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Grow, cook, eat, arrange with Sarah Raven & friends
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Grow, cook, eat, arrange with Sarah Raven & friends

Author: Sarah Raven in conversation with Arthur Parkinson

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Welcome to grow, cook, eat, arrange, the weekly podcast from gardener, writer, teacher,and cook, Sarah Raven. Over the last two decades, Sarah has led the way by introducing a new kind of productive gardening which places emphasis on intense colour, sophistication, and achievability. Recorded at the beautiful Perch Hill Farm in Sussex, Sarah talks with special guests from across garden design, floristry, food, ecology, conservation, and more. Brimming with top tips and helpful hints, listen and learn how to create your most productive garden ever. You can find out more about the products discussed in each episode or get in touch by visiting the website:
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The limit to your imagination extends far beyond the size of one’s garden, particularly with the cut flowers that award-winning garden designer Butter Wakefield adores most.Butter returns to the podcast with more than a smorgasbord of stunning flowers compact enough to fit in the smallest of gardens, but captivating enough to make the most monumental impact as a cut flower.In this episode, discover:The bold bulbs of Daffodil Jetfire and subtle beauty of AvalancheWhy the Dahlias of Rosie Raven, Lou Farmen and Josie are among those which most wildly capture Butter’s adorationDavid Austin’s majestic roses accompanied by the most delightful fragranceA border must-have with flowing cascades of purple flowers - Salvia nemorosa CaradonnaGet in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: Arthur:
Our olfactory system elicits some of the strongest emotions we can feel, so the scent of a garden should be at the forefront of your mind when planning your garden - as it is for the wonderful Jo Fairley.Jo edits The Scented Letter, a quarterly magazine focused on fragrance, which makes her a perfect guest on the podcast to share the 12 most evocatively scented plants, from the strong fragrance of Trachelospermum to stalwart Sweet Peas.In this episode, discover:The personal history with Scented Geraniums that makes them one of Jo’s most beloved, aromatic plantsWhich of the Roses are absolute essentials for smell, and why Jo would never plant a Rose without scentJo’s love of Sarcococca’s incredible growth, bold structure, and fragrant leavesPlenty of book recommendations to inspire you with many more scented plantsGet in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: Arthur:
Sowing tomatoes should be right at the top of your list for the month ahead, with the joy they bring to a garden and the remarkable variety in taste.Whether it’s the small and mighty Noire de Crimee or the ever-reliable flavour of Sungold, this week’s episode of the podcast brings a wealth of advice for growing your own. In this episode, discover:The standout tomatoes that’ll bring joy to your garden and plate, from the stripy Tigerella to the unbeatable taste of SungoldCharming combinations for companion planting to keep your tomatoes in good healthThe remarkable results you can see by growing tomatoes in a ring culture potA whole raft of recipes to use your produce in such varied and utterly delicious waysGet in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: Arthur:
Wood is wonderful in the garden, and can be both beautiful and useful to create fencing, arches and posts in such a way that cares for the environment around us.If you’re still using the likes of imported bamboo in your space and need inspiration for alternatives, Adam Nicolson joins Sarah once again on the podcast to share how locally grown, coppiced wood can be so fantastic for you and for the world.In this episode, discover:The near-zero environmental cost of using the wonderfully pliable birchWhich trees are the most useful for absorbing more carbon, and how to best treat themA fascinating history of why chestnut is so prevalent in this part of the worldHow to coppice wood, and the true impact of coppicing on carbon absorption from our treesGet in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: Arthur:
Beside the visual splendour of a thriving vegetable garden, there’s such joy to be had from picking your own delicious ingredients.At a perfect time to coincide with Sarah’s new book, she takes this solo episode to share a fantastic list of the 12 absolute best vegetables, from flavoursome essentials to the simplest, most cut-and-come-again veg for all seasons.In this episode, discover:Several of the most prolific, cut and come again veg from Mizuna and Rocket to the versatile Swiss ChardVarieties of Kale for the patient gardener or those looking for a quick growerA duo of tomatoes befitting of any garden alongside what Sarah dubs ‘the perfect cucumber’Get in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: Arthur:
