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Author: Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner

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Are you looking for someone to share their deepest, darkest secrets on keeping their marriage spicy? Are you like, “puhhlease DISH on how to be a cool parent .. because, yeah ... I dunno!” Well Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner have got all you hubbies and wifeys - and mommies and daddies - covered, because each week they find a guest who will SPILL all their dirty secrets! Because we all wanna keep our marriages hot and our parenting cool!

177 Episodes
Jamie and Doug discuss their surprising Gender Reveal party and results.  Hear all about the party, what it meant to have some amazing friends celebrate with them, and the surprising twist that will most certainly lead to another gender reveal surprise.  Later in the episode Doug has a heart to heart chat with their former assistant/honorary family member Diana’s husband Seth.  Seth and Doug discuss his life going through Bible School, his 7 years working in group homes as a “mom & dad” throughout South Carolina and Georgia, and how he has so much faith in people.  Seth is now a youth pastor at a local church in GA, and Doug is nearly brought to tears after hearing about his service to the community and to youths. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jamie is back for this exciting episode, discussing the past 11 weeks of pregnancy with twins. Jamie and Doug share their Gender Reveal Party plans, and what it’s like not having family around to be there. Later in the episode, Jamie and Doug break down the Decision Day for Married at First Sight, and what they feel is missing from these past few seasons. Hear their honest and raw feelings towards the cast and what the experts and producers may want to watch out for to help in future seasons.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
A very special guest joins HMCP LIVE!  Doug’s mom Bonnie co hosts this episode and reveals some very interesting thoughts on Doug as a kid, what it was like finding out that Jamie and Doug were pregnant, and her reaction when she found out it is TWINS!  Doug and his mom go through everything from bed wetting, her thoughts on Married at First Sight, her feelings when she found out Doug was going on a show, and so much more.  Doug also uses this time to get deep with his mom, and apologize for the hurt he caused as he battled opioid addiction.  Hear her reaction and response!  Thanks to our friends over at Nutrafol! Take the first step to visibly thicker, healthier hair. For a limited time, Nutrafol is offering our listeners ten dollars off your first month’s subscription and free shipping when you go to and enter the promo code HMCP.  Find out why over 4,500 healthcare professionals and hair stylists recommend Nutrafol for healthier hair., and use promo code HMCP.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Doug and Jamie bring you into the ultrasound room that revealed they are having twins. Here about what their initial reactions were, and how they feel about the idea of having 4 kids. Doug and Jamie discuss what they learned about how twins are made, what happens in the womb, and the difference between fraternal and identical. Later in the episode, they recap the latest episodes of Married at First Sight and give updated predictions on who stays married and who gets a divorce. There is less than a week before decision day, Doug has a bold prediction about the outcome! Thank you to our friends at Nutrafol for sponsoring this episode.  For a limited time, Nutrafol is offering our listeners  ten dollars off your first month’s subscription and free shipping when you go to  and enter the promo code HMCP.  Find out why over 4,500 healthcare professionals and hair stylists recommend  Nutrafol for healthier  hair. promo code HMCP.  That’s, promo code HMCP.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jamie and Doug celebrate their recent pregnancy announcement, and share how moved they are with the responses that continue to pour in. They bring you behind the scenes from the moment Jamie found out the test said pregnant, to the excitement in announcing it to the world. After more than 30,000 replies and messages, Jamie answers the most common questions that came in, and even hints at another BIG reveal. Later in the episode, Doug and Jamie give their take on Married At First Sight S17, and share their predictions about which couples they think stay together, or are doomed for divorce. With less than 2 weeks until decision day, they question whether any of the couples decide to stay together.   Thank you to our sponsor of the show HelloFresh, Americas #1 Meal Kit.  Go to and use code hmcpfree for FREE breakfast for life! One breakfast item per box while subscription is active. That’s free breakfast for life at with code hmcpfree. