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The political landscape can be confusing, but it doesn't have to be. If you've survived junior high, lived in an urban city or understand gang life, you can understand geopolitics. Join rapper and author Propaganda and his friends as they use their hood-knowledge to break down the political scene.
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The ways for which Trump is batting down the cases against him are amazing. Today we talk about his immunity claim.See for privacy information.
This second installment of Terraformers. Kevin Garcia, a former Evangelical Worship leader, now is out the closet and leading those who still value their spiritual practice but just cant stomach evangelicalism.See for privacy information.
Another episode about the Supreme court. What is Chevron Deference and why should you care. See for privacy information.
Let's not lie, George Santos was a wonder gift for us in 2023. But now they gotta fill his seat. Let's talk about why that matters. See for privacy information.
South Africa has the receipts and experience to call Israel out on their mess. Let's see how it goes.See for privacy information.
In El Savador, they re-elected the youngest president they've ever had. He was responsible for cleaning up their streets. But at what cost? See for privacy information.
What happens when the data doesn't match our experience? Do you say we are misinterpreting our experience or do you be like J Cole fans and say we aren't experiencing what were experiencing? See for privacy information.
In part two of the Lost Cause myth, we connect the lost cause to the memory of Jan 6th.See for privacy information.
In the Behind the Bastards series on Robert E Lee, We talked a lot about the Lost Cause myth. This episode is about what the Lost Cause actually is.See for privacy information.
Sometimes, when there’s a fight going on, you want to fight to remain one on one. But then, out of nowhere a brawl breaks out in the crowd because one dude decided to jump in and now there's fights everywhere. We gotta talk bout USA and the Houthis. See for privacy information.
Just because you're number one doesn't make you the best.. We gotta talk about Nimarata Haley.See for privacy information.
The question that some are asking is, given the rep that Israel has earned, which is..they do NOT lose wars, why would Hamas take this ;level of action knowing full well hard hard Israel was gonna clap back? They actually answered. See for privacy information.
The Terraform series is when we at hood politics introduce you to people actually making the world more livable. today we talk to Shamil Idriss. CEO of Search for Common Ground, a peace building org active in 32 countries where there is extreme conflict. We discuss their local model and top down bottom up approach. Learn more at See for privacy information.
Trump's GPA is too low to play in the game Friday. But maybe the principal is gonna override it bc what are even rules?See for privacy information.
This banger of a quote from Katt Williams on the Shannon Sharpe Podcast is the best way to describe us discussing the Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley Town Hall meeting. Also Hood Politics mixtape out now. Get the music here: See for privacy information.
The political landscape can be confusing, but it doesn't have to be. If you've survived junior high, lived in an urban city or understand gang life, you can understand geopolitics. Join rapper and author Propaganda and his friends as they use their hood-knowledge to break down the political scene. This 2024 election year is going to be wild, BUT Prop is going to be right there with you helping you understand all of it. Check out new episodes of Hood Politics every Wednesday wherever you get your podcasts.  See for privacy information.
For this Christmas, I offer you a guide on annoying convos with your racist uncle Mark. But seriously here is a PDF that Search for Common Ground created to help: for privacy information.
We Found Ray Jay

We Found Ray Jay


We tried to tell you. RICO cases always break the the silence. And Just like we said, there is always someone in the squad that must stay silent for the licc to work. Eventually they get tired of catching strays.See for privacy information.
Farming While Black

Farming While Black


We speak to the folks over at the Heist podcast who are doing incredible work in Black agriculture. Yes, that is a thing.See for privacy information.
When It comes to diplomicy, no matter the scale, words matter. Im break down River to Sea, Humanitarian pause, and "remember the "Amalekites" See for privacy information.
Comments (16)

Michael Parkanski

I'm out of touch, I don't know any of the artists he mentioned.

Mar 6th

Kim Dauber

immediately listened to all of sad oligarch! zero regrets

Jan 9th

Michael Parkanski

nothing is more cursed than opening for Iron Maiden, their fans will stab you for having the nerve to go before Maiden.

Nov 15th


blowback from proxy wars = second hand smoke. lol! PERFECT analogy. #hoodpolitics

Jul 23rd

Christoph Pirringer

sorry man, but your idea of "the world" in relation to Russia is extremely US-centric and naive. That "world", just to start with, does not include south America, Africa and most of Asia.

Feb 2nd

Christoph Pirringer

that's some hardcore projection going on in that. strength and nuclear threats is the only thing the US understands, hence why north Korea still exists and Syria effectively doesn't. when the US is not in play, Russia does diplomacy just fine, take brics for example. so how goes the old saying, it's not them it's you.

Oct 26th

Jess Hart

Man... this show has fallen off lately. It feels like Prop isn't doing any prep or research and is just improvising his takes without forethought. I keep coming away from episodes feeling like he never made a point or an argument. I hope that changes.

Sep 15th

D Fiala

You can only empathise with people who look like you? You think you have some sort of special understanding of the horrors of Yemen or Sudan? Seriously, with every ounce of honesty I have, go FUCK yourself you arrogant little cunt.

Mar 7th


Absolutely brilliant analysis. I wish I could make this specific episode mandatory listening before any American is allowed to express an opinion on current affairs in Russia and/or Ukraine.

Mar 7th


Another masterpiece👏👏👏

Aug 16th


Prop, you have an amazing mind, an educators' mind. In fact my 16 & 18 year olds, are listening with me. They say they'd of enjoyed going to their classes if they'd had teachers like you.

Jun 2nd

Andi-Roo Libecap

This sounds like a great show! I'm sure I'll learn a lot and I can't wait for the next episode.

May 19th

Andi-Roo Libecap

I'm not sure about this one but I'ma try it out cuz I trust Robert Evans and he's had Prop on his show before. This could be super cool and informative.

May 13th


I'm really enjoying this, I love listening to Prop guest star on Behind the Bastards and recently the Bechdel Cast. Good stuff.

May 11th

Lady Butterfly

I love this Podcast. Being a LA native you make politics very understandable. #gangsinsuits Charlamane is a 🐩!!

Jul 31st
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