Gardening is for everyone, even the busiest among us. That’s why we’re focusing on the very best plants that’ll not only look after themselves, but truly thrive by doing so.Sarah is once again joined on the podcast by Gary Newell, our Senior Horticultural Buyer, this time to discuss the lowest maintenance plants, from the ground cover of Geranium Rozanne to the pot-worthy Hydrangea ‘Little Lime’.In this episode, discover:How the marvellous Lonicera 'Rhubarb and Custard' looks after itself and stays both fresh and scentedA splendid Hydrangea which has repaid Gary each year without fail since he first planted itThe constant productivity of Rosemary, and how it’s a perfect plant for culinary use, hedging and screening alikeGet in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: Arthur:
There’s nothing quite like finding a perfect companion, and in the plant world, companion planting could be the difference between aphid-affliction and the healthiest horticulture.Our Head Gardener at Perch Hill, Josie Lewis, joins Sarah once again on the podcast to share the essential flowers to underplant for thriving Roses, a garden full of pollinators, and wonderful performing Tomatoes.In this episode, discover:Which of the Salvias are perfect for keeping Roses looking their Sunday bestHow the likes of Tagetes Minuta and Burning Embers are ideal to combat Whitefly issues in your greenhouseThe best, aromatic Basil to pull the pollinators into your gardenHow to create Comfrey Tea Sodium Bicarbonate spray and Garlic spray for preventing mildewGet in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: Arthur:
The beauty of floristry is its ever-moving, transient nature, and that makes your philosophy around flower growing and arranging all the more impactful.As Anna Potter knows better than anyone, that philosophy can evolve, expand, and lead you to some fantastical floral discoveries. Returning to the podcast this week, Anna shares some of the projects within her new book that can spark inspiration in your own gardening endeavours.In this episode, discover:The shift in Anna’s philosophy around plants since she last joined us for episode 11How to create a gorgeous wreath which, while fleeting, brings such bold and beautiful joyWhy we should embrace the moving, flowing nature of Peonies rather than attempt to constrain themTapping into the childlike charm of creating a MandalaGet in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: Arthur:
Returning to the podcast this week is the wonderful Jane Scotter from Fern Verrow, as we set our sights on the turn of spring and which edibles you can sow soon to bring incredible taste into your garden.Whether it’s the reliable flavours of Tomatoes like Gardener’s Delight, or rich taste of Cima di Rapa, you’re bound to be inspired with edible plants perfect to start planting right now.In this episode, discover:Jane’s history with Skye Gyngell, and how she’s so innovative with the use of veg in her recipesVarieties of salad leaves and rocket for all temperaturesHow to fill the cut flower gap with lovely Stocks like Apple BlossomCreate Academy is offering Sarah Raven listeners 15% off across all gardening courses, including Jane Scotter's new course 'How To Grow Exceptional Produce'. To redeem visit and enter code 'SARAHRAVEN15' at checkout. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.Get in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: Arthur:
The first hard frost of the year signals a time to prepare for the winter ahead, and there are a few essential steps you can take to protect your bulbs and encourage tender perennials to become hardy.From spotting which varieties need to be brought inside first, to using bubble wrap, burlap or fleece to wrap larger pots, Sarah brings us a step by step guide to beating the hard frost in this bonus episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’.In this episode, discover:The least frost-hardy flowers which will need to be brought inside firstWhen to mulch for effective insulation against frostHow to protect larger, immovable pots by wrapping them with bubble wrap or fleeceGet in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: Arthur:
