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The FemInnovation Podcast is designed to break barriers in women’s health technology by facilitating the hard conversations necessary to chip away at the stigma and taboo surrounding women’s health. Host Bethany Corbin speaks about critical issues that impact women’s health and provides legal, practical, and ethical insights to women’s health founders and supporters. With an exciting lineup of guest speakers, FemInnovation offers invaluable insights into the challenges plaguing women’s health, changemakers addressing these challenges, the future of femtech, and how to navigate the lifecycle of a women’s health startup. 

21 Episodes
The exclusion of women from modern medicine is a complex and pervasive issue that spans centuries of medical practice. Despite advancements in healthcare, women continue to face systemic barriers that hinder their access to accurate diagnosis, appropriate treatment, and equitable care. Historical biases, gender stereotypes, and a lack of representation in medical research have contributed to this exclusion, perpetuating disparities in health outcomes and quality of care. From underrepresentation in clinical trials to the dismissal of women’s symptoms and concerns, the consequences of this exclusion are far-reaching, impacting women’s health across diverse populations. In this episode of FemInnovation, host Bethany Corbin talks with Dr. Elizabeth Comen, author of the USA Today bestselling book “All in Her Head”, about the exclusion of women from medicine and how women today can advocate for their health and wellbeing in a world designed for men.  Specifically, Bethany and Dr. Comen dive into the shame and stigma women encounter when trying to discuss their health concerns, the equation of women’s health with reproductive health, how bias in medicine affects both patients and providers, the societal need to control women, whether femtech is the answer to the exclusion of women in medicine, and how to change the ongoing narrative of women’s health. Join us for this enlightening conversation to help shift the future trajectory of women’s health worldwide.About Dr. Elizabeth Comen:Elizabeth Comen, MD, has dedicated her medical career to saving the lives of women.  An award-winning, internationally sought-after clinician and physician-scientist, Dr. Comen works as a medical oncologist in New York City and is an assistant professor of medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College. She earned her BA in the history of science from Harvard College and her MD from Harvard Medical School, then completed her residency in Internal Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital and her fellowship in oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. She lives in New York City with her family. RELEVANT LINKS: Learn more about Dr. Comen at this website. Learn more about Dr. Comen’s USA Today bestselling book “All in Her Head” at this website. Purchase “All in Her Head” at HarperCollins and Amazon.  Connect with Our Guest, Dr. Comen: LINKEDIN | INSTAGRAM Follow Our Host, Bethany Corbin: WEBSITE | LINKEDIN | INSTAGRAM | ADDITIONAL LINKS
Commercializing your femtech or healthtech product can be challenging, especially for early-stage founders. Bringing a product to market often involves detailed customer research and product testing, developing impactful launch and communication strategies, removing barriers to consumer adoption, identification of the proper reimbursement pathway, and more. In this episode of the FemInnovation Podcast, host Bethany Corbin sits down with Swathi Rangan and Daniella Kapural from Herspiegel to discuss the secrets for product commercialization success. The trio discusses what product commercialization means, when femtech founders should start thinking about a product commercialization strategy, common product commercialization mistakes, how to identify applicable business models, how to determine product differentiators and develop a value proposition, and much more! Don’t miss this in-depth discussion to enhance your product commercialization strategy and experience.  