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At age 45, Steve Patterson made a shocking online discovery: his own missing person’s page.

Desperate to uncover why he had been included on the list, Steve called Todd Matthews, a missing-persons investigator, in search of answers. Together, Todd and Steve discover a sordid family past that includes long-lost relatives, kidnappings, and murders. It turns out that Steve was presumed dead because around the time he was born, his biological mother had married a serial killer who tore their family apart. Along the way, Steve would have to make sense of a personal story with more twists and turns than he’d ever imagined.

In this ten-episode narrative series, Todd Matthews, an amateur sleuth from Tennessee, tells the story of a family torn apart by tragedy and his quest to bring them back together. From Revelations Entertainment, First and Last Productions, and Neon Hum Media, "Hello John Doe" is a winding, poignant tale that explores what it means to be lost and found
13 Episodes
Only finding out as an adult that you were adopted can throw you into a tailspin, forcing you to reconsider long-held truths. In this bonus episode, we hear from Dr. Amanda Baden, an expert on the experiences of late discovery adoptees. Research has shown the later an adoptee finds out, the more distress they have, and even finding out at 4 or 5 is considered “late.” Dr. Baden discussed why some adoptive parents choose to delay telling their kids and shared some of the long-term ramifications these revelations can have on an adult's life.See for privacy information.
In our first bonus episode, we try to make sense of an unimaginable loss. In early January 2024, our “Hello, John Doe” host Todd Matthews died, suddenly. This episode memorializes Todd, a pioneer and an original. We couldn’t let him go to the other side of the veil without a proper goodbye. And Kate Mishkin, our producer talks to Steve Patterson one last time to discuss the impact Todd had on his life.See for privacy information.
CHAPTER TEN: The Reunion

CHAPTER TEN: The Reunion


In our season finale, Steve’s sisters roadtrip to his hometown to see him. Their stay in Cherryville and a surprise guest ends up unraveling the goodwill between Steve’s new relatives and his longstanding ones. Todd grapples with his involvement with the family and realizes that decades of John Doe cases haven't necessarily equipped him to handle the living.See for privacy information.
A lot of relatives on Sandi’s side came out of the woodwork after Steve found his biological mother. Some of his long-lost relatives on his maternal side he let in, some he kept at arm’s length. In this episode, Todd goes to a family get-together to spend time with Steve’s half-siblings and learn what they make of finding him after all these years. After some disappointing news, Todd doubles down on fulfilling his promise to help Steve figure out who his father is.See for privacy information.
Soon after Steve started texting with his biological mother, he discovered he had a sister named Amy, a school bus driver in Virginia. At this point, Steve wanted to get to know Amy, who’d grown up under Sandi’s roof. He was curious about her childhood, the road he hadn't taken. But he wasn’t so sure he wanted to know their mother. In this episode, Todd discovers the trauma that shot through Steve’s birth family was worse than he could have ever imagined.See for privacy information.
Steve wasn’t the only boy from his birth family to disappear and be presumed dead. When Suzie grew up, she had a son. His name was Michael. One day he went to school, with his Aladdin backpack in hand, and never came home. He was just a first grader. When the the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children pushed to reopen the case, FBI Agent Lobb pieced together what happened to him. Incredibly, Floyd was trying to pass off Michael as his son.See for privacy information.
Franklin Floyd had been a wanted man since 1962 when he left town to avoid a kidnapping conviction  Bringing him to justice was the work of many investigators. In this episode, we meet FBI Agent Scott Lobb who did what no investigator had done before: he got the wily Floyd to tell the truth. What the FBI Agents discovered would lead him to Sandi’s doorstep. He'd be the one to tell her what happened to her little girl.  See for privacy information.
After Franklin Floyd kidnapped Sandi’s daughter, 6 -year-old Suzie, they left town and never came back. They spent their life on the run, with alias after alias. But they did stay in Forest Park, Georgia for years, long enough for Suzie to graduate from high school with the second highest grades in her class, and earn a scholarship to Georgia Tech. She dreamt of becoming an aerospace engineer and escaping Floyd. A twist of fate would defer both.See for privacy information.



When Todd started looking into Steve’s unusual adoption, he was faced with different versions of events. The story Steve's adoptive mother Mary told him and the tale Sandi told don’t line up, except for one detail: the tiny Honda they both remember from the day Sandi left Steve with Mary. For a long time after, Sandi said she searched for her son. Steve is skeptical so Todd tries to figure out what obstacles stood in her way, back in 1975. We discover Sandi lost another child, too: a precocious daughter named Suzie.See for privacy information.



The answers to what happened to Steve as an infant were only a car ride away. In this episode, Todd visits with Steve’s biological mother Sandi to find out why she let him go. In the 1960s, Sandi fled her overbearing parents the best way she knew how: she married a man she didn’t love at 18, stepping into an unpredictable world. She kept falling for all of the wrong men. Until she met one who wasn’t just a bad match, he was a vulture who preyed on her children.See for privacy information.
As a teenager, Steve didn’t dare ask his adoptive parents about his birth family. But once he was middle-aged and grieving the only father he’d ever known, Steve and his girlfriend decided it was time. What his mother told them opened a Pandora’s box of uncomfortable truths and led to a question: Why did a serial killer come up when Steve researched his family of origin online? Who was Franklin Floyd?  See for privacy information.
Todd Matthews, an amateur sleuth from Tennessee, has an unusual talent: Wielding the power of the Internet to match Jane and John Does with missing people, and helping grieving families find answers. Todd spent decades thinking about one family who had the misfortune of having not just one missing boy, but two. Both had vanished; their bodies never found. Then in 2019, one of the boys called him.See for privacy information.
See for privacy information.
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Ok one of the best podcasts I gave EVER heard I've listened to 100s. I loved it. So bittersweet 🥹 I loved it 🩷

Apr 17th

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Todd Matthews is such a compelling personality. I'm going to enjoy this podcast.

Apr 13th

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I knew this was gonna be good but the fact that it ties into that netflix doc..... my jaw is on the floor

Mar 6th

Erin Lovett

Only episode 1 and dang this is gonna be SO GOOD!!!

Feb 10th
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