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Part 1 of the Vanderump Rules Season 10 Reunion is in the history books, and it was INTENSE! Lala hits all the beats, feels, and vibes – from Ariana’s last-minute hair emergency on the morning of filming to James Kennedy’s iconic “worm with a mustache” to the Toms’ timelines not syncing to Raquel’s smug, smiling face watching from that trailer. She addresses her friendships with Katie & Scheana, where she currently stands with Lisa Vanderpump, the Toms’ one-sided ride or die relationship, and those unbelievable crocodile tears! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Yes, there are a still a few things to say about some key moments in the Vanderpump Rules season 10 finale... like the scene between Ariana and Sandoval, and the scene between Raquel and Sandoval, and Schwartz on the roof top. Lala also comments on the new Hulu documentary about “he who shall not be named,” calls out RHONJ’s Rachel Fuda, and reveals some of her own personal family plans for the coming year. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What was supposed to be the original season finale of Vanderpump Rules was a doozie, and Katie Maloney and her mom, Teri, have plenty to say about that unbelievable conversation/confrontation with “the barnacle” (aka Rachael aka Raquel). Lala, Katie & Teri talk about stuff that didn’t make the episode like Katie’s brother Joey stepping to Tom Sandoval, Teri’s whispered comments to Kristina Kelly, and their reaction to Tom Schwartz hiding in some plants while the whole thing was going down. Plus, Katie and Teri discuss where things stand now with Schwartz. And don’t get them started on that whole Ariana and Raquel exchange at the bar! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The first post-Scandoval footage is airing in VPR, and it comes in the form of Lala narrating a certain course of events that was captured in part on Scheana Shay’s Vlog. Lala breaks down the timeline, how she feels about “dipped out,” why Ken Todd delivered the shocking sleep over info, and the Tom Schwartz scene that made her physically ill when she watched last week’s episode. Plus, a special (and hilarious) shout out to Heather McDonald’s son! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The beach day on Vanderpump Rules was anything but peaceful or maybe even fun for that matter. Lala breaks it all down from why she brought The Don to this particular cast outing to going toes with the Toms to the vibe that was and still is Ally Lewber! And yes, she has plenty to say about Sandoval and Raquel, and especially Sandoval’s interview comments that closed out the episode. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
It’s all about birthdays today! One past and one present! So Happy Birthday, Summer Moon! As for the past, you saw Lala’s birthday celebration in full effect on last week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, and she has plenty to say about what the cameras did NOT show… like her warning to Raquel about making things right with Katie, and the late-night gift she received from The Don . Lala also does a deep dive into the Oliver situation and the unfollow she received from Garcelle Beauvais, and she shares the sobriety dream she had last weekend while in Palm Springs. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What a week! Lala has PLENTY to say about her appearance last week on Watch What Happens Live (including her lack of red lip)! She unpacks the whole trolling Howie Mandel thing, Scheana’s rehearsal dinner, the bridesmaids' spa day, and the actual wedding. Plus, Lala weighs in on Raquel Leviss’ recent mental health decision. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Before Jenna Willis became a bad bitch celebrity trainer and wellness coach (who regularly kicks Lala’s ass in the gym), she spent some time on camera on Vanderpump Rules! Jenna shares her VPR story including her history with both Scheana Shay and Katie Maloney, and what prompted her to leave the show, and eventually start her own business! She also shares some amazing workout and fitness tips, and reveals how you too can be coached by Jenna Willis (link is on her instagram page @msjennawillis). Plus, Lala & Jess breakdown “the kiss” from last week’s VPR episode! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
A lot happened off-camera in the last episode of #PumpRules, and Lala fills in the blanks for some scenes, including Scheana’s surprise engagement party, and details behind the words exchanged by Ariana and James at the welcome dinner! She shares her take on Raquel’s restraining order against Scheana, why she went straight home after filming the reunion instead of out with her friends, and what Stassi Schroeder thought about the girls’ Vegas trip. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The Vanderpump Season 10 reunion filmed last week, and Lala is still recovering! She addresses some of the rumors about the day, offers plenty of commentary about the dynamics between Tom Sandoval, Raquel Leviss and the rest of the cast, and admits that she cried one time.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
It was the verbal shot heard ‘round the world on last week’s #PumpRules episode, and Lala dishes more details about what you didn’t see on camera in that moment! She, the gusbands (aka Logan and Leo), and Jessica have plenty to say about that Havasu dinner, drunk Raquel, the James Kennedy hook up timeline, new reunion rules, and the reason why bullying does not exist in the world of Bravo. And then there’s part two of the RHOM reunion. Exhausting in the best way possible! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Katie Maloney

Katie Maloney


Katie Maloney returns pretty much to talk all things #PumpRules. She and Lala dish on the upcoming reunion and the kind of prep that goes into that epic day of filming! Katie also has thoughts on Raquel, Sandoval, her ex, Tom Schwartz, and her divorce. She sets the record straight on Discopussy and the Havasu trip, and gives her mom the MVP award for last week’s VPR episode!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The One About Scandoval