About Swathi Rangan:As a Principal at Herspiegel, Swathi leverages her passion and expertise within the sciences and strong problem-solving skills to help pharmaceutical clients swiftly address complex business challenges. She excels at developing and leading teams to craft successful commercial solutions, in collaboration with the client.Throughout her tenure at Herspiegel, Swathi has led projects with a variety of clients, ranging from large to mid-size, and start-ups. She has deep knowledge in a variety of therapeutic areas including women's health, immunology, oncology, cardiometabolic disorders, and rare disease. Her expertise includes leading strategy and implementation across commercial projects with a strong focus on data and insight-driven innovation; projects include patient support and experience design, digital health partnership implementation, and go-to-market strategy development. She also specializes in creating comprehensive market-shaping strategies for complex disease states and has successfully managed numerous product launches.About Daniella Kapural: Daniella began her consulting career at Herspiegel with a fervent commitment to enhancing the patient experience through strategic problem-solving and innovation. During her tenure, she cultivated a passion for advancing women's health, focusing on devising solutions to address the diverse and complex healthcare needs unique to women across the continuum of care.As a Consultant, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership and support across a diverse array of projects, encompassing product launch, brand planning, go-to-market strategy development, digital health integration, and change management implementation. She serves a broad spectrum of clients, ranging from start-ups to established pharmaceutical giants, lending her expertise across various therapeutic areas such as women's health, oncology, cardiovascular disorders, and neurology. RELEVANT LINKS: More about Herspiegel at this website. Connect with Swathi Rangan on Linkedin. Connect with Daniella Kapural on LinkedIn. Follow Our Host, Bethany Corbin: WEBSITE | LINKEDIN | INSTAGRAM | ADDITIONAL LINKS
Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, digital health tools have proliferated as a way for consumers to access care virtually and monitor their health conditions at home. State and federal laws have been modified to expand care settings and enhance the accessibility of healthcare services. Digital health solutions, however, are still unavailable to large portions of the population, resulting in inequitable access to care that has, at times, been exacerbated by the digital health revolution. Key barriers to digital health adoption include digital literacy, inconsistent access to broadband and high-speed internet, lack of access to smartphones and cell service, and cultural competency. In this episode of FemInnovation, host Bethany Corbin sits down with Priya Bathija, a nationally recognized healthcare leader, attorney, and policy expert, to explore how femtech founders can enhance digital health equity. This episode explores the fundamentals of digital health equity, why digital health equity is essential in today's healthcare landscape, the impact socioeconomic factors have on digital health tools and resources, successful strategies for improving access to digital health services, how founders can design their products with digital health equity in mind, and much more! Don't miss this exciting episode designed to help founders and digital health enthusiasts bridge the digital divide.  RELEVANT LINKS: More about Nyoo Health at this website. Read Priya’s Article in the Journal of Health and Life Sciences Law on “Digital Health Equity: Narrowing the Digital Divide by Ensuring a Fair, Equitable, and Just Opportunity to Access Digital Health” at this website.  Connect with Our Guest, Priya Bathija: LINKEDIN Follow Our Host, Bethany Corbin: WEBSITE | LINKEDIN | INSTAGRAM | ADDITIONAL LINKS
On International Women's Day 2024, FemInnovation is dropping a special episode with a special announcement: the launch of the Women's Digital Health Network (WDHN)! The WDHN is committed to driving meaningful and innovative advancement in healthcare through sustained communications and collaborations with federal agencies, Congress, the women's digital health industry, and nonprofits. Learn about why the WDHN was created, its goals and objectives, and how to take part in this brand new initiative! We'll be following up with a regular episode on the WDHN with more information, but we're thrilled to bring you this special announcement today and to keep advancing the momentum in women's health and femtech. Join the Women's Digital Health Network @ This Website Learn More About WDHN's Founders:Liz Powell: LinkedIn | G2G Consulting Website Nada Hanafi: LinkedIn | MedTech Color Website Bethany Corbin: LinkedIn | FemInnovation Website 
