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Break out your slip dresses, choker necklaces and throw your hair in a butterfly clip because we’re taking you back to the 90’s!

David Lascher and Christine Taylor, stars of the cult classic show ‘Hey Dude’ are going full rewind to the 90’s in their new podcast also titled…‘Hey Dude…The 90’s Called!’.  

So grab your Motorola brick phone and leave a code on your best friend’s beeper so you can figure out which Spice Girl you both are, because you won’t want to be left Clueless when the nostalgia starts flowing like a Hi-C Ecto-Cooler juice box. The ‘Hey Dude’ podcast will be chock full of interviews, co-stars, friends, cocktails and crushes. Each episode will rival the feeling of taking out the cartridge from your Gameboy, blowing on it and popping it back in. 

Best of all it’s available anywhere you get podcasts so you don’t have to worry about showing up to Blockbuster to find out you missed the last one. The ‘Hey Dude…The 90’s Called!’ podcast...more fun than frosted tips and Fun Dip.
66 Episodes
From 'Carol and Company' to 'Mad About You' to 'Spin City,' Richard Kind found consistent success since his days on stage.  He tells us how he crafted an incredible career, the job he was fired from, the job he missed out on, the money he lent to friends, and his life-long bromance with George Clooney. See for privacy information.
SCREAM for Skeet Ulrich!!

SCREAM for Skeet Ulrich!!


From 'The Craft' with Christine Taylor, to 'The Boys' with Winona Ryder, to 'Scream' with Neve Campbell...Skeet was undoubtedly a 90s heartthrob with the acting chops of a veteran thespian. He talks about how it all started with a bit part in 'Weekend at Bernie's" and acting classes taught by legends like William H. Macy and David Mamet. Plus- find out which co-star from his latest project 'Parish' was one of his teachers back in college! And the spoiler he let slip out that could have been a major movie No-No!!!See for privacy information.
New Kids On The Block recruited Boston born talent Joey McIntyre as their youngest member, and decades later they're still together.'Step-By-Step' Joey takes us through the years with NKOTB.From being the 'new kid' in the group, to his partying days, to his 'Wicked' work on stage, Joey loved every minute and so did WE!Plus, he tells us about an upcoming "New Kids" album AND their summer tour! See for privacy information.
90s Rock band 'Nelson' gave us hits like (Can't Live Without Your) Love & Affection and After the Rain, decades later they're still rockin' and rollin'. In this episode, twin brothers Matthew and Gunnar Nelson tell us what it was really like being born into Hollywood royalty. What do they remember about their grandparents Ozzie & Harriet?What was it like to be the sons of American heartthrob Ricky Nelson?How did Mama Cass Elliot become their babysitter?And how have they honored their family name by leaning on the music and each other?See for privacy information.
Talk about a fascinating trajectory. Find out what prompted Stacy and her family to go from a huge house in Pennsylvania to a cramped apartment in Manhattan. Why she didn't feel ready for the starring role in 'My Two Dads?" Why she is FINALLY watching all seven seasons of 'Step By Step' for the first time ever!! And, what made her decide to practice law after such a successful sitcom career?See for privacy information.
*NSYNC founder Chris Kirkpatrick is 'Tearin' Up Our Hearts' in this awesome episode of Hey Dude the 90s Called!Chris looks back at his 'boy band' days...but make no mistake about it, there are more 5-part harmonies on the horizon!Plus, a look at the band's rise to fame on TRL, the tragic fall of MTV, and how they worked with legends like Michael Jackson, Phil Collins and even got a surprise bathroom cameo from Paul Simon!!See for privacy information.
Candace Cameron Bure filled our houses and our hearts in the 90s as a member of the Tanner family. Decades later, she still feels like home! In this episode, we look back at how it all started for Candace AND her heartthrob brother Kirk. Did she really manage his fan club as a teenager?!? Plus, find out who experienced growing pains in that first season of Full House, and the painstaking journey to make the Fuller House reboot that paid off big time on Netflix! And, David and Candace reminisce about the movie they made together called "Kidz in the Wood!" See for privacy information.
Beth Broderick cast her spell on us when she starred as Aunt Zelda in "Sabrina the Teenage Witch," but she was making magic happen long before then.From her very first series with Brad Pitt, to her roles in "Bonfire of the Vanities" and "Fools Rush In"...Beth's body of work is extensive!She shares so many great stories, from her romance with a huge director, to the person who made her life hell on the set of Sabrina, to her friendship with the late Matthew Perry. Plus, find out what made her quit the biz for five whole years!See for privacy information.
With a resume that includes classics like Rain Man, Jerry Maguire, The Green Mile, and Jumangi just to name a's no wonder Bonnie Hunt has some stories to tell. Like who was supposed to play Jerry Maguire before Tom Cruise got the role? What hit show did she turn down and why? How did she go from being a full-time nurse to an Emmy nominee? What A-list comedians would accompany Bonnie to the hospital where she worked to perform for patients? Talk about an amazing bedside manner!See for privacy information.
98 Degrees founding member Jeff Timmons discovered perfect harmony when he assembled the acapela group turned TRL superstars. But before their chart-topping bops and ballads, the boy band paid plenty of dues by becoming their own marketing machine. In this episode we learn about their days driving Winnebagos, industry hurdles they had to overcome, and fences they had to jump (literally) just to get noticed! How did it all change overnight? And how is it all coming “Full Circle” this year!! See for privacy information.
Actor, singer, and voice actor Scott Grimes may have casually stumbled into an audition as a child, but Hollywood had other plans for this true triple talent.  We learn how he was spotted by Broadway legend Tommy Tune, recruited by Bob Hope, performed with Russell Crowe, and hired by Seth MacFarlane. Plus, how did a 2-episode arc on E.R. turn into a 7-year gig? What was it like to star on "Party of Five?" And, what was life REALLY like on the set of "Band of Brothers?" See for privacy information.
'Scandal' star Dan Bucatinsky may have landed his major roles in the 2000's but the grind started in the 90s!The actor, writer, and Lisa Kudrow's longtime producing partner describes the highs and lows of Hollywood. Like his Emmy nominated show that got cancelled, the major role on 'Friends' that he didn't end up getting, and how he stumbled upon the beginning of the streaming revolution. Plus- a HILARIOUS story about Dan Bucatinsky the house guest!See for privacy information.
Boy Meets Will Friedle!!