With a new year comes boundless possibilities for your veg garden, and there are so many vegetables that truly thrive in cold, wet conditions which are often overlooked.We’re just a few weeks away from the release of Sarah’s new book, aptly named ‘A Year Full of Veg’, which makes this an ideal point to look at the inspiration behind the book, and of course share some essential edibles for the year ahead.In this episode, discover:The inspiration for Sarah’s latest book, and how it came togetherSarah's adoration for easy, productive, cut and come again vegCompanion planting flowers which keep the garden healthy and thrivingHow to create a gorgeous, sculptural veg garden without the use of bamboo cane supports Order Sarah’s book - A Year Full of Flowers: Sarah’s new book - A Year Full of Veg: in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: Arthur:
The size of a garden need not limit its impact, and in this week’s podcast we hear from award-winning garden designer Butter Wakefield as she shares how to bring a spark of inspiration to small spaces.Whether you’re looking to rethink scale, scent, lighting or layout, Butter brings us a dizzying array of tips for bringing a garden to life.In this episode, discover:Marvellous ideas to bring scale, privacy and structure to a gardenHow warm lighting and well-placed mirrors can make even small spaces feel grandioseTips for vertical emphasis, patterns, and borrowing from your surroundings to extend your garden’s impact beyond its wallsFollow Butter: Sarah’s book: in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: Arthur:
Not all of us are afforded the space to plant everything our heart desires, so we’ve brought our wonderful Head Horticultural Buyer, Gary Newell, onto the podcast to share the best flowers for compact spaces.There’s a choice in this episode for everything one might need, whether it’s to bathe your space in scent, long-flowering bee magnets, or simply the most extravagant standout Dahlia for its size.In this episode, discover:The guiding principles behind Gary’s scintillating small garden designsHow to build layers with year-round interest from tree cover, sub-shrubs and dazzling potted plantsDahlia Waltzing Mathilda’s bold beauty and why Sarah always pairs it with the regal red Petunia Tidal Wave Red VelourGary’s absolute favourite flower families for gorgeous ground coverFollow Gary: in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: Arthur:
2022 is finally drawing to a close, and as many begin their list of new year’s resolutions we’re making our own commitments at Perch Hill, especially around our exciting carbon and biodiversity research.Sarah Raven & Adam Nicolson share the findings, bring us some enlightening tips on how we can all reduce carbon emissions in our own gardens, pick out top garden-worthy plants to provide seeds for birds, and chat about how we’re preparing for the exciting year ahead.In this episode, discover:Sarah’s top plants to provide for pollinators & birds, and bring an uplifting buzz to your gardenThe eclectic agricultural mix that Adam scatters to encourage biodiversity among wildlifeNew thinking around the effects of methane in the atmosphereThe surprisingly drastic impact on reducing carbon that we can create in our own gardensWhy ill-kept bird feeders might actually be surprisingly harmfulOrder Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book: in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: Arthur:
In each of our gardens resides such potential to create a haven for all-important pollinators, and there’s no stronger advocate than the wonderful Dave Goulson.A returning guest on the podcast, this week we hear from Dave as he and Sarah run through the 12 most magnificent plants for pollinators, whether you’re seeking compact varieties or an extravagant, long-lasting pollen cafe.In this episode, discover:The overlooked virtues of earwigs and how they fight off aphidsDave’s marvellous research work on protecting pollinatorsNew, pollen-providing varieties which are more compact and long-lastingDazzling Dahlias, Ammi and Foxgloves perfect for attracting a bumblebee ballet to your garden Order Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book: Goulson: in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: Arthur:
Whether your idea of the perfect Rose is a prolific climber like Scent from Heaven, or a compact burst of colour like Josie Lewis’ favourite Hot Chocolate, no garden is complete without a Rose.This week on ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ signals the start of a new format highlighting the floral flag bearers of each family, starting with Sarah & Josie’s top Roses, and a number of upcoming standouts from our recent trials.In this episode, discover:Exciting new discoveries from the latest rose trials at Perch HillThe most prolific roses for picking and vase lifeVarieties that bring angelic scent in a walled gardenTips for bare root planting for those giving or receiving roses this ChristmasGet in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: Arthur:
