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For Love and Chocolate
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For Love and Chocolate

Author: Tommy and Tara Gallop

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The “For Love & Chocolate” podcast is a sweet little celebration of… well… love & chocolate!
Hosts Tommy & Tara Gallop, purveyors of fine Swiss chocolate in Beverly Hills explore the foibles of relationships, and take you on journeys of enduring love with fabulous couples who share their romantic stories.

Produced by Adam Haagen, Tara Gallop, Tommy Gallop
15 Episodes
Love and the Laws of Attraction with Jon and Sondra Solish
Love and Cosmic Encounters With Robb Curtis Brown and Diane Reynolds
Love Through the Bathroom Window with Barry and Rikki Safchik
Love From Above with GuruPrem and Simran Khalsa 
Amóre and the Subway Series with Dom and Aggie DiBartolomeo
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Orchids on Mars

Orchids on Mars


Love and Stages with John Michael Higgins and Margaret Welsh
Love and Adventure with Doug & Romy Schorr
Love in Tomorrowland with Mark and Roberta Joseph
Love at First Sight with Bobby and Allison Bauer 
Mensches and Mudslides

Mensches and Mudslides


Love and Laughter with Jay and Brown Kogen
Slopes and Slurpees

Slopes and Slurpees


Love 24/7-Eleven with Ben Bode and Bellina Logan 
Love and Puppy Tales with Tom & Piper Welch
Love Marquette Style with Pat and Donna Finn
Love101 with Tim & Lisa Dekay