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Doug and Jamie finally share the news they have been waiting for….they are expecting!  Hear all about the journey, the support they had throughout the years, and their thoughts on what the future holds.  Jamie also reveals how a neighbor came over with a message that she needed to tell the both of them.  Hear all about the spiritual message, which the neighbor described as God speaking to her.  The events that followed will give you goosebumps.  Plus, Doug initiates the recap of the latest Married at First Sight episode, and why he takes issue with the “Couples Retreat!” Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Doug was faced with a man having a heart attack for the 2nd time a few days ago. Hear him retell the entire story, how he used a defibrillator to bring the man back to life, and the touching message the gentleman and his wife sent through email. Doug can’t help but think there is a higher power at play, and how his life has changed since inviting church and prayer into his life (thanks to his wife Jamie). Earlier in the episode Doug explains the surprise he has in store for Valentine's Day, and hints at a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT coming in the next week…. Doug finishes off with his recap of Married At First Sight Ep 16! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Doug and Jamie discuss their 10 year anniversary plans, and some ideas that came up.  They talk about the possibility of having the 10 Year Vow Renewal open to fans that may want to come celebrate, or possibly doing a live stream.  This is a very big deal for those that have followed Jamie and Doug’s journey from Day 1.  Doug reflects on the fact that fans of the show have been able to watch them get married, fall in love and say I love you to each other for the first time, witnessed both kids being born….So it seems fitting to have a celebration that also includes the Frans that have been with them all these years.  Later in the episode, they talk about the current state of Married At First Sight, and recap the season so far through Ep 15.  Doug proposes an interesting idea to help with the success of more couples staying married at the end of the show.  Could it help if the show style was brought back to its roots?  Less couples interacting and more focus on individual marriages?  Get 20% OFF @honeylove by going to #honeylovepod   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jamie revisits her Bachelor days, and answers fans questions about what the “Behind the Scenes” was like. Plus she chats with a surprise guest Courtney Robertson, who was the winner of that same season. Hear some never before shared details about what Bachelor life was like when the cameras were off, who they were friends with, and some shocking new details about conversations with their seasons Bachelor Ben Flajnik. Later in the episode, Jamie talks about getting through post-partum struggles and anxiety, and the remedies that have helped her through some very dark times! Thank you to our friends at HelloFresh who are offering you FREE BREAKFAST FOR LIFE! Head over to and enter code HMCPFREE for free breakfast for the life of your subscription! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jamie has some exciting news to share about what she’s been up to so far this year. Jamie and Doug discuss their fertility journey thus far, and Jamie discusses her goals for the new year. Later in the episode, Doug and Jamie break down the current Married At First Sight couples, who they believe has a chance, and how these past few seasons compare to their Season (S1) nearly 10 years ago! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jamie and Doug have been married for nearly 10 years, and this was the first holiday and New Years not being around family.  Doug shares what it was like not having to go anywhere, how they prepared their kids with the fact that they will not be with their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins during Xmas, as well as their new favorite way to ring in the New Year as a family.  After reading a 5 Star review, Doug tells an emotional moment that occurred with his daughter Henley, and the impact that had on him.  Later in the episode, there was no holding back on the Married At First Season 17 Recap.  Hear all about the frustrations and issues Doug has on the latest seasons of MAFS compared to how it was during Season 1.  He also gives some honest feedback on the couples through the most recent episode (ep11), and whether there is any hope for the couples moving past their 1 Month Anniversary.  Hot Marriage Cool Parents also welcomes first time guest Dr Blaine Leeds, a practicing general dentist of 28 years, and expert on sleep health.  With the issues that Doug has going to sleep & his fear of Dentists, as well as their struggles sleep training their son, this is an eye opening conversation.  