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Today we go to WAR with a new challenger approaching...we also cover the insanity around the world cup, more Elon Musk Twitter meltdowns, the most absurd chemical peels, & more!
Today we debrief Hila's DEPLATFORMING from Twitter. We also discuss Ian's Kanye mod status reaching international news, a Howie Mandel recap, our worst moments as servers, & much more!
Today we welcome back the return of the legend himself, as Trump has announced he's running in 2024 (SHOCKING). We also discuss shaving balls and many other high level political discussions, this isn't your parents' news channel folks
Today we finally have the sensational Howie Mandel on the podcast! We talk about prolapses, and...well yeah that's about it
Today we have an ACTION packed episode for you all today. First off, Ethan was struck by a TRAGIC situation regarding CAR THEFT. We also receive a phone call from the one and only JEFF WITTEK, Olivia was BIT BY A DOG(!!!), we play a HIGH STAKES game of EGG DROP, & so much MORE
Today we finally do the long-awaited Olivia makeup tutorial! We also discuss David Dobrik's new pizza parlor mishap, the continued destruction of Twitter, the sad situation regarding Nikita Dragun, & much more.
Today we recap the election! We also talk about Ethan going thru the woods trying to find dirty magazines, Steven Crowder going mask off yet again, & much more!
Today, the day of reckoning has come...Dan eats the spicy chip. We also discuss the latest dumpster fire going on at Twitter, Quartering redemption arc(?), Andrew Tate's newest surprising character evolution, Ethan takes on the Taylor Swift fatphobia drama, & much more!
Today we talk about the war between Elon Musk & Ethan (he got banned from Twitter). We also dig into some Jordan Peterson memes, AB defends himself from clout goblin allegations, we have Jessenia from Bachelor In Paradise joining us, & much more!
Today we are joined by astrophysicist Avi Loeb! We discuss all things space so strap in and blast off.
On this episode of LEFTOVERS the boys are back and joined by Andrew of Channel 5 News fame! Together they discuss Andrew's upcoming HBO documentary, his live tour, drinking piss, and a whole lot more!
Today we have the very talented Kurtis Connor in the studio! We discuss his newfound married life, calling out "the manosphere", Hasan gets cucked, & much more!
Today, we debrief Ethan's latest cancellation by Ben Shapiro himself. It's also midterm time! We dig into the various elections around the country, & much more!
Today, we have some sad news...Dan quit. We debrief, and after grieving we cover some other topics including Poot Lovato, an Amouranth update, James Corden being a menace to Earth, and much more.
Today we compete with Markiplier for top podcast spot using some...unorthodox...methods. We also discuss the horrifying situation with Amouranth, BTS joining the military, & much more.
Today, Hila addresses her haters. We also discuss Overwatch 2 (wink wink), build our own wax figures of Ethan, and much more!
Today we dig into the complex situation regarding the last week of Kanye West's public feuds. We also discuss Alex Jones being on the hook for a billion dollars, Elon Musk gabbing with Putin, & much more!
Today we go to war again, this time against Steve-Will-Do-It and his dog. We also discuss TwitchCon's various blunders, Logan Paul's incredible investment skills, and much more!
Today we discuss a new situation that reminds Ethan of Frenemies...we also finish our cheater tier list, review the Dad chair, and much more!
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This is deleted on YouTube let's get them up the audio charts.

Oct 20th


h3 is a soiboi creep

Sep 5th
Reply (1)

Matt B

there joking you bunch of woke cancel culture morons (Joe Rogan homeless segment)

Jul 19th
Reply (19)

Troy Winfield

Thank you for posting this!! Been looking forward to it!

May 13th

Josh briggs

This episode has helped me realize that Ethan isnt much different then the conservatives he talks about. like come on now people. all he does is apologize to people misinterpreting him and quite frankly, that's the internet. So it's sort of weird to hear a dude living in a mansion making cringe jokes about being affraid of being canceled. like, that's just shameful right? It comes off kinda desperate tbh.

Apr 14th
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Conservatorships are a form of slavery and are anti-American! I think the public revealed enough about this depraved institution for each case to be reviewed exhaustively…Britany Spears NEVER had any business being “owned” by her farther. Shame on the USA!

Dec 30th

cyber candy

um that girls ex is definitely a serial killer…

Dec 20th


I think there is a mistake, this is an old episode!

Dec 16th

cyber candy

shoulda kicked her off when she started standing up from Trump lol

Dec 10th

cyber candy

Trisha is such an idiot.

Dec 9th
Reply (1)

linzer p

yeah idk what is happening here. why has H3H3 become so political? I just can't with it.

Nov 15th
Reply (3)



Nov 5th

Benjamin Jordan

u guys are so cringe

Nov 5th

King Liam

fucking cringe, my God what has happened to Ethan,

Oct 10th
Reply (3)

Justin Jones

ethan has become insanely pathetic.....

Sep 4th



Jul 31st

Michael Reznor

used to listen to Ethan until I figured.out he was a giant libtard

Jul 14th

Michael Anthony

Another comedian who made their way being controversial and pulled the rug up behind them.

Jul 8th


great apology trisha! it seemed well made for Ethan.

Jul 3rd


Worst. Show. Ever. #notcomedy

Jun 23rd
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