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Dennis’s musings, meditations and conversations by a roaring fire.
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Young people are enamored with "anti-racist" rhetoric because they think they are fighting racist systems in America. The TRUTH is they are fighting America itself and the very values the country was founded on. Dennis identifies the best thing we can do to help. Get your Otto merch here: Dennis’s Column Mentioned: 0:00 Otto And Snoopy 1:12 NEW Otto Merch! 2:00 Dennis Reads Different Opinions 3:43 Battling “Racist” America 7:01 Young People Attracted To The Left 8:48 Immigrants And Their Success 10:40 They Are Fighting America, Not Racism 11:03 Otto’s Dreaming 11:37 The Best Thing You Can Do In America 13:00 Getting Your Peers Aware & Involved 15:54 Who Pays For The “Free” Demands? 16:49 Share PragerU With Peers 17:14 What Gives You Meaning? 19:20 Dennis’s Thoughts On Grieving 24:00 Life Is Not Meant To Be Easy 25:18 Dennis’s Thoughts On Masculinity 27:29 Arm Wrestle: Dennis Vs. Ben Shapiro 28:07 College Restricting Free Speech 29:39 Don’t Forget The Otto Merch
The difference between police and no police is the difference between order and chaos. This week is PragerU’s #backtheblue campaign and Dennis asks: What does defunding the police actually mean? What is the likely result? Sadly, we don't have to wonder. Ride-Along mentioned: 0:00 Welcome To The Weekly Fireside Chat 1:00 PragerU’s Back The Blue Campaign 1:15 The Foolishness Of “Defund The Police” 3:10 Are There Bad Police? 4:59 Defund Police Equals Increase In Evil 7:29 No Fear Of The Police And Authority 9:12 The Loss Of Fear Of Our Teachers 11:15 Authority Is Not Authoritarian 12:50 Dennis Went On A Police Ride-Along 13:35 Moral Violence Vs. Immoral Violence 15:59 Every Society Needs Police 16:31 How Do We Bridge The Political Divide? 19:44 Advice For Law Enforcement 21:08 Some Thoughts On Melania Trump 22:02 How Do You Know Murder Is Wrong? 25:44 Relationship Advice By Dennis 29:14 Liars Go To Hell? 32:07 Dennis’s Book, Still The Best Hope
Former police officer and popular conservative commentator Brandon Tatum joins Dennis this week to discuss Brandon’s path to conservatism, the NFL, having courage, dealing with hate, defunding the police, and more. Enjoy! This episode is sponsored by Thinkr. In our fast-paced world, it’s tough to make reading a priority. At least it used to be. At, they summarize the key ideas from new and noteworthy nonfiction, giving you access to an entire library of great books in bite-size form. Read or listen to hundreds of titles in a matter of minutes: start your free trial today at
EVERYTHING and every kind of person and belief exist in America. That racists do exist here—just like they exist everywhere—says nothing about the country as a whole. Because this is so important: Here are Dennis Prager's 5 arguments against the biggest lie of our time—that America is a racist society. In our fast-paced world, it’s tough to make reading a priority. At least it used to be. At, they summarize the key ideas from new and noteworthy nonfiction, giving you access to an entire library of great books in bite-size form. Read or listen to hundreds of titles in a matter of minutes: start your free trial today at 0:00 Routine Is Critical 2:25 This Episode Is Sponsored By Thinkr 3:23 Arguments Against “America Is Racist” 4:21 Argument #1: Race Hoaxes 6:45 Argument #2: Slavery 8:04 Argument #3: Lies About Race 10:48 Argument #4: Microaggressions 11:51 Argument #5: Immigration To The U.S. 12:52 All Whites Are Racist? 14:07 A Response To White Privilege 17:46 Gay And Conservative? 19:42 Otto Break 21:16 If It Bleeds, It Leads 24:19 Defining Freedom 25:11 The Most Basic Freedom 27:18 Thoughts On The Chilean Rugby Team 29:32 Dennis On Not Losing Hope
