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Jon and Keith discuss the Nuggets advancing, the Celtics avoiding embarrassment, they pick their "all-least likable team" of the playoffs, and a whole lot more. Support the show at 712 (S9 Ep. 50)
Jon and Keith discuss the always-doubted Heat, praise Jimmy Butler's GOAT-level playoffs, talk about the Nuggets beating the Lakers in Game 1 of the WCF, react to the Spurs and Trail Blazers having a great lottery night, pick which movies they would use to teach NBA teams, and more.Join our listener slack for $3 a month, sign-up at 711 (S9 Ep. 49)
Keith is joined by Kelly Dwyer and Dave DuFour to discuss the NBA coaching carousel, preview the conference finals, and to give their opinions on what lottery results they most want to see and the results that are the best for the league.Join Keith, Kelly, and Caitlin Cooper at on Tuesday night to watch the NBA Draft Lottery at 7pm central.Support the show at 710 (S9 Ep. 48)
Porter Callahan (aka, @trillbrodude) joins Keith to discuss the 76ers losing a closeout opportunity against the Celtics and the Nuggets and Nikola Jokic annihilating the Suns. Support the show at 709 (S9 Ep. 47)
Keith and Jon discuss all of the playoff series and Keith loses his mind over the NBA Hustle Award.Support the show at sale at, check it out!Episode 708 (S9 Ep. 46)
Andrew Schlecht joins Keith to discuss the Heat vs Knicks series, the Laker vs Warriors series and the All-Rookie teams. Then, Adam Mares and Keith talk about the Nuggets and Suns and the All-Defense teams (26:46).Support the show at 707 (S9 Ep. 45)
Jon and Keith discuss their mixed feelings over the loss of Dillon Brooks and talk about the playoffs.Join the listener community at 706 (S9 Ep. 45)
Jon and Keith discuss the huge Jimmy Butler game, Keith's trip to LA, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd seeds all facing eliminatinon, the best playoff scoring games off all time, and a lot moreSupport the show at 705 (S9 E43)
Lakers superfan Daman Rangoola joins Keith to discuss the ejection controversies from Nets/Sixers, the lost opportunity for the Kings in their series against the Warriors, and the Grizzlies and Lakers showdownCheck out our merchandise sale: the listener slack at 705 (S9 Ep. 42)
Keith and Jon discuss a trip to Memphis for Grizzlies/Lakers, howl with laughter at Draymond Green and talk about the 1st round of the NBA Playoffs.Join the slack at 704 (S9 Ep. 41)
Keith and Jon discuss the exciting play-in games, the loss of faith in last two minute reports, and make their predictions for the results of the entire NBA playoffs.Join the Stone Cold Lox Playoff challenge: 703 (S9 Ep. 40)
Keith Parish and Kelly Dwyer discuss the silliness of the final day of the regular season, preview the play-in matchups, discuss the weirdness in Minnesota, the league investigation into the Mavericks, and more.Support the show at us for the Lakers/Timberwolves game at
Jon and Keith discuss the most recent wildness in the NBA as we hit the final week of the regular season.Support the show at 701 (S9 Ep. 38)
Adam Mares and Keith discuss the silliness of many MVP and DPOY arguments, wonder if teams are losing specifically to hurt the Lakers, discuss the teams most likely to make it out of the West, and a more. Support the show at 700 (S9 Ep. 37)
Keith and Jon discuss Michael Crichton, Dillon Brooks, the play-in races, the odds of which teams will win the West, NBA players as Justified villians, and a lot moreSupport the show at 699 (S9 Ep. 36)
Jon and Keith discuss Spring Break, NCAA basketball, 80s and 90s cartoon theme songs, plus some NBA stuff.Episode 699 (S9 Ep. 35)Join the listener slack at
Jon, Keith, and Dave DuFour have a free-flowing conversation about the NBA, including possible changes to overtime, recent officiating abnormalities, the Ja Morant situation, the playoff matchups they want to see, and more. Plus, they discuss renting cars, capturing squirrels, and appropriate footwear. Episode 698 (S9 Ep. 34)
Keith Parish and Sean Keane discuss the Clippers, Warriors, Raptors, Mavericks, and Sixers plus the Western Conference playoff seeding, the glut of buy-out players being asked to do a lot, and murdertainment.Episode 697 (S9 Ep. 33)
Wrapping up the All-Star break, picking our dream lineup of players we want to see play together, discussing the dunk contest and open mics during the All-Star draft and a lot more. Support the show at 696 (S9 Ep. 32)
Jon and Keith discuss the lastest NBA chicanery, including the Warriors trying to get the most out of a deal, the Bulls scuffling, Jalen Brunson leveling up and a lot more.Join us at 695 (S9 Ep. 31)
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Johnathan Bolt

I feel like you were made for this genre! Great song choice!

Oct 12th

ingeborg gallwas

I additionally went confronting a fundamentally vague issue at any rate whatsoever point it is agreed to me. Much appreciation to you for the help.

Oct 4th
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