If you or your kids have dental and/or sleep issues, there are a lot of amazing takeaways from Dr Leeds! Thank you to our friends over at Honeylove, who want to treat you to the best shapewear on the market and save 20% OFF at  That’s 20% OFF by going to Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The first podcast of 2024 starts with Doug having a conversation with a very special guest! This little guest gives her expert feedback on Christmas this past year, and what her 2024 goals are. Later in the episode we hear from Joey Odom, who is on a mission to help families become more intentional, present, and not miss out on priceless family moments. Technology is here to stay, and smartphones have become a new addiction. If you have ever wondered what too much screen time does to a family, a relationship, or even your world around you….Or if you want to be more present in life, build deeper connections, and build a stronger family, this episode is for you! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jamie and Doug share an update on what Fertility Tips they have completed, with the latest being Acupuncture! Hear all about Jamie’s experience, and what the road ahead would look like continuing that treatment. Plus, the most requested topic for HMCP is giving a Married at First Sight review of the current Season 17. Jamie and Doug share their thoughts and predictions thus far, and Doug vents about the biggest frustration he has with the MAFS couples over the past few seasons. Later in the episode, Doug chats with Gillian Pothier, whose work centers around the understanding of Feminine and Masculine Nature, and Jungian (YUNG - YIN) archetypes. Through her writing, teaching, and Feminine mentorship, she helps women repair and co-create fulfilling lifelong bonds with the men or partner in their life, and what it takes to resurrect a dull and flatline marriage - turning it into one where erotic sex, joy, and love reign supreme.   Jamie also announces her incredible Holiday Giveaway she is offering to our Frans, which is happening over on her Instagram @jamienotis. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Doug and Jamie share the news that the fertility products they mentioned in the previous episode have been delivered. Hear which products they have, and which products they are looking forward to trying. Plus, friend of the show Rachel Cruze returns with an amazing children’s book,“I’m Glad for what I Have.”  Hear about the inspiration behind the book, and the underlying message.  Plus Rachel educates Jamie and Doug on managing their finances after separating from their financial advisor, how and when to start educating your kids on budgeting and saving, along with some very important hacks to save money during the holiday season! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Doug and Jamie start the show with a first time guest…their 6yr old daughter Henley.  Henley sat down to answer some questions, and reflecting on Thanksgiving, what she is thankful for.  Doug then tells her that Santa is listening to the podcast, and what message she has for Santa this year.  Hendrix then crashes the show after his nap, and has some VERY interesting requests for Santa this year.  Later in the episode, Doug and Jamie read a 5 star review that brings up postpartum depression, and isolating yourself from family and friends.  Doug shares his isolation through addiction, and how he went from a strong community of friends and family, to pushing everyone away during his addiction years.  He discusses the importance of support and people, and opening yourself up, which helps rebuild that community that was lost.  The couple also discusses how they feel that their daughter may be acting spoiled, and the 8 Tips to Unspoil and/or prevent a spoiled child.  Doug and Jamie discuss their parenting fails in each of the tips    Find your new favorite fits and get 15% off @marinelayer with our exclusive link -> #marinelayerpod Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jamie and Doug detail their previous months effort in trying to conceive.  Jamie recently took a pregnancy test, and go over the results.  Trying to conceive is more than a journey, it is an emotional roller coaster.  For many couples, there are far more negative results and losses than there are positive results in getting pregnant.  Jamie shared much of her fertility journey through her social media, and Doug and Jamie highlight the TOP Fertility Tips that their Frans DM’d.  Everything from Accupuncture, to Maca Root, to Mucinex, Castor Oil, and more!  Doug did a bit of research and detailed the steps the couple will take in trying to conceive, prior to making the leap to go through IVF treatment.  PLUS, Jamie and Doug are coming up on their 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!  