“We are witnessing one of the most irrational developments in the history of the world.” The left is a destructive force, raising an entire generation to think that this country is racist, misogynist, and imperialist. If America is so racist, why is it the most popular country for people to immigrate to? Did they not get the memo? This episode is sponsored by In our fast-paced world, it’s tough to make reading a priority. At least it used to be. At, they summarize the key ideas from new and noteworthy nonfiction, giving you access to an entire library of great books in bite-size form. Read or listen to hundreds of titles in a matter of minutes: start your free trial today at 0:00 Dennis Is Here To Touch Lives 2:38 This Episode Is Sponsored By Thinkr 3:47 You Live With Your Mistakes 4:10 Destroying This Decent Society 5:30 Who Abolished Slavery? 6:30 What Idea Lifts People From Poverty? 7:24 “E Pluribus Unum” Is Not Easy 8:40 America, The #1 Immigration Choice 9:30 The Right Doesn’t Destroy For Causes 10:36 Moved By America And The Flag? 21:30 Patriotism And Standing For The Flag 14:59 When Dennis Met A French Waitress 17:20 Many Don’t Realize America’s Value 18:39 America As The Founders Intended 21:30 Dennis’s Book: Still The Best Hope 22:25 Churches Caving To The Left 24:47 Humans The Most Destructive Species? 27:09 The Left Targets People Over Values
Are blood ties really the strongest/most important relationships? Many say yes, but think about this: family doesn’t have to be blood. Ultimately, the goal is to be color-blind/race-blind and blood-blind. Dennis explains. In our fast-paced world, it’s tough to make reading a priority. At least it used to be. At, they summarize the key ideas from new and noteworthy nonfiction, giving you access to an entire library of great books in bite-size form. Read or listen to hundreds of titles in a matter of minutes: start your free trial today at
This is what happens when society enters an anti-religious and anti-rational age. Hysteria. On race, this should be the ideal: We are all American, living in a melting pot of racial integration. The left encourages just the opposite: segregation. Enjoy Dennis's thoughts on these weighty issues. In our fast-paced world, it’s tough to make reading a priority. At least it used to be. At, they summarize the key ideas from new and noteworthy nonfiction, giving you access to an entire library of great books in bite-size form. Read or listen to hundreds of titles in a matter of minutes: start your free trial today at 0:00 Welcome Every Week 1:48 This Episode Is Sponsored By Thinkr 3:05 First Thing We See Shouldn’t Be Race 4:59 God Doesn’t Care About Color 5:52 Racial Integration, Not Segregation 7:14 Conflict Of Civilizations 8:41 All Whites Are Racist? 10:32 Every Society Had Slavery 13:06 More Black Immigrants Than Slaves 15:18 Victim Mentality Vs. Happiness 19:12 “There Are Only Two Races...” 21:11 Abolish All Confederate Symbols? 23:24 Judging The Past By Today’s Standards 25:45 Agree With Our Politics Or Get Fired? 29:19 The Purpose Of Life
Our society is rooted in freedom, yet "Freedom is never more than one generation away from distinction." We must conscientiously fight to preserve it amidst the destructive ideas of the left. This week, Dennis discusses how the protests are a sham based on the myth of systemic racism, and why defunding the police will do more harm to black communities. This episode is sponsored by the T. W. Lewis Foundation. To learn more, visit 0:00 Our Unprecedented Crisis 1:00 Sponsored By T.W. Lewis Foundation 1:40 Protests And Covid-19 Hypocrisy 3:17 The Leftist’s Lack Of Meaning In Life 4:36 Creating Chaos 5:41 All These Protests Are Based On A Lie 7:55 Protests Are All Emotion, No Data 9:23 Care About Black Life? Keep The Police 10:42 What Does Equality Mean? 11:08 How To Rise Out Of Poverty 12:37 Freedom Is Fragile 13:18 White Privilege: What They Get Wrong 15:17 Dennis’s Privilege 16:30 Why Should We See Color First? 17:19 Societies Can Change Very Quickly 18:15 The Left Teaches To Reject Dialogue 19:31 Why Doesn’t The Right Use Violence? 21:44 An Easy Question To Ask In Life 22:54 The Best Interracial Relationships 24:33 Left/Right Divide In America 26:06 Betraying The Jewish People? 27:46 Fight To Keep America Free And Good
