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Dan Martell is a Canadian serial entrepreneur and angel investor. Subscribe now and learn his best strategies to build and scale successful products and businesses. Now hit that button and start the show. It's FREE.
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▸▸ Get My New Book (Buy Back Your Time): Doesn’t investing often just feel like a gamble? You put your hard-earned money into something. Sometimes it goes up, sometimes it doesn’t. But the second your money leaves your account… You have NO control. You just receive what the market gives you. And the biggest mistake I see a lot of entrepreneurs fall into is they are always chasing after the next big thing. Fuelled by speculation and emotion. Only to end up with a portfolio that's as stable as a house of cards. That’s why Ray Dalio describes most people’s investment strategies like this: “The person who lives by the crystal ball will eat shattered glass” So I want to share today’s episode where I lay out the best investments you can make in 2024 so you can take control of your investments. Instagram: @danmartell Twitter: @danmartell
15 Laws of the Top 1%

15 Laws of the Top 1%


Get My New Book (Buy Back Your Time): I made my first million at 27 years old Was it luck? Hard work? Something else? Over the years, I've discovered it's a mix of unique laws and principles that I've lived by. These laws are what make the top 0.001% of people successful. Some of these laws are what I used to make my first million. And others are from what I’ve observed rubbing shoulders with some of the richest men in history. So I decided to dive deep and share these secrets with you today. I've distilled them into 15 laws of success that can transform the way you approach your goals and life. Instagram: @danmartell Twitter: @danmartell
▸▸ Get My New Book (Buy Back Your Time):   At 17, I found myself in a dark place.   Angry, depressed, and convinced there was something fundamentally wrong with me.   My life was a far cry from where I stand today.   Fast forward through years of relentless effort, and I've had the honor of speaking alongside Tony Robbins, building a $100M company, authoring a best-selling book, and flying around on my jet.   But this transformation didn't happen overnight.   I realised early on that if I wanted a different life…   I needed to start with my mindset.   The transformation from a troubled teenager to the person I am today was no accident.   It was a meticulous process of "brainwashing" myself into success.   Sounds tense?   But it was this very process of reshaping my habits and thoughts that propelled me from feeling hopeless at age 17 to making my first million by 26.   So in today’s episode, I reveal the 7 habits and rituals I’ve used in my life to brainwash myself into thinking differently, acting differently, and pulling success into my life.   Instagram: @danmartell   Twitter: @danmartell  
▸▸ Watch Codie's Latest Youtube Video: ▸▸ Get My New Book (Buy Back Your Time): Just stepped off the stage with Codie Sanchez, a force to be reckoned with in the world of investing and entrepreneurship. Together, we dived deep into the lessons learned from our time in the trenches of building businesses. Codie, known for her unparalleled insights into growth and investment, shared wisdom that could only come from someone of her stature and experience. Here's a moment that got everyone talking: I asked Codie what business she would start to make her first million if she was starting from scratch. Her response? BLEW. MY. MIND. I've posed this question to countless successful entrepreneurs, but never have I received an answer like Codie's. It was so friggin awesome that it alone could change the way you approach your entrepreneurial journey. Today’s episode is a behind-the-scenes, closed doors, look into a private interview with me and Codie at a small, private mastermind. Instagram: @danmartell Twitter: @danmartell
▸▸ Get My New Book (Buy Back Your Time): Ever wondered why some people are so wealthy while others struggle from paycheck to paycheck? While writing my book, I dove deep into this question. I sought answers beyond the obvious. And I realised that what separates the wealthy from the poor isn't luck or talent… It's our habits. So if despite all your hard work, the needle on your financial success seems stuck… Chances are it's one or two of these 8 bad habits that are keeping you poor. Instagram: @danmartell Twitter: @danmartell
▸▸ Get My New Book (Buy Back Your Time): Imagine getting to spend a whole week with a billionaire. What would you ask them? What secrets would you hope to learn? That's exactly what happened to me back in 2014 when I got invited to spend an entire week with Richard Branson at his Swiss Chalet. It opened the door to the life and lessons of a billionaire visionary. This was a masterclass in living, thinking, and executing at a level most can only dream of. It was truly transformative. He distilled decades of business acumen, personal growth, and lifestyle design into 168 hours. I learned about the habits, mindset, and strategies of a self-made billionaire. And today I’m sharing them with you. Here’s what I learned after spending 168 hours with Richard Branson. Instagram: @danmartell Twitter: @danmartell
