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First Date with Lauren Compton

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Finding a decent person to date is hard work and comedian and viral content creator Lauren Compton is here to get to the bottom of it. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it. Weekly, Lauren invites celebrity guests on to have a first date with her and figures out how many red flags they have, if they’re dateable, AND if there will be a second date! Dating is a wild ride... strap in!
26 Episodes
Tickets are available now for YMH's new special event, 69 Minutes! Get your tickets at On this episode of First Date, comedian Shane Torres stops by to talk about dating and to defend his tattoo. He and Lauren discuss deal breakers, condoms, and something Shane calls “Foot Friday”. Other topics include: Shane’s celebrity crush, getting out of bad dates, and a romantic road trip. Ever wonder how much sex is to much sex? Well, they cover that, as well. Be sure to let us know how you interpret Shane’s tattoo in the comments below. Also, artichoke is definitely a vegetable. Enjoy!
He's out there, baby! This week on First Date Lauren Compton welcomes podcaster and comedian Stavros Halkias! Stavros doesn't need a safe word as he dives right into the world of Mediterranean food with Lauren. They talk about ideal death row last meals, dealing with disrespectful strangers, finding love in your DM's, and even Lauren's type of guy. They also debate dating someone who lives with their ex, the perks of serial monogamy, and dating on Instagram instead of using dating apps!
This week, Lauren Compton welcomes not one, but two guests! Lauren is joined by Rayna Greenberg and Ashley Hesseltine, the hosts of the podcast Girls Gotta Eat. They open the show talking one night stands, meeting parents for the first time, and attractions to guys who look like bouncers. Rayna and Ashley reveal their biggest icks, how to escape bad dates, the unspoken rules of who pays for the first date, and even using Taskrabbit to find dates! The throuple then shares a common interest in the art of wearing a backwards snapback and the Girls Gotta Eat hosts surprise Lauren with a very special gift. What do you think: should there be another three-way dance?
On this episode of First Date, Lauren and Sam Morril talk celebrity crushes, the biggest deal breakers, and when the right time to introduce the word "love" to a relationship. During their conversation, Sam discusses the unique furniture he uses when inviting a woman over and being fun on someone's birthday. Lauren gets “real" and relates to Sam on the topic of clinginess and abandonment issues. Other topics include: one night stands, spray tans, wax jobs, court side basketball seats, and being incorrectly classified as a catfish on dating apps. Enjoy!
On this episode of First Date,  Lauren chats with comedian and Kill Tony regular, Hans Kim. Hans talks about his new long-term relationship and all the keys to locking down an experienced drone pilot. Lauren also grills him on his attraction to soccer girls, sugar mamas paying for his dinners, the craziest places he's had sex, and the pros and cons of pegging. Other topics include break-ups, giving dates a two-week notice, go-to karaoke songs, Thai food, useless talents and frugal living.
On this week's episode, Lauren welcomes YMH Studio's own Dr. Drew of Dr. Drew After Dark. Dr. Drew has been married quite awhile so he really has to dig deep into his memory to think of his dating years. Come to think of it, Drew may or may not have been a player back in his day. There's a little debate between Drew and the Booth about their strip club experience. Lauren hits Drew with a rapid fire of questions about certain scenarios and his dating preferences. At this point in his life, Drew is very certain of himself that he serves his answers just as fast. They wrap up with a recap of Drew's red flags and green flags.
On this episode of First Date, Lauren and Joe DeRosa really don’t see eye to eye on the whole monogamy thing (or on homemade taco kits for that matter). During their conversation, Joe discusses his preferred last meals, sleeping in separate rooms, and being a serial bachelor. Lauren gets “vulnerable” and implores Joe to do the same, which he gladly obliges. Other topics include: open relationships, jealousy, and Lauren’s previous marriage. Things get a little heated in this one! Enjoy!
On this episode of First Date, Lauren is joined by David Lucas to talk about rejections, sugar mamas, and blowing his chance with SZA. David discusses what to expect when you’re dating a touring comic and the benefits of dating women who have suffered. Lauren gives out a lot of red flags in this one and David doesn’t seem to mind one bit. Other topics include: threesomes, bondage, and Taylor Swift. Is David undateable? Lauren seems to think so. Enjoy!
On this episode of First Date with Lauren Compton, a hungover Mark Normand stops by for a pretty wild chat about pooping, farts, and hooking up. Mark keeps Lauren on her toes with his sporadic burps and ridiculous responses to her questions about deal breakers, turn-ons, and celebrity crushes. The two also discuss dating apps, alcohol, and his recent marriage. Mark talks about losing his virginity, what makes a good first date, and the key to a great relationship. He also brings a pretty decent safe word. Enjoy!
