trump Show’s Mary Trump joins us to talk our new reality since Donald Trump announced his run for the presidency in 2024. Then, Moms Demand Action’s Shannon Watts stops by to tell us about the effect gun activists had on the midterms. If that weren’t enough, Politico Playbook’s Rachel Bade tells us about the aftermath of the midterms and its effect on the leadership of the two parties. See for privacy information.
George Conway stops by to react to Trump’s 2024 presidential announcement. Slade Sohmer the editor of The Recount, breaks down the latest details of the midterm. Ambassador Gordon Sondland stops by to talk to us about him time under Trump and his new book The Envoy. Then we’re joined by Nick Turner President of the Vera Institute, who will talk to us about crime and the effect it had on the midterms. See for privacy information.
MSNBC’s Lawrence O'Donnell, joins us to talk about how midterm elections should be covered. Then, Tom Bonier CEO of Target Smart, tells us about how he was able to accurately predict the midterms. Finally, we’re joined by Hard Fork podcast host Casey Newton to talk Elon Musk’s Twitter and FTK’s bankruptcy. See for privacy information.
Inside Elections analyst Jacob Rubashkin, joins us to talk about what he sees coming out of the midterms. Washington Post Associate Editor Ruth Marcus gives us a thorough analysis on how Dobbs turned out votes in the midterms. Lawfare Senior Editor Roger Parloff, talks to us about the unexpected things he’s seeing in The Oathkeepers federal case. See for privacy information.
NBC News Jon Allen joins us to talk about election results on the morning after a very bad night for Donald Trump. Then, we’re joined by The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper whos going to discuss his new special, America Unfollows Democracy and the things he saw attending MAGA rallies. Then we’ll talk to Douglas Rushkoff, the author of Survival of the Richest about what’s going on with Elon Musk’s Twitter. See for privacy information.
Legendary activist, Jane Fonda stops by to talk about the candidates she’s supporting, as well as the midterms. Then, Princeton Election Consortium’s Sam Wang talks to us about what he’s seeing in the polls. Former Harry Reid staffer and Author of Kill Switch, Adam Jentelson, tells us what the Dems should be doing with their majority in the lame duck.See for privacy information.
Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, stops by to talk to us about Democrats going on Fox News and midterm voters' values. Then, The Nation Magzine’s Jeet Heer, talks us through America’s descent into a land of conspiracies. Lastly, we’re lucky enough to be joined by Justice Democrats Waleed Shahid, who will tell us what he sees as we head into the midterms.See for privacy information.
Angelo Carusone of Media Matters joins us to talk how Elon Musk’s new version of Twitter is similar to Fox News. In light of a dark week in our politics, Jonathan V Last, editor of The Bulwark joins us to bring some cheer to our political hellscape. Then we’re joined by Wisconsinsin Attorney General Josh Kaul, to talk about the importance of Wisconsin in this coming election. See for privacy information.
The Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson, host of the new podcast The Enemies List, drops by to talk about how MAGA world will continue to incite violence towards Dems and Elon Musk’s degradation of Twitter. Then Rep. Ruben Gallego talks with us about what to watch leading up to the midterms. Then we have an important interview with Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. the Principle Chief of the Cherokee Nation, as well as, Kim Teehee, the Cherokee Nation’s nomination to be their delegate to Congress. See for privacy information.
Mea Cupla podcast host Michael Cohen, drops by to talk his new book, Revenge: How Donald Trump Weaponized the US Department of Justice Against His Critics. As well, Greg Sargent of the Plum Line blog at The Washington Post, talks to us about our descent into MAGA madness. If that weren’t enough we’re lucky enough to be joined by Parker Molloy of the newsletter The Present Age to talk Elon Musk taking over Twitter and more. See for privacy information.
Vice President Kamala Harris drops by to give her thoughts on a post-Dobbs world and midterm elections filled with election-denying candidates. Squawk Box’s Andrew Ross Sorkin breaks down stagflation and the tough place the administration finds itself with economic decisions. And Showtime’s The Circus host John Heilemann lays out the many adventures the midterm election could take us on. See for privacy information.
Countdown’s Keith Olbermann joins us to talk about Trump’s latest bloviating and the potential for him to open his mouth and get into even more trouble. Then we’re joined by The New York Times Magazine’s Robert Draper, the author of Weapon of Mass Delusion: When The Republican Party Lost Its Mind to talk about the GOP’s descent into madness. Then Rep. Patrick Ryan of New York’s 19th congressional district tells us about his competitive race. See for privacy information.
As an American, it’s rare we get to look down on another country’s political situation, but Ian Dunt took us inside the UK’s political woes and the short-lived tenure of PM Liz Truss. Then the always thoughtful Soledad O’Brien joins us to talk about her new film, The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks. Lastly, we talk to candidate Will Rollins who is the Democratic nominee in California’s 41st district. See for privacy information.
MSNBC anchor Lawrence O’Donnell has thoughts about the midterms and if you know him, you know they won’t be what everyone else is saying. Then we talk to Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill about legislating reproductive rights and the shocking things she saw running up to 1/6. Then to wrap up the show Rachael Bade & Karoun Demirjian stop by to talk their new book, Unchecked: The Untold Story Behind Congress's Botched Impeachments of Donald TruSee for privacy information.
Senate Majority Leader, Charles Schumer, stops by to tell his story of what went down on 1/6 for the first time in full detail. Then chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Ben Wikler, tells us the details of one of the most crucial states in the midterms and why you should focus your attention there. But the fun really starts at the top of the show when Editor-In-Chief of The Recount, Slade Sohmer, stops by to talk about all the lunacy of the recent senate debates. See for privacy information.
We’re joined by Gisele Barreto Fetterman, who stops by to discuss the ableist non-troversy about her husband, Pennsylvania Senate hopeful, John Fetterman’s post-stroke health. Then Rep. Ritchie Torres explains to us all the fuckery holding up aid to Puerto Rico. But first, we’re lucky enough to be joined by The Bulwark’s Tim Miller to discuss today’s 1/6 Committee hearing. See for privacy information.
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Karluigi Marie

Yay! I love Michael Fanone. I listened to his book and I loved it.

Nov 25th

Karluigi Marie

I adore you Molly. Not a fan of the new 3 interviews per episode format. it's too short. Also miss Andy in interviews. Wish you had a weekly check in with Rick Wilson. he appears at the end of your Friday cast and you appear at the end his Monday cast.

Nov 21st
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