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Frosted Tips with Lance Bass

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Their ballads and bops got you through your teenage let your favorite boy bands guide you through adulting! 

The ultimate boy-bander and host Lance Bass will help us we navigate the ups and downs of parenting, marriage, and everything in between.

Each week, Lance Bass and his husband Michael will be joined by our biggest boy band crushes!

Step-by-step...we will relive decades of Boy Band nostalgia by chatting with your all-time faves each week. 

From New Kids to B-S-B to 98 degrees...and of course, boy band left behind!!

So let's go in One Direction and have some fun...because we should never have to say Bye, Bye, Bye when you got The Right Stuff!
16 Episodes
Jordan Knight (NKOTB)

Jordan Knight (NKOTB)


Bring Back the Time…Jordan Knight! Do the New Kids on the Block have a group text?! What was the original name of the band (and when did they realize it was terrible)?  Plus, honest answers to honest fan questions including…what does the future hold for New Kids on the Block (new music!)?See for privacy information.
Back for Good…with Gary Barlow!  Gary reveals to Lance how Take That was formed, sets the record straight on his feud with Robbie and shares stories about hanging with the Queen of England!  Plus, Lance reveals how Take That inspired *NSYNC and how Lance has always looked up to Gary.See for privacy information.
Only in My Dreams…does Debbie Gibson become Lance’s first non-boybander guest! But suddenly our Electric Youth is reborn as those dreams are a reality!  Debbie and Lance go deep into the awkwardness of a former hangout they once had, she reveals the truth behind the feud between her and Tiffany… plus, she performs music you may have never heard!See for privacy information.
Johnny Gill (New Edition)

Johnny Gill (New Edition)


I’m Still in Love With You Johnny Gill!  As New Edition celebrates 40 years and prepares to head out on tour, Johnny joins the pod to look at events of the past as well as what lies ahead!  From amazing stories of Whitney Houston, to details of the band’s inner struggles, to which member was against him joining the group…AND rumors of a Vegas residency! See for privacy information.
Brad Fischetti (LFO)

Brad Fischetti (LFO)


Your Heart is Safe with Me Brad Fischetti! Which is a good thing because Brad really opens up in this episode. He shares everything from starting LFO, to their one and a million chance of being discovered, to the grief of losing his bandmates.  Plus, even more amazing stories you won’t believe…like when Brad was a limo driver and got lost with Lance’s parents in the back! See for privacy information.
Can’t Get Enough… of Logan and James from BTR!  They join Lance and Michael as they reveal the dramatic events that took place to make Big Time Rush…Big Time. Find out why they say Disney v. Nickelodeon is a bigger rivalry than BSB and NSYNC and some strange decisions that went on BTS of BTR!  Plus, the secret to long distance relationships AND is there a Big Time Rush cruise in our future?!See for privacy information.
Trevor Penick (O-Town)

Trevor Penick (O-Town)


It’s All or Nothing…with Trevor Penick!  Trevor’s trip to boyband-land was an interesting one! He auditioned to audition, didn’t get the call, went anyway, got to audition again and then made the TV show to compete to make the band. (Don’t worry. It’ll make sense when he says it!)  Plus, find out what convinced O-Town to reunite after 10 years. See for privacy information.
Hey, Frosted Tips listeners! The newest hit docuseries of another star-studded podcast, The Last Soviet is live. Go check out the beginning of this thrilling journey with Lance Bass, NSync Superstar, and Russian-trained astronaut!”   About The Last Soviet: Lance Bass, NSync Superstar, and Russian-trained astronaut takes you on a wild ride into space. He tells the story of the last Soviet cosmonaut who is trapped on the world’s only space station, as the country he knows and loves collapses beneath him. On this journey through Earth’s atmosphere in the form of a podcast, Lance introduces you to the woman who won a reality show cosmonaut contest, a ham radio operator in Australia who became a lifeline for the Soviet Space Station, a hustler from Chicago who tried to sell coca-cola to the Russians and the editor of Playboy who took part in a revolution.   It’s one man’s dream to go to space, his dedication to the country he thought he knew and 313 days spent orbiting the Earth. 313 days that changed our world.    Plus, Lance’s own dream to go to space and the lengths he went to make it a reality.  Listen to The Last Soviet on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts!  See for privacy information.
Kevin McHale (NLT)

Kevin McHale (NLT)


U Can’t Touch This…interview Lance has with former boy bander and Glee icon Kevin McHale! Kevin reveals the crazy stories and drama that surrounded his beginning at Glee and how he came out…accidentally!Plus, wait until you hear what Kevin really thinks about the Glee documentary!See for privacy information.
Give Me Just One Night…w/ Jeff Timmons!   Jeff joins Lance and Michael as he tracks his rise to fame and how 98 Degrees burst onto the scene! AND wait till you hear the sizzling details about what the band's doing next!   Plus, Lance and Michael reveal their emotional experience of meeting their twins’ egg donor!See for privacy information.
Joey Fatone (*NSYNC)

Joey Fatone (*NSYNC)


God Must Have Spent a Little More Time On… Joey Fatone! That’s a fact that has never been more apparent than right now!  This episode almost seems too good to be true as Joey recalls his first impression of Lance, his honest opinion of his talents and what went down the first time Joey met JC and Justin.  Plus, wait until you hear the details of a prank Lance once played on Joey, that included  a cop that wanted payback. This episode is guaranteed ‘tearin’ up your heart’ material.See for privacy information.
The conversation with AJ McLean continues. AJ shares his parenthood journey and dealing with a life-changing decision by his daughter. Plus, a wild throwback as they read through an old interview AJ did with Teen Beat magazine!See for privacy information.
I Want It That Way… Lance and Backstreet Boys’ AJ McLean together!  They’re talking about the wild rides to fame and fortune. AJ opens up to Lance about his personal battles and recovery and how he got to where he is today.See for privacy information.
Jonathan Knight (NKOTB)

Jonathan Knight (NKOTB)


You got the right stuff, baby…with Jonathan Knight from NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK! Lance and Jonathan talk about being gay in a boy band and the fear of coming out and Jonathan opens up about his struggle to start a family.  Plus, hot new music from New Kids.  And…why New Kids are making waves on the high seas.See for privacy information.
JC Chasez (*NSYNC)

JC Chasez (*NSYNC)


This I Promise You… Lance and JC Chasez TOGETHER! Everything that you want to know about Lance, JC Chasez and *NSYNC! Lance and JC talk *NSYNC from inception to today. They address the extremely hot topic of a potential *NSYNC reunion, as well as JC's love life and when will he release music again! Plus…a Q&A 25 years in the making!See for privacy information.
See for privacy information.
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