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From the Kitchen Table: The Duffys

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Sit at the kitchen table with America’s favorite couple! Talking kids, family, politics, entertainment and so much more! “From The Kitchen Table: The Duffys” They say there are certain things that shouldn’t be brought up at the kitchen table, but not at the Duffy’s. Pull up a chair and join Rachel Campos-Duffy and former US Congressman Sean Duffy to hear their perspective on the discussions happening at kitchen tables across America. Rachel and Sean share real life solutions to everyday issues, with thought-provoking discussions and their undeniable chemistry. We saved you a seat.

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The Duffys' beloved Wisconsin is gearing up to host the Republican National Convention next week -- which could hold extra weight this year as many predict Former President Trump will likely announce his Vice-Presidential pick. While Democrats continue spiraling into chaos over concerns about President Biden's competency, what will take center stage this week: the RNC or President Biden’s mental decline?   Sean and Rachel discuss how they believe the current panic surrounding President Biden will ultimately impact the 2024 Election and what they're looking forward to most about being on the ground in Milwaukee for the RNC.   Follow Sean & Rachel on X: @SeanDuffyWI & @RCamposDuffy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
It’s been quite the strategic & interesting week for liberals!   In a shocking turn of events (but at the same time, not shocking at all), George Soros' son Alex Soros and former Vice Chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Campaign, Huma Abedin are tying the knot after less than a year of dating. Plus,  more and more Democrats are calling for President Biden to drop out of the race -- exposing a new side of the Democratic Party that many Americans are shocked to see.   On this episode, Sean and Rachel are at the kitchen table to discuss why they believe the seemingly spontaneous Soros-Abedin pairing seems a bit fishy given ties between the Soros & Clinton families, and why the current chaos surrounding Democrats is revealing things Rachel and Sean have been calling out for years.   Follow Sean & Rachel on X: @SeanDuffyWI & @RCamposDuffy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
For decades, whispers about what the Kennedy family does behind closed doors have snaked throughout the country -- from JFK's sister Rosemary receiving a life-altering lobotomy at age 23 to Mary Richardson Kennedy, the former wife of Robert F Kennedy Jr., committing suicide in 2012 after allegedly finding a journal where her husband tracked and rated his affairs.   Well, these whispers are now being put in the spotlight with DailyMail columnist Maureen Callahan's new book, “Ask Not: The Kennedys and the Women They Destroyed.”   Follow Sean & Rachel on X: @SeanDuffyWI & @RCamposDuffy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
While the rest of the country celebrates the 4th of July weekend, Democrats are still in panic mode about the future of President Biden's campaign. Meanwhile, former President Trump is staying true to his brand, standing strong in the summer months of the election year. So how can President Trump keep the momentum going ahead of the fall?   Sean and Rachel share their thoughts on who President Trump should select as his running mate, as well as how he can restore strength to the White House if re-elected. Later, they react to an article highlighting the hidden impact divorce has on children and discuss the necessity of keeping families together. Follow Sean & Rachel on X: @SeanDuffyWI & @RCamposDuffy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Happy Fourth of July! In honor of celebrating freedom and family time this holiday weekend – Sean & Rachel revisit their conservation with Professor of Political Science at the University of Notre Dame Patrick Deneen, who reminds us of the extreme power American families possess.   Professor Deneen discusses how his book, “Regime Change: Toward a Postliberal Future,” lays out a plan for bringing back traditional culture and values, and what he sees for the future of politics across America.   Follow Sean & Rachel on X: @SeanDuffyWI & @RCamposDuffy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sean and Rachel have been sounding the alarm on President Biden's competency for years now, Rachel even called out Dr. Jill Biden for 'elder abuse' in 2021! Three years ago, that comment led to some backlash – including a jab from the First Lady's Former Press Secretary, Michael LaRosa, debunking the claim. Fast forward to the President's concerning debate performance last week. . .it seems more people are starting to agree with Rachel.   So, today Sean & Rachel are asking Michael LaRosa where he stands now. Michael also shares his thoughts on President Biden saying he's staying in the race despite calls from his own party to bow out and gives the inside scoop on some of the Biden Administration's interesting behavior throughout the years.   Follow Sean & Rachel on X: @SeanDuffyWI & @RCamposDuffy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