Determining whether and how to integrate artificial intelligence into your femtech product can feel like a daunting task. In today’s world of AI, big data, and machine learning, it can be tempting to assume that your product needs to incorporate AI to attract investment or secure a competitive advantage. While AI certainly has a place in femtech, its incorporation into your product should be deliberate and meaningful and provide recognizable value to your users. Otherwise, founders risk artificially inflating the price and complexity of their products without providing value to their consumers. In this special episode of the FemInnovation Podcast, host Bethany Corbin talks with data and AI expert Gilad Barash about how to determine whether your femtech product needs AI and whether the “sensationalization” of AI is warranted. Gilad is a data and AI strategist and analytics leader who has worked for companies at the cutting edge of data. His 15 years of using data and AI to solve complex business problems has led him to start asking the hard questions about how data affects our everyday lives and how our lives in turn create data. Gilad explores these questions through his internationally recognized podcast “Who’s Your Data?” where he interviews industry thought leaders and discusses how data and AI affect different industries as well as their influence on social change. Don’t miss this exciting episode where Bethany and Gilad dive into the data hierarchy of needs (i.e., how to think about data and AI for your startup), the biases present in AI data sets, the crucial questions that startups need to ask themselves about data and AI, and the fundamentals of generative AI. RELEVANT LINKS: More about the Who’s Your Data? Podcast at this website.Read Gilad’s Article on The Femtech Frontier: Embracing AI for Women’s Health in 2024 at this website.Sign Up for a Co-Hosted Webinar by Bethany and Gilad on AI Readiness in Femtech: Navigating the Data Hierarchy of Needs (February 21st at 12:00 pm EST). Register at this website.   Connect with Our Guest, Gilad Barash: LINKEDIN Follow Our Host, Bethany Corbin: WEBSITE | LINKEDIN | INSTAGRAM | ADDITIONAL LINKS
Navigating the pitfalls and challenges in the femtech industry can be daunting. From raising capital (in an environment where less than 4% of research and development funding goes to women’s health) to ensuring clinical accuracy of femtech products (with studies showing that 85% of femtech apps don’t meet ORCHA’s clinical quality threshold) to negotiating contracts with payers and employers, operating in the femtech industry takes resilience and passion.  In this episode of FemInnovation, host Bethany Corbin sits down with Dr. Mitzi Krockover to discuss the evolving landscape of women’s health as it relates to funding, clinical accuracy, and business adoption. Mitzi is a fierce women’s health advocate and the Founding Medical Director of the Iris Cantor-UCLA Women’s Health Center. Mitzi also served as the Vice President of Women’s Health at Humana and is the current Managing Director of the Arizona Chapter of Golden Seeds, an angel investing network. Mitzi is the host of the Beyond the Paper Gown Podcast and serves on Springboard’s Women’s Health Executive Committee. Bethany and Mitzi discuss the barriers to clinical adoption of femtech products, how payers and employers evaluate femtech devices, the importance of advisory boards, the role of angel investors, and much more. You won’t want to miss this conversation by a powerhouse duo in women’s health! RELEVANT LINKS: More about Beyond the Paper Gown at this website.More about Mitzi Krockover at this website. Follow Beyond the Paper Gown @Instagram. Connect with Our Guest, Dr. Mitzi Krockover: LINKEDIN | INSTAGRAMFollow Our Host, Bethany Corbin: WEBSITE | LINKEDIN | INSTAGRAM | ADDITIONAL LINKS
Many femtech entrepreneurs want to enhance their presence as recognized public speakers who get paid to share their insights with audiences worldwide. The reality, however, is that only 32% of professional public speakers are women and only 25% of all technology keynote or stand-alone public speakers are women. Too often, women struggle to break into the public speaking arena or are offered speaking engagements solely to add diversity to an all-male panel. This devalues the expertise of incredible founders and entrepreneurs who have important insights, journeys, and lessons to share with interested audiences. In this episode of FemInnovation, host Bethany Corbin speaks with Bobbie Carlton, founder of Innovation Women and Carlton PR & Marketing, about how women entrepreneurs can fight for their place on stage. Bethany and Bobbie discuss tips and tricks for women to get their names known in the public speaking world, why it’s important to start your public speaking journey