▸▸ Get My New Book (Buy Back Your Time): Millionaires are CRAZY. Myself included. I should know because I’ve met over 1000+ millionaires. And if you want to be one, then here’s what you need to know about HOW they think.  Millionaires look crazy to normal people because they do things normal people wouldn’t And they’re willing to go change it. Here’s why this matters: If you don’t see things differently… You’ll never see the opportunity to improve it. And if you act like everyone else… You’ll have a life like everyone else. I don’t want that for you. That’s why in today’s episode, I’m sharing the 6 traits ALL millionaires have in common. Instagram: @danmartell Twitter: @danmartell
▸▸ Watch these 25 minutes if you want to scale a business you don’t grow to hate: ▸▸ Get My New Book (Buy Back Your Time): I was out for a run recently with my buddies, Dave and Coop and we were talking about the simplest business model. No complex funnels. No high-budget ads. Just good old social media and the art of conversation. I’ve personally sold over $3 million on Instagram DMs in under 7 months using this strategy. So today I'm laying out the entire blueprint for you. It's an untapped market sitting right under your nose. You don't need a billboard to grab their attention… You just need to walk up and say hello. So go ahead and watch today’s episode where I break down exactly how I made millions on Instagram DMs. Instagram: @danmartell Twitter: @danmartell
▸▸ Join the Big Band Software Team or see if you qualify for an acquisition conversation: ▸▸ Get My New Book (Buy Back Your Time): Back in 2008, I had the opportunity to buy 10 defunct homes in Detroit thinking it was my golden ticket. Only to wake up a year later to a nightmare of condemned properties. I was convinced by this charismatic person that it was a good idea. But I found out that I was liable and not only could lose my money, but also get sued by owners in the city for the upkeep. So I quickly discarded those homes. Here’s what I learned: You should only invest in businesses based on what you know. And for me, that's software. I knew NOTHING about buying homes and putting them into a rental pool. That’s why I want to share today’s episode where I reveal our ambitious plan to invest $100M in 2024 and how we're going to buy 12 companies in just 12 months. Instagram: @danmartell Twitter: @danmartell
▸▸ Get My New Book (Buy Back Your Time): In the investing world, insider information is everything. It's the difference between making a smart decision or a costly mistake. Launching a new business is no different. I've seen too many bright-eyed entrepreneurs sit back and not take action because they can’t decide what business to start. Most waste 5 years of their life in the wrong business… Or they spend 5 years sitting on the sidelines. So to help you avoid these mistakes I’ve cut through the clutter, and analyzed all industries, the gross margins, market demands – the full spectrum. In today’s episode, I’m sharing 4 game-changing business opportunities you can start in 2024. ▸▸ Get My New Book (Buy Back Your Time):
▸▸ Get My New Book (Buy Back Your Time): When I was in my mid-20s, I would stay up till two or three in the morning writing code and then sleep until my first meeting. My whole day would just get ahead of me and I could never get caught up. I always felt behind on everything I did. Then I picked up some new habits and I realised as I read more books… Every book talked about the power of the morning routine. For the longest time, I wanted to ignore it because I was more of a night person. I didn’t focus well in the morning and couldn’t concentrate. But I knew if I wanted to make millions and build something meaningful... I couldn’t start building at 10 am. So I changed my habits. And it changed my life. It was hard in the beginning. But now it feels second nature. And that’s why in today’s episode, I want to pass these habits on to you and show you how that morning routine looks. So you can implement them in your life to build momentum and crush your day. This is my 8-step multimillion-dollar CEO morning routine Instagram: @danmartell Twitter: @danmartell
▸▸ Attend Tony's Time to Rise Summit (Next Week): ▸▸ Get Tony's New Book: This week, I had the opportunity to interview THE Tony Robbins. And since a lot of entrepreneurs want to get better at investing what they make in business… I asked him how billionaires invest… This is what he said… Tony is on a mission to help millions of people access the same investment opportunities as he and his billionaire friends. He’s built more companies than you can count… He’s been investing for decades… And in today’s episode, he shares his golden rules about investing as well as the strategies he is personally using right now. Ready to uncover these insights?