Which is also the 10 yr anniversary of Married At First Sight.  Jamie and Doug take a walk down memory lane, and get into a complete overview of the newest MAFS season airing now, Season 17!   Thank you to our friends at for sponsoring the show!   Some of the best bras and shapewear on the market!  THIS MONTH ONLY… and inventory is limited so don’t miss out on their best deals of the year! Get Up to 50% OFF Sitewide @honeylove by going to! #honeylovepod #ad  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jamie and Doug take a deeper dive into the live-speaking event that they were a part of through Family Made. Hear their Q&A session during the live event, which is a Hot Marriage Cool Parents EXCLUSIVE! This was the first time Doug shared about his past struggles with addiction in front of people, and they discussed the impact that it had on both of them. Plus, later in the episode, Doug fills us in on the intense, scary, and hilarious challenges that came up during his very FIRST NIGHT SCUBA DIVE!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jamie and Doug give a recap of their recent trip to Nashville TN where they participated in a speaking event with the Family Made Network. They ran into a fan who noticed the week absence, and Jamie and Doug address what happened. After that, Jamie mentioned that she had a major breakthrough and self-reflection recently. Jamie has been very open about struggles with mental health, and how post-Partum depression affected the last few years after having her son Hendrix in 2020. Jamie reflected on how much pressure she was under, always being in survival mode and, and how often she said YES to every job that came her way. She discussed the toll it took on her health, her marriage, and overall well being. Jamie shares some recent breakthroughs that came up that helped her through that time, and how she feels now. More importantly, she poured her heart out in advice she has to anyone going through a difficult time in life!   Thank you to our friends at HoneyLove, who are offering you their best deals of the year. For November only, get Up to 50% OFF sitewide by going to - #honeylovepod #ad @honeylove Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jamie and Doug took an online course to help tackle the challenges with putting their 6yr old and 3yr old to bed.  For the last 6 + months, they have struggled with catering to their kids during bedtime.  Doug had a routine with Hendrix that would take 45 minutes, and include rubbing his back, and staying in his room until he was nearly asleep.  Jamie would lay in bed with Henley and read, and then try to fall asleep to sleep stories.  Doug is very anti-letting the kids sleep in their bed.  Both Jamie and Doug were waking up multiple times a night, whether it was their daughter crying and climbing in bed with them, or their 3yr old son crying that he was scared.  The nail in the coffin for them was when their son was able to climb out of his crib and run into their bedroom multiple times a night.  Jamie and Doug discuss the parenting course they took, and the advice that some of their Frans messaged them. They have had some success so far, and have a few tricks and tips that have helped them tackle this sleep issue….and it has been working for the last few days!!!  Plus, Jamie and Doug had a friend Trisha Taylor on the show (Episode 109), who they hung out with on their RV road-trip.  Trisha was a mom, blogger, and truly an inspiration. Trisha had Osteogenesis Imperfecta which is a brittle bone disorder, and at that time, she had suffered over 600 broken bones and seven surgeries! She was 2ft. 10in tall and only weighed 60lbs and 6 years ago she defied the odds and became pregnant!  Unfortunately Trisha recently had and accident and passed away.  Jamie and Doug share a little about their interactions, and the relationship that Jamie and Trisha had built.  Rest in Peace Trisha, and thoughts and continued prayers to her son Maven! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jamie and Doug go through the most recent and BEST trip up to see Jamie’s side of the family. The family went up to celebrate the life of her recently deceased grandmother, and while there in upstate NY, may have made a MAJOR breakthrough with the on-again off-again relationship with Jamie’s mom. They discuss how they saw Jamie’s mom more on this trip than the previous 10 years combined! Jamie and Doug talk about some much-needed healing that took place and moving past some absolutely tragic childhood experiences. Plus, Doug mentions the regression with their 3-year-old son’s sleeping. Not only does their son demand someone stay with him in his room until he falls asleep, but he is waking up every couple of hours. Jamie and Doug are losing their marbles over the lack of a full night's sleep and want to seek some help from experts. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Comments (21)