early, and how to find your “secret sauce” and core message that sets you apart from other speakers. They also explore how speakers can set themselves up for success when taking that next step into paid public speaking, how to think about your own business model as a speaker, and why it’s essential to do the hard work before presentations to deliver real value. This episode is a must-listen for any female (especially those in femtech) who is looking to create a bigger presence on stage! RELEVANT LINKS: More about Innovation Women at this website. More about Carlton PR & Marketing at this website.Follow Innovation Women @LinkedInFree Speaker Resources at this website. Connect with Our Guest, Bobbie Carlton: LINKEDIN | INSTAGRAMFollow Our Host, Bethany Corbin:WEBSITE | LINKEDIN | INSTAGRAM | ADDITIONAL LINKS
Many entrepreneurs assume that the Titanic sunk because it hit a single iceberg. But the truth is that the Titanic’s fate was the result of a series of missteps and misguided choices that prevented the ship from recovering once it struck the iceberg. The failure of many startups can be viewed similarly – there’s never just one thing that sinks a startup. Rather, startup failure is the result of choices, debt, and spending over time, with such decisions accumulating to prevent success when a future roadblock is encountered. It’s why up to 90% of startups fail. In this episode of the FemInnovation Podcast, host Bethany Corbin sits down with Drs. Todd and Kim Saxton to discuss the Titanic effect and how startups can successfully navigate the uncertainties that threaten to pull their businesses under. Todd and Kim are award-winning professors at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business and have made it their mission to help startup founders and investors navigate the icebergs that so often sink startups in their early stages. Kim and Todd have advised, helped launch, and invested in hundreds of startups spanning life sciences, software, sports, consumer products, and services. If you’re a startup company, you won’t want to miss their incredible perspective on how to navigate the oceans of debt that startups accumulate.   RELEVANT LINKS: More about Todd Saxton at this website. More about Kim Saxton at this website. Read The Titanic Effect: Successfully Navigating the Uncertainties that Sink Most Startups.  Connect with Our Guest, Todd Saxton: LINKEDINConnect with Our Guest, Kim Saxton: LINKEDIN Follow Our Host, Bethany Corbin:WEBSITE | LINKEDIN | INSTAGRAM | ADDITIONAL LINKS
It’s no secret that female founders remain extremely underfunded in today’s entrepreneurial world, receiving only 2% of total venture capital dollars. On the flip side, studies consistently show that female founded companies over-deliver results and profits. So why are investments in female founded companies still treated as charitable or philanthropic endeavors instead of standard business practice? In this episode of FemInnovation, host Bethany Corbin speaks with Carrie Colbert, founder and general partner of Curate Capital, to learn more about why women are being neglected in the VC world and what we can do about it. As the first in her family to graduate college, Carrie began investing her money into female-founded companies, generating a 10x ROI in just five short years. She launched Curate Capital in 2021 to expand investments in businesses by women for women. Curate Capital closed its first fund in 2022 with a $15 million raise primarily supported by individual female investors. Bethany and Carrie discuss how to get more dollars to female founders, the importance of changing the profile of investors, how to overcome biases as a female founder, how more women can invest in female founded businesses, and much more. Join us for an engaging discussion on transforming the VC landscape! RELEVANT LINKS: More about Curate Capital at this website. Follow Curate Capital @Instagram. Follow Curate Capital @LinkedIn.  Connect with Our Guest, Carrie Colbert: LINKEDIN | INSTAGRAM Follow Our Host, Bethany Corbin: WEBSITE | LINKEDIN | INSTAGRAM | ADDITIONAL LINKS
