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A podcast for serious NBA fans that is incredibly not serious
702 Episodes
Jon and Keith delve into recent NBA storylines, including a primetime showdown starring Patrick Beverley, the Wizards stringing some wins together, the Ringer Top 100 recognizing an show character, which NBA city specific foods should be tossed into the crowd, and moreJoin the slack at 692 (S9 Ep. 28)
Katie Heindl (Basketball Feelings) joins Keith to discss the Raptors ahead of the trade deadline and to go over the interesting tidbits from the release of the player balloting for the All-Star starter vote. Join the listener slack at BreakfastEpisode 691 (S9 Ep. 27)
Keith and Jon are here to reflect on a wild few days of NBA action that catches the Grizzlies squarely in the crosshairs. Also: why was there no mention of De'Anthony Melton being named the starter? who can Shannon Sharpe beat in a fist fight? Who should the Lakers trade for next? and much moreJoin the listener slack at 690 (S9 Ep. 26)
Dave DuFour joins Keith for a free-flowing discussion about Rui Hachimura, Serge Ibaka, the Sixers, Thunder, Warriors, Grizzlies, Raptors, Kings and more.Support the shot at 688 (S9 Ep. 25)
Keith, Jon and Chuck recap the latest and weirdest happenings in the NBA, plus discuss the Grizzlies winning streak, Sabonis' All-Star and All-NBA qualifications, the team most worthy of winning the lottery this season, and much much more.Support the show at 688 (S9 Ep. 24)
Trey Kerby from NO DUNKS joins Keith to discuss the weird Hawks, Bulls and Raptors, and to talk about trade dealines, post moves, and spicy cereal. Subscribe to the FASTBREAK BREAKFAST youtube channel: on twitter @fastbreakbreakSupport the show at 687 (S9 Ep. 23)
Keith, Jon and Chuck try their best to objectively name the most deserving All-Star candidates so far this season, and fail. Plus- a whole bunch of other stuff.Support the show at 686 (S9 Ep. 22)
Keith and Jon discuss Donovan Mitchell's historic game. Jon's Memphis trip, Dillon Brooks' inimitable style, the theoretical trade value of Tyrese Haliburton, the Big Apple renaissance, and much much more.Suppport the show at some merch!Episode 685 (S9 Ep. 21)
Keith, Jon and Chuck convene to debate whether frozen pipes or Grizzlies humiliation is worse, which teams in the West are good, what Luka Doncic's ridiculous statline means, whether it's a joy to see Melton play well, and many many other things.Support the show at 685 (S9 Ep. 20)
Keith, Jon and Chuck discuss Ja Morant getting ejected, the current win streaks in the Big Apple, Devin Booker doing something cool, a new flavor of Pop Tarts, cunning raccoons, and much much more. Support the show at 684 (S9 Ep. 19)
Tyler Parker joins to discuss his League Pass player rankings, the perfect holiday presents, and a lot more.Shop for unique nba christmas goodies here: our patreon slack for twitter goest under: 683 (S9 Ep. 18)
Keith, Chuck and Jon review the Bulls trying to stay alive, Melton's career game, Zion Williamson destroying the Suns, the Warriors handling the Celtics, an experimental breakfast sandwich, and a lot lot more.Buy some NBA shirts and gifts for people right here: the patreon at 682 (S9 Ep. 17)
Sean Highkin ( joins to discuss Damian Lillard, Anfernee Simons vs. Shaedon Sharpe, the Trail Blazers and the entire Western Conference.Buy Fastbreak Breakfast and NBA gifts during our holiday sale: the show at 681 (S9 Ep 16)
S9 Ep. 15 "The Morass"

S9 Ep. 15 "The Morass"


Keith, Chuck and Jon talk Anthony Davis, Kings, Pelicans, recycling old coaches, Grizzlies, Trae Young and more.Buy holiday gifts at 680 (S9 Ep. 15)
Mo Dakhil (The Athletic) joins Keith to discuss the value of Dillon Brooks, talk about the increase in travels, suggest some radical changes to offensive foul rules, and much more.Join the listener slack at 679 (S9 Ep. 14)
Breaking down an eventful Thanksgiving adventure, Cedi Osman's yellow blood, PJ Tucker's historic run, and a whole lot more.Zoom hangout on Wednesday for Patron! 678 (S9 Ep. 13)
Keith and Chuck attend an off-brand LEGO convention, the Kings' beam is discussed, a special guest returns for Crepes of Wrath, what would happen if the NBA eliminated foul outs and switched to a soccer style substitution system?, plus a lot moreEpisode 677 (S9 Ep. 12)
Caitlin Cooper (Indy Cornrows) joins Keith to discuss Bennedict Mathurin, the Pacers, and popsicles.Join our slack before twitter dies: 676 (S9 Ep. 11)
S9 Ep. 10 "Shai Higher"

S9 Ep. 10 "Shai Higher"


Keith, Jon and Chuck review the last several days of the NBA, including a historic Embiid performance, SGA and the Thunder hitting new heights, the Heat losing an arena sponsor (again), and much more.Support the show 675 (S9 Ep. 10)
Andrew Schlecht joins Keith to discuss the best times of day to work, the new city edition jerseys, Poku making a leap, and updated 538 wins projections for teams off to surprising starts. Support Fastbreak Breakfast at 674 (S9 Ep. 9)
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