On this episode of First Date, Lauren is joined by comedian Jared Freid, who shares his insight on the best season for dating, as well as, the best season for cheating. They also discuss his favorite first date spots, deal breakers, and his opinion on body hair. Jared explains why he tends to date Jewish girls and Lauren asks him about the craziest place he's ever hooked up with someone. His new special 37 & Single is streaming now on Netflix. Shalom!
On this week’s episode, Lauren has a First Date with actor David Koechner, who you may know from Anchorman and The Office. Lauren fires off questions about celebrity crushes, dating, and hygiene. David goes on to share about his five kids and the family dynamics, of which there may or may not be a favorite kid. David admits his own red flags and pet peeves in relationships. Lauren and David learn to compromise what they like in the bedroom, specifically the temperature and cuddle positions. They discuss the importance of sex in a relationship and wrap up with the most romantic date David has ever planned.
This week on First Date, Zachary Levi from Shazam joins Lauren to talk about dating, co-dependency, deal breakers, and making love in public. They also discuss the ubiquity of using "pineapple" as a safe word. During their conversation, Zachary gives his take on who would be the worst superhero to be in a relationship with and discusses being honest about your partner's flaws. Finally, Zachary admits he has a problem with love bombing. Enjoy!
It’s Matt Rife week on First Date with Lauren Compton! On today’s episode, Lauren sits down with comedian Matt Rife to discuss open relationships, noisy sex, and who should really pay for dinner on a date. Other topics include who makes the first move, one night stands, and Matt’s peculiar obsession with otters.
Ever wonder what it's like to date a drug dealer? On today's episode of First Date, ex-con Johnny Mitchell joins Lauren to discuss just that. With topics ranging from prison to physical fights and from paying for sex to porn addiction, this week's guest brings a variety of stories about dating, hustling, and finding love on the wrong side of the law.
This week on First Date, YMH regular Josh Potter joins Lauren to talk about his approach to dating as a working comedian. He shares his sleeping preferences, the best food for a first date, and what he thinks is the key to a good relationship. Potter also lets us in on the “move” he pulls on his dates to find out if they’re compatible. With self-deprecating stories about frightening women, terrible romantic encounters, and losing his virginity, Josh is always a fun date here at YMH Studios.
On this episode of First Date, YMH's very own Danny Brown joins Lauren to talk about his relationship, deal-breakers, and being respectful. Danny provides insight into the dating life of a rapper while answering questions about sex playlists, soul mates, and maturing in relationships. Other topics they touch on include being honest about your partner's flaws, sharing toothbrushes, and the importance of hygiene. Enjoy this fun, crossover episode with two of the newer podcast hosts in the YMH family.
This week on First Date with Lauren Compton, our guest is writer, actor, podcaster and comedian Trevor Wallace! We talk about Trevor’s irrational fears, relationship history and his rizz. They talk about dating in Los Angeles, what takes a situationship into a real relationship, what cheating is and Trevor’s turnoffs. They discuss introducing your significant other to your parents, bathroom tendencies, weight fluctuations and the sweetest thing Trevor has ever done for a significant other.
This week on First Date with Lauren Compton, we welcome the hilarious and lovable Jim Norton! Jim tells us about his love language, good/bad dates, and exes turning into friends. Jim shares what happens with his relationships, his sexual preferences, and the wildest place he’s had sex. They trade stories about kinks, sex workers and the sweetest thing he’s ever done for someone.
This week, Lauren Compton goes on a first date with comedian Whitney Cummings. Whitney discusses her guilty pleasures, the things that are dealbreakers for her on a date, how she feels about saying “I love you”, her pregnancy, what she thinks her own red flags are, and more!
Catch the all new podcast out of YMH Studios “Not Today Pal with Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Robert Iler” every Thursday!This week, Lauren Compton has a First Date with the newest podcaster at YMH Studios, Robert Iler! Lauren asks Rob about love language, sex, and calling people daddy. Rob shares his take on having kids, traveling, not being on social media, and taking big breaks from dating. Rob then almost completely fumbles the date, but will he be able to recover? Rob shares how he used to argue, reacting to people being on their phone and inappropriate times, and shares some of his own red flags. Rob shares how he would break up, deal with a drunk date, and answers a dessert question to leave you with something sweet.
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