Curious about protecting your intellectual property through trademarks but don’t know where to start? In this episode of FemInnovation, host Bethany Corbin sits down with attorney Kelli Jones to demystify the trademark process. Kelli runs her own virtual law firm focused on helping entrepreneurs legally protect their business ideas and strategies. Bethany and Kelli start with the basics by educating founders about the foundational characteristics of trademarks – including what they are and why they’re beneficial for startups. The legal duo then walks through how companies can determine whether they need trademarks, how trademarks can save startups money, common trademark mistakes, and the trademark process. Join us for an exciting episode that breaks down everything startups should know about trademarks.  RELEVANT LINKS: More about Kelli Jones Law at this website. Follow Kelli Jones Law @LinkedIn. Connect with Our Guest, Kelli Jones: LINKEDIN | INSTAGRAM Follow Our Host:WEBSITE | LINKEDIN | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | ADDITIONAL LINKS
In this episode of FemInnovation, host Bethany Corbin sits down with Somer Baburek to discuss women's health in the biotech industry and the future of endometriosis diagnosis. Somer is the CEO of Hera Biotech, an early-stage women's health company focused on commercializing a minimally invasive diagnostic for endometriosis. Prior to founding Hera, Somer spent 7 years with the largest life science venture capital fund in San Antonio and served as the Director of Clinical Operations for two of the fund's sister companies. Bethany and Somer discuss why the biotech industry continues to ignore women's health, how to build diagnostic tools without a scientific or medical background, how life sciences VC funds analyze biotech companies, and the ways in which Hera Biotech is revolutionizing the endometriosis field. You won't want to miss this exciting discussion. RELEVANT LINKS: More about Hera Biotech at this website. Follow Hera Biotech @LinkedIn and @Instagram.Hera Biotech Articles & Features Connect with Our Guest, Somer Baburek: LINKEDINFollow Our Host: WEBSITE | LINKEDIN | INSTAGRAM | ADDITIONAL LINKS
Host Bethany Corbin engages in an enlightening conversation with Jocelyn Chong about how femtech and women’s health companies can approach the sales side of their businesses with confidence and power. Jocelyn, a certified life and business coach and award-winning author, breaks down why sales shouldn’t be a dirty word and how female founders can cultivate a sales mindset without shame or discomfort. In this episode, Bethany and Jocelyn talk about why sales gets a bad reputation with female founders, common misconceptions about sales, how to change your perception of the sales process, pushing through imposter syndrome so that female founders can own their position and authority with confidence, and how entrepreneurs can stay motivated during difficult sales cycles.  RELEVANT LINKS: More about Jocelyn Chong at this website. More about Jocelyn Chong’s coaching services at this website. Connect with Our Guest, Jocelyn Chong: LINKEDIN | INSTAGRAMFollow Our Host:WEBSITE | LINKEDIN | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | ADDITIONAL LINKS
In this episode of FemInnovation, host Bethany Corbin sits down with Ligia Kornowska, an internationally recognized leader in AI in medicine, telemedicine, and medical data, and 2x Forbes 30 under 30 honoree. Ligia is the Managing Director of the Polish Hospital Federation (the largest hospital organization in Poland), Co-Founder and Chair of the Board of Data Lake, and President of the Donate Your Data Foundation. She is also a recipient of the ESET Heroes of Progress award and has been listed among the 100 most influential people in Polish healthcare for the last 3 years. In this episode, Bethany and Ligia discuss democratizing access to medical data (with patient consent!) to help advance women's healthcare and close the gender data gap. They break down the use of blockchain technology to give medical organizations and startups access to essential data to help improve, test, and refine their products and offerings. Bethany and Ligia also discuss best practices and concerns with AI that femtech and healthtech startups should know, and the importance of breaking into emerging femtech markets worldwide. RELEVANT LINKS: More about Data Lake at this website.  More about Ligia’s work at the International Hospital Federation at this website. Connect with Our Guest, Ligia Kornowska: LINKEDIN | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER/XFollow Our Host:WEBSITE | LINKEDIN | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | ADDITIONAL LINKS
