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Author: BBC World Service

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The day’s top stories from BBC News. Delivered twice a day on weekdays, daily at weekends. Including the latest news from the Middle East, about Israel and Iran.

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Defence lawyers tell jurors in New York there was no crime and the former US president Donald Trump is "cloaked in innocence". Also: Ecuadorean police arrest fugitive gang leader, Fabricio Colón Pico, and have you see the raccoons that are on the run in the Netherlands?
The Israel Defense Forces said Major General Aharon Haliva would retire once his successor was selected. Also, the UK parliament prepares to vote on a bill to send some asylum seekers to Rwanda, and thousands of Filipino and US troops begin three weeks of military exercises.
Reports say the US is planning to cut military aid to the Netzah Yehuda battalion. Speaking on the eve of the Jewish holiday of Passover, the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, warned that attacks will be stepped up against Hamas in Gaza. Also: the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, says the new US package of military aid could help Ukraine turn the tide in the war against Russia, and tens of thousands of people took part in the London Marathon.
The vote comes as Ukrainian troops face a weapons shortage, with Russia continuing its attacks. We get reaction and analysis from Washington and Kyiv, where President Zelensky says it will help his troops on the battlefield. The aid is worth billions of dollars, and the Kremlin doesn't like it. Also in this podcast covering the world's top news events: Iran's ayatollahs launch a new crackdown on women; a river disaster in central Africa; why people in the Canary Islands want tourists to stay away; the arts and housing complex in central London which has been covered in cloth; why China's swimmers failed drugs tests -- but were still allowed to enter the Olympics; and the major international organisation supporting women in tech runs out of cash and closes down.
This week, we meet the teenager whose dancing in the rain in Nigeria brought online fame that's inspired a documentary. Also: The Mongolian Yak herders helping to make fashion sustainable. And how a four-legged tour guide is keeping visitors on the right track.
Police say he dowsed himself in an accelerant after throwing pamphlets about conspiracy theories into the air. Also: Iran's muted response to a presumed Israeli drone attack on Friday raises hopes that tensions between the foes can be kept in check, and the American football star Jason Kelce says he's 'incredibly stupid' for losing his coveted superbowl a tank of chilli.
Iranian state media says air defence systems were activated in several cities including Isfahan and Tabriz. Also: people in India begin voting in the first round of a seven phase general election, and the four fastest finishers in Beijing's half marathon have their prizes withdrawn.
President William Ruto declares 3 days of national mourning. Two survivors have been taken to hospital. Also: A Palestinian bid for full membership of the UN is vetoed by the US at the Security Council, and why so many of China's major cities are sinking.
Talks on the Italian island of Capri also include the Middle East crisis. Also: We hear from an Israeli hostage released last year whose husband is still captive in Gaza, Germany arrests two Russian dual nationals suspected of planning sabotage attacks, and what to do about fire ants in Australia.
The vote on the 95 billion dollar bill is set for Saturday and includes more military funding for Israel, as well as humanitarian aid for Gaza. Also: Israel says it will make its own decision amid calls for restraint in the wake of Iran's unprecedented attack at the weekend, and could 2 fossilised jawbones found in southern England be from the biggest marine reptile ever to have lived?
President Zelensky calls for more air defences after a missile attack kills at least 14. He described the attack in Chernihiv, which destroyed an eight-story building and damaged a hospital, as Russian terror. Also: A BBC investigation uncovers the death of more than 50,000 Russians in the war, and a controversial emoji forces Apple to update its software. All this and more in the podcast with the top news stories from around the world - from the BBC World Service.
All aid for Gaza is subject to strict Israeli security checks. The UN is also calling on Israel to do more to stop the escalating violence in the West Bank. Also: Belgian police told to shut down meeting of right-wing European politicians in Brussels, and is France's culinary reputation in decline?
As Israel's war cabinet meets to decide how to respond to Iran's drone attack, its allies urge restraint. Also: fighting continues in Gaza, and Copenhagen's iconic stock exchange is engulfed by fire.
The former US President Donald Trump denies trying to disguise a hush money payment to an adult film star in 2016. Also, donors pledge more than $2bn in aid for Sudan, and record ocean temperatures have caused the mass bleaching of coral across large parts of the world's seas.
A year of war in Sudan

A year of war in Sudan


Almost nine million people have been displaced and the UN is warning of looming famine. Also: Israel is still considering its response to Iran's attack at the weekend, and China investigates whether three African runners allowed a Chinese competitor to win a key race.
The UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, was speaking at a Security Council emergency meeting on Iran's missile and drone attacks on Israel. Also: Haiti's main political parties urge the outgoing prime minister, Ariel Henry, to speed up the installation of a new transitional council, and the teenager with a memory like an encyclopedia..
Israel says it intercepted vast majority of missiles and drones fired by Iran. Iran said the attack "achieved all its objectives". President Biden to discuss diplomatic response with other G7 leaders amid international calls for restraint. The UN Security Council will hold an emergency meeting later.
The Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his military was "ready for any scenario". Sirens were heard as Israel's air defences came into operation.
This week, we meet the 105 year-old man celebrating his thirteenth total solar eclipse. Also: The AI technology giving back a voice to the voiceless. And our intrepid reporter goes in search of the crookie.
A nine-member political body, tasked with filling the leadership vacuum in Haiti, has been created although their names have not been made public. Also: the US says Iran could attack Israel with drones and missiles within hours, and a Norwegian minister resigns over plagiarism claims.
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Vice Morris

Yet no headline mention of Aaron Bushnell, the US Air Force who set himself on fire outside the Israeli Embassy in protest of genocide on Feb 25 2024

Apr 20th



Apr 18th
Reply (2)

Parastoo Alaei

Iran is not Gaza, even women and children are warriors... our war is not guns and bombs, it's been 40 years that we are fighting for the freedom of our country. dollar price is our war, unemployment rate is our war, morality police is our war, youth execution is our war, Islamic republic is our war. we are making jokes with this war because we've been warriors for our hole lives. we would defend our 50 meters of our land that even we cannot afford to buy.

Apr 16th
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francis green


Apr 15th
Reply (1)

Mandy Galloway

Why would you say "and her friend"!?! Ron Goldman was his name. it's even less letters!

Apr 12th


Apr 8th


Stop war … Stop

Apr 8th

Lara Queen

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Apr 6th

Hamad Bhatti

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Apr 3rd

Paul Billington

BN has already caused a humanitarian catastrophe. This is just the USA waking up to it.

Mar 28th

Zhenhui Lyu

How arrogant The reporter visiting Kremlin was. He only wants the answer He expected and nothing else can persuade him.

Mar 22nd

minton lena

Very good and helpful article! Thank you for sharing it with me and everyone. Have a nice time with online.

Mar 21st


hey. how can I see a text that you read ?

Mar 18th
Reply (1)

Bren Dromedagh

odd way to describe it

Mar 18th


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Mar 16th


Biden is a stupid old man long live trump❤️⚘️ If I were an American, I would vote for Trump

Mar 11th

Hassan Meer

In the new Happy Pod, the man claims that he checks the health of bees in the winter WITHOUT DISTURBING THEM. My Reaction from a God-for-Saken country called Afghanistan: 😳🤯

Mar 9th

Weather or Not

give the gold to the poorest of the poor. @highway39 on "x" formerly Twitter. and let's sink Elon too. he has a good wad for the poor.

Feb 28th

Samira Rezai


Feb 24th

Chemical Bull

Your input has broadened my understanding—thank you for sharing.

Feb 16th
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