Do you let your race, gender, or orientation define you? If you are on the left, everything is perceived through the lens of identity politics. Systemic racism is not the real issue plaguing America—it is our opposing values system. Dennis Prager offers some refreshing insight into how to heal our broken nation. Colorado Christian University is offering a $1,000 scholarship to PragerU subscribers for online classes through CCU Online. Go to to learn more. 0:00 This Episode Is Sponsored By CCU 1:06 There Will Always Be Bad People 3:21 There’s Not Much Racism To Fight 4:25 Why Don’t Black Conservatives Agree? 6:10 “I See No Color” Is The Goal 9:06 Real Racists Think Race Is Important 10:18 Total Breakdown Of A Moral Standard 12:00 Blame Democrats For Loss Of Income 13:34 We Can Mourn Floyd & Condemn Theft 14:19 How To Teach Your Kids Not To Kill 15:40 Thou Shalt Not Steal... Unless Insured? 16:51 Black Firefighter’s Business Burned 17:14 Remember Protests Were Dangerous? 18:00 Do We Need To Reform The Police? 20:50 Where Is The Systemic Racism? 21:48 Better Answers Than Police Reform 23:48 Nazis Thought Race Was Important 25:26 Everyone Is Flawed
Facebook is going after PragerU! They claim to be an open forum, yet label content as "False Information" simply because their "fact-checkers" disagree with it (yet fail to prove is incorrect). Tune in to hear Dennis explain how freedom is actually supposed to work. Sign our petition against Facebook! Watch Dennis’s commencement video on Monday to hear more on lessons learned from the lockdown. Be notified when the new video drops: Colorado Christian University is offering a $1,000 scholarship to PragerU subscribers for online classes through CCU Online. Go to to learn more. Dennis’s column this week — The Lockdown, Evangelicals and the Afterlife: A Response to Steven Pinker:
Liberty and freedom are very rare in human history. The human instinct is not to yearn for liberty—humans yearn to be taken care of. Generally, by the government (socialism & communism). America's founders knew that limited government and liberty are key to a free society—but we are now witnessing that as Americans become more secular, they value liberty much less. This episode is sponsored by Colorado Christian University. CCU is offering a $1,000 scholarship to PragerU subscribers for online classes through CCU Online. Go to to learn more. The column about liberty: Some Thoughts About Being Safe The column about our polarized political climate: America’s Second Civil War 0:00 Serenity Prayer For Times Like This 1:20 This Episode Is Sponsored By CCU 2:10 Fireside Chat For Over 2 Years 3:39 Dennis’s Live Q&A On Tuesdays 4:16 Dennis Mocked, Yet Again 6:15 Dennis Is Very Careful With His Words 7:05 Liberty Is A Value, Not An Instinct 9:08 The Liberty Bell’s Inscription 11:07 More Secular, Less Free 13:04 No Lockdown For Hong Kong Flu 15:24 Reliance On Government Over Time 18:20 Values Are Everything 19:20 Our Polarized Political Climate 21:17 The Left-Created Thanksgiving Division 23:08 Godparents To A Gay Couple’s Child 25:12 SIXHIRB 27:00 Dennis Is A Crazed Audiophile 29:49 For Goodness Sake
The LA Times reports that extreme poverty may be the pandemic’s heaviest toll. But it isn't the virus causing this suffering—it's the lockdown. Dennis also addresses the latest new media lie about him—these leftists are determined to discredit Dennis, but they are just too easily proven wrong every time they try. Dennis’s column discussed: 0:00 Past Fireside Chats Are Always Relevant 1:24 Lockdown Causing Extreme Poverty 3:02 The Elderly In Isolation 4:17 LA Times’ Factually Incorrect Headline 6:50 When Is The Lockdown Not Okay? 8:56 Elderly Dying Vs. Young Dying 12:08 Government Controlling Businesses 13:43 Willing To Give Up Liberties So Easily 14:32 Are We “Mildly Inconvenienced”? 16:04 Lies Written About Dennis 18:04 The New Lie Written About Dennis 20:17 What Dennis Actually Said 21:39 We Must Fight Back 22:28 Government Encouraging Snitches 24:57 Risking Your Life For A Haircut? 26:55 Big Tech Censorship On Coronavirus 29:39 How To Reason With The Other Side 30:53 Civilization Is At Stake