Yasmin Ayoub

Wooow Jamie, you are doing amazing! motherhood, Podcasts, Instagram! You need to give yourself a break! I really feel for you and I identify with a lot of the worries you have, I'm learning so much from you for when I get pregnant with how to manage emotions and fears. I love that Doug is so soo encouraging and supportive and that's his role you don't have to feel bad for him he is there rooting for you 👍🏾stay strong and ride the wave, you got this! 👏🏾X

Jun 1st

Erica Hanson Brown

Wow! I learned a lot about both of you this episode.

Feb 4th

Erica Hanson Brown

Did Douglas say vape??? Instead of smoking in the show he vapes now????

Dec 16th
Reply (1)

Kara Sander

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I had to leave 10 stars, I've been following Doug and Jamie since episode 1, season 1 of MAFS, I was rooting for you so hard, Jamie crying over being paired with Doug and Doug fell in love at first sight with Jamie. The moment Jamie fell in love with Doug caught on camera made me cry, I watched it over and over because I could feel it. I have followed every step,from the beginning, to sweet Johnathan, from one miscarriage to the next, to little miss Henley Grace, to the baby BOY, (My prediction) coming in may, I've cried, laughed and prayed for you. I absolutely adore you 3 and the love you have for each other, Jamie's raw emotion that you don't even try to hide is so inspiring. I follow you on every platform, and listen to your podcasts and watch your YouTube videos and I am so excited today is the day to find out the gender of your sweet baby!! I have to stay online all day so I know when you post it! you guys are so amazing, God bless you guys and keep doing what you do

Nov 25th
Reply (1)

Karen Ceccofiglio

enjoy listen to your podcast. always very interesting

Nov 25th
Reply (1)

Kari Helal

I'm at work listening to your podcast via headphones, and the moonwalk backwards comment had me giggling to myself. love listening to you two.

Nov 20th
Reply (1)

Kari Helal

Jamie, you did so good here and totally relate with you...I feel I am very socially awkward and don't always know how to keep a conversation going.

Nov 19th

Krista R Hanner

I've never crapped on the bathroom floor but I have crapped myself numerous times since having gastric sleeve and experiencing dumping syndrome. I've cleaned myself in public bathrooms and thrown out my underwear there numerous times. I started carrying wet wipes and a spare pair of underwear in my purse, lol.

Oct 18th
Reply (1)

Hannah N'Jared Pepper

Doug and Jamie are so real, hilarious and down to earth. I have been following them since MAFS. I love how they compliment each others stregnths and weaknesses (not that you are weak but if one is weak in one area the other is strong). I love how Castbox has their episodes a day before they come out to everyone else. It definetely makes my Thursdays better and more enjoyable. I also love listening to them and following their lives. It makes me think that if I lived close to Jamie we would be Best Frieamily!!! @hotmarriagecoolparents @jamieotis

Apr 29th

Kaley Hazell

Hi Doug and Jamie! I love love love you both and have been following you both since MAFS. Your podcast is one of the few that I consistently listen to. I appreciate how open and honest you both are and how engaged you are with your frans. Love you both and keeping my fingers crossed for another baby Hehner. @jamieotis @DougHehner #rainbowbaby

Apr 18th

Michelle Ruby

AJ hates not being in control of the situation! And he knew that they were all going to be there that's what the dinner was all about. He really needs to control his outbursts or its gonna drive Stephanie away.

Mar 19th


Best thing my sister in law told me is that a parent never forgets any children they've had and it's okay to celebrate their motherhood and fatherhood on mother's or Father's day by recognizing those children they have and have lost. It won't "remind" them of anything they don't already know and think about.

Mar 12th

Stephanie Nicole Gregersen

just had my 2nd pregnancy and 1st ectopic pregnancy where I lost my baby and left fallopian tube

Jan 23rd

Jessica Danielle

I ❤ y'alls honesty, very down to earth. #momlife #wehaveallbeenthere #poopstation

Dec 30th

Libby N Mark Coker

CONGRATS to our growing FRANILY! So excited for y'all! ❤

Dec 26th

Kelli Baum


Dec 25th
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