Boy Meets Will Friedle!!


Former Nickelodeon kid Will Friedle talks to us about the days BEFORE he became Eric on the massive hit "Boy Meets World"...from commuting to the city at age 11, to moving to Hollywood as a teen, to his massive crush on Christine Taylor! He also talks about why he thought he was going to be fired from Boy Meets World, how his anxiety almost cost him his career, and how his mentor William Daniels (aka Mr. Feeny) helped him through it all.See for privacy information.
You've been asking, and we've been listening!To celebrate our one year anniversary of "Hey Dude the 90s Called"...we wanted to dive deep into the show that linked us for life.This time, we chat with Mr. Ernst himself- actor David Brisbin AND Emmy Winning Writer and Producer Graham Yost. They spill LOTS of beans from the ranch- and yes, the grownups on the set totally knew about the behind-the-scenes canoodling.Cheers to another year of 90s nostalgia dudes!See for privacy information.
Snuggle up by the fire with our special holiday episode celebrating the 90s Christmas classic 'Home Alone.' We are joined by two members of the McCallister family, Senta Moses and Hillary Wolf who gift us with the most amazing behind-the-scenes stories! From Michael Jackson casually crashing the set, to sharing a first kiss with Macaulay Culkin's older brother, to the scenes John Candy totally improvised! Merry Christmas dudes!!See for privacy information.
Kevin Connolly has been working steadily since he was a kid, and he shares some of the best stories we've heard on this podcast so far! From the ugly leather jacket that launched his career, to the actress that broke his heart, to the movie that made him flee the country but led him to meet the woman he loves! Kevin may have run in the same Hollywood circles that his hit show "Entourage" was based on, but he'll always be that sweet 90s kid from Long Island.See for privacy information.
From Wayne’s World to True Lies to Lilo & Stitch… Tia Carrere was born to be a leading lady.  After being discovered in a grocery store in Waikiki, she took Hollywood by storm with back to back blockbusters. Countless movies, shows, and 2 Grammy wins later…Tia is still sparkling, singing, and saying “Aloha” once again in the Lilo & Stitch Live Action film currently in production.See for privacy information.
Punky Power Forever!

Punky Power Forever!


Soleil Moon Frye won our hearts as the beloved Punky Brewster in the 80's...but make no mistake, her incredible coming of age story happened in the 90s and she has the footage to prove it! She captured this magical decade in her movie "Kid 90" now streaming on Hulu. She tells us about the heart warming (and at times heart wrenching) look at life at the center of Hollywood's teen scene alongside Leonardo Di Caprio, Sara Gilbert, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, and so many more iconic 90s kids. A must watch film, and a Hey Dude episode you can't miss!See for privacy information.
From his MTV days to his 90s comedy flicks like "Encino Man" and "Bio-Dome"...Pauly Shore helped define funny in the 90s.Being raised by the legends who passed through his family owned venue "The Comedy Store"...Pauly pursued the path of laughs with or without the support of his family. In this episode, he talks about the therapy of comedy, and how a meme turned into a movement for a Richard Simmons biopic. This could Shore-ly be an Oscar winning role!See for privacy information.
This couple is comedy gold! Patton pounded the pavement as a stand-up comic, while Meredith launched her career in the classic film "Annie."   While their careers started out differently, their digital roads would eventually cross prompting a love story worthy of its own Rom-Com!See for privacy information.
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