On Wednesday, the Duffys shared their predictions about what they think would go down at the CNN Presidential Debate, and now that we're past it...they have some thoughts. Managing producer for 'The Dan Bongino Show,' their daughter Evita Duffy-Alfonso joins to share why she is a huge fan of former President Trump's performance and how, even with low expectations, President Biden managed to surpass them (and not in a good way).   They discuss why they believe it's morally wrong for the First Lady to keep pushing President Biden to run despite his current state, and how this election could open the door for more 'Gen Zer's' to vote red as young people become more disappointed by the Democratic Party.   Follow Sean & Rachel on X: @SeanDuffyWI & @RCamposDuffy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
A shrinking military and decreased patriotism are just two of many troubling shifts recently seen in America -- but are we too far gone to return to 'the good ole days' of the country? American Military Historian, Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institute, and Author Victor Davis Hanson joins Sean and Rachel to discuss these seemingly un-American trends, and why there's still reason to have hope for America, even when things feel dark.  He also talks about his latest book, 'The End of Everything: How Wars Descend Into Annihilation,' which examines how civilizations have perished and why modern societies are not immune from the horror of "a war of extinction." Follow Sean & Rachel on X: @SeanDuffyWI & @RCamposDuffy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Tomorrow night, President Biden and former President Trump will take the stage in the CNN Presidential Debate -- going head-to-head in a match that could sway voters who still aren't sure where they'll vote in November. So today, Sean and Rachel are here to predict how they think the debate will go, the traps each of the candidates could fall into, and who they think will take the debate cake. Later, they discuss the DNC being caught funding law firms involved in cases against former President Trump, how travel sports put unnecessary strain on marriages (and kids!), and more. Follow Sean & Rachel on X: @SeanDuffyWI & @RCamposDuffy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Last week, after joining Rachel on FOX & Friends Weekend, Sean received some heat from the media for telling Rachel she's "never looked better" than when she was doing a Jillian Michaels workout. Though the comment rolled right past them, a few hours later their phones started pinging with notifications that Sean was guilty of fat-shaming his wife on live TV. So, Sean and Rachel are here this week to clear the air & react to the scandal!   Follow Sean & Rachel on X: @SeanDuffyWI & @RCamposDuffy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
With the CNN Presidential Debate just one week away, voters are gearing up to see how the two 2024 presidential candidates will perform on the debate stage. As the campaign trial heats up, Sean & Rachel are revisiting one of their favorite episodes with conservative activist Scott Presler.   Presler discusses what led him to quit his day job and enter the world of politics -- where he created a movement to clean up our country's rundown cities, connects with Americans across the country to help them register to vote, and is leading the charge to get Republicans to vote early.   Follow Sean & Rachel on X: @SeanDuffyWI & @RCamposDuffy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Since the pandemic, Scarlett Johnson noticed a stark difference in what her children were being taught – as lessons seemed to shift from focusing on common core to controversial social views. In response, Scarlett banded together with Wisconsin's Moms For Liberty chapter, ultimately becoming the organization's chair and taking to social media to share why she disagrees with decisions made at her children's school. Little did she know sharing her opinions on her personal accounts would lead to her fighting a defamation lawsuit.   Today, Scarlett joins Sean and Rachel to discuss why she's being sued for speaking her mind, what ideologies she believes are negatively impacting children in Wisconsin and across the country, and how parents can take action if they too believe their kids aren't being taught lessons that align with their values.   Follow Sean & Rachel on X: @SeanDuffyWI & @RCamposDuffy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Many Americans likely couldn't place Guyana on a map, and yet the geopolitical conflict currently taking place in this country could be severe enough to lead us into the next world war.   National Security Expert and Center for a Secure Free Society Executive Director Joseph Humire joins Sean and Rachel to break down this complex issue -- from explaining the long history of conflict between Venezuela and Guyana to discussing how China, Iran and Russia working together to infiltrate the country and ultimately take down the U.S. poses a threat to America that the Biden Administration is largely ignoring.   Follow Sean & Rachel on X: @SeanDuffyWI & @RCamposDuffy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