The One About Scandoval


Vanderpump Rules is poppin’ and the cameras are back up and rolling! Lala’s gusbands, Logan and Leo, return to weigh in on the messy Scandoval situation! They also have some thoughts about the outcome of the Murdaugh murder trial. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Kristina Kelly and Scheana Shay join Lala for a special live podcast from their Shopify pop up event! They chat about Kristina’s return to #PumpRules, how she was able to disguise her pregnancy for the entire season, and what finally made her spill the beans. Scheana also weighs in on the fallout from her podcast heard ‘round the world, her friendship with Lala, raising Ocean and Summer Moon together, and where she stands with Katie Maloney. The ladies also answer fan questions about the show, music, motherhood, and sobriety. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Lala Kent & Katie Maloney crushed Watch What Happens Live, and celebrated their killer live appearance with an all-nighter in NYC (but not with each other)! Lala spills the dirty deets, and also lays some context about her intense conversation with Lisa Vanderpump, the phone call she made to a certain therapist, and why she thinks Raquel’s in for a tough season on #PumpRules. Plus, Ocean Kent is turning 2 and having a birthday party to envy!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Farm Sanctuary just outside of Los Angeles is one of the nation’s first farm animal rescues, and Lala took Ocean to visit! They met Chloe who explains how Farm Sanctuary got started, their over all mission, and how you can visit and support them (go to Plus, Vanderpump Rules season 10 premiered last week, and Lala has plenty to say about that episode and the season in general!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Lala’s childhood besties (who also happen to be sisters), Dani Shae and Madison Riley, join for a laugh down debauchery lane, and a more serious conversation about Dani’s recent birthing experience that started as a home birth in a tub and ended as a hospital C-section. Spoiler alert – Dani, her husband, and their beautiful baby boy are all happy, healthy, and doing fine!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
It’s the end of the world as we know it and Lala & Jess are going out with a bang… at least when it comes to their last meals on earth! They answer that question and plenty more straight outta the DMs! There’s discussion about poop etiquette and candor in relationships, hanging onto sanity in a crazy world, relationships among the Vanderpump Rules cast, and Lala’s plans to give Ocean a sibling. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
“Sexy Unique” podcast host, Lara Marie Schoenhals, is Bravo-obsessed, and has plenty to say about Jen Shah, Lisa Rinna, Kyle Richards, and Vicki Gunvalson! Lala catches her up on RHOM and RHOP, and they both discuss the evolution of Vanderpump Rules, their hopes for season 10, and why neither love The Kardashians reality show as much as the Housewives franchise! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Lala spent the weekend in Palm Springs with Scheana, Brock & Summer Moon, and shares stories from their getaway. She also answers a bunch of fan DMs about sobriety, being single, parenting, and teachable moments.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Comments (63)

Nicole Merrill

the reason Raquel was so "strong" is BECAUSE she was having the affair with tom, some ppl get empowered by stuff like that.

Apr 26th


You are so sweet. Just watched last episode of VPR and your talk with Ali was so genuine. Been there with a narcissist, it’s the hardest thing you’ll ever lose yourself to. Fan for life. Hope you touch on the out of pocket comment James made to Ali about you too. Deflection at its best.

Apr 6th

Lisa Salazar

enough is enough. We need God obvs. it's our only hope and our only move. Good vs. Evil. Help Good win.

Mar 31st

Ronda Grosvenor

Yes Lala, it does desensatize killing! This is heartbreaking!

Mar 29th

Traci McFerrin

bump gums? gawd I just can't listen to you

Jan 18th


Can you please get Jessica to quiet down. She takes over so many of the conversations, especially when you're interviewing someone.

Oct 21st

Tiffany Schafer

Bring back the tan please!!!!!!

Aug 26th

Nicole Flanagan

your best podcast BY FAR! Love James!!!

Feb 9th
Reply (1)

brandi krob

yassss my two favorite girls Lala & Melissa 😍

Jan 26th

Nicole Flanagan

You are the best! You were you awesome, authentic self on WWHL last night 👑

Jan 12th

brandi krob

girl! we're is the next episode!

Jan 3rd

brandi krob

he called it just listen he tells them it not gonna work ..... crazy!

Dec 13th

brandi krob

wow I'm all about it !!!

Dec 6th

Jennifer N Chava Medina

This episode couldn't have hit home harder! loved loved loved 😍

Dec 2nd

Happy Day 😊

I am not sure if you see this and I am not sure everything that your going through that said my daughter will be 7 on Sunday I just celebrated 8 yrs sober and when my daughter was 11 months old I had just moved out of a shelter into my first ever own home and her father relapsed and 4 months later my daughter was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma. she went through 2 1/2 years of treatment and her father still not sober. my point is this year my daughter will be celebrating 5 yrs cancer free I am still so er and her father is now sober and a wonderful father. my point is you can do this lala and I know some days hurt like fucking hell and you never think the hurt will stop but it does and honestly likes thank God for AA and the ppl that are there no matter what the wind blows in!! I pray for you and your daughter the is always sunshine after the rain!!! the best is yet to come! keep your head up ♥️

Nov 10th
Reply (2)

Jessica Marie Pruitt

I listened to your book and I looooved it!!!!!

May 19th

Cassie Wilds

sooo glad you all are back. great episode!!!

May 5th

Julia Collins

I'm in the house

Mar 27th

brandi krob

where are youuu 😭😭😭😭

Feb 21st

Samantha Allen

I feel like Randall is so impatient with LaLa it really bothers be. :(

Jan 27th
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