Make no doubt about it: COVID-19 is a dress rehearsal for a police state. Dennis Prager is taking a bold stance on the coronavirus because he is dedicated to truth. He also addresses the left's contempt for working people, the growing threat of a police state, and the danger of putting our health above our rights and freedoms. Dennis’s columns mentioned: The Worldwide Lockdown May Be the Greatest Mistake in History 👉 Our Dress Rehearsal for a Police State 👉 0:00 Dennis Received Otto Socks 1:34 Dennis’s Consistent Covid-19 Beliefs 3:49 Ruined Lives Of Low-Risk People 4:45 The Paralyzing Effect Of Fear 6:54 Hydroxychloroquine Saves 8:30 The Worldwide Lockdown Is A Mistake 9:57 The Left’s Contempt To End Lockdown 12:05 Dennis Hurting His Credibility? 13:37 Stand By Truth No Matter What 15:37 The Left Has Corrupted The Sciences 18:58 God Bless The Swedish Government 20:14 Experts Have Destroyed People’s Lives 21:51 Dress Rehearsal For A Police State 23:54 Science And Secondhand Smoke 24:50 Health Above Rights 26:07 “Publicly Owned” Is A Facade 27:10 Elites With Contempt Still Have Jobs 27:49 Why Is Everyone Quarantined? 29:20 No Longer The Land Of The Free 31:27 Do You Fight For Freedom?
The fear of pain may hold you back from a joyous life. And so Dennis's advice of the week is: Don't take unnecessary risks, but also do not let fear, safety, or mortality completely preoccupy you. "Playing it safe" leads to its own undesired consequences—and pain is a part of life. You can't escape it! View the PragerU image Dennis refers to on Instagram: Watch No Safe Spaces here: 0:00 The Word “Safe” 1:17 Don’t Take Unnecessary Risks 3:00 Don’t Let Death Preoccupy You 4:42 The First Time Dennis Conducted 7:36 If You Play It Safe 8:44 The Word “Safe” On Campuses 9:30 No Rape Culture On College Campuses 11:08 Don’t Let “Safe” Take Your Joy 12:42 Dennis Was Sent To The Soviet Union 15:33 Otto’s Boredom 15:52 The WWII Generation And Safety 17:01 Nothing Is Perfectly Safe 19:19 Blame Capitalism For Economic Hurt? 21:32 Arrogance In Dismissing This Solution 22:06 Government Does Not Produce Wealth 22:32 Economic Recovery 24:08 Choosing To Disobey The Law 27:01 Covid-19 Effects On Marriage 29:29 “Until It’s Safe” Means Never
Is adulthood defined by age? Not really. As soon as you understand the one question which applies to all decisions in life, congratulations: You have entered adulthood. Dennis explains this most interesting concept and asks & answers why hydroxychloroquine remains so controversial, even though it is saving lives. Enjoy! Column mentioned:
Yet again, predictive computer models fail to predict. The coronavirus variance from region to region appears to contradict those models—and the quarantine and lockdown strategies recommended by experts do as well. What to make of it all? Dennis offers his thoughts. Dennis's column referenced: 0:00 Stuffed Version Of Your Dog? 1:06 What “The Economy” Actually Means 3:24 Experts Influencing Policy 5:37 Knowledge Vs. Wisdom 7:41 Good Intentions Without Wisdom 8:51 Lockdown Affecting The World 11:08 Are Fewer Deaths Due To Lockdown? 14:06 Otto Interruption 14:35 What About Florida? 16:25 Terrible Prices Being Paid 18:24 Why Do We Raise The Speed Limit? 19:08 Approach To Stimulus Checks 21:09 Debt Due To Government Help 23:50 Prayer: God Is Not Our Butler 26:23 Success And Character 27:50 Bigger Government, Smaller Citizen 30:17 Dog Chaos Builds, See You Next Week
Can you guess which topics elicit the most mockery? God, religion, and morality. In the absence of a rational argument, mockery takes it place. Dennis responds to those comments and asks whether science is able to offer answers to life's greatest questions: knowing right from wrong and good from evil. Enjoy! This episode is sponsored by the T. W. Lewis Foundation. To learn more, visit 5-Minute Video Discussed:
The big topic no one's talking about: Who are the most vulnerable to the social and economic devastation of the coronavirus quarantine? It's probably not the group you suspect. Dennis also replies to some arguments made: memes, tweets, and direct disagreements. Enjoy. Referenced in this Fireside Chat: COVID-19 — Navigating the Uncharted
Are we taking reasonable measures to fight the coronavirus? Could destroying our economy, livelihoods, and businesses cause more damage than the illness? Dennis answers some tough questions and offers productive things to do during this difficult time. This episode is based on Dennis's column, Suggestions for This Difficult Time:
There is no such thing as a pain-free life, and the earlier you understand that pain is inevitable, the happier you will be. This Fireside Chat is dedicated to the silver linings found in difficult times. March is fundraising month for PragerU! Help keep our videos free by donating at
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Officer Tatum, thank you sir👍