With the summer season comes family vacations and backyard barbeques, and if you're looking to sharpen your skills on the grill, you're in the right place! Sean & Rachel are joined by John and John II McLemore as they pass down their BBQ wisdom and share how to barbeque on a budget, nail down seasoning, and perfect a steak from the kitchen if you don't have a grill out back.   Try all the McLemore’s recipes from their new cookbook, Gather & Grill!   Follow Sean & Rachel on X: @SeanDuffyWI & @RCamposDuffy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sean and Rachel are back with their daughter, managing producer for 'The Dan Bongino Show,' Evita Duffy-Alfonso, to analyze an important question: what's worse, a company run by China that doesn't seem to censor political content, or Meta platforms that seem to have a tight hold on what users see or don't see?Today, the Duffys share their thoughts on this question, the pros and cons of prominent social media platforms, and how former President Trump is taking TikTok by storm -- with his first video receiving over 124 million views in less than two weeks.   Follow Sean & Rachel on X: @SeanDuffyWI & @RCamposDuffy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
As summer quickly approaches, families across the country are celebrating graduations, prepping for vacations, and more than anything, are looking forward to spending more time together. So, in honor of another summer of fun rounding the corner, Sean and Rachel look back on one of their favorite conversations about what it means to be a Duffy. Follow Sean & Rachel on Twitter: @SeanDuffyWI & @RCamposDuffy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Days after former President Donald Trump was convicted on all 34 counts in his hush money criminal trial, he sat down with Rachel and her FOX & Friends Weekend co-Hosts, Will Cain and Pete Hegseth for an exclusive interview. Throughout the interview it was adamant that despite facing an overwhelming amount of hatred and vitriol, the former President remains focused on one thing: regaining power to restore America.   Sean and Rachel look back at some of the former President's thoughts from the weekend -- where he shares how his family is doing during a harsh media storm and where he stands on issues like the border, government transparency , and more. Follow Sean & Rachel on X: @SeanDuffyWI & @RCamposDuffy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The cartels in Mexico and dangerous players in China have long been viewed as dangerous threats to the U.S. -- but what if they've been working together? Today, former U.S. Navy SEAL, host of the 'Off Leash with Erik Prince' podcast and Blackwater founder Erik Prince discusses why he believes China has been making their influence known in Mexico and why the Chinese Communist Party likely had a hand in electing Mexico's new President, Claudia Sheinbaum. Erik also explains how the Venezuela-Guyana conflict is heating up and what implications this could have for the U.S. Follow Sean & Rachel on X: @SeanDuffyWI & @RCamposDuffy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Yesterday, America experienced a rush of emotions after former President Donald Trump was found guilty on all 34 counts of falsifying business records related to a hush money payment to adult film actress Stormy Daniels, becoming the first United States President to be convicted of a felony. So what does this mean for the election come November? And more importantly, what does this mean for the American psyche as a whole? Sean and Rachel sit down and unpack their thoughts on the verdict in this case, how they believe it will impact who becomes our next president, and why they feel this entire trial revealed major cracks in our country's foundation. Follow Martha on X: @MarthaMacCallum Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
One of Hollywood’s “it”couples J.Lo and Ben Affleck are making headlines, once again! This time for clashing over finances, so the Duffys are here to dissect one of the leading causes of divorce: money.   From keeping strict budgets in the early days of marriage to managing expenses with nine kids, Sean and Rachel have learned how to come together when it comes to cash. They share what roles they both take when it comes to finances, how they've been able to reach compromises over the years, and the major mistakes they believe often lead to financial failure. Follow Sean & Rachel on X: @SeanDuffyWI & @RCamposDuffy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Quit listening after 15 minutes. An, I tolerated too long. I DVR Fox & friends and always fast forward through segments on the "Royal Family."

Jan 19th

Robb Clanton

A little disingenuous to be on Tik Tok and then bash it on air.

Jan 7th


The ones that led the insurrection and "busted in" we're operatives, saboteurs, Swamprats, even foreign operatives.

Jun 10th