On the sixth episode of FemInnovation, host Bethany Corbin dives into the fundamentals of user experience (UX) design with guest Theresa Neil. Theresa is the founder and CEO of Guidea, a women-owned, women-led UX consultancy with extensive product and design strategy expertise in health tech and medtech. In this episode, Bethany and Theresa explore the essentials of UX design, how femtech startups should think about product design strategy, common design mistakes for health tech companies, how to perform a competitive analysis, and an incredible sponsorship program for femtech UX design consultancy services known as Femovate! Join us for an incredible episode that will take your femtech design strategy to the next level. More about Guidea at this website. More about Femovate by Guidea at this website.More about Femovate by Guidea @LinkedIn.Connect with Our Guest, Theresa Neil: LINKEDINConnect with Our Host, Bethany Corbin:WEBSITE | LINKEDIN | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | ADDITIONAL LINKSAdditional Resources Referenced in Episode:Check out Fable for inclusive recruiting and research at this website. Learn more about FDA requirements for breakthrough device designation at this website. Product strategy books for founders (particularly those new to creating digital products) recommended by Theresa: Inspired: How to Create Tech Products Customers Love | Start at the End: How to Build Products that Create Change| The Lean Product Playbook: How to Innovate with Minimum Viable Products and Rapid Customer FeedbackResources for competitive analysis: FemTech Landscape Report 2022 | FemTech: A Growth Industry, a Special Report 2023
Join host Bethany Corbin and guest Veronica Kirin as they dive into the importance and practicalities associated with scaling an early-stage femtech company. Veronica is an anthropologist, author, and serial entrepreneur who works with business leaders to scale their impact and income while managing imposter syndrome. She has been featured on the Forbes NEXT 1,000 and BEQ's 40 LGBTQ Leaders under 40 lists, has presented her research at two Tedx events, and is the founder of the newly launched venture Asterisk. Bethany and Veronica discuss what scaling means, how entrepreneurs can successfully scale, the importance of starting scaled, and the three pillars of business scaling. They also highlight Veronica's new company, Asterisk, which seeks to revolutionize women's non-reproductive health through research and femtech funding. Tune in for this exciting episode! Connect with Our Guest, Veronica KirinMore about Veronica at this website.Connect with Veronica @LinkedIn. Connect with Veronica @Instagram. Join Veronica in the SCALING:lab. Learn More about Asterisk at this website.Connect with Host Bethany Corbin:WEBSITE | LINKEDIN | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | ADDITIONAL LINKS
More than 1 million children across the globe die every year from preterm birth complications, with U.S. healthcare costs for preterm births exceeding $30 billion per year. But what if artificial intelligence could change this landscape through early detection of preterm births – particularly for the 50% of women who don’t present with typical symptoms? Join host Bethany Corbin and guest Pamela Bonnett from Ultrasound AI to learn about a groundbreaking platform that utilizes the power of AI to accomplish this exact goal! Bethany and Pam discuss the existing preterm birth landscape, how Ultrasound AI is providing actionable solutions to change the preterm birth narrative, how to reduce bias when training AI algorithms, the importance of data-driven decision making for women’s health, and whether AI is the future for female healthcare. You won’t want to miss this exciting episode! More about Ultrasound AI at this website. More about Ultrasound AI @LinkedIn.Follow Ultrasound AI @Facebook. Connect with Our Guest, Pamela BonnetLINKEDIN | Email: Pam@Ultrasound.aiFollow Host Bethany Corbin:WEBSITE | LINKEDIN | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | ADDITIONAL LINKS
Join host Bethany Corbin for a deep dive into the menopause and longevity sectors with guests Michele Wispelwey and Kristin Mallon from FemGevity! FemGevity offers personalized menopause care designed by women to facilitate empowered aging. Bethany, Michele, and Kristin discuss the need for personalized menopause solutions, how to identify the stages of menopause, current menopause myths, misinformation about hormone replacement therapy (HRT), the impact of menopause on the workforce, tips and advice for building a telehealth company, and much more! This empowering and engaging episode is a must-listen for women who want to reclaim their post-reproductive health narratives. More about FemGevity at this website. More about FemGevity @LinkedIn. Follow FemGevity @Instagram. Follow FemGevity @Facebook.Follow Our Guest, Michele Wispelwey: LINKEDINFollow Our Guest, Kristin Mallon: LINKEDINFollow Host, Bethany Corbin: WEBSITE | LINKEDIN | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | ADDITIONAL LINKS