Gardening sustainably with consideration for the world around us needn’t be a chore - there’s so much opportunity to be creative when you ditch floral foam and embrace natural design.Well Shane Connolly is no stranger to naturalising his arrangements, nor is he a stranger to the podcast! Shane returns to share his highlights of 2022, how you can add some sustainable flair to your Christmas table and some lovely ideas for a spectacular wreath.In this episode, discover:Shane’s natural designs and how he composes a compelling sense of placeThe building blocks of sustainable floristry, from focusing on compostable materials to using the world around youHow to create a gorgeous, sustainable wreath for your door and decorations for the tree and table this ChristmasThe need to move past using oasis, and which alternatives we can use insteadGet in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: Arthur:
For 20% off your order at, use the code ‘PODCAST20I’ at checkout before 9th December.There’s an endearingly nostalgic aspect of growing Sweet Peas that makes them a lovely addition to a garden, and rarely are they found to be so intoxicating as they are at Easton Walled Garden in Sweet Pea Season.The myriad of varieties are among the many lovely aspects of the staggering garden, which has been developed over many years through the hard work of Garden Director Ursula Cholmley.We hear from Ursula how they’ve made their mark without enforcing a narrative on the garden, created beds full of showstopping Sweet Peas, and brought towering varieties of Roses to their meadows.In this episode, discover:The story behind Easton Walled Gardens’ lengthy heritage, and the work that it took to create the spectacle that it’s becomeWhich Sweet Pea varieties stand out in their spectacular garden, from the likes of Toffee Apple to Winston ChurchillHow to tell the perfect time to harvest your own Sweet PeasThe marvellous Rose Meadows that come alive in summerGet in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: Arthur:
For 20% off your order at, use the code ‘PODCAST20H’ at checkout before 2nd December.There are certainly many who wish they could have a bustling garden, but lack the time for constant upkeep and maintenance. That’s where self-seeding perennials shine…Achieving a beautiful, long-lasting border doesn’t have to take a world of effort with varieties like the gorgeous Japanese Anemones or stalwart Salvia Amethyst Lips. Hear how Arthur is looking to adorn his brother’s garden with low maintenance, glamourous and easy perennials in this week’s episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’.In this episode, discover:Perfect plants for those looking to fill their garden with lower maintenance varietiesGorgeous grasses that make wonderful cuttings for the Christmas table, or retain their gentle prowess in a breezeOur favourite self-seeding Roses for long-performing beauty and resilience to mildew and black spotWhy Japanese Anemones thrive on neglect, making them an ultimate and unique addition to shady areas of your gardenOrder Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book: all products mentioned and find further advice from Sarah: in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: Arthur:
With plenty of rain forecast and the threat of storms being a blight for gardening, there are a few things you can do to firm up against the threat of extreme rain and winds.In this bonus episode of the podcast, Sarah shares a few garden-saving tips, from choosing the right flowers that thrive in moisture for the right place in your garden, using bales and hedges to break up harsh winds, and more.In this episode, discover:The brilliance of a well planted hedge or straw bale to break up extreme windsWhich delicate plants are vital to keep insideChoosing the right plant for the right place in the gardenGet in touch: info@sarahraven.comShop on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: Arthur:
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Iris Borgers

brilliant podcast thank you so much 💚🤎

Jan 11th

Iris Borgers

My morning travel to work podcasts and most I put on repeat. So glad Sarah mentioned the ugliness of a polly tunnel as after years looking at an ugly plastic mass full of holes by squirrels foxes and birds. I've taken the plastic of , painted the metal hoops and now use them for hops and climber fruits at the bottom nasturtiums, and I imagine I'm in Giverny 😊 Love Sarah and Arthur. more podcasts please 💜💚

Jan 23rd

Iris Borgers

Love this podcast about life and the inside of garden garden design very inspiring and great to hear the insides

Dec 8th

Rosy Murray

Lots of aphids on my lupins in Edinburgh, decimated by aphids despite the snow. Might try hanging bird feeds next year.

Jun 27th

Angela Pryke

Love the New Podcast, I've been lucky enough to sit on the rosemary bench last August, it's stunning. See you again in May.

Feb 16th
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