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Author: New York Times Opinion

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Every opinion starts with a story. Intimate conversations about the big ideas shaping our world, hosted by journalist Lulu Garcia-Navarro. From New York Times Opinion.
29 Episodes
When cognitive decline strikes, caregivers often resist the changes. Anne Basting says there’s another way.
Why scammers get believed and asylum seekers don't.
A Republican state senator on what his party gets wrong about trans kids — and why he’s broken ranks to vote to protect them.
What the Big Tech meltdown can teach all workers.
How do you help someone who doesn’t believe he is mentally ill? Note: To protect her son’s privacy and medical history, we are not using Kimberly’s last name in this episode. And we are not naming him at all.Additional reading:“A World Gone Mad: Schizophrenia and a Journey Through California’s Failed Mental Health System,” by Thomas Curwen in The Los Angeles Times“California Is Fighting to Make It Easier to Put People Under Conservatorships,” by Henry Grabar in Slate“‘We’ve Lost Our Compass.’ For California’s Most Visible Mentally Ill, is a Return to Forced Treatment a Solution — or a False Promise?” by Jocelyn Wiener in Cal Matters
Mara Altman on why she never felt small — and why she doesn’t want her kids to either. Notes: You can read Mara's piece for The New York Times, "There Has Never Been a Better Time to Be Short" here.
Logan Lane gave up her smartphone. That changed her life. Notes: Alex Vadukul originally wrote about the Luddite Club for The Times.
Maurice Mitchell believes purity politics leave progressive power on the table.
Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford believes obesity should be treated like any other disease.
The C.E.O. of iFixit is fighting for your right to stop shopping and start repairing.
Veterans are valuable recruits for far-right groups. Kris Goldsmith wants them to fight back.
The musician thinks year-end top-10 lists are too small to capture life’s bigness.
How "zero Covid" has derailed the Chinese Dream.
A network of mothers is trying to change the way reading is taught.
But for Justin Trudeau’s climate minister, changing tactics has come at a price.
A gay Ukrainian soldier on the battle against Russia and homophobia in Ukraine.
Now she’s fighting back.
The newly elected representative Wesley Hunt campaigned hard for candidates of color. Now what? 
She wants to keep her students safe. Does that mean arming herself?
Teachers in Utah are bringing guns to school. One sheriff decided to do something about it.
Comments (7)


@20:35: The host provides a perfect example both of the obnoxious stupidity of identity-based politics and of the let's obliviousness toward it. If you're relying on your race, sex, heritage, etc. as some sort of political trump card, you're suggesting that different people's political views should be weighted by those characteristics. I strongly disagree with that fundamentally broken political theory. It is what it pretends to fight.

Feb 7th


Yes!! The right to repair is necessary on so many levels!

Feb 1st

the beanstalker

lol she is faking like she was ignorant about all of this but is a full blown activist.

Jan 22nd

Douglas Van Aartsen

Lulu's hm's sound like comments on what is being said. I'd like those edited out.

Nov 11th

Brandon Moore


Aug 2nd

Emily Becker

Thank you, Sharone, for sharing your perspective on this complex issue and for pushing for real solutions that will make our communities safer.

Jun 24th

Douglas Van Aartsen

This was an excellent podcast. I loved the balance and I loved the erudite discussion. It helps us to see that among people on all sides of the issue there are those who are articulate and so far from being out of touch with reality that is laughable. thank you very much.

Jun 20th
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