Join host Bethany Corbin for an exciting second episode of FemInnovation, as she welcomes guests Lindsey Williams and Megan Henken from MyUTI! MyUTI offers an affordable, at-home PCR test that delivers a more precise view of the cause of urinary tract infections (UTI), including personalized treatment recommendations powered by AI. In this episode, Bethany, Lindsey, and Megan discuss how MyUTI is solving a key problem in women's health, the shame, stigma, and taboo surrounding UTIs that prevent many women from seeking medical assistance, the benefits of at-home testing, the power of a negative result, the importance of clinical advisory boards for femtech companies, and the need to provide reliable medical education for women.  Whether you're a frequent sufferer of UTIs, a women's health advocate, or a femtech founder, you won't want to miss this episode. RELEVANT LINKS:More about MyUTI at this website.More about MyUTI @LinkedIn. Follow MyUTI @Instagram.Follow MyUTI @Twitter. Follow Our Guest, Lindsey Williams: LINKEDIN | INSTAGRAMFollow Our Guest, Megan Henken: LINKEDINAbout Our Host:Bethany is a healthcare innovation, femtech, and privacy attorney on a mission to help thought-leading companies revolutionize the global women’s health sector. Through her company, FemInnovation, she partners with emerging companies at the forefront of healthcare transformation to ensure they are building robust, scalable, and legally compliant businesses ready to lead the industry. Bethany is a recognized thought leader at the intersection of women’s health, law, and technology, and was named a Top 200 Trailblazing Leader in Women’s Health and Femtech. Her strategic insights have been featured in top news outlets, including Forbes, Fortune, Bustle, NPR, BBC, and Cosmopolitan and she is a guest contributor to Entrepreneur, Med Device Online, and MedCity News.Follow Our Host:WEBSITE | LINKEDIN | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | ADDITIONAL LINKS
Welcome to the launch of FemInnovation! Hosted by Bethany Corbin, this podcast’s focus is all about women’s health innovation and new developments in the femtech marketplace. Our inaugural episode features Lindsay Davis, a global thought leader in brand innovation and the founder and co-CEO of FemTech Association Asia. The first regional association for founders, investors, and others engaged with the women’s health care space, FemTech Association Asia has hit the ground running with educational programming, counseling for femtech founders, community building, and amplification of women’s health voices. Lindsay updates us on commercial trends, barriers to progress, and why entrepreneurial startups are flocking to Asia. You’ll also learn about technologies that are disrupting standard models of female healthcare delivery and what to watch for as the next wave of transformation rolls in. Enjoy this lively conversation about all things femtech in Asia and the world of opportunity opening up in today’s global marketplace.RELEVANT LINKS:More about Femtech Association Asia at this website.More about Femtech Association Asia @LinkedIn.Follow Femtech Association @Instagram.More about The Oh Collective.Learn about the Women's Health Innovation Summit.Companies to Watch: Fern Health, Ease, PerfectFit, ZaZaZu and Luuna. Follow Our Guest, Lindsay Davis:WEBSITE | LINKEDIN | INSTAGRAM | ADDITIONAL LINKSAbout Our Host:Bethany is a healthcare innovation, femtech, and privacy attorney on a mission to help thought-leading companies revolutionize the global women’s health sector. Through her company, FemInnovation, she partners with emerging companies at the forefront of healthcare transformation to ensure they are building robust, scalable, and legally compliant businesses ready to lead the industry. Bethany is a recognized thought leader at the intersection of women’s health, law, and technology, and was named a Top 200 Trailblazing Leader in Women’s Health and Femtech. Her strategic insights have been featured in top news outlets, including Forbes, Fortune, Bustle, NPR, BBC, and Cosmopolitan and she is a guest contributor to Entrepreneur, Med Device Online, and MedCity News.Follow Our Host:WEBSITE | LINKEDIN | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | ADDITIONAL LINKS
Welcome to the FemInnovation Podcast! This trailer gives you an overview of the FemInnovation Podcast (launching June 1, 2023), along with the types of content we will cover in Season 1! Join host Bethany Corbin for an exciting season of content designed to amplify top voices in female health and women's innovation. 
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