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Author: Jason Johnston - KC5HWB

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Join Jason, KC5HWB, as he focuses on 'What is New in Amateur Radio?' during this video podcast series titled Ham Radio 2.0. Talk about new radios, new transmission modes, License classes, Technical talks and trips around the world.

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I got a chance to tour the new Gigaparts store during the week of their soft opening, a few days before their Grand Opening in March of 2024. Let's take a look!My Gigaparts Pages:5% off at this page: off at this page: a supporter of this podcast:
What is the best mobile HF Radio that you can get right now for your car? This is a list of my top 5 Mobile HF Ham Radios that are 100-watt versions. Some lower power radios are also available, but this list is my top 5 for 100-watt Mobile Ham Radios.SPONSOR: Save 10% off of all M&P Coax with the code HR2CABLES at this link - 5. a supporter of this podcast:
So yes, I turn 50 today, can you believe it? I don't really believe it, but here we are. In honor of 50 years on this planet, Gigaparts is offering 50% off of several items today, but it will be for a LIMITED TIME, so you must act quickly! Plan to watch this livestream because once the streams ends, the sales end too.Check these daily deals at Gigaparts - Save 5% off of everything on this page with code KC5HWB - Save 10% off of everything on this page with code HR2CABLESBecome a supporter of this podcast:
I am not sure how legal this radio is, so you might want to get it before it is gone. Talkpod reached out to me and said they fixed the spurious emissions of their older 5-watt model and they wanted me to test this one. GUESS WHAT!! Watch the video to see if it works...SPONSOR: Bring all of your projects to life with https://pcbway.comLink to radio - a supporter of this podcast:
WPSD has been around for a while and I have the privilege of inviting Chip, W0CHP, onto the livestream to talk about this software. Chip is the creator of this software, and they are used in multiple hotspots, so let's find out more about this great software tonight! BridgecomSkybridge Max Hotspot: a supporter of this podcast:
Join us at 9pm CDT (02:00 UTC Saturday) for this month's Ham Radio Happy Hour!Become a supporter of this podcast:
Here are the links for today's video:🍀SIGNUP for My Email List -🍀R&L Daily Deals -🍀American Radio Supply Mailer:🍀Ham Radio Prep: SAVE 20% with coupon JASON20🍀Radioditty Coupon:🍀The Nomadik Quarterly Boxes:🍀Anker St. Patrick's Day Sale:🍀Wouxun KG-Q10H St. Patrick's Day Sale: 🍀Bridgecom Giveaway:🍀🍀MY PATREON PAGE: 🍀🍀My RUMBLE Page:🍀🍀My Gigaparts 5% off Page: Save 5% with coupon KC5HWB🍀GoKit Challenge:🍀HamSCI Conference:🧰Kyle's Trivia Livestream:🧰Ham Radio Happy Hour: a supporter of this podcast:
This is a revamp of a video that I posted a few years ago, with a better editing job. This TYT TH-350 Triband HT is still a radio that I carry myself on a regular basis. It still works well and I still have the same model that was featured in the original video, a few years ago.SPONSOR: If you are moving to a warmer State or just a family friendly region contact Real Estate for Life to work with one of their 1,400 conscientious, experienced agents in the US or Canada. Supporting both Ham radio 2.0 and our Veterans. https://realestateforlife.orgLinks for the TYT TH-350:BTWR - - a supporter of this podcast:
DIRTY 'FENG! Let's take a look at the newest Baofeng for 2024, the 5RM. Today I put it on the power meter and then do some emissions testing with the TinySASPONSOR: Bring all of your CNC and 3DP Ideas to life at https://pcbway.comLink to Baofeng - to TinySA - a supporter of this podcast:
We've done several interviews about M17 in the past and today there are new updates that the team wants to share with us. Join me Sunday night as I welcome Ed and Steve back onto the show to talk about the latest M17 Updates.What is M17? M17 vs DMR - a supporter of this podcast:
Ham Radio Emergency Communications, or Emcomm, might not be what Disaster Preppers think it is. What do you think? What REAL usefulness can Emcomm have during an Emergency or Disaster? Should we include it in our prepping plan? Here are my thoughts...SPONSOR: Save 20% off of all Ham Radio Courses with the coupon code of JASON20 at https://hamradioprep.comLinks: Original Article: Event: a supporter of this podcast:
I picked up some new Coax Jumpers from ABR Industries during the Orlando Hamcation of 2024. This set has FME-style connectors, which allows you to add any traditional connector that you want - PL259, SO239, SMA, BNC, etc. You can use these jumpers to connect anything in Ham Radio. SPONSOR: Save 10% off of these jumpers and all ABR Products with the coupon code ABR10KC5HWB at this link - to these cables - a supporter of this podcast:
I caught up with Steve from Alpha Antennas at Hamcation 2024 and got to see a couple of new projects he is working on, plus talk about some of the other antennas that are in his inventory. We used his Hextenna on a POTA activation last year and it worked great! Check out his website here - https://www.alphaantenna.comBecome a supporter of this podcast:
When the cellular networks are down, what works? RADIO is off-grid, but what does that mean? When cellular phones and Smart Phones network towers and internet to work, radios do not! Here are my thoughts on this AT&T Outage of 2024SPONSOR: Save 10% on all M&P Coax with the code of HR2CABLES at this link - Links to articles: a supporter of this podcast:
Experience unparalleled performance with its massive 1152Wh capacity and powerful AC output of 1800W (3000W peak). This powerful power station is ready to provide reliable backup power for your home. Whether it's a stormy night or scheduled maintenance, the R1500 has what you need. Keep the lights on, your devices working, and your devices charging.R1500: 10 % discount code:HR210 It works for R1500 and its combinations.Become a supporter of this podcast:
LIVE! from the Houston Hamfest 2024Become a supporter of this podcast:
There are new HF Radio Bag Inserts for the Explorer Backpacks from Gigaparts. Now you can choose from a laptop sleeve, or from bags for the Icom IC-7300, Yaesu FT-891, Yaes FT-991a or Yaesu FT-817/818. Coming soon there will be a new IC-705 bag which is larger than the original, so you will be able to add a Peovi (or similar) cage to the 705 and have it fit into the new bag.SPONSOR: Save 10% on all M&P Coax at this link - Find all Explorer Bag options at this link - also save 5% with code KC5HWB - links can earn commissions on qualifying itemsBecome a supporter of this podcast:
I caught up with Patrick from Geochron at the Hamcation 2024 Hamfest and he took us through some new features that were recently added to the Geochron device. This device is great for tracking weather, satellites, the ISS and many other things. Let's take a look!Get yours here - a supporter of this podcast:
These are my top picks for Ham Radios that you can purchase on Amazon in 2024 - I created an Idea List that catalogs all of them in 1 place. As an Amazon Affiliate, I can earn from qualifying links, FYI  SPONSOR: Bring all of your 3DP and Circuit Board projects to life at https://www.pcbway.comLink to ALL radios - a supporter of this podcast:
Become a supporter of this podcast: us for the livestream at 7pm CST as I build the CHARtenna Ares Random Wire Antenna! Thanks to the @CoffeeandHamRadios guys for sending me this antenna. We can get it built just in time for my trip to Galveston next weekend.Grab your own kit here -
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I got one a couple of months ago. Nice ht.

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