Jul 17th


Lmao ugly geezer

Jul 11th

Erica Rose

"people hate Donald Trump more than they love saving lives, that's the only reason for the opposition to hydroxychloraquin." wow this aged well...

Jun 25th

Rasa Fournier

Aloha from Hawaii Mr Prager. I'm a longtime fan for over 15 years. I just heard you mention that the only thing that the left and right agree on is that the civil war was about slavery. Unfortunately that's not true. I attended college at the Marxist institution known as University of Hawaii. they came down hard on the civil war having nothing to do with caring about human beings and abolishing slavery, that it was solely economically based, that they were only ready to give up slaves because they now had profitable tools that no longer necessitated having slaves. History teacher Pierre Asselin said they were fighting solely over economics. I guess there's not a single thing the left and right agree on.

Jun 21st

Caleb Shuler Sr

I'm reading Jonah right now. Remember the city of Ninevah. They all repented, ALL, and were saved. Greatest example of what's happening to us.

Jun 6th

Caleb Shuler Sr

Police being vilainized over ONE accident is insane. They know it. Corrupt Dem politics are going to be our Fall. I believe it completely. Uscas a white family are already discussing how vilainized our two young WHITE children will be in another 20 years

Jun 6th

Caleb Shuler Sr

These liberals have a crybaby complex that's old as rotten milk. That preacher claims he knows what Jesus would think? first, he'd be sick how we abort ourselves like Dems do and are for. Then, he'd cry over the spiteful hate, Dems carry and promote. Everybody else is wrong besides their insane, illogical beliefs. So, President Trump would be wrong, if he uses his power to prevent chaos and destruction to them? typical.

Jun 6th

Yasmine C

Dennis seems to overlook the fact that Facebook is a private company and that they remove accounts that violate their terms and conditions. If I showed up at Prager U, would he allow me to give speeches about a woman's right to choose? What about the joys of same sex marriage? After all, we all have free speech, and Prager U must give me a forum. While I'm there, I'm also going to encourage people to use the bathroom of his or her choice-- nevermind the signs!

May 30th

Tristan Nieblas

Just started watching these prageru podcasts and i like it very much

Apr 6th

Caleb Shuler Sr

right on as usual dennis. Spoiled we are...bad

Mar 15th

Aaron Stone

the problem is the Ro of 2 to 4 vs 1 to 2 for the flu. people are infectious up to the 1st 5 days without being sick so 30 can turn into 1000 within a month.

Mar 14th

Clare Gman

Interesting how he compares views of lust in Christianity versus Judaism. As a Catholic, my understanding is that lust is actually quite similar, though not completely analogous, to coveting. Lust is a sin because it is a DELIBERATE thought: it is when you're knowingly entertaining sexual thoughts towards someone who is not your spouse, or even towards a spouse if those thoughts are oriented towards viewing them as a sexual object (and not your beloved partner, whom you have sex with because you wish to strengthen your relationship and have children with them). Lust isn't thinking "that man/woman is really sexy" or "they have a great body" as an offhanded, sudden thought. It's when you continue to think about their physical attractiveness without guarding your mind not to view them as an object.

Mar 6th
Reply (1)

Jade Riley VenusXtravaganza

hahaha wtf is this BS?

Mar 1st

K.D. Michael

lol maybe my maga hat runs them away! ❤ this episode, truly enjoyable to listen to young people from other cultures, and hearing their conservative challenges!

Feb 12th

Phil Connors

I always love your gentle approach, seasoned with humility. Thank you Dennis.

Feb 9th


I love listening to this guy. It's like listening to my dear wise grandpa❤️

Dec 27th

Tom MacDonald

people are inherently bad is your premise. I disagree with that Dennis. I believe people are inherently good and inherently want to do good. I believe the world is inherently heading constantly towards goodness and away from sadness. Is is a struggle in all of our hearts No Doubt but most of the time goodness prevails. so your premise that if you don't believe people are inherently bad or evil from first then you cannot be wise is rejected by me. but I would be interested in hearing your defense of your position. in my opinion it also counters the teachings of Jesus.

Dec 14th
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Caleb Shuler Sr


Oct 14th
Reply (1)

Caleb Shuler Sr

Pretty darn educational

Sep 15th
Reply (1)

Caleb Shuler Sr

The Apostle Paul left EVERYTHING he had behind. did he commit crime??

Sep 12th
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