In 2008, I moved to San Francisco for one reason: Learn how these 20-year-olds were building $1B companies Little did I know, they looked at business in a completely different way. I learned a TON. Fast forward to today, and I'm 44 years old, living a life I could've only dreamed about. I’ve invested in over 125 tech startups, bought 3 software companies, built and exited 3 companies, and I own one of the largest coaching organizations for software CEOs. But this wouldn't have happened if I hadn't been exposed to how these CEOs operated. I recently shared this journey at the 'All In Freedom Conference' in Dallas and would love to share it with you too. ▸▸ Watch these 25 minutes if you want to scale a business you don’t grow to hate: ▸▸ Get My New Book (Buy Back Your Time):
After spending 100 hours with these 4 billionaires… I discovered what REALLY sets billionaires apart from the average entrepreneur. Each encounter was a unique lesson in business and life. And while it’s easy to see their success… You don't always see the struggles and strategies behind it. But the biggest lesson I learned is that while their paths are diverse… Their mindsets share striking similarities. So how do you tap into the billionaire mindset so that more wealth and success flow your way? That’s what I reveal in today’s episode, where I share the life-changing lessons I’ve learned from my billionaire mentors. ▸▸ Get My New Book (Buy Back Your Time): Instagram: @danmartell Twitter: @danmartell
▸▸ Get My New Book (Buy Back Your Time): Over the last 20 years, I’ve been on a reading marathon, devouring over 1800 books. Each one unlocked a different aspect of success and wealth-building for me. From mastering mindset to harnessing the power of effective habits. So in today’s episode, I've done the heavy lifting for you and distilled them into the top 10 books that will make you rich – not just in wealth but in wisdom. Instagram: @danmartell Twitter: @danmartell  
▸▸ Get My New Book (Buy Back Your Time): When it comes to scaling a business, most entrepreneurs are playing checkers, expecting to win at chess. The strategy that propels you from zero to $300K? Child's play for hitting $3M. And if you're eyeing beyond that, it's a whole new game. Here’s why: Each stage of growth has its unique challenges and requires specific skills to conquer. I've seen talented CEOs struggle to transition from hands-on problem solvers to strategic leaders… And others get stuck in operational quicksand, unable to scale. Myself included. But after scaling and exiting 3 companies, investing in dozens of startups, and coaching over 2000+ founders to build multi-million dollar companies… I figured out the right skills needed at each stage of business growth. So in today’s episode, I’m going to break down the 4 key CEO skills you need to build a $10M a year business. Instagram: @danmartell Twitter: @danmartell
▸▸ Get My New Book (Buy Back Your Time): If you’re looking for ways to use AI to make millions, listen up… 2023 was the year when AI exploded. And it’s created a massive wave in the ocean of business. Some industries and jobs have been left for dust. But it’s also created MASSIVE opportunities to make more money faster than ever before. And the good news is… We’re only at the beginning of what is possible. After investing in a dozen AI companies… And coaching around 50-plus businesses including many of my friends who’ve built AI business models... I’ve seen LOTS of innovative ways people are making money from AI. So in today’s episode, I’ve distilled them down into the 5 ways you can use AI to make millions in 2024. Connect with me on other platforms: Instagram: @danmartell Twitter: @danmartell
The top 1% of high achievers make millions a year without ever stressing about their email inboxes. Sound like a dream? Well, it's not, and I'm about to reveal how you can achieve the same level of productivity and success. Here’s the deal: If you have hundreds of unread emails in your inbox right now… There’s NO WAY you’re going to become a top 1% performer in your industry. When I had the chance to visit Richard Branson in Verbier, Switzerland, I wanted to uncover the secrets of his daily routine. And what I discovered was a game-changer. Before hitting the slopes, Branson sat down with his assistant Helen, who handled EVERYTHING that required his attention. It was a powerful lesson in delegation AND time management. So in today’s episode, I’m going to uncover the 5 steps to transform your inbox management. ▸▸ Get My New Book (Buy Back Your Time):
If you're an entrepreneur, you know that the holiday season can be both a blessing and a curse. You want to spend time with family and loved ones… But in the back of your mind, you can't help but wonder about your business. What if sales stagnate? What if customer churn creeps in? What if competitors gain an edge? Well, here’s some good news. In my experience, November and December can be your BEST months. As long as you know what to do. In today’s episode, I’m sharing my how to get 10 clients before 2024 strategy, and it's the key to turning the holiday season into a period of business growth.   ▸▸ Get My New Book (Buy Back Your Time):
When my wife and I decided to start our family, our lives went from being carefree cuddle bugs… To starting two new companies… Moving house twice in a two-year period… And getting pregnant with our first child… Only to find three months after giving birth, we were pregnant with the second one. So to say that our life was hectic, would be an understatement. It was a whirlwind. But here’s the one thing we realized during this chaotic time: The need for synchronization and communication within our family. Without it, we found ourselves feeling disconnected and overwhelmed. So we came together and decided to run our family how like a business. Here’s how it worked out for us. ▸▸ Get My New Book (Buy Back Your Time):
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